Ruff Joseph Macale Cajanding
COVID-19 has emerged as one of the most devastating and clinically significant infectious diseases of the last decade. It has reached global pandemic status at an unprecedented pace and has placed significant demands on health care systems worldwide. Although COVID-19 primarily affects the lungs, epidemiologic reports have shown that the disease affects other vital organs of the body, including the heart, vasculature, kidneys, brain, and the hematopoietic system. Of importance is the emerging awareness of the effects of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system...
April 15, 2021: AACN Advanced Critical Care
S S Sarycheva
The aim of this study was to estimate the effective doses (EDs) to children undergoing pediatric interventional cardiology examinations in hospitals of St.-Petersburg, to calculate associated dose conversion coefficients (DCCs) and to investigate their dependence of different parameters of the various procedures. Basic parameters of pediatric cardiology examinations and patient doses were studied in three main pediatric city hospitals. More than 300 examinations were under consideration. The technical, geometrical and dosimetric parameters, as well as patients' parameters, for each individual procedure were collected...
April 9, 2021: Radiation Protection Dosimetry
Wilson W Good, Brian Zenger, Jake A Bergquist, Lindsay C Rupp, Karli K Gillette, Matthias A F Gsell, Gernot Plank, Rob S MacLeod
INTRODUCTION: Acute myocardial ischemia occurs when coronary perfusion to the heart is inadequate, which can perturb the highly organized electrical activation of the heart and can result in adverse cardiac events including sudden cardiac death. Ischemia is known to influence the ST and repolarization phases of the ECG, but it also has a marked effect on propagation (QRS); however, studies investigating propagation during ischemia have been limited. METHODS: We estimated conduction velocity (CV) and ischemic stress prior to and throughout 20 episodes of experimentally induced ischemia in order to quantify the progression and correlation of volumetric conduction changes during ischemia...
March 23, 2021: Journal of Electrocardiology
Adityo Prakosa, Michael K Southworth, Jennifer N Avari Silva, Jonathan R Silva, Natalia A Trayanova
BACKGROUND: Recently, an augmented reality (AR) solution allows the physician to place the ablation catheter at the designated lesion site more accurately during cardiac electrophysiology studies. The improvement in navigation accuracy may positively affect ventricular tachycardia (VT) ablation termination, however assessment of this in the clinic would be difficult. Novel personalized virtual heart technology enables non-invasive identification of optimal lesion targets for infarct-related VT...
April 2, 2021: Computers in Biology and Medicine
Mohiul Chowdhury, Fiorella A Heald, Juan C Sanchez-Delgado, Maureen Pakosh, Adriana M Jacome-Hortua, Sherry L Grace
Phase III/IV cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is recommended to promote maintenance of benefits achieved during Phase II; there has been no meta-analysis to test this to date. This study determined the effects of maintenance CR on any outcome, with consideration of sex. Seven databases were searched from inception-January 2020. Randomized controlled trials on the effects of maintenance CR in cardiovascular disease patients who had graduated from CR were included. Level of evidence was evaluated with GRADEPro. 819 citations were identified, with 10 trials (21 papers) included (5238 participants; 859 [16...
April 6, 2021: Heart & Lung: the Journal of Critical Care
Zhi-Jian Wu, Zhu-Ying Wang, Hao-En Gao, Xian-Feng Zhou, Fang-Hui Li
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can effectively increase peak oxygen consumption, body composition, physical fitness, and health-related characteristics of adults; however, its impact in the older population remains highly debated. This review and meta-analysis aimed to evaluate the effects of high-intensity interval training on cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, physical fitness, and health-related outcomes in older adults. Four electronic databases (PubMed, Scopus, Medline, and Web of Science) were searched (until July 2020) for randomized trials comparing the effect of HIIT on physical fitness, metabolic parameters, and cardiorespiratory fitness in older adults...
April 6, 2021: Experimental Gerontology
Jeremy Brownstein, Muhammad Afzal, Toshimasa Okabe, Thura T Harfi, Matthew S Tong, Evan Thomas, Geoffrey Hugo, Phillip Cuculich, Cliff Robinson, Terence Williams
PURPOSE: Cardiac radioablation (CRA) utilizing stereotactic body radiation therapy is gaining popularity as a non-invasive treatment for otherwise refractory ventricular arrhythmias. As radiation oncologists may be unaccustomed to the lexicon employed by cardiologists to describe the location of arrhythmogenic foci, a preliminary guide to cardiac-specific anatomy and orientation is needed to foster effective communication between the radiation oncologist and cardiology team. MATERIALS AND METHODS: ECG-gated and respiratory-gated CTs were acquired per institutional protocol...
April 6, 2021: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
Dustin Tran, Derek Jones, Ronald Moore, Ralph Guarneri
Penetrating cardiac injury (PCI) secondary to a gunshot wound presents with several complications and a mortality rate of 94% before reaching the hospital. Current literature search reveals that embolism of bullet fragments after gunshot wounds are exceptionally rare. Additionally, no reported case was found regarding bullet embolism following left atrium penetration at the time of this case report. This case describes a thirty-four-year-old male who presented to a level I trauma center after sustaining a gunshot wound to the posterior torso...
April 6, 2021: Annals of Vascular Surgery
Nikolaos Papatheodorou, Christos Argyriou, Vasiliki A Androutsopoulou, Ioannis Chrisafis, Dimitrios Mikroulis, George S Georgiadis
The coronary-subclavian steal syndrome (CSSS) is a hemodynamic phenomenon in which a subclavian artery stenosis or occlusion impairs blood flow at the origin of the left internal mammary artery (LIMA) used for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), causing retrograde blood flow and thus provoking symptoms of cardiac ischemia and its complications. Once considered the gold-standard operation of choice, open revascularization has now been abandoned as a first line treatment and replaced by endovascular techniques...
April 6, 2021: Annals of Vascular Surgery
Guoxu Zhao, Yanjing Feng, Li Xue, Mengjie Cui, Qi Zhang, Feng Xu, Niancai Peng, Zhuangde Jiang, Dengfeng Gao, Xiaohui Zhang
Myocardial infarction (MI) remains the leading cause of death globally, often leading to impaired cardiac function and pathological myocardial microenvironment. Electrical conduction abnormalities of the infarcted myocardium not only induce adverse myocardial remodeling but also prevent tissue repair. Restoring the myocardial electrical integrity, particularly the anisotropic electrical signal propagation within the injured area after infarction is crucial for an effective function recovery. Herein, optimized reduced graphene oxide (rGO) functionalized electrospun silk fibroin (rGO/silk) biomaterials presenting anisotropic conductivity and enhanced suturablity were developed and investigated as cardiac patches for their potential in improving the post-MI myocardial function of rat models...
April 6, 2021: Acta Biomaterialia
Qirong Lu, Siyi Hu, Pu Guo, Xiaohui Zhu, Zhongchang Ren, Qinghua Wu, Xu Wang
T-2 toxin, the most virulent toxin produced by the Fusarium genus, is thought to be the main cause of fatal cardiomyopathy known as Keshan disease. However, the mechanisms of T-2 toxin-induced cardiac toxicity and possible targets for its treatment remain unclear. In the present study, male Wistar rats were administered with 2 mg/kg b.w. T-2 toxin (i.g.) and sacrificed on day 7 after exposure. The hematological indices (CK, LDH) and electrocardiogram were significantly abnormal, the ultrastructure of mitochondria in the heart was changed, and the percentage of collagen area was significantly increased in the T-2 toxin-treated group...
April 6, 2021: Food and Chemical Toxicology
Qinghai Zhang, Xiao He, Shihao Yao, Tianxiang Lin, Luwen Zhang, Danni Chen, Chao Chen, Qingxian Yang, Feng Li, Yi-Min Zhu, Min-Xin Guan
Deficient maturations of mitochondrial transcripts are linked to clinical abnormalities but their pathophysiology remains elusive. Previous investigations showed that pathogenic variants in MTO1 for the biosynthesis of τm5U of tRNAGlu, tRNAGln, tRNALys, tRNATrp and tRNALeu(UUR) were associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Using mto1 knock-out(KO) zebrafish generated by CRISPR/Cas9 system, we demonstrated the pleiotropic effects of Mto1 deficiency on mitochondrial RNA maturations. The perturbed structure and stability of tRNAs caused by mto1 deletion were evidenced by conformation changes and sensitivity to S1-mediated digestion of tRNAGln, tRNALys, tRNATrp and tRNALeu(UUR)...
April 9, 2021: Nucleic Acids Research
Orsolya Kiss, Mate Babity, Attila Kovacs, Judit Skopal, Hajnalka Vago, Balint Karoly Lakatos, Csaba Bognar, Reka Rakoczi, Mark Zamodics, Lorinc Frivaldszky, Anna Menyhart-Hetenyi, Zsofia Dohy, Csilla Czimbalmos, Liliana Szabo, Bela Merkely
The significance of cardiology screening of referees is not well established. Cardiovascular risk factors and diseases were examined in asymptomatic Hungarian elite handball referees undergoing extended screening: personal/family history, physical examination, 12-lead ECG, laboratory tests, body-composition analysis, echocardiography, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing. Holter-ECG (n = 8), blood pressure monitorization (n = 10), cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR; n = 27) and computer tomography (CCT; n = 4) were also carried out if needed...
2021: PloS One
Fatemeh Taheri Dezaki, Christina Luong, Tom Ginsberg, Robert Rohling, Ken Gin, Purang Abolmaesumi, Teresa Tsang
In echocardiography (echo), an electrocardiogram (ECG) is conventionally used to temporally align different cardiac views for assessing critical measurements. However, in emergencies or point-of-care situations, acquiring an ECG is often not an option, hence motivating the need for alternative temporal synchronization methods. Here, we propose Echo-SyncNet, a self-supervised learning framework to synchronize various cross-sectional 2D echo series without any human supervision or external inputs. The proposed framework takes advantage of two types of supervisory signals derived from the input data: spatiotemporal patterns found between the frames of a single cine (intra-view self-supervision) and interdependencies between multiple cines (inter-view self-supervision)...
April 9, 2021: IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging
Edward J Vigmond, Joshua Blauer, Aurel Neic, Darrell Swenson, Gernot Plank
In certain cardiac conduction system pathologies, like bundle branch block, block may be proximal, allowing for electrical stimulation of the more disal His bundle to most effectively restore activation. While selective stimulation of the His bundle is sought, surrounding myocardium may also be excited, resulting in nonselective pacing. The myocardium and His bundle have distinct capture thresholds, but the factors affecting whether His bundle pacing is selective or nonselective remain unelucidated. OBJECTIVE: We investigated the properties which affect the capture thresholds in order to improve selective pacing...
April 9, 2021: IEEE Transactions on Bio-medical Engineering
Andrea Billé, James Buxton, Alessandro Viviano, David Gammon, Lukacs Veres, Tom Routledge, Karen Harrison-Phipps, Allison Dixon, Marco A Minetto
OBJECTIVES: To assess whether preoperative levels of physical activity predict the incidence of post-operative complications following anatomical lung resection. METHODS: Levels of physical activity (daily steps) were measured for 15 consecutive days using pedometers in 90 consecutive patients (prior to admission). Outcomes measured were cardiac and respiratory complications, length of stay, and 30-day re-admission rate. RESULTS: A total of 78 patients' datasets were analysed (12 patients were excluded due to non-compliance)...
January 2021: Integrative Cancer Therapies
Zian H Tseng, Satvik Ramakrishna, James W Salazar, Eric Vittinghoff, Jeffrey E Olgin, Ellen Moffatt
Background - Sudden cardiac death (SCD) studies report higher incidence in men and Blacks but presume cardiac cause. We sought to identify sex and race differences in rates and causes of presumed SCDs in a prospective postmortem study in San Francisco County. Methods - All incident presumed SCDs meeting World Health Organization definition ages 18-90 were autopsied via active surveillance of consecutive out-of-hospital deaths in the <u>PO</u>stmortem <u>S</u>ystematic Inves<u>T</u>igation of <u>S</u>udden <u>C</u>ardiac <u>D</u>eath (POST SCD) Study (2/1/2011 - 3/1/2014)...
April 9, 2021: Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
Samuel K Sørensen, Arne Johannessen, René Worck, Morten L Hansen, Jim Hansen
Background - Recurrent paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) after catheter ablation is presumably caused by failure to achieve durable pulmonary vein isolation (PVI). The primary methods of PVI are radiofrequency (RF) and cryoballoon (CRYO) catheter ablation, but these methods have not been directly compared with respect to PVI durability and the effect thereof on AF burden (% of time in AF). Methods - Accordingly, we performed a randomized trial including 98 patients (68% male, 61 [55-67] years) with PAF assigned 1:1 to PVI by contact-force sensing, irrigated RF catheter or second-generation CRYO catheter...
April 9, 2021: Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
Stavros E Mountantonakis, Laurence M Epstein, Kristie Coleman, Johanna Martinez, Moussa Saleh, Charlotte Kvasnovsky, Rachel-Maria Brown, Elizabeth McCulloch, Jeffrey Kuvin, Safiya Richardson, Parth Makker, Martin Lesser, Jennifer H Mieres, Karina W Davidson, Robert O Roswell
Background - Social influencers of health (SIOH) namely race, ethnicity and structural inequities are known to affect the incidence of out of hospital sudden death (OHSD). We sought to examine the association between SIOH and the incidence of OHSD in the diverse neighborhoods of New York City (NYC) during the first wave of COVID-19 epidemic. Methods - NYC ZIP stratified data on OHSD were obtained from the Fire Department of New York during the first wave of COVID-19 epidemic (March 1 - April 10, 2019) and the same period in 2020...
April 9, 2021: Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
Ji Hyun Lee, In Tae Moon, Youngjin Cho, Jun Yup Kim, Jihoon Kang, Beom Joon Kim, Moon Ku Han, Il Young Oh, Hee Joon Bae
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: An insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) has been demonstrated to be a useful tool for detecting subclinical atrial fibrillation (AF) in patients with embolic stroke of undetermined source (ESUS). This study aimed to identify the clinical predictors of AF in ESUS patients with ICMs. METHODS: We retrospectively selected consecutive patients with an ICM implanted for AF detection following ESUS. The primary endpoint was defined as any AF episode lasting for longer than 5 min...
April 2021: Journal of Clinical Neurology
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