John C Johnson, Rahul Venna, Laith Alzweri
INTRODUCTION: Living kidney donations (LKDs) face a persistent demand for patients with end-stage renal disease, emphasizing the importance of LKDs' growth and success. Although living kidney donors generally exhibit excellent survival rates, little research has explored the development of long-term sexual dysfunction following LKD. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to analyze differences in 5-year sexual dysfunction outcomes between male and female living kidney donors, utilizing the TriNetX database, a federated network of electronic medical records from multiple U...
February 12, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Javier Ramírez-Santos, Delia Cristóbal-Cañadas, Tesifón Parron-Carreño, David Lozano-Paniagua, Bruno José Nievas-Soriano
INTRODUCTION: Sexuality is an integral part of human health, and sexual dysfunctions are prevalent issues that affect men and women. While reviews on sexual dysfunctions in various diseases have been conducted, overall data are scarce. OBJECTIVES: To update the overall prevalence of sexual dysfunctions from available prevalence studies on both sexes. METHODS: We used a 2-phase selection process to include cross-sectional studies that were conducted on the adult population and published between 2017 and 2022...
February 9, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Catarina Moraes Braga, Amaury Cantilino
The article "The Association Between Peyronie's Disease and Depression: A Scoping Review" explores the intricate relationship between Peyronie's disease (PD) and depression. Authored by Rune Kraglund, Emil Durukan, Annamaria Giraldi, and Mikkel Fode, the scoping review delves into shared risk factors such as obesity, smoking, and diabetes, potentially justifying the higher prevalence of depression in patients with PD. Interestingly, data suggest an increased risk of depression even before PD symptoms manifest, hinting at a complex interplay...
February 1, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Diederik F Janssen
INTRODUCTION: An often-retold historical outline of endocrinology was established over a century ago. An exhaustive history of sexual physiology remains forthcoming, however. OBJECTIVES: To explore and contextualize the remarkable medical-historical and medical-anthropologic frenzy triggered by Brown-Séquard's 1889 self-injections with testicular juice, which ultimately settled down into an early history of endocrinology. METHODS: Pertinent primary sources were selected from a broader study, primarily between 1889 and 1914, as well as selected older texts identified and unidentified by these sources...
January 31, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Colleen Mills-Finnerty, Halee Staggs, Celeste Bittoni, Nan Wise
INTRODUCTION: Affective neuroscience is the study of the brain substrates of emotional, embodied experiences. Affective neuroscience theory (ANT) is based on experimental evidence that all mammals are hardwired with 7 primary subcortical emotional operating systems, or "core emotions," that have overlapping but distinct circuits buried in the deep, ancient parts of the brain. Imbalances in the 7 core emotions can affect multiple aspects of the individual's psychosocial well-being (eg, depression, anxiety, substance abuse)...
January 27, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
John C Johnson, Rahul Venna, Laith Alzweri
INTRODUCTION: Solid organ transplant (SOT) has an anticipated higher risk of penile prosthesis (PP) complications related to immunosuppression and surgical approach post-SOT. It is still not determined if PP surgery in the SOT population incurs these same higher risks. OBJECTIVES: To observe differences in intra- and postoperative PP complications between SOT and non-SOT cases from the TriNetX US Collaborative Network, a large real-world database of deidentified patient data from 56 health care organizations within the United States...
January 11, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Vito Angelo Giagulli, Giuseppe Lisco, Anna De Tullio, Edoardo Guastamacchia, Vincenzo Triggiani, Emilio Jirillo
INTRODUCTION: Erectile dysfunction (ED) represents the major cause of male sexual dysfunction, which is often associated with obesity, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and cigarette smoking. Peyronie's disease is a chronic disorder associated with irreversible fibrotic damage of the tunica albuginea leading to ED, painful erection, coital disturbance, and physical and social complaints. Both conditions are characterized by chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and significant changes in intracavernous hydrodynamics...
January 9, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Ludovica Scotto, Silvia Francesca Maria Pizzoli, Chiara Marzorati, Ketti Mazzocco, Grabriella Pravettoni
INTRODUCTION: Considering the increasing women's awareness of health promotion and disease prevention programs, mutation carriers are inevitably asked to face important decisions concerning the possibility of undergoing prophylactic mastectomy. Risk-reducing mastectomy (RRM) has become increasingly more common, although it has a significant impact on women's quality of life and sexual well-being. OBJECTIVES: The systematic review aims to evaluate the impact of RRM on the sexuality of women with breast cancer...
January 5, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Lauren M Carney, Julie B Schnur, Orly Morgan, Christine Hyun, Zachary E Magin, Lily Martin, Guy H Montgomery
INTRODUCTION: Many women with cancer struggle with sexual side effects during and after treatment. Although preliminary evidence indicates that psychosocial interventions may be efficacious in improving sexual functioning for women with cancer, no systematic review has summarized the state of the science in this area. OBJECTIVES: The primary goal of this review was to narratively synthesize the results of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) testing the efficacy of psychosocial interventions to address sexual dysfunction in women with cancer...
January 5, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Muhammed A M Hammad, Adriana Rush, Charles A Loeb, Jasmin Banton, Elia Abou Chawareb, Narmina Khanmammadova, Rafael R Gevorkyan, David W Barham, Faysal A Yafi, Lawrence C Jenkins
INTRODUCTION: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system and is widely recognized as a disease primarily affecting women. The relationship between MS and hypogonadism is complex and not fully understood, with recent evidence showing that hypogonadism may have a significant impact on the quality of life and disease progression of patients with MS. OBJECTIVES: This review aims to provide an overview of the current knowledge regarding the relationship between MS and hypogonadism, including the mechanisms underlying this relationship; the effects of hypogonadism on patients with MS; and the potential benefits and drawbacks of testosterone replacement therapy for patients with MS and hypogonadism...
January 5, 2024: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Ari P Bernstein, Nader Shayegh, Javier Piraino, Matthew Ziegelmann
INTRODUCTION: Penile fracture is traditionally considered a surgical emergency warranting immediate repair with the goal to maximize long-term erectile function and minimize penile curvature. Nonetheless, consensus on the optimal timing for penile fracture repair remains to be elucidated and is the subject of continued research efforts. OBJECTIVES: This review aims to summarize the contemporary literature pertaining to optimal timing of penile fracture repair and associated outcomes...
December 30, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Abraham Morgentaler, Han M Hanafy
INTRODUCTION: Testosterone therapy for men with testosterone deficiency is widely used, yet remains controversial. The rich and fascinating history of the testicles, including human castration, provides a valuable perspective on this important topic. OBJECTIVES: This study reviewed the history of testosterone from antiquity to the modern day. METHODS: Primary sources consisted of books and relevant articles, augmented by a MEDLINE search using the key words "testis," "testicles," "castration," "eunuchs," "testosterone," and "testicular function...
December 23, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Mariam Saadedine, Stephanie S Faubion, Stephanie L Grach, Hannah C Nordhues, Ekta Kapoor
INTRODUCTION: Obesity is a global health crisis that has been growing over the past few decades. The economic burden associated with obesity is substantial as it is associated with multiple disabling chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, and mental illness. Obesity is known to be a risk factor for sexual dysfunction in men, but this association is less well understood in women. AIMS: To provide a narrative review of the available literature on the relationship between overweight/obesity and female sexual dysfunction, elaborate on the possible mechanisms explaining this association, and discuss the effects of weight loss on sexual function in those with obesity...
December 18, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Irwin Goldstein
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 18, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Kalil B Abdalla, Dartiu X da Silveira, Thiago M Fidalgo
INTRODUCTION: During the HIV surge in the 1980s, inhaled volatile nitrites (poppers) were hypothesized as a possible cause of the AIDS. Later it was found that poppers use was not the cause but rather a marker associated with HIV acquisition and sexual behaviors without the use of prevention tools. OBJECTIVES: This article reviews the available literature regarding the association between poppers use and newly acquired HIV, aiming to support the hypothesis that there is no causal association between nitrites use and HIV transmission and to discuss other contributing factors...
December 23, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Gal Saffati, Taher Naeem, Maya Guhan, Alejandro Abello, David Eugenio Hinojosa-Gonzalez, Basil Kaaki, Blair T Stocks, Larry I Lipshultz, Mohit Khera
INTRODUCTION: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment in which the patient is exposed to 100% oxygen at a higher than atmospheric pressure. Over the past few decades, HBOT has been used to treat a variety of medical conditions. In recent times, there has been a rising curiosity regarding the potential therapeutic benefits of HBOT in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). AIMS: The study sought to review and meta-analyze available data regarding the use of HBOT for ED, including its potential mechanisms of action and effectiveness...
December 23, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Sonia Pieramico, Rita Castro, Sandra Aguiar, Francisca Bismarck, Diana Ferreira, Joana Carvalho, Ana Luisa Quinta Gomes, Pedro Nobre
INTRODUCTION: Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second-most frequently diagnosed oncologic condition among biological men, affecting physical and psychological well-being, as well as sexual health and quality of life. Prior research has shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can be effective in addressing a range of psychological and sexual problems but also in improving the sexual and mental health of survivors of PCa. OBJECTIVES: This systematic review aimed to methodically research and summarize results concerning the efficacy of CBT in the mental and sexual health of survivors of PCa...
December 23, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Orly Morgan, Rocio Belda, Julie Schnur, Guy Montgomery, Shivangi Parmar, Isabel Chirivella, Antonio Cano
INTRODUCTION: Preventative surgical procedures for patients who are breast cancer (BRCA) positive-namely, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and mastectomy-have been linked to changes in sexual function, including surgically induced menopause. A patient's decision to undergo preventive surgery as opposed to high-risk screening is heavily reliant on advice received from one's health care provider. Quality of life should be considered when shared decision making is conducted with patients...
December 23, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Rita F Castro, Silvana Araújo, Ana Marques, Diana Ferreira, Hélia Rocha, Sandra Aguiar, Sonia Pieramico, Ana Quinta-Gomes, Inês M Tavares, Pedro J Nobre, Joana Carvalho
INTRODUCTION: Prostate cancer is the second-most prevalent cancer diagnosis worldwide among males. Although prostate cancer affects the physical, sexual, and mental health of patients, the impact of prostate cancer on partners has also been increasingly recognized. Hence, taking a dyadic approach is of relevance. Moreover, there is evidence of the utility of dyadic approaches to the study of relational stress that chronic diseases such as prostate cancer can bring to couples, even though knowledge is sparse about prostate cancer...
October 31, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
Rune Kraglund, Emil Durukan, Annamaria Giraldi, Mikkel Fode
INTRODUCTION: Peyronie's disease (PD) can have an immense psychological impact, with depression being a reported possible, severe consequence. To date, no literature reviews have systematically and critically assessed the relationship between PD and depression. OBJECTIVES: The study sought to identify and critically appraise the current literature on the association between PD and depression. METHODS: Studies had to address men with PD or probable PD and assess depression or depressive symptoms...
October 28, 2023: Sexual Medicine Reviews
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