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Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Jaime González-Montero, Mauricio Burotto
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February 29, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Annarosa Arcangeli, Jessica Iorio, Claudia Duranti
INTRODUCTION: Despite great advances, novel therapeutic targets and strategies are still needed, in particular for some carcinomas in the metastatic stage (breast cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and the clear cell renal carcinoma). Ion channels may be considered good cancer biomarkers and targets for antineoplastic therapy. These concepts are particularly relevant considering the hERG1 potassium channel as a novel target for antineoplastic therapy. AREAS COVERED: A great deal of evidence demonstrates that hERG1 is aberrantly expressed in human cancers, in particular in aggressive carcinomas...
February 19, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Lang Pan, Istvan Boldogh
INTRODUCTION: Pulmonary diseases impose a daunting burden on healthcare systems and societies. Current treatment approaches primarily address symptoms, underscoring the urgency for the development of innovative pharmaceutical solutions. A noteworthy focus lies in targeting enzymes recognizing oxidatively modified DNA bases within gene regulatory elements, given their pivotal role in governing gene expression. AREAS COVERED: This review delves into the intricate interplay between the substrate-specific binding of 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase 1 (OGG1) and epigenetic regulation, with a focal point on elucidating the molecular underpinnings and their biological implications...
February 14, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Nikolaos G Frangogiannis
INTRODUCTION: Myocardial fibrosis accompanies most cardiac conditions and can be reparative or maladaptive. Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-β is a potent fibrogenic mediator, involved in repair, remodeling, and fibrosis of the injured heart. AREAS COVERED: This review manuscript discusses the role of TGF-β in heart failure focusing on cellular mechanisms and therapeutic implications. TGF-β is activated in infarcted, remodeling and failing hearts...
February 8, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Ilan Bruchim, Ilaria Capasso, Ariel Polonsky, Shilhav Meisel, Vanda Salutari, Haim Werner, Domenica Lorusso, Giovanni Scambia, Francesco Fanfani
INTRODUCTION: Endometrial cancer (EC) is the only gynecologic malignancy showing increasing trends in incidence and mortality. While standard treatment has been effective primarily for early-stage EC, precision medicine with tailored therapy has revolutionized the management of this disease. Genome sequencing analyses have identified four sub-types of EC. Treatments for primary and metastatic disease can now be tailored more accurately to achieve better oncologic results. AREAS COVERED: This review provides an overview of the most relevant and updated evidence in the literature regarding EC molecular analysis and its role in risk classification, prognostication, and guidance for tailored and target therapies in early and advanced/metastatic stages...
February 7, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
María Navarro-Pérez, Jesusa Capera, Anna Benavente-Garcia, Silvia Cassinelli, Magalí Colomer-Molera, Antonio Felipe
INTRODUCTION: Kv1.3 is the main voltage-gated potassium channel of leukocytes from both the innate and adaptive immune systems. Channel function is required for common processes such as Ca2+ signaling but also for cell-specific events. In this context, alterations in Kv1.3 are associated with multiple immune disorders. Excessive channel activity correlates with numerous autoimmune diseases, while reduced currents result in increased cancer prevalence and immunodeficiencies. AREAS COVERED: This review offers a general view of the role of Kv1...
February 5, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Mattia Galli, Dominick J Angiolillo
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February 5, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Yujue Wang, Yao Xie, Xue Wang, Nian Yang, Zhao Wu, Xun Zhang
BACKGROUND: The current study tried to elucidate the regulatory role of tumor cell-derived exosomes (Exos)-circ_0064516 in angiogenesis and growth of cervical cancer. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Related cirRNAs and downstream target genes were identified through bioinformatics analysis. Exos were isolated from cervical cancer cell line CaSki, followed by co-cultured with human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs). Then, the roles of circ_0064516, miR-6805-3p, and MAPK1 in migration and angiogenesis of HUVECs were assayed...
January 25, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Lin Chen, Tian Fan, Miao Wang, Chun-Yu Zhu, Wang-You Feng, Yu Li, Hong Yang
BACKGROUND: Ovarian cancer (OC) is the most lethal gynecological tumor, but it currently lacks effective therapeutic targets. CD147, which is overexpressed in OC, plays a crucial role in promoting malignant progression and is associated with poor prognosis in patients. Therefore, CD147 has been identified as a potential therapeutic target. While strategies to knock out or inhibit CD147 have shown promising results in various tumors, there is a limited amount of research on the development of CD147 inhibitors...
January 18, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Mario Zoratti, Lucia Biasutto, Sofia Parrasia, Ildikó Szabo
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 18, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Alessandra Merlini, Martina Rabino, Silvia Brusco, Valeria Pavese, Debora Masci, Dario Sangiolo, Paolo Bironzo, Giorgio Vittorio Scagliotti, Silvia Novello, Lorenzo D'Ambrosio
INTRODUCTION: soft tissue sarcomas are a group of rare, mesenchymal tumors characterized by dismal prognosis in advanced/metastatic stages. Knowledge of their molecular determinants is still rather limited. However, in recent years, epigenetic regulation - the modification of gene expression/function without DNA sequence variation - has emerged as a key player both in sarcomagenesis and sarcoma progression. AREAS COVERED: Herein, we describe and review the main epigenetic mechanisms involved in chromatin remodeling and their role as disease drivers in different soft tissue sarcoma histotypes, focusing on epithelioid sarcoma, synovial sarcoma, and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors...
January 17, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Christoph Garbers, Juliane Lokau
INTRODUCTION: Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an umbrella term that includes different chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, most commonly Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. IBD affects more than 6 million people worldwide and constitutes not only a debilitating disease for the patients, but also a significant factor for society due to costs for health care and reduced working capacity. Despite the introduction of biologicals for treatment of IBD, the identification of novel targets that could lead to novel therapeutics is still needed...
January 13, 2024: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Rahul Shetty, Roberto Noland, Ghata Nandi, Carolyn K Suzuki
INTRODUCTION: Mitochondrial LonP1 is an ATP-powered protease that also functions as an ATP-dependent chaperone. LonP1 plays a pivotal role in regulating mitochondrial proteostasis, metabolism and cell stress responses. Cancer cells exploit the functions of LonP1 to combat oncogenic stressors such as hypoxia, proteotoxicity, and oxidative stress, and to reprogram energy metabolism enabling cancer cell proliferation, chemoresistance, and metastasis. AREAS COVERED: LonP1 has emerged as a potential target for anti-cancer therapeutics...
December 29, 2023: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Wenqiang Zhang, Qiwei Nie, Xuling Zhang, Long Huang, Guofu Pang, Jing Chu, Xiaoxu Yuan
BACKGROUND: Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is involved in the activation of several oncogenic pathways in prostate cancer. However, its upstream trans-signaling pathway remains largely unknown. This work proposes a mechanistic explanation of IL-6's upstream effectors in prostate carcinogenesis. RESEARCH DESIGN & METHODS: Samples were harvested to validate the expression of EZH2, miR-26a-5p, and IL-6. Moreover, the protein and its phosphorylation of STAT3 (signal transducer and transcription activator 3) were assessed in prostate cancer cells...
December 29, 2023: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Feba Benny, Sunil Kumar, Aiswarya Binu, Della Grace Thomas Parambi, Tariq G Alsahli, Abdullah G Al-Sehemi, Namitha Chandran, Deepthi S Manisha, Sarath Sreekumar, Akanksha Bhatt, Krishnadas Madhu, Bijo Mathew
INTRODUCTION: In medicinal chemistry, privileged structures have been frequently exploited as a successful template for drug discovery. Common simple scaffolds like chalcone are present in a wide range of naturally occurring chemicals. Chalcone exhibits extensive biological activity and has drawn attention in this context due to its function in the GABA receptor. Epilepsy and GABA receptors are related. It is a chronic neurological condition that affects globally. AREAS COVERED: Numerous neurological disorders, including anxiety and epilepsy, have been related to GABA, the brain's most prevalent inhibitory neurotransmitter...
December 19, 2023: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Jason Wang, Reuben Ben-David, Reza Mehrazin, Wei Yang, Ashutosh K Tewari, Natasha Kyprianou
INTRODUCTION: The extensive heterogeneity of prostate cancer (PCa) and multilayered complexity of progression to castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) have contributed to the challenges of accurately monitoring advanced disease. Profiling of the tumor microenvironment with large-scale transcriptomic studies have identified gene signatures that predict biochemical recurrence, lymph node invasion, metastases, and development of therapeutic resistance through critical determinants driving CRPC...
December 18, 2023: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Paolo Baldo, Valli De Re, Mattia Garutti
INTRODUCTION: Mapping of the human genome, together with the broad understanding of new biomolecular pathways involved in cancer development, represents a huge dividing line for advances in cancer treatment. This special article aims to express the next evolution of cancer therapy, while also considering the challenges and uncertainties facing future directions. AREA COVERED: The recent achievements of medical science in the oncology field concern both new diagnostic techniques, such as liquid biopsy, and therapeutic strategies with innovative anticancer drugs...
December 14, 2023: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Zahra Hendi, Pedram Asadi Sarabi, David Hay, Massoud Vosough
INTRODUCTION: Despite improvements in clinical management of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), prognosis remains poor with a 5-year survival rate less than 40%. Drug resistance in HCC makes it challenging to treat; therefore, it is imperative to develop new therapeutic strategies. Higher expression of X-box binding protein 1 (XBP1) in tumor cells is highly correlated with poor prognosis. In tumor cells, XBP1 modulates the unfolded protein response (UPR) to restore homeostasis in endoplasmic reticulum...
December 11, 2023: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Zhen Tian, Stacia Octaviani, Jian Huang
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 9, 2023: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Masoud Sotoudeh, Vahid Mansouri, Ramin Shakeri, Bahareh Sharififard, Nasim Sajadi, Vahid Haghpanah, Mahmood Naderi
AIMS: Despite the promise of immunotherapy for gastric adenocarcinoma, resistance is common, necessitating the validation of new targets. Based on our previous bioinformatics analysis, the MUC3A antigen emerged as a promising candidate for immunotherapy against gastric adenocarcinoma. However, a comprehensive understanding of its expression at protein level remains elusive, despite its crucial role in determining clinical response. We also sought to establish a connection between the expression pattern and relevant clinical variables of the disease, whenever feasible...
December 8, 2023: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
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