Noelia Rodriguez Mier, Martine Jaspers, Evelien Van Hoof, Mark Jorissen, Natalie Lorent, Marijke Proesmans, François Vermeulen, Jeroen Breckpot, Mieke Boon
PURPOSE: We aimed to examine the correlation between clinical characteristics and the pathogenic gene variants in patients with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD). METHODS: We conducted a retrospective single-center study in patients with PCD followed at the University Hospitals Leuven. We included patients with genetically confirmed PCD and described their genotype, data from ultrastructural ciliary evaluation and clinical characteristics. Genotype/phenotype correlations were studied in patients with the most frequently involved genes...
April 11, 2024: Lung
Michael Frazure, Clinton L Greene, Kimberly E Iceman, Dena R Howland, Teresa Pitts
PURPOSE: Postoperative pneumonia remains a common complication of surgery, despite increased attention. The purpose of our study was to determine the effects of routine surgery and post-surgical opioid administration on airway protection risk. METHODS: Eight healthy adult cats were evaluated to determine changes in airway protection status and for evidence of dysphagia in two experiments. (1) In four female cats, airway protection status was tracked following routine abdominal surgery (spay surgery) plus low-dose opioid administration (buprenorphine 0...
March 27, 2024: Lung
Simone Baldi, Alessio Fabbrizzi, Leandro Di Gloria, Marco Pallecchi, Giulia Nannini, Mario D'Ambrosio, Cristina Luceri, Gianluca Bartolucci, Matteo Ramazzotti, Giovanni Fontana, Claudia Mannini, Federico Lavorini, Amedeo Amedei
PURPOSE: Cough represents a natural mechanism that plays an important defensive role in the respiratory tract, but in some conditions, it may become persistent, nonproductive, and harmful. In general, refractory chronic cough (RCC) occurs in about 20% of individuals; hence, we aimed to assess the presence of altered gut-lung communication in RCC patients through a compositional and functional characterization of both gut (GM) and oral microbiota (OM). METHODS: 16S rRNA sequencing was used to characterize both GM and OM composition of RCC patients and healthy controls (HC)...
March 25, 2024: Lung
Toru Yamada, Taro Minami, Shumpei Yoshino, Ken Emoto, Suguru Mabuchi, Ryoichi Hanazawa, Akihiro Hirakawa, Masayoshi Hashimoto
PURPOSE: Diaphragm ultrasonography is used to identify causes of diaphragm dysfunction. However, its correlation with pulmonary function tests, including maximal inspiratory (MIP) and expiratory pressures (MEP), remains unclear. This study investigated this relationship by measuring diaphragm thickness, thickening fraction (TF), and excursion (DE) using ultrasonography, and their relationship to MIP and MEP. It also examined the influence of age, sex, height, and BMI on these measures...
March 23, 2024: Lung
Nneoma Ekechukwu, Sachin Batra, Deborah Orsi, Marjan Rahmanian, Maneesha Bangar, Amira Mohamed
BACKGROUND: In this narrative review we aimed to explore outcomes of extracorporeal life support (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R)) as rescue therapy in patients with status asthmaticus requiring mechanical ventilation. METHODS: Multiple databases were searched for studies fulfilling inclusion criteria. Articles reporting mortality and complications of ECMO and ECCO2R in mechanically ventilated patients with acute severe asthma (ASA) were included...
March 21, 2024: Lung
Seung Min Baek, Mi Na Kim, Eun Gyul Kim, Yu Jin Lee, Chang Hyun Park, Min Jung Kim, Kyung Won Kim, Myung Hyun Sohn
PURPOSE: The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common respiratory virus that causes acute lower respiratory tract infectious diseases, particularly in young children and older individuals. Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (ALCAM) is a membrane glycoprotein expressed in various cell types, including epithelial cells, and is associated with inflammatory responses and various cancers. However, the precise role of ALCAM in RSV-induced airway inflammation remains unclear, and our study aimed to explore this gap in the literature...
March 19, 2024: Lung
Tal Perluk, Eiman Abu Bandora, Ophir Freund, Tommy Jacob, Inbal Friedman Regev, Eyal Kleinhendler, Michal Shteinberg, Amir Bar-Shai, Yael Oestriecher-Kedem
PURPOSE: Although considered contributors to idiopathic bronchiectasis (IB), neither dysphagia nor silent aspiration have been systematically evaluated in IB patients. We aimed to explore the prevalence of asymptomatic dysphagia and silent aspiration in IB patients and to identify parameters predictive of their presence. METHODS: This prospective cohort study included IB patients from our Pulmonary Institute without prior history of dysphagia and without prior dysphagia workup...
March 18, 2024: Lung
Kokilavani Sivaraman, Bin Liu, Beatriz Martinez-Delgado, Julia Held, Manuela Büttner, Thomas Illig, Sonja Volland, Gema Gomez-Mariano, Nils Jedicke, Tetyana Yevsa, Tobias Welte, David S DeLuca, Sabine Wrenger, Beata Olejnicka, Sabina Janciauskiene
PURPOSE: To investigate the transcriptome of human bronchial epithelial cells (HBEC) in response to serum from patients with different degrees of inflammation. METHODS: Serum from 19 COVID-19 patients obtained from the Hannover Unified Biobank was used. At the time of sampling, 5 patients had a WHO Clinical Progression Scale (WHO-CPS) score of 9 (severe illness). The remaining 14 patients had a WHO-CPS of below 9 (range 1-7), and lower illness. Multiplex immunoassay was used to assess serum inflammatory markers...
March 17, 2024: Lung
Davide Ramoni, Simona Coco, Giovanni Rossi, Chiara Dellepiane, Elisa Bennicelli, Sara Santamaria, Linda Zinoli, Alberto Stefano Tagliafico, Marco Tagliamento, Giulia Barletta, Luca Liberale, Amedeo Tirandi, Silvia Minetti, Maria Bertolotto, Fabrizio Montecucco, Carlo Genova, Federico Carbone
PURPOSE: Pembrolizumab-based regimens are conditioned by the expression of PD-L1, but durable response rate is limited by innate and acquired resistance mechanisms. Here, we focus on osteopontin (OPN), an upfront biomarker of senescence, which closely associated with natural history of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS: Seventy-nine patients eligible to pembrolizumab regimens-alone or in combination with chemotherapy-as first-line treatment of advanced NSCLC were enrolled...
March 13, 2024: Lung
Luiza Mendes Fonseca, Pedro Matos da Câmara, Iane Miguel Pereira Lettieri, Caroline Serafim Dagostin, Arthur Oswaldo de Abreu Vianna
BACKGROUND: Weaning patients with COPD from mechanical ventilation (MV) presents a challenge, as literature on this topic is limited. This study compares PSV and T-piece during spontaneous breathing trials (SBT) in this specific population. METHODS: A search of PubMed, EMBASE, and Cochrane in September 2023 yielded four randomized controlled trials (RCTs) encompassing 560 patients. Among these, 287 (51%) used T-piece during SBTs. RESULTS: The PSV group demonstrated a significant improvement in the successful extubation rate compared to the T-piece (risk ratio [RR] 1...
March 12, 2024: Lung
Ghadah Alrehaili, Jennifer Kemppainen, Sanjay Kalra, Filippo Pinto E Vairo, Teng Moua, Eunhee S Yi, Alejandro Ferrer, Mrinal M Patnaik, Eva M Carmona
BACKGROUND: Lung biopsy remains the gold standard in the diagnosis of fibrotic interstitial lung disease (F-ILD), but there is a growing appreciation of the role of pathogenic gene variants in telomere and surfactant protein genes, especially in familial pulmonary fibrosis (FPF). Pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis (PPFE) is a rare disease that can coexist with different patterns of F-ILD, including FPF. It can be progressive and often leads to respiratory failure and death. This study tested the hypothesis that genetic testing goes beyond radiological and histological findings in PPFE and other F-ILD further informing clinical decision-making for patients and affected family members by identifying pathological gene variants in telomere and surfactant protein genes...
March 10, 2024: Lung
Ji-Yoon Oh, Sung-Yoon Kang, Noeul Kang, Ha-Kyeong Won, Eun-Jung Jo, Seung-Eun Lee, Ji-Hyang Lee, Ji-Su Shim, Young-Chan Kim, Youngsang Yoo, Jin An, Hwa Young Lee, So-Young Park, Mi-Yeong Kim, Ji-Ho Lee, Byung-Keun Kim, Han-Ki Park, Min-Hye Kim, Sae-Hoon Kim, Sang-Heon Kim, Yoon-Seok Chang, Sang-Hoon Kim, Byung-Jae Lee, Kian Fan Chung, Sang-Heon Cho, Woo-Jung Song
PURPOSE: Codeine is a narcotic antitussive often considered for managing patients with refractory or unexplained chronic cough. This study aimed to evaluate the proportion and characteristics of patients who responded to codeine treatment in real-world practice. METHODS: Data from the Korean Chronic Cough Registry, a multicenter prospective cohort study, were analyzed. Physicians assessed the response to codeine based on the timing and degree of improvement after treatment initiation...
February 27, 2024: Lung
Wenxue Lin
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 22, 2024: Lung
Alex N Mueller, Hunter A Miller, Matthew J Taylor, Sally A Suliman, Hermann B Frieboes
BACKGROUND: Diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) typically relies on high-resolution computed tomography imaging (HRCT) or histopathology, while monitoring disease severity is done via frequent pulmonary function testing (PFT). More reliable and convenient methods of diagnosing fibrotic interstitial lung disease (ILD) type and monitoring severity would allow for early identification and enhance current therapeutic interventions. This study tested the hypothesis that a machine learning (ML) ensemble analysis of comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) and complete blood count (CBC) data can accurately distinguish IPF from connective tissue disease ILD (CTD-ILD) and predict disease severity as seen with PFT...
February 20, 2024: Lung
Isaac Kirubakaran Sundar, Scott M Matson
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 7, 2024: Lung
Maria Gabriella Matera, Luigino Calzetta, Paola Rogliani, Nicola Hanania, Mario Cazzola
PURPOSE: This study aimed to examine reports of cardiovascular adverse events (CV AEs) observed in the real-world during treatment with aclidinium, tiotropium, glycopyrronium, and umeclidinium alone or in combination with a LABA and, in the context of triple therapy, with the addition of an ICS, and submitted to the food and drug administration adverse event reporting system (FAERS). METHODS: A retrospective disproportionality analysis was conducted utilizing CV AE reports submitted to the FAERS from January 2020 to 30 September 2023...
February 6, 2024: Lung
Peter V Dicpinigaitis
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2, 2024: Lung
Duong Duc Pham, Ji-Hyang Lee, Hyouk-Soo Kwon, Woo-Jung Song, You Sook Cho, Hyunkyoung Kim, Jae-Woo Kwon, So-Young Park, Sujeong Kim, Gyu Young Hur, Byung Keun Kim, Young-Hee Nam, Min-Suk Yang, Mi-Yeong Kim, Sae-Hoon Kim, Byung-Jae Lee, Taehoon Lee, So-Young Park, Min-Hye Kim, Young-Joo Cho, ChanSun Park, Jae-Woo Jung, Han Ki Park, Joo-Hee Kim, Ji-Yong Moon, Pankaj Bhavsar, Ian Adcock, Kian Fan Chung, Tae-Bum Kim
BACKGROUND: The determinants linked to the short- and long-term improvement in lung function in patients with severe eosinophilic asthma (SEA) on biological treatment (BioT) remain elusive. OBJECTIVE: We sought to identify the predictors of early and late lung function improvement in patients with SEA after BioT. METHODS: 140 adult patients with SEA who received mepolizumab, dupilumab, or reslizumab were followed up for 6 months to evaluate improvement in forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1 )...
January 22, 2024: Lung
Weixin Chen, Siyi Ran, Chenchang Li, Zhixin Li, Nili Wei, Jing Li, Naijian Li
BACKGROUND: Non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis is a chronic respiratory disease characterized by bronchial dilation. However, the significance of elevated eosinophil counts in acute exacerbations of bronchiectasis remains unclear. METHODS: This retrospective case-control study included 169 hospitalized patients with acute exacerbations of non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis. Based on blood eosinophil levels, patients were categorized into eosinophilic and non-eosinophilic bronchiectasis groups...
January 16, 2024: Lung
Nobuhiro Kanaji, Eiki Ichihara, Takaaki Tanaka, Takashi Ninomiya, Toshiyuki Kozuki, Nobuhisa Ishikawa, Kazuya Nishii, Hiroyasu Shoda, Kakuhiro Yamaguchi, Keita Kawakado, Yuko Toyoda, Masaaki Inoue, Nobuyuki Miyatake, Naoki Watanabe, Takuya Inoue, Hitoshi Mizoguchi, Yuta Komori, Kazuki Kojima, Norimitsu Kadowaki
PURPOSE: This study investigated the safety and efficacy of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) re-administration after recovery from EGFR-TKI-induced interstitial lung disease (ILD). METHODS: This multicenter retrospective study collected data from consecutive advanced NSCLC patients who underwent EGFR-TKI re-administration after recovery from EGFR-TKI-induced ILD. RESULTS: Fifty-eight patients were registered...
February 2024: Lung
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