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Mariana Carneiro Lopes, Thaís Porto Amadeu, Marcelo Ribeiro-Alves, Claudia Henrique da Costa, Luciana Silva Rodrigues, Elisabeth Jauhar Cardoso Bessa, Leonardo Palermo Bruno, Agnaldo José Lopes, Rogerio Rufino
PURPOSE: Activity/remission differentiation is a great challenge in the follow-up and treatment of sarcoidosis patients. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) were proposed as sarcoidosis biomarkers. More recently, chitotriosidase (CHITO) has been described as a better alternative. This study has the aim to evaluate the association of CHITO activity, ACE, hs-CRP or a combination of these biomarkers and to construct a clinical algorithm to differentiate between sarcoidosis activity/remission status...
March 19, 2019: Lung
Moshe Ashkenazi, N Nathan, I Sarouk, B E Bar Aluma, A Dagan, Y Bezalel, S Keler, D Vilozni, O Efrati
INTRODUCTION: There is a strong association between cystic fibrosis and malnutrition, mainly because of the higher energy needs combined with lower intake. There is also a well-established correlation between good nutritional status and better lung function. To date, however, there are no studies examining nutritional status in childhood and adult lung function. To respond to this need, this innovative study explored the long-term correlations between nutritional status in childhood and lung function in adulthood for the same patient population...
March 18, 2019: Lung
Rafik Belhaj, Wajih Kaabachi, Ikbel Khalfallah, Basma Hamdi, Kamel Hamzaoui, Agnes Hamzaoui
INTRODUCTION: Asthma is a common respiratory childhood disease that results from an interaction between genetic, environmental and immunologic factors. The implication of nucleotide-binding and oligomerization domain 1 and 2 (NOD1/CARD4, NOD2/CARD15) was highlighted in many inflammatory diseases. METHODS: In this case-control study, we analyzed the association of three NOD2 polymorphisms and one NOD1 variant, in 338 Tunisian asthmatic children and 425 healthy Controls, using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) method...
March 14, 2019: Lung
Young Seok Lee, Kyung Hoon Min, Chin Kook Rhee, Yong Hyun Kim, Seong Yong Lim, Soo-Jung Um, Chang-Hoon Lee, Ki-Suck Jung, Kwang Ha Yoo
PURPOSE: The economic effect of regular follow-up and early management in patients with early chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has not yet been clarified. Therefore, this study aimed to estimate the economic effect of regular follow-up and early management in these patients. METHODS: Patients with early COPD were identified from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. We analyzed medical utilization and cost for 2 years without any missing data by using the Korean National Health Insurance data...
March 11, 2019: Lung
Lee Fidler, Irena Doubelt, Sonja Kandel, Jolene H Fisher, Shikha Mittoo, Shane Shapera
PURPOSE: International guidelines recommend screening for connective tissue disease (CTD) with autoantibodies when evaluating patients with idiopathic interstitial lung disease (ILD). Idiopathic inflammatory myositis comprises of a subgroup of CTD diagnosed with myositis antibodies (MA), often presenting with ILD. Our aim was to evaluate the utility of MA screening in patients with idiopathic ILD. METHODS: A retrospective analysis was conducted on patients referred with idiopathic ILD to a tertiary centre ILD clinic who were screened for MA...
March 5, 2019: Lung
Lars Hagmeyer, Jana Fassunke, Marianne Engels, Marcel Treml, Simon Herkenrath, Sandhya Matthes, Reinhard Büttner, Winfried Randerath
The role of bronchoscopic brushing for tumor detection and molecular testing in central lung cancer is unclear. In this study, 50 consecutive subjects with suspected central lung cancer underwent bronchoscopic brushing (31 males, median age 70, 5 never smokers). Histological results were: NSCLC/SCLC/low-grade-NET/granulation tissue in 36/8/2/4 cases. Next generation sequencing (NGS) was feasible in 62% of tumor-positive brush smear samples. In 78% of these cases, NGS displayed identical results compared to histology samples, in 22% NGS from brush smears detected specific mutations, whereas DNA quality from forceps biopsy was insufficient for NGS analysis...
March 1, 2019: Lung
Renáta M Böcskei, Béla Benczúr, György Losonczy, Miklós Illyés, Attila Cziráki, Veronika Müller, Anikó Bohács, András Bikov
INTRODUCTION: Soluble urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) is upregulated by inflammation and plays a role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is associated with enhanced systemic inflammation and increased risk for atherosclerosis, however, studies analysing the circulating suPAR levels in COPD are contradictory. The aim of the study was to investigate plasma suPAR concentrations together with markers of arterial stiffness in COPD...
February 28, 2019: Lung
Patompong Ungprasert, Karn Wijarnpreecha, Wisit Cheungpasitporn, Charat Thongprayoon, Wuttiporn Manatsathit, Paul T Kröner
PURPOSE: To investigate inpatient prevalence, expenditures, and comorbidities of hospitalized patients with sarcoidosis in the USA. METHODS: Patients with sarcoidosis were identified within the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) database for the years 2013 and 2014 using the respective ICD-9 diagnostic code. Data on patient and hospital characteristics, comorbidities, total hospital costs, and total hospitalization charges were collected. A propensity-matched cohort of patients without sarcoidosis from the same database was created and used as comparators for the analysis of comorbidities...
February 23, 2019: Lung
Federica De Giacomi, Narat Srivali
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 20, 2019: Lung
Bryan S Benn, Mihir Parikh, Pei H Tsau, Eric Seeley, Ganesh Krishna
PURPOSE: While there is significant mortality and morbidity with lung cancer, early stage diagnoses carry a better prognosis. As lung cancer screening programs increase with more pulmonary nodules detected, expediting definitive treatment initiation for newly diagnosed patients is imperative. The objective of our analysis was to determine if the use of a dedicated interventional pulmonology practice decreases time delay from new diagnosis of lung cancer or metastatic disease to the chest to treatment initiation...
February 19, 2019: Lung
M Voortman, C M R Hendriks, P Elfferich, F Bonella, J Møller, J De Vries, U Costabel, M Drent
PURPOSE: The clinical manifestations of sarcoidosis vary widely, depending on the intensity of the inflammation and the organ systems affected. Hence, sarcoidosis patients may suffer from a great variety of symptoms. The aim of this study was to compare the self-reported burden of sarcoidosis patients in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, especially the prevalence of fatigue and small fiber neuropathy (SFN)-related symptoms, as well as differences in treatment strategies. METHODS: A cross-sectional web-based anonymous survey about complaints was conducted among sarcoidosis patients...
February 16, 2019: Lung
Lu Bai, Chunying Sun, Huifen Zhai, Chen Chen, Xiaotian Hu, Xiulin Ye, Min Li, Yan Fang, Weimin Yang, Haoyan Wang, Shibo Sun
BACKGROUND: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a disease seriously threatening individual health, which results in serious complications such as hypertension and stroke. These complications are associated with oxidative stress triggered by intermittent hypoxia in OSA. Sestrin2 is a crucial factor involved in oxidative stress. The goal of this study was to investigate if a relationship exists between OSA and Sestrin2. METHODS: We prospectively enrolled 71 subjects, and 16 patients of them with severe OSA completed 4 weeks of nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP) therapy...
February 15, 2019: Lung
L J Williams, G R Zosky
PURPOSE: Our understanding of the respiratory health consequences of geogenic (earth-derived) particulate matter (PM) is limited. Recent in vivo evidence suggests that the concentration of iron is associated with the magnitude of the respiratory response to geogenic PM. We investigated the inflammatory and cytotoxic potential of silica and iron oxide particles alone, and in combination, on lung epithelial cells. METHODS: Bronchial epithelial cells (BEAS-2B) were exposed to silica (quartz, cristobalite) and/or iron oxide (hematite, magnetite) particles...
February 14, 2019: Lung
Mathias G Holgersen, June K Marthin, Kim G Nielsen
INTRODUCTION: Nasal nitric oxide (nNO) is extremely low in individuals with primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) and is recommended as part of early workup. We investigated whether tidal breathing sampling for a few seconds was as discriminative between PCD and healthy controls (HC) as conventional tidal breathing sampling (cTB-nNO) for 20-30 s. METHODS: We performed very rapid sampling of tidal breathing (vrTB-nNO) for 2, 4 and 6 s, respectively. Vacuum sampling with applied negative pressure (vrTB-nNOvac ; negative pressure was applied by pinching the sampling tube) for < 2 s resulted in enhanced suction of nasal air during measurement...
February 14, 2019: Lung
Chintan K Gandhi, Romel Holmes, Ira H Gewolb, Bruce D Uhal
BACKGROUND: Pancreatic digestive enzymes present in meconium might be responsible for meconium-induced lung injury. The local Renin Angiotensin System plays an important role in lung injury and inflammation. Particularly, angiotensin converting enzyme-2 (ACE-2) has been identified as a protective lung enzyme against the insult. ACE-2 converts pro-apoptotic Angiotensin II to anti-apoptotic Angiotensin 1-7. However, the effect of meconium on ACE-2 has never been studied before. OBJECTIVE: To study the effect of meconium on ACE-2, and whether inhibition of proteolytic enzymes present in the meconium reverses its effects on ACE-2...
February 13, 2019: Lung
David Bennett, Rosa Metella Refini, Maria Lucia Valentini, Annalisa Fui, Antonella Fossi, Maria Pieroni, Maria Antonietta Mazzei, Paola Rottoli
INTRODUCTION: Familial pulmonary fibrosis (FPF) is defined as an idiopathic diffuse parenchymal lung disease affecting two or more members of the same primary biological family. The aim of this study was to compare disease progression and tolerance to pirfenidone in a population of FPF patients who presented with radiological and/or histological evidence of UIP, and a group of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patients. METHODS: Seventy-three patients (19 with FPF and 54 with IPF) were enrolled and data were collected retrospectively at 6, 12 and 24 months follow-up...
February 13, 2019: Lung
Filippo Patrucco, Ludovica Venezia, Paolo Solidoro
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 11, 2019: Lung
Tatsuo Maeyashiki, Jae-Hwi Jang, Florian Janker, Yoshito Yamada, Ilhan Inci, Walter Weder, Tobias Piegeler, Wolfgang Jungraithmayr
PURPOSE: Acute allograft rejection after lung transplantation remains an unsolved hurdle. The pathogenesis includes an inflammatory response during and after transplantation. Ropivacaine, an amide-linked local anesthetic, has been shown to attenuate lung injury due to its anti-inflammatory effects. We hypothesized that the drug would also be able to attenuate acute rejection (AR) after allogeneic lung transplantation. METHODS: Allogeneic, orthotopic, single left lung transplantation was performed between BALB/c (donors) and C57BL/6 (recipients) mice...
February 9, 2019: Lung
Eileen G Collins, Christine Jelinek, Susan O'Connell, Jolene Butler, Domenic Reda, Franco Laghi
BACKGROUND: During exercise-training patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can entrain their breathing pattern to visual-feedback cues as to achieve a slower respiratory rate and prolong exhalation. The result is an improvement in exercise tolerance and a reduction in dynamic hyperinflation. Acoustic stimuli, including metronome-generated acoustic stimuli, can entrain human movements. Accordingly, we hypothesized that exercise duration and dynamic hyperinflation would be less after exercise-training plus breathing-retraining using a metronome-based acoustic-feedback system than after exercise-training alone...
February 9, 2019: Lung
Andras Bikov, Zsofia Lazar, Peter Horvath, David Laszlo Tarnoki, Adam Domonkos Tarnoki, Luca Fesus, Marton Horvath, Martina Meszaros, Gyorgy Losonczy, Laszlo Kunos
PURPOSE: Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) represents a risk for dyslipidaemia. Obstructive respiratory events during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep are more strongly related to the development of hypertension and diabetes than in non-REM. However, the relationship between sleep phases and serum lipid profile is unclear. We aimed to analyse the relationship between obstructive respiratory events in REM and non-REM sleep as well as serum lipid profile. METHODS: Polysomnography was performed in 94 adult subjects who did not take any lipid-modifying medications...
February 2, 2019: Lung
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