Anurag Mehta, Prerna Chadha, Poojan Agarwal, Sunil Pasricha
BACKGROUND: Aberrant T cell antigen expression has been well documented in diffuse large B cell lymphomas. However, co-expression of multiple T cell antigens including CD3, which has been considered a specific marker for T cells is extremely rare. Awareness about such aberrant expression is important so as not to misdiagnose or wrongly classify a lymphoma. The aim of this article is to report such a case. CASE PRESENTATION: A 68-year-old postmenopausal lady, diabetic and hypertensive, presented with an axillary lump of one week's duration...
June 15, 2021: Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute
R Dhanya, C C Kartha
Citrus flavonoids particularly quercetin which is abundant in grapefruit, onion, green tea, berries etc. are known to have a protective effect on oxidative stress. Pancreatic β cells which synthesize and secrete insulin are prone to oxidative stress induced damage because of low cellular antioxidant enzymes. To delineate the effects of quercetin on pancreatic β cells we evaluated the protective effect of quercetin on TC6 insulinoma cells subjected to oxidative stress induced by tert-butyl-hydrogen-peroxide (TBHP)...
June 15, 2021: Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
A-Ra Cho, Sung-Bum Lee, Kyung-Won Hong, Dong-Hyuk Jung
AIMS: The C-reactive protein-to-albumin ratio (CAR) has been reported as a novel prognostic marker in serious illness and various inflammatory diseases. The aim of this study is to investigate the association of CAR with incidence risk of type 2 diabetes in adults without chronic disease. METHODS: A total of 5904 participants aged 40 to 69 years were selected from the Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study who were observed over 12 years. Multivariable logistic regression was analyzed to examine the relationship between CAR tertiles and incident diabetes...
June 15, 2021: Acta Diabetologica
Tarun Mittal, Anmol Ahuja, Ashish Dey, Vinod K Malik, Mohammad Taha Mustafa Sheikh, Naresh Kumar Bansal, Harish Kanuri
INTRODUCTION: Advanced liver disease and portal hypertension (PH) are seen as a relative contraindication for bariatric and metabolic surgery. Several studies have shown significant improvement in liver function and liver histology after bariatric surgery. There are very few studies describing bariatric surgery in patients with PH. The purpose of this retrospective study is to evaluate the feasibility and results of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (SG) in patients with PH. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We present our experience of performing laparoscopic SG in 15 patients with evidence of PH...
June 15, 2021: Surgical Endoscopy
Anees Ahmed Syed, Mohammad Irshad Reza, Richa Garg, Umesh K Goand, Jiaur R Gayen
OBJECTIVES: Hyperglycemia-induced SIRT1, DNMT1, SODs, as well as oxidative stress, play a pivotal role in the progression of diabetic nephropathy. Cissus quadrangularis, holds antioxidant and hypoglycemic activity; however, a direct link between its activity and prevention of diabetic nephropathy has not been ascertained yet. Accordingly, we aimed to delineate the protective effect of ethanolic extract of Cissus quadrangularis (EECQ) against high-fat diet/streptozotocin (HFD/STZ) induced diabetic nephropathy rats...
June 15, 2021: Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Philasande Mkoko, Senlika Naidoo, Mak Niazi, Atiqa Tahira, Xolile Godlwana, Ntsikelelo Ndesi, Thina Majola, Martha Pepino, Luyanda Mbanga, Zimasa Vuyo Jama, Nowshad Alam, Brian Mbhele, Lokuthula Maphalala, Mpiko Ntsekhe
INTRODUCTION: The increasing prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in South African rural communities is well reported. However, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) leading to hospital admission and related in-hospital mortality in rural and semi-rural hospitals is unknown. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective review of hospital records for patients admitted to the Department of Internal Medicine at Dora Nginza Hospital in Port Elisabeth, South Africa between 1 April and 31 October 2016...
June 10, 2021: Cardiovascular Journal of Africa
Sachiko Yamamoto-Kataoka, Sayaka Shimizu, Hajime Yamazaki, Katsuhiro Murakami, Daisuke Nishizaki, Shunichi Fukuhara, Nobuya Inagaki, Yosuke Yamamoto
Pancreatectomy is an invasive surgery that is sometimes associated with complications. New-onset diabetes mellitus sometimes develops after partial pancreatectomy and severely affects the patient's quality of life. This study aimed to develop a preoperative prediction model of new-onset diabetes mellitus after partial pancreatectomy, which will help patients and surgeons to achieve more easily better common decisions on regarding whether to perform partial pancreatectomy. This retrospective cohort study analyzed medical records of patients who underwent partial pancreatectomy (total pancreatectomy excluded) from April 1, 2008, to February 28, 2016, which were available in the database provided by Medical Data Vision Co...
June 18, 2021: Medicine (Baltimore)
Yun Liu, Jing Ping, LiCheng Qiu, Chenglong Sun, Ming Chen
To improve the correct diagnosis rate of coronary heart disease and to explore the guiding value of electrocardiogram (ECG) ST-T ischemic changes in the clinical diagnosis of coronary heart disease.A retrospective analysis was conducted on a total of 310 cases who underwent a conventional 12-lead ECG, 12-lead dynamic ECG (DECG, Holter) with ST-T ischemic changes, and then coronary angiography (CA) within 1 week in Qingdao Sttarr Heart Hospital from June 2015 to April 2020 in the study. Ischemic ST-T changes were evaluated using conventional diagnostic criteria, and Judkins diagnostic criteria were used in CA...
June 18, 2021: Medicine (Baltimore)
Wanwan Chen, Yanmei Liu, Hongyi Pan, Jie Jiang, Huaqing Xiang, Linlin Peng
The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the 3 primer of untranslated region (3'UTR) of the Pentraxin 3 (PTX3) gene and the risk of essential hypertension (EHT).PTX3 genotypes, rs2614, rs111451363, and rs73158510 locus, were found in 260 patients with EHT and 260 healthy controls. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction was used to detect plasma hsa-miR-4766-5p levels. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used to detect plasma PTX3 levels...
June 18, 2021: Medicine (Baltimore)
Abhishek Kulkarni, Annie R Pineros, Melissa A Walsh, Isabel Casimiro, Sara Ibrahim, Marimar Hernandez-Perez, Kara S Orr, Lindsey Glenn, Jerry L Nadler, Margaret A Morris, Sarah A Tersey, Raghavendra G Mirmira, Ryan M Anderson
Macrophages and related myeloid cells are innate immune cells that participate in the early islet inflammation of type 1 diabetes (T1D). The enzyme 12-lipoxygenase (12-LOX) catalyzes the formation of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids, but its role and mechanisms in myeloid cells in the pathogenesis of islet inflammation have not been elucidated. Leveraging a model of islet inflammation in zebrafish, we show here that macrophages contribute significantly to the loss of β-cells and the subsequent development of hyperglycemia...
June 15, 2021: JCI Insight
Maria Graciela Sandoval-Flores, Isela Chan-Campos, Gabriela Hernández-Molina
OBJECTIVES: The ESSPRI is a validated tool for measuring pain, fatigue and dryness in primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS). We evaluated its association with disease and non-disease related variables, and its variation though the follow-up. METHODS: We included 130 pSS patients who were interviewed to register demographics, schooling, smoking, menopause, body mass index (BMI), disease duration, use of hormonal replacement, associated sicca drugs, prednisone, immunosuppressors/antimalarials, comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, depression, fibromyalgia and scored the Charlson comorbidity index...
June 14, 2021: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology
Jan F C Glatz, Fang Wang, Miranda Nabben, Joost J F P Luiken
Introduction : Disturbances in myocardial lipid metabolism are increasingly being recognized as drivers of the development and progression of heart disease. Therefore, there is a need for treatments that can directly target lipid metabolic defects in heart failure. The membrane-associated glycoprotein CD36 plays a pivotal role in governing myocardial lipid metabolism by mediating lipid signaling and facilitating the cellular uptake of long-chain fatty acids. Emerging evidence suggests that CD36 is a prominent target in the treatment of heart failure...
June 15, 2021: Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets
Zeina N Al-Mahayri, Mohammad M AlAhmad, Bassam R Ali
Introduction : Paclitaxel is a microtubule stabilizer that is currently one of the most utilized chemotherapeutic agents. Its efficacy in breast, uterine, lung and other neoplasms made its safety profile enhancement a subject of great interest. Neurotoxicity is the most common paclitaxel-associated toxicities. In addition, hypersensitivity reactions, hematological, gastrointestinal, and cardiac toxicities are all encountered. Areas covered : The current review explores paclitaxel-induced toxicities mechanisms and risk factors...
June 15, 2021: Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism & Toxicology
David J Brayden, Sam Maher
INTRODUCTION: : The FDA approval of oral semaglutide for type 2 diabetes (2019) and oral octreotide for acromegaly (2020) is evidence that selected niche peptides can be administered orally if formulated with selected intestinal permeation enhancers. AREAS COVERED: We evaluated the oral octreotide formulation, MYCAPSSA® (Chiasma Pharmaceuticals, Needham, MA, USA). An outline of the current standard of care in acromegaly and the benefits of oral octreotide versus depot injections is provided...
June 15, 2021: Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery
Libin Pang, Pengfei Tian, Xu Cui, Xiuping Wu, Xiaoli Zhao, Hui Wang, Deping Wang, Haobo Pan
The hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha (HIF-1a) pathway plays a key role in regulating angiogenesis during wound healing. However, the diabetic condition hampers the stabilization of HIF-1a and thus inhibits the subsequent angiogenesis, and meanwhile, the function and phenotype transition of macrophage are impaired in the diabetic condition, which leads to prolonged and chronic inflammation. Both angiogenesis inhibition and inflammatory dysfunction make diabetic wound healing a major clinical challenge. Here, borosilicate (BS), a new group of bioceramics with a coupled network of interconnected [BO3 ] and [SiO4 ] which can incorporate therapeutic ions such as Cu2+ , is synthesized and combined with silk fibroin (SF), a biocompatible natural amino acid polymer whose composition and structure are similar to a natural extracellular matrix (ECM), to obtain a compound system which can transform into a SF-MA-BS hydrogel under UV radiation via methacryloyloxy (MA) groups modified on both BS and SF...
June 15, 2021: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Soo Jin Yun, Jung Kuk Lee, So Young Park, Sang Ouk Chin
BACKGROUND: Acromegaly is a rare, slowly progressive disease. Its mechanism is not fully understood, and epidemiological research on Korean patients with acromegaly is scarce. The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence and prevalence of acromegaly and assess the comorbidities and survival benefits based on treatment options. METHODS: This nationwide population-based cohort study was conducted using data of the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment claims database to evaluate the incidence of newly diagnosed acromegaly cases during 2013-2017...
June 14, 2021: Journal of Korean Medical Science
Gordon C Weir, Susan Bonner-Weir
During progression to both types 1 and 2 diabetes (T1D, T2D), there is a striking loss of glucose-induced first-phase insulin release (FPIR), which is known to predict the onset of T1D. The contribution of reduced β cell mass to the onset of hyperglycemia remains unclear. In this issue of the JCI, Mezza et al. report on their study of patients with pancreatic neoplasms before and after partial pancreatectomy to evaluate the impact of reduced β cell mass on the development of diabetes. The authors found that reduced FPIR predicted diabetes when 50% of the pancreas was removed...
June 15, 2021: Journal of Clinical Investigation
Stephanie Griggs, Kingman P Strohl, Margaret Grey, Eric Barbato, Seunghee Margevicius, Ronald L Hickman
Circadian alignment is an important element in individual health, and one behavioral marker, rest-activity rhythm, could influence self-management in young adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Little is known about the rest-activity rhythms, executive function, and glycemia among young adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D). The purpose of this study was to evaluate parametric and nonparametric circadian characteristics of the rest-activity rhythm and the associations between these variables, sleep-wake behavior, executive function, and glycemia among young adults with T1D...
June 15, 2021: Chronobiology International
Hsien Seow, Peter Tanuseputro, Lisa Barbera, Craig C Earle, Dawn M Guthrie, Sarina R Isenberg, Rosalyn A Juergens, Jeffrey Myers, Melissa Brouwers, Semra Tibebu, Rinku Sutradhar
BACKGROUND: Predictive cancer tools focus on survival; none predict severe symptoms. AIM: To develop and validate a model that predicts the risk for having low performance status and severe symptoms in cancer patients. DESIGN: Retrospective, population-based, predictive study. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS: We linked administrative data from cancer patients from 2008 to 2015 in Ontario, Canada. Patients were randomly selected for model derivation (60%) and validation (40%)...
June 15, 2021: Palliative Medicine
Ming Chen, Satya Surbhi, James E Bailey
PURPOSE: To examine the association between weight loss and type 2 diabetes remission among vulnerable populations living in medically underserved areas of the Mid-Southern United States. DESIGN: Quantitative, retrospective cohort study. SETTING: 114 ambulatory sites and 5 adults' hospitals in the Mid-South participating in a regional diabetes registry. PARTICIPANTS: 9,900 adult patients with type 2 diabetes, stratified by remission status, with 1 year of baseline electronic medical record data, and 1 year of follow-up data for the 2015-2018 study period...
June 15, 2021: American Journal of Health Promotion: AJHP
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