Wegdan M Abd El Wahab, Mona I Ali, Shimaa S Ibrahim, Yasmen A Mohamed, Doaa A Hamdy
Toxocariasis is an underestimated geohelminthic infection which shows respiratory changes concurrent with larval migration. The purpose of the present study was to detect Toxocara seropositivity in asthmatic and pneumonic children, and in turn to evaluate its association with the children clinical manifestations, laboratory test results, and sociodemographic risk factors. A total of 50 asthmatic, 50 pneumonic children and 50 healthy controls were subjected to stool analysis by direct wet mount and concentration techniques to exclude possible cross reactivity...
March 2023: Journal of Parasitic Diseases: Official Organ of the Indian Society for Parasitology
Yongqiang Miao, Xueliang Zhao, Fathalrhman Eisa Addoma Adam, Qingfang Xie, Hang Feng, Jingru Ding, Xindong Bai, Juan Wang, Zengqi Yang
According to the findings of a sheep breeding farm in Shaanxi, China, 2.53% (15/594) of sheep exhibited respiratory (clinical) symptoms such as dyspnoea, nasal discharge, wet cough, fever, and progressive emaciation. Although multi-drug treatment strategies (including ampicillin, tylosin, florfenicol, and ceftiofur) have been attempted to improve clinical outcomes, they have only been met with limited success, with a mortality rate of 40%. Ultimately, Aeromonas veronii ( A. veronii ) was identified as the causative pathogen for respiratory disease...
January 29, 2023: Microorganisms
Hyo-Jung Lim, Derek Ka-Hei Lai, Bryan Pak-Hei So, Calvin Chi-Kong Yip, Daphne Sze Ki Cheung, James Chung-Wai Cheung, Duo Wai-Chi Wong
Dysphagia is one of the most common problems among older adults, which might lead to aspiration pneumonia and eventual death. It calls for a feasible, reliable, and standardized screening or assessment method to prompt rehabilitation measures and mitigate the risks of dysphagia complications. Computer-aided screening using wearable technology could be the solution to the problem but is not clinically applicable because of the heterogeneity of assessment protocols. The aim of this paper is to formulate and unify a swallowing assessment protocol, named the Comprehensive Assessment Protocol for Swallowing (CAPS), by integrating existing protocols and standards...
February 8, 2023: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Francis J Gilchrist, Mathew Aspey, Robert Bowler, Malcolm Brodlie, Seema Desai, Caroline Harris, Emily Hinton, Hemant Kulkarni, Aviva Ogbolosingha, Ian Sinha, Ivonne Solis-Trapala, Joanne Stock, William D Carroll
BACKGROUND: Protracted bacterial bronchitis (PBB) is an endobronchial infection and a the most common cause of chronic wet cough in young children. It is treated with antibiotics, which can only be targeted if the causative organism is known. As most affected children do not expectorate sputum, lower airway samples can only be obtained by bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) samples taken during flexible bronchoscopy (FB-BAL). This is invasive and is therefore reserved for children with severe or relapsing cases...
November 2022: BMJ Paediatrics Open
Pamela J Laird, Roz Walker, Gabrielle McCallum, Maree Toombs, Melanie Barwick, Peter Morris, Robyn Aitken, Matthew Cooper, Richard Norman, Bhavini Patel, Gloria Lau, Anne B Chang, André Schultz
BACKGROUND: In children, chronic wet cough may be a sign of underlying lung disease, including protracted bacterial bronchitis (PBB) and bronchiectasis. Chronic (> 4 weeks in duration) wet cough (without indicators pointing to alternative causes) that responds to antibiotic treatment is diagnostic of PBB. Timely recognition and management of PBB can prevent disease progression to irreversible bronchiectasis with lifelong consequences. However, detection and management require timely health-seeking by carers and effective management by clinicians...
December 29, 2022: BMC Pulmonary Medicine
Madison Cohen-McFarlane, Pengcheng Xi, Bruce Wallace, Karim Habashy, Saiful Huq, Rafik Goubran, Frank Knoefel
Goal: The evaluation of respiratory events using audio sensing in an at-home setting can be indicative of worsening health conditions. This paper investigates the use of image-based transfer learning applied to five audio visualizations to evaluate three classification tasks (C1: wet vs. dry vs. whooping cough vs. restricted breathing; C2: wet vs. dry cough; C3: cough vs. restricted breathing). Methods: The five visualizations (linear spectrogram, logarithmic spectrogram, Mel-spectrogram, wavelet scalograms, and aggregate images) are applied to a pre-trained AlexNet image classifier for all tasks...
2022: IEEE open journal of engineering in medicine and biology
Elpiniki Kartsiouni, Stylianos Chatzipanagiotou, Angeliki Galani, Dafni Moriki, Olympia Sardeli, Spyridon Prountzos, Efthymia Alexopoulou, Ioanna Loukou, Kostas N Priftis, Konstantinos Douros
Children with chronic wet cough and without cystic fibrosis (non-CF) may suffer from chronic suppurative lung disease (CSLD) or bronchiectasis. Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) can be one of the offending microbes in these children. The present study aimed to describe the clinical course of children with the above two conditions who were infected with Pa. Data of 54 children with CSLD/bronchiectasis who were diagnosed and attended in our department were retrospectively analysed through a Cox proportional hazard model, with age, presence of bronchiectasis, use of inhaled colistin, azithromycin, inhaled hypertonic saline as the covariates...
November 25, 2022: Children
Guignali Laurette Mangouka, Berthe Amélie Iroungou, Pamela Moussavou-Boundzanga, Jean Raymond Nzenze
BACKGROUND Kidney failure is a public health problem that may require transplantation for patient survival and for those at risk of developing infectious diseases such as COVID-19 due to severe immunosuppression. We report the case of 2 kidney transplant patients who contracted COVID-19. CASE REPORT Patient 1: A 60-year-old Gabonese man presented with 8 days of wet cough, fever, and myalgias associated secondarily with dyspnea, without anosmia or ageusia. His medical history included renal transplant for malignant nephro-angiosclerosis and high blood pressure...
December 22, 2022: American Journal of Case Reports
Yuxia Zhong, Ting Ji, Dan Qin, Deyun Cheng
OBJECTIVE: To analyze clinical characteristics and risk factors for in-hospital mortality in patients coinfected with P. jirovecii and Aspergillus. METHODS: This study included 53 patients with coinfection of P. jirovecii pneumonia (PJP) and invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA) in our center from January 2011 to December 2021. All cases were divided into survivor (n=27) and non-survivor groups (n=26). Medical records, laboratory and radiology data were collected...
September 8, 2022: Journal de Mycologie Médicale
Sandra Gursli, Alexandra Quittner, Reidun Birgitta Jahnsen, Bjørn Skrede, Britt Stuge, Egil Bakkeheim
OBJECTIVE: Airway clearance physiotherapy is recommended in cystic fibrosis, but limited evidence exists to suggest how much treatment is enough. As a secondary analysis of a prior study investigating the safety, efficacy, and participants' perceptions of a novel airway clearance technique, specific cough technique (SCT) compared to forced expiration technique (FET), we aimed to evaluate whether the intervention was associated with changes in health-related quality of life (HRQoL). METHODS: We conducted randomised, controlled individual trials with six adults (N-of-1 RCTs)...
2022: PloS One
Hong-Yun Wu, Xiao-Feng Shan, Zhi-Gang Cai, Jing Zhang, Pei-Jun Li, Lei Zhang, Yue Yang
OBJECTIVE: Determine the safety and effectiveness of a nasogastric tube removal plan designed to shorten nasogastric tube indwelling time after oral cancer surgery plus free flap reconstruction. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A parallel randomized clinical trial was conducted from May 2021 to December 2021 at Peking University School of Stomatology. Volunteers (n = 128) were separated into four groups: non-tracheostomy control and intervention groups and tracheostomy control and intervention groups...
June 2023: Laryngoscope
Kathryn A Ramsey, André Schultz
Bronchiectasis (not related to cystic fibrosis) is a chronic lung disease caused by a range of etiologies but characterized by abnormal airway dilatation, recurrent respiratory symptoms, impaired quality of life and reduced life expectancy. Patients typically experience episodes of chronic wet cough and recurrent pulmonary exacerbations requiring hospitalization. Early diagnosis and management of childhood bronchiectasis are essential to prevent respiratory decline, optimize quality of life, minimize pulmonary exacerbations, and potentially reverse bronchial disease...
2022: Frontiers in Pediatrics
David Keisar, Anan Garzozi, Moshe Shoham, David Greenblatt
Recently, a fluidic facemask concept was proposed to mitigate the transmission of virus-laden aerosol and droplet infections, such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This paper describes an experimental investigation of the first practical fluidic facemask prototype, or "Air-Screen". It employs a small, high-aspect-ratio, crossflow fan mounted on the visor of a filter-covered cap to produce a rectangular air jet, or screen, in front of the wearer's face. The entire assembly weighs less than 200 g. Qualitative flow visualization experiments using a mannequin clearly illustrated the Air-Screen's ability to effectively block airborne droplets (∼100 µm) from the wearer's face...
February 1, 2023: Experimental thermal and fluid science
Marcella Gallucci, Egidio Candela, Emanuela Di Palmo, Angela Miniaci, Andrea Pession
Non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis is an emergent disease characterized by endobronchial suppuration, dilated airways with neutrophilic inflammation and chronic wet cough due to recurrent lower airway infections. A regular clinical follow-up and adequate management of exacerbations are essential to reduce symptoms and the worsening of lung injury. We report a retrospective study comprising 15 children and adolescents with NCFB followed in our hospital center of pediatric pulmonology. We retrospectively analyzed the main comorbidities associated with the presence of NCFB, the radiological aspect associated with the different etiologies and the therapeutic approach used...
September 19, 2022: Children
Pamela Laird, Nicola Ball, Shekira Brahim, Henry Brown, Anne B Chang, Matthew Cooper, Deanne Cox, Denetta Cox, Samantha Crute, Rachel E Foong, Janella Isaacs, John Jacky, Gloria Lau, Elizabeth McKinnon, Annie Scanlon, Elizabeth F Smith, Sarah Thomason, Roz Walker, André Schultz
BACKGROUND: The burden of bronchiectasis is disproportionately high in Aboriginal adults, with early mortality. Bronchiectasis precursors, i.e., protracted bacterial bronchitis (PBB) and chronic suppurative lung disease (CSLD), often commence in early childhood. We previously reported a 10% prevalence of PBB in Aboriginal children aged 0-7years, however there are no data on prevalence of chronic lung diseases in older children. Our study aimed to determine the prevalence of PBB, CSLD, bronchiectasis, and asthma in Aboriginal children living in four communities...
September 13, 2022: Pediatric Pulmonology
Shao-Fen Lin, Le-Le Hou, Jian Wang, Lyu-Hong Xu, Yong Liu, You-Gang Mai, Jian-Pei Fang, Dun-Hua Zhou
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the clinical characteristics and treatment of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), in order to improve the early diagnosis and effective treatment. METHODS: Clinical data of five children with ALL developing PCP in the post-chemotherapy granulocyte deficiency phase were analyzed retrospectively. The clinical manifestations, laboratory tests, imaging findings, treatment methods and effect were summarized...
August 2022: Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue za Zhi
Małgorzata Cisowska-Adamiak, Katarzyna Sakwińska, Iwona Szymkuć-Bukowska, Anna Goclik, Iwona Lunitz, Magdalena Mackiewicz-Milewska
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a rare complication that the exact pathophysiological mechanism of which is still unclear. PRES most often occurs in connection with severe hypertension and autoimmune diseases. It can also appear during chemotherapy or immunosuppressive treatment. A 38-year-old woman with a negative medical history was admitted to the local hospital due to loss of consciousness accompanied by seizures and high values of blood pressure, and a PCR test for COVID-19 was positive...
July 13, 2022: Brain Sciences
Bo Peng, Yong-Hua Gao, Jia-Qi Xie, Xiao-Wen He, Cong-Cong Wang, Jin-Fu Xu, Guo-Jun Zhang
BACKGROUND: Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) represents a highly heterogenous disorder with extensive clinical and genetic patterns among populations of different geographic location and ethnic origin. However, data about Chinese patients are limited. We aimed to summarize the clinical and genetic spectrum of Chinese PCD patients based on all available literatures. METHODS: We searched Embase, Pubmed, Web of Science and Chinese databases including CNKI, SinoMed and Wanfang from 1981 to 2021, to identify articles reporting patients with PCD in China, which had included information about transmission electron microscopy and/or genetic testing...
July 19, 2022: Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases
Ying Li, Wenlong Fu, Gang Geng, Jihong Dai, Zhou Fu, Daiyin Tian
BACKGROUND: Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare, inherited disorder of the motile cilia that exhibits genetic and clinical heterogeneity among different populations. PCD diagnosis remains challenging owing to the heterogeneity of associated clinical features and lack of a gold standard diagnostic test. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to analyze the clinical and genetic characteristics of a group of children with clinically suspected PCD in one region of China, with the goal of providing a more robust knowledge base regarding the genetic stratification underlying this disease in Chinese populations...
July 8, 2022: BMC Pediatrics
Xiaoqiang Li, Yuanhao Guo, Jianying Meng, Xinke Li, Mengjuan Li, Dekang Gao
Cellulose paper-based materials are highly flexible, hydrophilic, low-cost, and environmentally friendly and are good substrates for use as humidity sensors. Therefore, developing a paper-based humidity sensor with facile fabrication, low cost, and high sensitivity is important for expanding its practical applications. Herein, we propose a CI/FP self-powered humidity sensor based on everyday items such as writing and drawing carbon ink (CI), cellulose filter paper (FP), and polyester conductive adhesive tape, which is fabricated with the help of facile dip-coating and pasting methods...
June 27, 2022: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
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