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Trends Immunol

Laura Santambrogio, Hans-Georg Rammensee
Every biological fluid, blood, interstitial fluid and lymph, urine, saliva, lacrimal fluid, nipple aspirate, and spinal fluid, contains a peptidome-degradome derived from the cellular secretome along with byproducts of the metabolic/catabolic activities of each parenchymal organ. Clement et al. (J Proteomics 78:172-187, 2013), Clement et al. (J Biol Chem 291:5576-5595, 2016), Clement et al. (PLoS One 5:e9863, 2010), Clement et al. (Trends Immunol 32:6-11, 2011), Clement et al. (Front Immunol 4:424, 2013), Geho et al...
October 20, 2018: Immunogenetics
Jérémie Becker, Philippe Pérot, Valérie Cheynet, Guy Oriol, Nathalie Mugnier, Marine Mommert, Olivier Tabone, Julien Textoris, Jean-Baptiste Veyrieras, François Mallet
BACKGROUND: Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) have received much attention for their implications in the etiology of many human diseases and their profound effect on evolution. Notably, recent studies have highlighted associations between HERVs expression and cancers (Yu et al., Int J Mol Med 32, 2013), autoimmunity (Balada et al., Int Rev Immunol 29:351-370, 2010) and neurological (Christensen, J Neuroimmune Pharmacol 5:326-335, 2010) conditions. Their repetitive nature makes their study particularly challenging, where expression studies have largely focused on individual loci (De Parseval et al...
April 8, 2017: BMC Genomics
Tom Arnold, Christer Betsholtz
The body's vascular system is thought to have developed in order to supply oxygen and nutrients to cells beyond the reach of simple diffusion. Hence, relative hypoxia in the growing central nervous system (CNS) is a major driving force for the ingression and refinement of the complex vascular bed that serves it. However, even before the establishment of this CNS vascular system, CNS-specific macrophages (microglia) migrate into the brain. Recent studies in mice point to the fundamental importance of microglia in shaping CNS vasculature during development, and re-shaping these vessels during pathological insults...
2013: Vascular Cell
Alavattam Sreedhara, Kimberly Lau, Charlene Li, Brian Hosken, Frank Macchi, Dejin Zhan, Amy Shen, Daniel Steinmann, Christian Schöneich, Yvonne Lentz
The reaction of singlet oxygen with water to form hydrogen peroxide was catalyzed by antibodies and has been termed as the antibody catalyzed water oxidation pathway (ACWOP) (Nieva and Wentworth, Trends Biochem. Sci. 2004, 29, 274-278; Nieva et al. Immunol. Lett. 2006, 103, 33-38). While conserved and buried tryptophans in the antibody are thought to play a major role in this pathway, our studies with a monoclonal antibody, mAb-1 and its mutant W53A, clearly demonstrate the role of surface-exposed tryptophans in production of hydrogen peroxide, via the photo-oxidation pathway...
January 7, 2013: Molecular Pharmaceutics
Ciriaco A Piccirillo, Eva d'Hennezel, Evridiki Sgouroudis, Ekaterina Yurchenko
The immune system requires a homeostatic equilibrium between the mechanisms that assure self-tolerance, those that control the capacity to mount life-long immunity to pathogenic microbes, and those that attenuate effector mechanisms from inducing immune pathology [Sakaguchi S, Yamaguchi T, Nomura T, Ono M: Regulatory T cells and immune tolerance. Cell 2008, 133 (5):775-87; Piccirillo CA, Thornton AM: Cornerstone of peripheral tolerance: naturally occurring CD4+CD25+regulatory T cells. Trends Immunol 2004, 25:374-80]...
December 2008: Current Opinion in Immunology
Jeannie Q He, Brian Zarnegar, Gagik Oganesyan, Supriya K Saha, Soh Yamazaki, Sean E Doyle, Paul W Dempsey, Genhong Cheng
Proper activation of nuclear factor (NF)-kappaB transcription factors is critical in regulating fundamental biological processes such as cell survival and proliferation, as well as in inflammatory and immune responses. Recently, the NF-kappaB signaling pathways have been categorized into the canonical pathway, which results in the nuclear translocation of NF-kappaB complexes containing p50, and the noncanonical pathway, which involves the induced processing of p100 to p52 and the formation of NF-kappaB complexes containing p52 (Bonizzi, G...
October 30, 2006: Journal of Experimental Medicine
Christopher D Buckley, Sapna Halder, Debbie Hardie, Garry Reynolds, Ruurd Torensma, Vanina Jodon De Villeroche, Daniele Brouty-Boye, Clare M Isacke
The paradigm for tissue specific homing of leukocytes is the "area code" hypothesis, which predicts that a specific combination of adhesive interactions and chemokine signals from the endothelium directs leukocyte migration into specific tissue sites. This area code hypothesis has been supported by studies from previous HLDA workshops where endothelial specific cell antigens have been studied. Similarly, a clear haematopoietic "stem cell code" comprising the chemokine SDF-1 (CXCL12) and the adhesion receptor VCAM-1 (CD106) has been shown to contribute to the stem cell niche within bone marrow [K...
July 2005: Cellular Immunology
D L DeMeo, C Lange, E K Silverman, J M Senter, J M Drazen, M J Barth, N Laird, S T Weiss
Interleukin 13 (IL-13) has been demonstrated to have a crucial role in animal models of allergy and asthma. In human case-control genetic-association studies, the Arg130Gln polymorphism has been associated with elevated total serum IgE and an asthma diagnosis in atopic and nonatopic individuals (Graves et al. [2000] J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 105:506-513; Heinzmann et al. [2000] Hum. Mol. Genet. 9:549-559). To apply family-based association methods, we obtained DNA samples from 685 asthmatic children from 640 sibships and their parents in the Childhood Asthma Management Program (CAMP)...
November 2002: Genetic Epidemiology
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