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John p dormans

Muayad Kadhim, Nariman Abol Oyoun, Richard B Womer, John P Dormans
INTRODUCTION: Pelvic sarcomas may present with vague symptoms. The aim of this study was to examine the characteristics and clinical presentations of different types of pelvic sarcoma in children. METHODS: This is a retrospective cohort study of patients up to 21 years of age with the diagnosis of pelvic sarcoma between January 2000 and June 2013. Data on demographics, tumor type and location, and clinical presentation were collected from the medical records. RESULTS: A total of 59 patients [37 males (62...
2018: SICOT-J
Saurabh Gupta, Zachary S Stinson, Rex A Marco, John P Dormans
To obtain a wide resection and safe margins in recurrent spine osteosarcoma, the surgical approach can include - posterior only, combined posterior and anterior, and combined posterior and anterior with a return to posterior in multiple stages. In our case, we used a novel approach of multiple extensile exposures circumferentially in a single stage with a single surgical prep. We present the case of a 9-year-old female with a history of metastatic osteosarcoma, who previously underwent an attempted en bloc resection with an L3 corpectomy and left below knee amputation...
2018: SICOT-J
Nanjundappa S Harshavardhana, Mohammed H H Noordeen, John P Dormans
STUDY DDESIGN: Prospective case series of nine children with Early-onset scoliosis (EOS) treated by a single surgeon with a novel implant, the Magnet-driven growing rod (MdGR) in a publicly funded healthcare service accounting for 'payer costs' (PC) incurred. OBJECTIVES: To compare the cost-effectiveness of MdGR vs. Conventional growing rods (CGR) with respect to the PC incurred for treating EOS at five years. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Cost estimate and mathematical modeling study projections of MdGR have shown despite high insertional costs, it breaks even with CGR by three to four years...
June 11, 2018: Spine
Rachel C Brierley, Maria Pufulete, Jessica Harris, Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci, John P Greenwood, Stephen Dorman, Richard Anderson, Chris A Rogers, Barnaby C Reeves
OBJECTIVES: To determine whether it is feasible to set up a national registry, linking routinely collected data from hospital information systems (HIS), to investigate the role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) in patients who activate the primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI) pathway. DESIGN: Feasibility prospective cohort study, to establish whether: (1) consent can be implemented; (2) data linkage and extraction from multiple HIS can be achieved for >90% of consented patients; (3) local data can be successfully linked with hospital episode data (Hospital Episode Statistics, HES; Patient Episode Database for Wales, PEDW) for >90% of consented patients and (4) the proportion of patients activating the PPCI pathway who get a CMR scan is ≥10% in hospitals with dedicated CMR facilities...
March 1, 2018: BMJ Open
Muayad Kadhim, Richard B Womer, John P Dormans
PURPOSE: Pelvic sarcoma is uncommon in children and challenging to treat. This study examined different surgical approaches to treat pelvic sarcoma with the aim of assessing the oncologic, and functional outcomes. METHODS: We retrospectively examined the medical records of patients younger than 21 years of age who underwent surgery for pelvic sarcoma at our institution from 1992 to 2010. The functional status of the patients was examined after a minimum follow-up of two years...
October 2017: International Orthopaedics
Maria Pufulete, Rachel C Brierley, Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci, John P Greenwood, Stephen Dorman, Richard A Anderson, Jessica Harris, Elisa McAlindon, Chris A Rogers, Barnaby C Reeves
OBJECTIVE: To define important changes in management arising from the use of cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) in patients who activate the primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI) pathway. DESIGN: Formal consensus study using literature review and cardiologist expert opinion to formulate consensus statements and setting up a consensus panel to review the statements (by completing a web-based survey, attending a face-to-face meeting to discuss survey results and modify the survey to reflect group discussion and completing the modified survey to determine which statements were in consensus)...
June 22, 2017: BMJ Open
Diego Jaramillo, John P Dormans, Jorge Delgado, Tal Laor, Joseph W St Geme
In children, hematogenous osteomyelitis is an infection that primarily affects the most vascularized regions of the growing skeleton. The disease has increased in frequency, virulence, and degree of soft-tissue involvement. The change in clinical manifestations and management over the past 2 decades should be reflected in the current imaging approach to the disease. Imaging of infection must depict the location of a single focus or of multiple foci of involvement and the presence of drainable collections. This review provides an overview of the imaging implications directed by the changing epidemiology, the newer insights of anatomy and pathophysiology, the imaging characteristics with emphasis on specific locations and disease complications, and the differential diagnosis considerations...
June 2017: Radiology
Nanjundappa S Harshavardhana, John P Dormans
STUDY DESIGN: Observational quantitative evaluation of all Scoliosis Research Society annual meeting (SRS-AM) podium presentations over a 6-year period in the new millennium for changing trends in Level of Evidence (LoE). OBJECTIVES: To report the LoE of SRS-AM podium presentations over a 13-year period in the new millennium and to compare the trends in LoE over a 3-year period between the two decades, that is, 2001-2003 versus 2011-2013. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: LoE is a rating system introduced by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in 2003 to reflect the quality of clinical studies...
May 2016: Spine Deformity
John P Dormans
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May 2016: Spine Deformity
Navid R Arandi, Jeff B Pawelek, Nima Kabirian, George H Thompson, John B Emans, John M Flynn, John P Dormans, Behrooz A Akbarnia
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective study. OBJECTIVES: To compare radiographic outcomes between primary thoracic and primary thoracolumbar/lumbar curves in patients with early-onset scoliosis (EOS) after growing rod (GR) surgery. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Previous studies have shown the efficacy of GR surgery for progressive EOS. However, there is no information on the behavior of different curve patterns in EOS after GR surgery. METHODS: A multicenter international EOS database query identified 175 patients who met the following inclusion criteria: non-congenital etiology, GR surgery, ≤ 10 years of age at index surgery, minimum 2-year follow-up, and at least 3 lengthenings...
November 2014: Spine Deformity
Michael G Vitale, David L Skaggs, Gregory I Pace, Margaret L Wright, Hiroko Matsumoto, Richard C E Anderson, Douglas L Brockmeyer, John P Dormans, John B Emans, Mark A Erickson, John M Flynn, Michael P Glotzbecker, Kamal N Ibrahim, Stephen J Lewis, Scott J Luhmann, Anil Mendiratta, B Stephens Richards, James O Sanders, Suken A Shah, John T Smith, Kit M Song, Paul D Sponseller, Daniel J Sucato, David P Roye, Lawrence G Lenke
STUDY DESIGN: Consensus-based creation of a checklist and guideline. OBJECTIVE: To develop a consensus-based checklist to guide surgeon responses to intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) changes in patients with a stable spine and to develop a consensus-based best practice guideline for IONM practice in the United States. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Studies show that checklists enhance surgical team responses to crisis situations and improve patient outcomes...
September 2014: Spine Deformity
Muayad Kadhim, Odion Binitie, Patrick O'Toole, Emmanouil Grigoriou, Camila B De Mattos, John P Dormans
Intraoperative radiographic guidance has traditionally been utilized in orthopedic surgery through 2-D navigation with the C-arm and recently with 3-D navigation with the O-arm. The aim of this study was to describe the outcome of surgical treatment of spinal osteoblastoma and osteoid osteoma with the utilization of the O-arm and conventional C-arm guidance. This is a retrospective cohort study of patients with spinal osteoid osteoma and or osteoblastoma who were treated at our institution between 2002 and 2011...
July 2017: Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics. Part B
Ilkka J Helenius, Paul D Sponseller, William Mackenzie, Thierry Odent, John P Dormans, Jahangir Asghar, Karl Rathjen, Joshua M Pahys, Firoz Miyanji, Daniel Hedequist, Jonathan H Phillips
BACKGROUND: Cervical kyphosis may occur with neurofibromatosis type I (NF1) and is often associated with vertebral dysplasia. Outcomes of cervical spinal fusion in patients with NF1 are not well described because of the rarity of the condition. We aimed to (1) characterize the clinical presentation of cervical kyphosis and (2) report the outcomes of posterior and anteroposterior cervical fusion for the condition in these children. METHODS: The medical records and imaging studies of 22 children with NF1 who had undergone spinal fusion for cervical kyphosis (mean, 67°) at a mean age of 11 years and who had been followed for a minimum of 2 years were reviewed...
November 2, 2016: Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume
A Melander, J Olsson, G Lindberg, A Salzman, T Howard, P Stang, E Lydick, A Emslie-Smith, D I R Boyle, J M M Evans, T M Macdonald, J Bain, F Sullivan, C Juhl, N Pørksen, J Sturis, M Hollingdal, S Pincus, J Veldhuis, A Dejgaard, O Schmitz, J S Kristensen, K B Frandsen, Th Bayer, P Müller, B E Dunning, S Paladini, C Gutierrez, R Deacon, M Valentin, G Grunberger, W M Weston, R Patwardhan, E B Rappaport, L A Sargeant, N J Wareham, K T Khaw, Björn Zethelius, Hans Lithell, C Nicholas Hales, Christian Berne, H-M Lakka, L Oksanen, T-P Tuomainen, K Kontula, J T Salonen, J M Dekker, P de Boks, F de Vegt, C D A Stehouwer, G Nijpels, L M Bouter, R J Heine, G Bruno, P Cavallo-Perin, G Bargero, N D'Errico, M Borra, G Macchia, G Pagano, R W Newton, D A Ruta, J P New, C Wallace, M A Roxburgh, R J Young, N J A Vaughan, P Elliott, G Brennan, M Devers, R MacAlpine, D Steinke, D H Lawson, B Decallonne, K Casteels, C Gysemans, R Bouillon, C Mathieu, Thomas Linn, Christine Strate, Kerstin Schneider, D P 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den Ouweland, H H P J Lemkes, A J Maassen, S Nakano, M Fukuda, K Maejima, N Imaizumi, M Kitazawa, M Nishizawa, T Kigoshi, K Uchida, J Y Le Gall, V David, S Baltrusch, T Richter, G da Silva Xavier, M Dickens, V D Belin, I C Green, C J Burns, P E Squires, S L Howell, S J Persaud, N Ban, Y Yamada, Y Someya, Y Ihara, K Tsuda, Y Seino, O Alcazar, B Tyrberg, C Carlsson, A Andersson, E Mukai, H Ishida, S Fujimoto, M Kajikawa, J Fujita, Y Tsuura, F Malaisse-Lagae, S Picton, J Tamarit-Rodriguez, A Mukala-Nsengu-Tshibangu, S Fernández, E Giné, H Ortsäter, P Liss, K E O Åkerman, P Bergsten, S Hu, S Wang, E S Roos, J S Gounarides, M J Shapiro, C J de Souza, K K Papas, M Nishimura, M M Kadiata, K Louchami, H Jijakli, A S Rajan, S Kuang, D Iyer, I D Waddell, B R Holloway, H Ishihara, H Wang, C B Wollheim, G Ayvaz, D Mercan, J Rasschaert, M-H Giroix, O Scruel, B Portha, C Broca, J Fernandez-Alvarez, M Manteghetti, R Gross, Y Sauvaire, P Petit, G Ribes, N H McClenaghan, A J Ball, P R Flatt, I 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Wierzchowska, P Krippeit-Drews, G Drews, C Krämer, L Jornot, M Düfer, M Nöda, S Yamashita, N Takahashi, Y Tsubamoto, H Kasai, G W G Sharp, N Lembert, H C Joos, H P T Ammon, M A Wahl, E K Ainscow, C Zhao, M E Fabregat, J Fernández-Álvarez, C Franco, M Novelli, J Fernàndez-Alvarez, P Masiello, A Lajoix, P Beffy, S Roux, T Chardès, M Roye, A D Lajoix, H Reggio, S Peraldi-Roux, R Henningsson, A Salehi, I Lundquist, P Stickings, S Mistry, H Ratcliff, S M Morris, J M Cunningham, M Ekelund, N V Ermakova, R H Paulssen, J Florholmen, M Carmellini, F Mosca, G Patané, D Longo, S Squatrito, L Clement, C Magnan, M Vincent, L Penicaud, F Assimacopoulos-Jeannet, R Vigneri, S E D Rolfsen, S Gregersen, K Hermansen, B Blondeau, I Rojas, A Novials, E Femández-Usac, P Cristóbal, C E Higham, L Lawrie, K I J Sherman, N Birch, P Tito, C V Robinson, E J P de Koning, J S Verbeek, C Esapa, B Laube, D S Powell, H Maksoud, S B P Chargé, D R Matthews, I M Stratton, S Karlsson, U Myrsén-Axcrona, B Östlund, F 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Taniguchi, Y Saito, Y Kawasaki, M Kanazawa, Y Notoya, T Hayashi, A Djemli, P Gallice, T Coste, M F Jannot, D Dufayet, D Raccah, P Vague, S Sattar, R C Basak, Z Hasan, L Ali, M A Nikulina, A E Karlsen, T P Hong, N A Andersen, A J Puren, G Fantuzzi, C A Dinarello, C A Gysemans, T Sparre, S Fey, P M Larsen, A K Andersson, N E John, S J Fey, P Mose Larsen, S Frigerio, T Ghayur, G A Holländer, U Zumsteg, S Pinach, L Monge, G Grassi, P Pasquero, G Ruiu, A Dall'Omo, Q Carta, V Hadjivassiliou, A M Dunger, M H L Green, S Rasilainen, M Roivainen, P Ylipaasto, L Bouwens, T Hovi, N Sekine, K Takahashi, T Ishikawa, T Okazaki, T Fujita, J Elliott, J H B Scarpello, S Conroy, P Byrne, P Newsholme, M Harrison, I C Greenl, F Kaya, B Süsleyici, M Öztürk, M Eisner, B Guldbakke, N Karpenko, G Brizgalova, M Alesina, M E Røder, R S Schwartz, R Prigeon, S E Kahn, A Kendereški, D Micić, M Šumarac, Dj Macut, S Zonć, M Čolić, G Cvijović, P Gligorović, C H Courtney, A B Atkinson, C Ennis, B Sheridan, P M Bell, M 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Bacha, E Aboud, L André, R Lamarca, E Janeczko-Sosnowska, Z Lewandowski, D Janeczko, J Kopczyñski, T Nakagami, O Tomonaga, T Babazono, Y Iwamoto, K Nakanishi, M Higa, E Kosugi, L D Elving, A Szadkowska, M W Mirecka, E Czerniawska, L Weekers, S Hadjadj, R Belloum, Y Gallois, B Bouhanick, M Marre, W Saucha, B Skwarna, M Zychma, E Żukowska-Szczechowska, M J Zychma, E Zukowska-Szczechowska, J Nazim, H Dziatkowiak, M Sanak, G Cieślik, M Nannipieri, G C Viberti, S De Cosmo, G Piras, E Errannini, Y Uchigata, J Miura, T Okada, J-S Gong, J Zhang, M Tanaka, Y Wamoto, L Zucaro, S Bacci, G Miscio, M Thomas, G P Piras, P Cavallo Perin, M Mauer, I Barzon, E Bortoloso, A Saller, G Crepaldi, Z A Latif, P K Christensen, S V Larsen, S Olsen, G Bombonato, D Sacerdoti, M Chiesura-Corona, A Marangon, S Rudberg, L Rasmussen, H-J Bangstad, R Ösrterby, G I Sivous, E P Kasatkina, L M Demurov, V V Nosikov, A K Kotova, T L Kuraeva, I I Mishina, N M Gorashko, V V Nosicov, V A Petercova, G Berrut, F Alhenc-Gelas, 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E Nohara, P J Oates, C A Ellery, A Yonem, O Azal, B Cakýr, M F Erdogan, A Corakcý, I C Ozdemir, R J Stevens, J S Yudkin, J Webber, D C Wheeler, K G Taylor, S L Jones, A Srivatsa, S G Anderson, J K Cruikshank, C M Florkowski, R S Scott, P J Graham, C L Moir, C Flores, P Ruggenenti, A R Dodesini, B Vasile, F Gaspari, F Arnoldi, S Ferrari, I Ciocca, A Spalluzzi, G Remuzzi, C Delvigne, D Ballaux, D R Bosman, A S Winkler, J Marsden, P J Watkins, D Strutton, J R Erbey, P Jacobsen, K Rossing, J S Jensen, M W Mansfield, I Kowalska, B Telejko, A Bachórzewska-Gajewska, J Prokop, W Kochman, W Musiał, D Naskręt, R Oleksa, D Zozulińska, J Sowiński, B Wierusz-Wysocka, A Klamann, M Jonas, U Müller-Lung, L Heuser, V Launhardt, P Valensi, J Pariès, F Torremocha, V Brulport, R N Sachs, G Vanzetto, M Levy, B Lormeau, S Halimi, A Perfornis, D Boumal, C Zimmermann, Y Bernard, A Sabbah, N Meneveau, S Gautier, J P Bassand, M Anděl, P Kraml, J Potočková, H Dvořáková, L Trešlová, S L Nuttall, U Martin, M J 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A Passaro, A Vanini, F Calzoni, K D'Elia, M Carantoni, G Zuliani, R Fellin, A Solini, G Chwatko, E Bald, A-S Dramais, P E Wallemacq, B Vandeleene, M V Ciaria, M Ariano, R Strom, J Gibney, U Weiss, B Turner, P O'Gorman, G Watts, J Powrie, M Crook, K Shaw, M Cummings
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 1999: Diabetologia
Pooria Hosseini, Jeff B Pawelek, Stacie Nguyen, George H Thompson, Suken A Shah, John M Flynn, John P Dormans, Behrooz A Akbarnia, Growing Spine Study Group
PURPOSE: Is there any relationship between lengthening intervals and rod fracture in traditional growing rod (TGR) surgery? METHODS: A multicenter EOS database was queried for patients who had: (1) dual growing rods for EOS; (2) minimum 2-year follow-up; (3) a minimum of 2 lengthenings; and (4) revision surgery due to rod fracture. Of 138 patients who met the criteria: 56 patients experienced at least one-rod fracture (RF group) and 82 patients had no rod fractures (NRF group)...
June 2017: European Spine Journal
Mark Canney, Paul V O'Hara, Caitriona M McEvoy, Samar Medani, Dervla M Connaughton, Ahad A Abdalla, Ross Doyle, Austin G Stack, Conall M O'Seaghdha, Michael R Clarkson, Matthew D Griffin, John Holian, Anthony M Dorman, Aileen Niland, Mary Keogan, Eleanor M Wallace, Niall P Conlon, Cathal Walsh, Alan Kelly, Mark A Little
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: An environmental trigger has been proposed as an inciting factor in the development of anti-GBM disease. This multicenter, observational study sought to define the national incidence of anti-GBM disease during an 11-year period (2003-2014) in Ireland, investigate clustering of cases in time and space, and assess the effect of spatial variability in incidence on outcome. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS: We ascertained cases by screening immunology laboratories for instances of positivity for anti-GBM antibody and the national renal histopathology registry for biopsy-proven cases...
August 8, 2016: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: CJASN
Saba Pasha, Anthony Capraro, Patrick J Cahill, John P Dormans, John M Flynn
PURPOSE: A prospective, cross-sectional study to determine the impact of arm position on the 3D spine and pelvic parameters and postural balance in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. METHODS: A total number of 37 adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients were enrolled prospectively. Three arm positions, (1) 45° shoulder flexion with knuckles on clavicles, (2) 90° shoulder and elbow flexion with forearms and palms on the front wall, and (3) arms hanging on either side, were instructed to the cohort...
October 2016: European Spine Journal
Nariman Abol Oyoun, Muayad Kadhim, John P Dormans
BACKGROUND: Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome has been reported as an uncommon condition of external vascular compression of the SMA particularly after rapid weight loss, body casts, or after corrective surgery for spinal deformities, usually within the first few weeks after surgery. METHODS: This is a retrospective report of a case of a non-verbal autistic female patient who started to develop SMA syndrome at the age of 16, 4 years after posterior spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis...
2015: SICOT-J
Saba Pasha, Patrick J Cahill, John P Dormans, John M Flynn
PURPOSE: Although adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is known to impact the 3D orientation of the spine and pelvis, the impact of the vertebral position relative to the X-ray scanner on the agreement between 2D and 3D measurements of a curve has not been evaluated. The purpose of this study was to investigate the agreement between 2D and 3D measurements of the scoliotic curve as a function of the 3D spinal parameters in AIS. METHODS: Three independent observers measured the thoracic and lumbar Cobb angles, Kyphosis, and lordosis on the posterior-anterior and lateral X-rays of AIS patients...
October 2016: European Spine Journal
Christophe P Teuwen, Tanwier T T K Ramdjan, Marco Götte, Bianca J J M Brundel, Reinder Evertz, Joris W J Vriend, Sander G Molhoek, H G Reinhart Dorman, Jurren M van Opstal, Thelma C Konings, Pepijn van der Voort, Etienne Delacretaz, Nienke J Wolfhagen, Virgilla van Gastel, Peter de Klerk, Dominic A Theuns, Maarten Witsenburg, Jolien W Roos-Hesselink, John K Triedman, Ad J J C Bogers, Natasja M S de Groot
BACKGROUND: Sustained ventricular tachycardia (susVT) and ventricular fibrillation (VF) are observed in adult patients with congenital heart disease (CHD). These dysrhythmias may be preceded by non-sustained ventricular tachycardia (NSVT). The aims of this study are to examine the 1] time course of ventricular tachyarrhythmia (VTA) in a large cohort of patients with various CHDs and 2] the development of susVT/VF after NSVT. METHODS: In this retrospective study, patients with VTA on ECG, 24-hour Holter or ICD-printout or an out-of-hospital-cardiac arrest due to VF were included...
March 1, 2016: International Journal of Cardiology
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