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Matthew Crowley, Alayna Lilak, Jamie Ahloy-Dallaire, Corinna Darian-Smith
Meissner's corpuscles (MCs) are cutaneous mechanoreceptors found in glabrous skin and are exquisitely sensitive to light touch. Along with other receptors, they provide continuous sensory feedback that informs the execution of fine manual behaviors. Following cervical spinal deafferentation injuries, hand use can be initially severely impaired, but substantial recovery occurs over many weeks, even when ~95% of the original input is permanently lost. While most SCI research focuses on central neural pathway responses, little is known about the role of peripheral receptors in facilitating recovery...
February 1, 2019: Journal of Comparative Neurology
Isabel Crespo-Gallardo, Jenifer Martín-González, María C Jiménez-Sánchez, Daniel Cabanillas-Balsera, Benito Sánchez-Domínguez, Juan J Segura-Egea
Background: The aim of this study was to investigate dentists` knowledge, attitudes and factors regarding the conservative approach in the management of deep caries lesions (DCLs) in teeth with reversible pulpitis. Material and Methods: 187 dentists were contacted directly or by mail, and 125 (67%) were finally included in the study. Dentists were requested to answer an open/discursive questionnaire about the routine approach to the diagnosis and treatment of DCLs, including knowledge-related attitudinal items...
December 2018: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry
Susan E Smith, Susan E Hamblin, Bradley M Dennis
INTRODUCTION: The appropriate level of sedation in patients with an open abdomen following damage control laparotomy (DCL) is debated. Chemical paralysis with neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBA) has been used to decrease time to abdominal closure. We sought to evaluate the effect of NMBA use on sedation requirements in patients with an open abdomen and to determine the effect of sedation on patient outcomes. METHODS: A retrospective cohort study was conducted at an American College of Surgeons-verified level one trauma center...
January 23, 2019: Pharmacotherapy
Summi Dutta, Shailendra Kumar Jha, Kumble Vinod Prabhu, Manish Kumar, Kunal Mukhopadhyay
Significance of microRNAs in regulating gene expression in higher eukaryotes as well as in pathogens like fungi to suppress host defense is a well-established phenomenon. The present study focuses on leaf rust fungi Puccinia triticina (Pathotype 77-5) mediated RNAi to make wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) more susceptible. To reach such conclusions, we first confirmed the presence of argonaute (AGO) and dicer-like protein (DCL) family sequences in Puccinia. Bioinformatic tools were applied to retrieve the sequences from Puccinia genome followed by cloning and sequencing from P...
January 22, 2019: Functional & Integrative Genomics
Tamara Kosikova, Douglas Philp
Complementary building blocks, comprising a set of four aromatic aldehydes and a set of four nucleophiles-three anilines and one hydroxylamine-combine through condensation reactions to afford a dynamic covalent library (DCL) consisting of the 8 starting materials and 16 condensation products. One of the aldehydes, and, consequently, all of the DCL members derived from this compound, bears an amidopyridine recognition site. Exposure of this DCL to two maleimides, Mp and Mm, each equipped with a carboxylic acid recognition site, results in the formation of a series of products through irreversible 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions with the four nitrones present in the DCL...
January 22, 2019: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Peng-Fei Liao, Jie-Xiu Ouyang, Jian-Jun Zhang, Lan Yang, Xin Wang, Xiao-Jue Peng, Dong Wang, You-Lin Zhu, Shao-Bo Li
We reported that knockdown of OsDCL3b decreased grain yield but increased grain quality in rice, which is helpful for molecular breeding in crops. Multiple DICER-LIKE (DCL) genes usually exist and show diverse biochemical and phenotypic functions in land plants. In rice, the biochemical function of OsDCL3b is known to process 24-nucleotide panicle phased small RNAs, however, its phenotypic functions are unclear. Here we reported that knockdown of OsDCL3b led to reduced pollen fertility, seed setting rate, and decreased grain yield but increased grain quality in rice...
January 16, 2019: Plant Molecular Biology
John A Harvin, Charles Green, Claudia Pedroza, Jon E Tyson, Laura J Moore, Charles E Wade, John B Holcomb, Lillian S Kao
BACKGROUND: In a prior study, we reported the successful reduction in the use of damage control laparotomy (DCL), however, no change in the relative frequencies of specific indications was observed. In this study, we aimed to use machine learning to help identify the changes in surgical decision making that occurred. STUDY DESIGN: Adult patients undergoing emergent trauma laparotomy were included: 1) PreQI: 1/1/2011-10/31/2013 and 2) PostQI: 11/1/2013-06/30/2016...
January 9, 2019: Journal of the American College of Surgeons
Lin Li, Tony Stüker, Lester Andrews, Helmut Beckers, Sebastian Riedel
Uranium and thorium hydrides are known as functional groups for ligand stabilized complexes and as isolated molecules under matrix isolation conditions. Here, the new molecular products of the reactions of laser-ablated U and Th atoms with HCl and with HBr, namely HUCl, HUBr and HThCl, HThBr, based on their mid and far infrared spectra in solid argon, are reported. The assignment of these species is based on the close agreement between observed and calculated vibrational frequencies. The H-U and U-35 Cl stretching modes of HUCl were observed at 1404...
January 14, 2019: Chemistry: a European Journal
Kleber de Sousa Pereira, Niels Piot, Guy Smagghe, Ivan Meeus
Parasites of managed bees can disrupt the colony success of the host, but also influence local bee-parasite dynamics, which is regarded as a threat for wild bees. Therapeutic measures have been suggested to improve the health of managed bees, for instance, exploiting the bees' RNA interference (RNAi) pathway to treat against viral pathogens. Gut trypanosomes are an important group of bee parasites in at least two common managed bee species, i.e., managed Apis mellifera and reared Bombus terrestris. In several trypanosomes, RNAi activity is present, while in other associated genes of RNAi, such as Dicer-like (DCL) and Argonaute (AGO), it is lost...
January 4, 2019: Parasitology Research
Hui-Xin Qi, Chia-Chi Liao, Jamie L Reed, Jon H Kaas
Unilateral dorsal column lesions (DCL) at the cervical spinal cord deprive the hand regions of somatosensory cortex of tactile activation. However, considerable cortical reactivation occurs over weeks to months of recovery. While most studies focused on the reactivation of primary somatosensory area 3b, here, for the first time, we address how the higher-order somatosensory cortex reactivates in the same monkeys after DCL that vary across cases in completeness, post-lesion recovery times, and types of treatments...
December 22, 2018: Cerebral Cortex
Cecília Constantino Rocha, Thiago Martins, Beatriz Oliveira Cardoso, Luciano Andrade Silva, Mario Binelli, Guilherme Pugliesi
The aim was to evaluate the associations between circulating P4 concentrations, corpus luteum (CL) size (diameter, area or volume) and blood perfusion (BP) in cows. In Experiment 1, Pearson's correlations (P < 0.05) with P4 concentrations were observed during CL development (D8) for total area (TA; r = 0.76), luteal area (ACL; r = 0.72), total and luteal diameter (TD and DCL respectively; r = 0.46). During mid-late diestrus, there was a positive correlation (P < 0.05) only at D15 with TA and ACL (r > 0...
December 11, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Stephanie R Bollmann, Caroline M Press, Brett M Tyler, Niklaus J Grünwald
Modulation of gene expression through RNA interference is well conserved in eukaryotes and is involved in many cellular processes. In the oomycete Phytophthora , research on the small RNA machinery and function has started to reveal potential roles in the pathogen, but much is still unknown. We examined Argonaute (AGO) homologs within oomycete genome sequences, especially among Phytophthora species, to gain a clearer understanding of the evolution of this well-conserved protein family. We identified AGO homologs across many representative oomycete and stramenopile species, and annotated representative homologs in P...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Snehasish Jana, Deepanjan Panda, Puja Saha, Dan Pantos, Jyotirmayee Dash
Dynamic combinatorial chemistry (DCC) has emerged as a promising strategy for template-driven selection of high-affinity ligands for biological targets from equilibrating combinatorial libraries. However, only a few examples using disulphide exchange based DCC are reported for nucleic acid targets. Herein, we have demonstrated that gold-coated magnetic nanoparticle conjugated DNA targets can be used as templates for dynamic selection of ligands from an imine-based combinatorial library. The implementation of dynamic combinatorial chemistry using DNA-nanotemplates enables efficient identification of the lead compounds, from the DCL via magnetic decantation...
December 11, 2018: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Ana-María Fernández-Romero, Francesca Maestrelli, Paola Angela Mura, Antonio María Rabasco, María Luisa González-Rodríguez
In this study, the encapsulation of curcumin (Cur) in "drug-in-cyclodextrin-in-liposomes (DCL)" by following the double-loading technique (DL) was proposed, giving rise to DCL⁻DL. The aim was to analyze the effect of cyclodextrin (CD) on the physicochemical, stability, and drug-release properties of liposomes. After selecting didodecyldimethylammonium bromide (DDAB) as the cationic lipid, DCL⁻DL was formulated by adding 2-hydroxypropyl-α/β/γ-CD (HPβCD)⁻Cur complexes into the aqueous phase...
December 3, 2018: Pharmaceutics
Andrew H Stephen, Meghal Shah, Jacob T Sim, Ayorinde Soipe, Stephanie N Lueckel, Tareq Kheirbek, Daithi S Heffernan, Sean F Monaghan, Charles A Adams
BACKGROUND: The population of older adults is rapidly growing and more older patients are presenting with abdominal trauma. Outcomes have not been well defined for patients that require a damage control approach(DCL). METHODS: This was a retrospective study at a level one trauma center of patients age 65 years and older with abdominal trauma that required DCL. Outcomes reviewed included mortality, length of stay, discharge disposition. Presenting vital signs and laboratories were reviewed to identify predictors of mortality...
November 14, 2018: American Journal of Surgery
Daniel C Cullinane, Randeep S Jawa, John J Como, Ashlee Moore, David S Morris, Jerry Cheriyan, Oscar D Guillamondegui, Stephanie R Goldberg, Laura Petrey, Gregory Schaefer, Kosar A Khwaja, Susan E Rowell, Ronald R Barbosa, Gary A Bass, George Kasotakis, Bryce Rh Robinson
BACKGROUND: The management of penetrating colon injuries in civilians has evolved over the last four decades. The objectives of this meta-analysis are to evaluate the current treatment regimens available for penetrating colon injuries and assess the role of anastomosis in damage control surgery to develop a practice management guideline for surgeons. METHODS: Using the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation (GRADE) methodology, a subcommittee of the Practice Management Guidelines section of EAST conducted a systematic review using MEDLINE and EMBASE articles from 1980 through 2017...
November 20, 2018: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Yu Zhou, Chen Li, Jianzhao Peng, Liangxu Xie, Ling Meng, Qingrong Li, Jianfu Zhang, Xiang David Li, Xin Li, Xuhui Huang, Xiaoyu Li
Dynamic combinatorial library (DCL) has emerged as an efficient tool for ligand discovery and become an important discovery modality in biomedical research. However, the applications of DCLs have been significantly hampered by low library diversity and limited analytical methods capable of processing large libraries. Here, we report a strategy that has addressed this limitation and can select cooperatively binding small-molecule pairs from large-scale dynamic libraries. Our approach is based on DNA-mediated dynamic hybridization, DNA-encoding, and a photo-cross-linking-based decoding scheme...
November 9, 2018: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Abdullah Mayati, Amélie Moreau, Marc Le Vée, Arnaud Bruyère, Elodie Jouan, Claire Denizot, Yannick Parmentier, Olivier Fardel
HepaRG is an original human hepatoma cell line, acquiring highly differentiated hepatic features when exposed to dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). To search alternatives to DMSO, which may exert some toxicity, we have analyzed the effects of forskolin (FSK), a cAMP-generating agent known to favor differentiation of various cell types. FSK used at 50 µM for 3 days was found to promote polarization of high density-plated HepaRG cells, i.e., it markedly enhanced the formation of functional biliary canaliculi structures...
October 31, 2018: Scientific Reports
Zhanbiao Li, Tong Zhang, Xiuqin Huang, Guohui Zhou
Both Southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus (SRBSDV) and Rice ragged stunt virus (RRSV) belong to the family Reoviridae , and synergistic infection of these two viruses commonly occurs in the field. This study revealed that both SRBSDV and RRSV affect the RNA interference (RNAi) pathway and form different virus-derived interfering RNA (vsiRNA) profiles in rice. Co-infection of rice by SRBSDV and RRSV up-regulated the expression of rice DICER-like (DCL) proteins but down-regulated the expression of rice RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RDRs), and the accumulation of vsiRNAs of either RBSDV or RRSV was decreased compared with that in singly infected plants...
October 30, 2018: Viruses
Olivier Thibaut, Bragard Claude
Although viroids are the smallest and simplest plant pathogens known, the molecular mechanisms underlying their pathogenesis remain unclear. To unravel these mechanisms, a dual approach was implemented consisting of in silico identification of potential tomato silencing targets of pospiviroids, and the experimental validation of these targets through the sequencing of small RNAs and RNA ends extracted from tomatoes infected with a severe isolate of Citrus exocortis viroid (CEVd). The generated RNA ends were also used to monitor the differentially-expressed genes...
October 26, 2018: Viruses
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