Kazuki Yamamoto, Takashi Ikeya, Shuhei Okuyama, Takeshi Okamoto, Katsuyuki Fukuda, Daiki Kobayashi
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: This study aimed to evaluate whether serum bilirubin levels were associated with cancer development in a population without liver disease. METHODS: A retrospective longitudinal study was performed by including participants who underwent a health checkup at St. Luke's International Hospital in Tokyo from 2005 to 2019. We excluded those with liver diseases or prior history of cancer at baseline. All participants were classified into four groups according to their total bilirubin (T-Bil) level: very low (<0...
October 19, 2020: European Journal of Cancer Prevention
Goda Kalinauskaite, Carolin Senger, Anne Kluge, Christian Furth, Markus Kufeld, Ingeborg Tinhofer, Volker Budach, Marcus Beck, Alexandra Hochreiter, Arne Grün, Carmen Stromberger
BACKGROUND: Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) remains the standard therapy for patients with oligometastatic prostate cancer (OMPC). Prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PSMA-PET/CT)-based stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) is emerging as an alternative option to postpone starting ADT and its associated side effects including the development of drug resistance. The aim of this study was to determine progression free-survival (PFS) and treatment failure free-survival (TFFS) after PSMA-PET/CT-based SBRT in OMPC patients...
2020: PloS One
Tomomi Kashiwada, Katsunori Shinozaki, Shohei Ueno, Hirofumi Kawanaka, Futoshi Uno, Yoshihiro Okita, Masaru Fukahori, Hidenobu Matsushita, Yasunori Emi, Mototsugu Shimokawa, Akitaka Makiyama, Hiroshi Saeki, Eiji Oki, Yoshihiko Maehara, Masaki Mori, Eishi Baba
BACKGROUND: In a randomized pivotal global phase III study, S-1 and oxaliplatin 100 mg/m2 (SOX100) combination chemotherapy was as effective as S-1 and cisplatin for advanced gastric cancer (AGC) and showed a favorable safety profile. In this phase II study, we analyzed survival outcomes to assess the efficacy and safety of the SOX regimen with oxaliplatin 130 mg/m2 (SOX130) in AGC. METHODS: Patients with HER2-negative AGC received 80 mg/m2 /day S-1 orally on days 1-14 and 130 mg/m2 oxaliplatin intravenously on day 1 of each 21-day cycle until the criteria for treatment withdrawal were fulfilled...
October 21, 2020: International Journal of Clinical Oncology
Graziele Aparecida Simões Lima, Rossana Verónica Mendoza López, Gislaine Aparecida Ozório, Ricardo Miguel Costa de Freitas, Jose Willegaignon, Marcelo Tatit Sapienza, Maria Christina Chammas, George Barberio Coura-Filho
To systematically review and analyze the medical literature to assess ultrasonography echotexture changes in thyroid cancer patients for the detection of chronic sialadenitis caused by radioiodine therapy. METHODS: Sources were retrieved from PubMed, Scopus, EMBASE and LILACS through November 2018. All studies that assessed ultrasonographic features before 131I administration and at 12 months after 131I administration were selected. After data extraction, statistical analysis was performed by using Stata software...
2020: Clinics
Yoichiro Yoshida, Takeshi Yamada, Hirohiko Kamiyama, Chihiro Kosugi, Keiichiro Ishibashi, Hiroshi Yoshida, Hideyuki Ishida, Satoru Yamaguchi, Hidekazu Kuramochi, Atsuko Fukazawa, Hiromichi Sonoda, Kazuhiko Yoshimatsu, Akihisa Matsuda, Suguru Hasegawa, Kazuhiro Sakamoto, Toshiaki Otsuka, Keiji Koda
BACKGROUND: TAS-102 improved the overall survival of metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC) patients with a median progression-free survival (PFS) in the RECOURSE trial. Subsequently, the combination of TAS-102 and bevacizumab was shown to extend the median PFS (C-TASK FORCE study). However, the study included patients who received second- and third-line treatment. Our study exclusively examined patients receiving this combination as a third-line treatment to investigate the clinical impact beyond cytotoxic doublets...
October 21, 2020: International Journal of Clinical Oncology
Bhavana V Chapman, Xiudong Lei, Prithvi Patil, Shikha Tripathi, Krista M Nicklaus, Aaron J Grossberg, Simona F Shaitelman, Alastair M Thompson, Kelly K Hunt, Thomas A Buchholz, Fatima Merchant, Mia K Markey, Benjamin D Smith, Jay P Reddy
Purpose: Our purpose was to use 3-dimensional (3D) surface photography to quantitatively measure breast cosmesis within the framework of a randomized clinical trial of conventionally fractionated (CF) and hypofractionated (HF) whole breast irradiation (WBI); to identify how 3D measurements are associated with patient- and physician-reported cosmesis; and to determine whether objective measures of breast symmetry varied by WBI treatment arm or transforming growth factor β 1 ( TGFβ1 ) status...
September 2020: Advances in Radiation Oncology
Darpan I Patel, Amber M Gallegos, Bilal Sheikh, Sarah Vardeman, Michael A Liss
Background: Herein, we propose a novel RCT study to collect preliminary data on the impact of a 24-week home-based exercise program that can improve prognosis, physical function, and quality of life (QoL) in men with prostate cancer (PCa). This study will provide data on the feasibility of conducting a home-based exercise study and pilot data on the impact of exercise on circulating concentrations of biomarkers reported in the literature to be beneficial for the prognostication of PCa...
December 2020: Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications
Lei Su, Yuanbo Li, Tengteng Wang, Leiming Wang, Wei Wang, Xiuqin Wei
Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide. As the incidence of lung cancer increases in recent years, the number of patients diagnosed with synchronous multiple primary lung cancers (SMPLC) is also rising. SMPLC diagnosis is often made based on the clinical course, imaging findings, and histologic and molecular features. Standard lobectomy is the main therapeutic modality for SMPLC. Because maximum retention of lung function is essential, sublobectomy is also a commonly used surgical strategy when appropriate...
2020: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports
Rami Halabi, Maher Abdessater, Johnny Boustany, Anthony Kanbar, Halim Akl, Joey El Khoury, Charbel El Hachem, Raghid El Khoury
Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (LCNC) is one of the rarest types of bladder cancer occurring in <1%. Either pure or mixed with another component, it remains one of the most aggressive types of bladder cancer. We report a case of LCNC of the bladder with an adenocarcinomatous component. The patient was a 64-year-old smoker male, who presented for the first time with dysuria and hematuria. A bladder tumor invading the anterior and right lateral bladder walls was discovered, without any secondary localizations...
2020: Case Reports in Urology
Erkan Topkan, Yurday Ozdemir, Ahmet Kucuk, Ozan Cem Guler, Ahmet Sezer, Ali Ayberk Besen, Huseyin Mertsoylu, Sukran Senyurek, Nulifer Kilic Durankus, Yasemin Bolukbasi, Ugur Selek, Berrin Pehlivan
Purpose: We aimed to retrospectively investigate the prognostic worth of pretreatment advanced lung cancer inflammation index (ALI) in locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma (LA-NPC) patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy (C-CRT). Patients and Methods . A total of 164 LA-NPC patients treated with cisplatinum-based definitive C-CRT were included in this retrospective cohort analysis. The convenience of ideal pre-C-CRT ALI cut-offs affecting survival results was searched by employing the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analyses...
2020: Journal of Oncology
Elena Guerini-Rocco, Kathryn P Gray, Caterina Fumagalli, Marta Rita Reforgiato, Isabella Leone, Paola Rafaniello Raviele, Elisabetta Munzone, Roswitha Kammler, Patrick Neven, Erika Hitre, Guy Jerusalem, Edda L Simoncini, Andrea Gombos, Ines Deleu, Per Karlsson, Stefan Aebi, Jacquie Chirgwin, Vincenzo Di Lauro, Alastair M Thompson, Marie-Pascale Graas, Matthew Barber, Christel Fontaine, Sibylle Loibl, Joaquín Gavilá, Katsumasa Kuroi, Bettina Müller, Seamus O'Reilly, Angelo Di Leo, Aron Goldhirsch, Giuseppe Viale, Massimo Barberis, Meredith M Regan, Marco Colleoni
PURPOSE: Women with hormone-receptor-positive early breast cancers have a persistent risk of relapse and biomarkers for late recurrence are needed. We sought to identify tumor genomic aberrations associated with increased late recurrence risk. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: In a secondary analysis of Study of Letrozole Extension (SOLE) trial, a case-cohort-like sampling selected 598 primary breast cancer for targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis of gene mutations and copy number gains (CNG)...
October 20, 2020: Clinical Cancer Research
Beata Wolska-Kusnierz, Agata Pastorczak, Wojciech Fendler, Anna Wakulinska, Bozena Dembowska-Baginska, Edyta Heropolitanska-Pliszka, Barbara Piatosa, Barbara Pietrucha, Krzysztof Kalwak, Marek Ussowicz, Anna Pieczonka, Katarzyna Drabko, Monika Lejman, Sylwia Koltan, Jolanta Gozdzik, Jan Styczynski, Alina Fedorova, Natalia Miakova, Elena Deripapa, Larysa Kostyuchenko, Zdenka Krenova, Eva Hlavackova, Andrew Gennery, Karl-Walter Sykora, Sujal Ghosh, Michael H Albert, Dmitry Balashov, Mary Eapen, Peter Svec, Markus G Seidel, Sara Sebnem Kilic, Agnieszka Tomaszewska, Ewa Wiesik-Szewczyk, Alexandra Kreins, Johann Greil, Jochen Buechner, Bendik Lund, Hanna Gregorek, Krystyna Chrzanowska, Wojciech Mlynarski
PURPOSE: Nijmegen breakage syndrome (NBS) is a DNA repair disorder with a high predisposition to hematological malignancies. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: We describe the natural history of NBS, including cancer incidence, risk of death and the potential effectiveness of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) in preventing both pathologies: malignancy and immunodeficiency. RESULTS: Among two hundred forty-one (n=241) patients with NBS enrolled in the study from 11 countries, 151 (63...
October 20, 2020: Clinical Cancer Research
Manthan Patel, Divyesh Patel, Subhamoy Datta, Umashankar Singh
BACKGROUND: Inhibition of DNA-binding of proteins by small-molecule chemicals holds immense potential in manipulating the activities of DNA-binding proteins. Such a chemical inhibition of DNA-binding of proteins can be used to modulate processes such as replication, transcription, DNA repair and maintenance of epigenetic states. This prospect is currently challenged with the absence of robust and generic protocols to identify DNA-protein interactions. Additionally, much of the current approaches to designing inhibitors requires structural information of the target proteins...
October 20, 2020: BMC Cancer
Jonathan Boucher, Annie-Claire Balandre, Marjolaine Debant, Justine Vix, Thomas Harnois, Nicolas Bourmeyster, Elodie Péraudeau, Amandine Chépied, Jonathan Clarhaut, Françoise Debiais, Arnaud Monvoisin, Laurent Cronier
Among the different interacting molecules implicated in bone metastases, connexin43 (Cx43) may increase sensitivity of prostate cancer (PCa) cells to bone microenvironment, as suggested by our in silico and human tissue samples analyses that revealed increased level of Cx43 expression with PCa progression and a Cx43 specific expression in bone secondary sites. The goal of the present study was to understand how Cx43 influences PCa cells sensitivity and aggressiveness to bone microenvironment. By means of Cx43-overexpressing PCa cell lines, we revealed a Cx43-dependent promigratory effect of osteoblastic conditioned media (ObCM)...
October 16, 2020: Cancers
Fátima Bayón-Calderón, María L Toribio, Sara González-García
T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL), a T-cell malignant disease that mainly affects children, is still a medical challenge, especially for refractory patients for whom therapeutic options are scarce. Recent advances in immunotherapy for B-cell malignancies based on increasingly efficacious monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) have been encouraging for non-responding or relapsing patients suffering from other aggressive cancers like T-ALL. However, secondary life-threatening T-cell immunodeficiency due to shared expression of targeted antigens by healthy and malignant T cells is a main drawback of mAb-or CAR-based immunotherapies for T-ALL and other T-cell malignancies...
October 16, 2020: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Antonella Di Sotto, Romina Mancinelli, Marco Gullì, Margherita Eufemi, Caterina Loredana Mammola, Gabriela Mazzanti, Silvia Di Giacomo
Chemoprevention is referred to as a strategy to inhibit, suppress, or reverse tumor development and progression in healthy people along with high-risk subjects and oncologic patients through using pharmacological or natural substances. Numerous phytochemicals have been widely described in the literature to possess chemopreventive properties, although their clinical usefulness remains to be defined. Among them, caryophyllane sesquiterpenes are natural compounds widely occurring in nature kingdoms, especially in plants, fungi, and marine environments...
October 18, 2020: Cancers
Shuang Lin, Yufei Shen
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: We evaluated the efficacy and safety of probiotics for prevention of chemoradiotherapy-induced diarrhea in patients with abdominal or pelvic cancer. METHODS: We searched the Cochrane Library, PubMed, EMBASE, Web of Science, Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Wanfang, and VIP databases up to August 2019. We also hand searched the citation lists of included studies and previous systematic reviews identified to identify further relevant trials...
October 17, 2020: International Journal of Surgery
Julie Buisset, Joseph M Norris, Philippe Puech, Xavier Leroy, Nassima Ramdane, Elodie Drumez, Arnauld Villers, Jonathan Olivier
PURPOSE: Prostate biopsy should be discussed with the patient in case of negative MRI (nMRI) and low clinical suspicious of prostate cancer (PCa). OBJECTIVES: Primary objective was to describe the risk of clinically significant PCa (csPCa) in a nMRI biopsy-naïve population at baseline and during long-term follow-up. Secondary objective was to evaluate clinical factors and PSA as predictors of csPCa at baseline. MATERIALS AND METHODS: All 503 consecutive biopsy-naïve patients referred in 2007-2017 for biopsy with nMRI (PIRADS1-2) who had systematic 12-core-biopsies (SB) at baseline were included...
October 20, 2020: Journal of Urology
Jeffrey J Tosoian, Bruce J Trock, Todd M Morgan, Simpa S Salami, Scott A Tomlins, Daniel E Spratt, Javed Siddiqui, Lakshmi P Kunju, Rachel Botbyl, Zoey Chopra, Balaji Pandian, Nicholas W Eyrich, Gary Longton, Yingye Zheng, Ganesh S Palapattu, John T Wei, Yashar S Niknafs, Arul M Chinnaiyan
PURPOSE: The MyProstateScore (MPS) test was validated for improved detection of clinically-significant (Grade Group [GG] ≥2) prostate cancer relative to PSA-based risk calculators. We sought to validate an optimal MPS threshold for clinical use in ruling-out GG ≥2 cancer in men referred for biopsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Biopsy-naïve men provided post-digital rectal examination (DRE) urine prior to biopsy. MPS was calculated using the validated, locked multivariable model including only serum PSA, urinary PCA3, and urinary TMPRSS2:ERG...
October 20, 2020: Journal of Urology
Łukasz Masior, Michał Grąt, Karolina Grąt, Maciej Krasnodębski, Karolina M Wronka, Jan Stypułkowski, Waldemar Patkowski, Mariusz Frączek, Marek Krawczyk, Krzysztof Zieniewicz
BACKGROUND The impact of packed red blood cells (PRBCs) and fresh frozen plasma (FFP) transfusions in patients with hepatocellular cancer (HCC) undergoing liver transplantation has rarely been evaluated. The aim of the current study was to assess the impact of intraoperative transfusions on posttransplant outcomes. MATERIAL AND METHODS This retrospective cohort study was based on 229 HCC transplant recipients. The primary outcome measure was 5-year recurrence-free survival. Secondary outcome measures comprised overall and long-term survival at 5 years and 90-day mortality...
October 9, 2020: Annals of Transplantation: Quarterly of the Polish Transplantation Society
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