Takahiro Hoshino, Takehiro Sejima, Hideto Iwamoto, Youji Fukumoto
Ureterosciatic hernia is a rare urological entity. We report a case of successful laparoscopic surgery for a ureterosciatic hernia that recurred repeatedly after conservative treatment. A 73-year-old woman complained of left abdominal pain. Computed tomography (CT) showed a left ureterosciatic hernia. After placement of the ureteral stent, the ureterosciatic hernia improved. The ureteral stent was removed after ureteral migration became normal. Four years and 8 months later, left ureterosciatic hernia recurred...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Laurel K Berry, Collin M McKenzie, Samuel S Lentz
Ureteral injury is a known complication of gynecologic surgery with potential long-term sequelae. Traditional management of significant ureteral injury recognized at the time of transvaginal pelvic organ prolapse repair is a transabdominal re-implantation procedure using a transabdominal open or laparoscopic approach. We present a case describing a transvaginal approach for ureteroneocystostomy. During a transvaginal pelvic organ prolapse repair, a ureteral transection was noted. A transvaginal ureteroneocystostomy was performed...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Abdulrahman Almutairi, Fawaz Alkeraithe, Mutasim Alkhalifah, Mohamed Tashkandi, Naif Aldhaam
Primary embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas of the kidney are extremely rare, especially in adults. The presented case, a 32-year-old female with a background of autosomal polycystic kidney disease, was initially referred with a left hemorrhagic renal cyst. Despite angioembolization, she eventually underwent radical nephrectomy which revealed the diagnosis of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. The diagnosis and presentation of this case is unique as she presented with hemorrhagic renal cyst. Adult renal rhabdomyosarcoma has a poor prognosis, as shown by other reported cases...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Andrew McLean, Marc T Bartman, Elizabeth B Winton
A 63-year-old female presented with a tension urinothorax after pyeloscopy, lithotripsy, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy that manifested as dyspnea and abdominal pain. CT Thorax demonstrated a large right pleural effusion with middle and lower lobe collapse with leftward shift concerning for tension hydrothorax. Analysis of the effusion after pigtail catheter demonstrated an exudative effusion with resultant resolution of the effusion after a 5-day hospital course. This case illustrates a uniquely rare complication of percutaneous urologic intervention...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Kaori Yamashita, Keita Yoshida, Tadao Nakazawa, Takahiro Shiseki, Eri Sekido, Satoshi Kubota, Masashi Inui
Amyloidosis of the ureter is a rare disease, distinguishing it from a neoplasm is difficult. A 64-year-old Japanese woman suffered from macrohematuria and left side hydronephrosis with ultrasound in 2014. Retrograde pyelography revealed no ureter tumor at that time. The patient had macrohematuria, left side hydronephrosis, and ureteral stenosis in the left ureter on retrograde pyelography. She was suspected of having a ureter tumor when she was 71 years old in 2021. The patient underwent ureteroscopy with biopsy...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Noriyuki Makita, Masashi Kubota, Koji Inoue, Mutsushi Kawakita
An arterioureteral fistula is the communication between the ureter and a major artery, such as the common iliac artery or aorta. Here, we report a case of a fistula between the ureter and the common iliac arterial aneurysmal sac following abdominal aortic aneurysmal repair in a 72-year-old man. He reported acute-onset abdominal pain on postoperative day 8, and computed tomography revealed a fistula. Ureterocutaneostomy was performed to prevent urine inflow into the aneurysm and to preserve kidney function.
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Yazan Al-Dali, Ibrahim A Khalil, Majd Alkabbani, Mohamed Hatem, Abdulhamed Mansour, Khalid Al Rumaihi
Male pelvic cyst rarely causes symptoms; here, we are presenting a case of a 48-year-old gentleman who presented with acute urinary retention stemming from a pelvic cyst. This presentation has been recurrent despite undergoing repeated TRUS aspiration of the cyst to relieve the symptoms. We performed a robotic pelvic cyst excision with peritoneal window in an attempt to cure the patient. Based on the MRI and histopathology, it was likely a seminal vesicle cyst that is causing these recurrent episodes. On 3 months follow-up, the patient was symptom free without any complaints...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Grace Helene Wegrzyn, Melissa Kilianek, Soumya Yallapragada, Patricia Vidal, Ryan W Dobbs
Since May 2022, there has been a worldwide outbreak of Mpox infection, a zoonotic viral disease caused by the monkeypox virus, outside of central and west Africa where it is endemic. In this report, we describe a case of a 23-year-old African American male patient with HIV infection and normal CD4 counts who presented with painful, evolving skin lesions at the base of his penis which were found to be a manifestation of Mpox. Early recognition of the symptomatology caused by Mpox is important for urologists as cases of this virus continue to rise in the United States...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
H Sawadogo, A Saadi, S Zaghbib, M Ksentini, M Chakroun, M R Ben Slama
Keratinizing squamous metaplasia of the renal pelvis is a rare lesion of the upper urinary tract that can occur in the context of chronic aggression to the urothelium, potentially leading to a secondary pyeloureteral junction syndrome. We report the case of a 43-year-old patient discovered intraoperatively in relation to a renal pelvis stone causing a pyeloureteral junction syndrome. The extemporaneous histological examination ruled out a malignant process, and we performed a pyeloplasty according to KUSS-ANDERSON technique...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
João Ascensão, Maria Carolina Sobral, Sofia Lima, Aline Vaz Silva, Vanda Pratas Vital, Dinorah Cardoso, Fátima Alves, Rui Alves
Urethral varices and hemangiomas are rare, underreported conditions that can be asymptomatic or present with intermittent urethrorrhage that can start or worsen with erection, sexual intercourse and ejaculation. Diagnosis can be made with urethroscopy and there are a wide variety of possible treatments that can suit both conditions. We present a case of a pediatric patient with severe blood loss from urethral varices that was treated with electrofulguration after laser treatment with Holmium failed.
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Matthew DeSanto, Robert Strait, Jared Zopp, Kevin Brown, Samuel Deem
This case details a 69-year-old female with a 3cm bladder mass on imaging who underwent transurethral resection of the bladder with pathology revealing non-Hodgkin follicular lymphoma to the bladder. The rarity and complexity of this presentation generated a challenging treatment dilemma regarding surveillance and active treatment.
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Deheng Cui, Guoqiang Chen, Jianbin Luo, Chunsheng Liu
We admitted a 41-year-old man with a chief complaint of multiple nodules found in the scrotum, accompanied by itching discomfort, occasionally some nodules discharged white secretions. Physical examination revealed extensive nodules of scrotal skin, approximately 2.0 cm in diameter in the largest, grayish white, textured hard, no pain, no breakdown of skin. Due to the wide distribution of scrotal nodules in this patient, there was a large deletion in the scrotal skin after intraoperative removal of all nodules; the skin was submitted to V and Z-sutures, and the scrotum was finally successfully reconstructed...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Firaas Khan, David Nelwan, Trushar Patel
Primary renal adenocarcinomas comprise of less than 1% of renal and ureteral epithelial tumors. We present a case of a 67-year-old male with a history of simple cystectomy who underwent left nephroureterectomy for primary enteric-type renal adenocarcinoma with cystitis glandularis features. Pathological examination confirmed grade 2 pT1N0MX primary enteric-type renal adenocarcinoma. The patient underwent left open radical nephroureterectomy, with an uneventful postoperative course. Surgical excision is the mainstay treatment, while chemotherapy and radiation are potential adjuncts...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Caio de Oliveira, Gabriel Chahade Sibanto Simões, André Canettieri Rubez, Fábio Franco de Oliveira Junior, Lucas Mira Gon, Adriano Fregonesi
Corpus cavernosum abscess is a rare condition that can lead to permanent and debilitating consequences. This case reports a 58-year-old man who developed erectile dysfunction with no response to oral and intracavernous medications after the surgical treatment of a penile abscess.
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Siraj O AlSulimani, Abdulaziz M Almalki, Khalid A Alzahrani, Samia M Almutairi, Arwa M Aljuhani, Sondos A Alqahtani, Faisal A Alruqi, Meshari A Alzahrani
This case report presents a young male patient with a 3-month history of a rapidly growing lower abdominal mass associated with lower urinary tract symptoms and recurrent urinary tract infection. Pelvic magnetic resonance imaging showed a large congenital cyst in the right seminal vesicle having a mass effect on the urinary bladder, rectum, and left ureter. Histopathologic findings from exploratory laparotomy showed an epidermal inclusion cyst with secondary inflammation and suppuration. This report adds to the literature by describing this unique location of an epidermoid cyst within the seminal vesicle...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Hai Liao, Yong Yang, Wensen Zhang, Senlin Zhang, Hang Dai, Fubing Chen
Severe consequences can ensue from the rupture and hemorrhage of a renal artery pseudoaneurysm, necessitating immediate intervention upon detection. To date, no reports exist on the development of renal artery pseudoaneurysms as a result of renal abscesses. This document introduces the first reported case of this occurrence.
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Kishore Balasubramanian, Gisele Moran, Sarah Rozycki, Fiona M Lindo
Pyogenic granulomas (PGs) are benign vascular tumors that are commonly found on cutaneous and mucosal surfaces. However, mucosal PGs are rarely found in the urogenital tract. Here, we report a case of PG arising from the urethra in a 68 year-old female. The mass was found during evaluation for vaginal prolapse, excised, and classified as PG by histopathology. Urethral PG has been rarely reported in adults and should be considered in the differential for patients presenting with urethral mass.
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Ricardo Miyaoka, Wilmar Azal Neto, Renato Nardi Pedro
INTRODUCTION: Assessing ileal conduit for double J stents removal after radical cystectomy is not always a straightforward task as navigation inside the ileal loop can be challenging to manage due to the difficulty to maintain a waterfilled environment and its long and tortuous aspect. METHODS: We present a novel technique using a flexible ureteroscope that aims to ease this common demand with simple and readily available tools. RESULTS: This technique has been successfully utilized in 2 patients now...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Akihisa Hasegawa, Yuichi Sato, Junya Hata, Hidenori Akaihata, Soichiro Ogawa, Yoshiyuki Kojima
An isolated intravesical cavernous hemangioma of the bladder represents a rare occurrence, frequently posing challenges in distinguishing it from rhabdomyosarcoma. In this context, we present a case involving an 8-year-old male child diagnosed with a cavernous hemangioma of the bladder, which on MRI closely resembles the findings of rhabdomyosarcoma. Under such circumstances, the utilization of slow-flow images in contrast-enhanced MRI holds promise as a potentially valuable tool for discriminating between cavernous hemangioma and rhabdomyosarcoma in similar clinical scenarios...
November 2023: Urology Case Reports
Rachel E Kaufman, Amelia Vu, Obiora Ufondu, Matthew Powell, Jennifer Lanzer, Martha K Terris
Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a condition that most commonly affects aging women. Synthetic mid-urethral slings (MUS) have become the most common surgical treatment for SUI; however, complications such as mesh erosion and dyspareunia have been reported. This case report describes an 84-year-old female who presented with a tumor-like mass giant cell reaction surrounding the MUS and the management of this mass.
September 2023: Urology Case Reports
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