Aydar Khabipov, Andre Schreiber, Stephan Kersting, Richard Hummel, Johannes Höhn, Lars-Ivo Partecke, Sander Bekeschus, Anne Glitsch, Wolfram Keßler
Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) has shown promising potential in promoting wound healing. This case report presents the successful application of CAP in a 42-year-old female patient with extensive wound healing disorders and superinfections following the excision of an abscess in the left thoracic region. After several failed split skin graft attempts, the implementation of CAP led to significant improvements in wound healing. This report highlights the wound healing-promoting effects of CAP and discusses its potential mechanisms of action...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Claire Ufongene, Saran Kunaprayoon, Juan Mestre
Cholecystectomies have become one of the more commonly practiced procedures. As a result, there has been a rise in neoplastic changes in excised specimens. Due to this, surgeons must be prepared to manage possible malignancy after resecting what was previously thought to be a benign gallbladder. While management for high-grade dysplasia has been more clearly laid out in literature, data on management of low-grade dysplasia are limited. Here, we report a novel case of a 46-year-old woman with an incidental low-grade dysplasia of the cystic duct stump after a laparoscopic cholecystectomy for biliary colic...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Noritoshi Mizuta, Takuya Kikuchi, Shunsuke Kusano, Nobuya Sano
Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia (RLH) is a benign disease, rarely occurring in the liver. Reactive immune phenomenon has been reported in association with its occurrence, but the true pathogenesis is unknown. No case was reported in association with inflammatory bowel disease. We report a case of RLH of the liver in a patient with ulcerative colitis (UC). A 55-year-old woman with UC went to the outpatient clinic with abdominal pain, and antibiotics were prescribed with diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Imaging study detected a mass in the liver but ruled out appendicitis...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Katsudai Shirakabe, Naoya Ozawa, Yoshihiro Mochizuki, Ken Mizokami
Type IV hiatal hernia of the esophagus is characterized by herniation of the stomach and associated organs, such as the spleen, large and small bowel, and pancreas, through the esophageal hiatus. It is a relatively rare form of hiatal hernia that sometimes requires emergency surgery due to gastric incarceration, volvulus, and strangulation. Of these, small bowel obstruction is extremely rare and requires surgery. We report the case of an 83-year-old woman who was admitted to the hospital for small bowel obstruction caused by an ileum that had incarcerated the esophageal hiatus; emergency laparoscopic surgery was performed...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Martin Jezovit, Hasan Bakirli, Ifrat Bakirov, Khalid Hureibi, Gultakin Bakirova, Roman Okolicany, Pavol Janac, Iveta Meciarova, Nasser Alhwaymel, Ilkin Bakirli, Augustin Prochotsky
The incidence of small bowel schwannomas is extremely low. In the current literature, we found just a few reported small intestine schwannomas that were located in the duodenum, jejunum, or ileum. This study reports a surprising finding of a relatively large size ileal schwannoma in a patient whose preoperative magnetic resonance imaging described a tumour in the lesser pelvis probably derived from the right adnexa. Pfannenstiel incision was made by the gynaecology team, which found a large mass lesion arising from the small intestine and occupying nearly the entire lesser pelvis...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Giuleta Jamsari, Joseph Do Woong Choi, Benedict Kakala, Hillary Hu, Gideon Sandler
Iliopsoas phlegmon/abscess is uncommon, and individuals often present with nonspecific symptoms. Diagnosis is often delayed and almost always requires advanced imaging techniques such as computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. We report a case of a 51-year-old woman who presented with right lower limb swelling and associated rash with imaging demonstrating iliopsoas abscess secondary to an infected intrauterine contraceptive device. This rare case highlights the nonspecific presentation of iliopsoas abscess and the need to consider unusual sources of infection such as an intrauterine contraceptive device in women presenting with iliopsoas phlegmon and abscess...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Yuhya Hirahara, Koichi Nagai, Kazunori Mukaida
INTRODUCTION: Isolated fallopian tube torsion (IFTT) has rarely been confirmed in sexually inactive adolescents, and preoperative diagnosis of IFTT is difficult because of the absence of specific symptoms. Therefore, pediatric patients with IFTT tend to be misdiagnosed before the surgery. CASE: A 15-year-old female patient with no history of abdominal surgery or sexual intercourse presented with acute left lower abdominal pain and purpura. MRI revealed hydrosalpinx in the left adnexal region...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Melissa Yeo
Desmoid tumours are benign but locally aggressive mesenchymal neoplasms that occur most commonly in the abdomen, with the potential to invade surrounding structures causing significant morbidity. Lateral abdominal wall defects are known to be more challenging and less frequently encountered compared to ventral abdominal wall defects. Asymmetric forces caused by contraction of remnant rectus and contralateral oblique muscles increase the risk of herniation postoperatively. We report a case of a challenging abdominal wall reconstruction after desmoid tumour resection in a 62-year-old male patient who presented to our hospital with a progressively enlarging left upper back lump of 6 months duration...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Iva Ljubas, Ivana Jurca, Dora Grgić
In the emergency department, patients frequently present with abdominal pain, with a variety of different causes ranging from intra-abdominal to extra-abdominal and retroperitoneal pathologies which can affect all age groups. Chronic appendicitis is a rare medical condition characterized by less severe and continuous abdominal pain and a clinical picture lasting longer than 1-2 days and extending over months, even years, and it is not always possible to consider it as a preliminary diagnosis. We represent a case report of chronic appendicitis where the patient's clinical picture led the diagnostics and treatment in different directions and delayed the diagnosis...
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Jamil Suleiman, Mujaheed Suleman, Alex Mremi, Adnan Sadiq, Abbas Mohamedali, Dennis Machaku, Jay Lodhia
Intussusception is rarely seen in adulthood but is commonly seen in the pediatric age group. Causes of intussusception in adults are commonly due to tumors and inflammatory diseases. Intussusception in adults accounts for less than 5% of intestinal obstruction. Colonic lipomas are usually asymptomatic and are mostly managed surgically with promising outcomes as seen in our case.
2024: Case Reports in Surgery
Anwar Rahali, El Mehdi Aboulfath, Noureddine Njoumi, Mohammed Rebbani, Yasser El Brahmi, Mohammed Elfahssi, Abderrahman Elhjouji, Aziz Zentar, Abdelmounaim Ait Ali
Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis (SEP) is an unusual fibroinflammatory disease of the peritoneum marked by the development of a fibrous membrane enveloping generally the small intestines. The knowledge around this subject is not completely understood. And the etiology can be either idiopathic or secondary to several diseases, treatments, and/or medications. We present a case of a 52-year-old man suffering from atypical clinical symptoms including recurrent abdominal ascites and intestinal obstruction. An abdominal computed tomography showed findings typical of SEP...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Lauren Hekman, Eva Napierkowski, Natalie C Hartman, Jeffrey L Ellis, Robert H Wagner, Davide Bova, Maria M Picken, Robert C Flanigan
Prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography (PSMA PET) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to identify prostate cancer in the setting of biochemical recurrence but can also identify other malignancies. 18F-PSMA PET has not been studied as a potential tool for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). We describe the case of a 76-year-old male with a rising prostate-specific antigen (PSA) after definitive prostate cancer treatment and no prior liver pathology who was incidentally found to have HCC on 18F-PSMA PET...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Kareem Omran, Sameh Ali Ali, Ehsan Ahmad, Hilal Matta, Wissam Jamal Al Tamr
Neonatal testicular torsion (NTT) is a rare but significant condition occurring within the first 30-day postbirth, leading to vascular compromise and potential testicular loss. This paper presents a case of NTT detected incidentally in a neonate with bilateral hydrocele, emphasizing the challenge of early diagnosis and management complexities. The infant underwent surgical intervention involving detorsion and bilateral orchiopexy but eventually required right orchiectomy due to necrosis. The paper highlights the prevalence of NTT in conjunction with hydrocele and stresses the importance of parent education and vigilant follow-up...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Rahaf F Alanazi, Maryam Al Karawi, Abdulrahman Almalki, Fahd Sufiani, Sarmad Al Karawi
INTRODUCTION: Schistosomiasis is a parasitic infection caused by schistosome invasion of blood circulation. Neuroschistosomiasis is a severe cerebral complication that accounts for less than 2.3% of reported cases. Patients present with progressive encephalitis, seizures, or both. Management includes antiparasitic medications, steroids, and surgical intervention. Case Presentation . We report a case of a 44-year-old female who presented to the ER with a history of transient loss of consciousness (LOC) and seizure...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Christos K Stefanou, Spiridon Gkogkos, Stefanos Flindris, Apostolis K Paxinos, Thomas Tsiantis, Polyxeni Oikonomou, Kostas Tepelenis, Stefanos K Stefanou
INTRODUCTION: The incidence of colonic diverticulosis has risen significantly. Diverticular disease is the most frequent cause of colovesical fistulas, which are uncommon complications of diverticulitis. Clinical signs, such as fecaluria and pneumaturia, are typically required to confirm its presence. Finding the cause of the disease so that the proper therapy can be started is the primary goal of a diagnostic workup rather than observing the fistula tract itself. Case Presentation . We present a 43-year-old man complaining of frequent urinary tract infections for six months...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Hassan Mohamed Ali, Eyad Rabih Abdul Wahab, Amjad Damaj, Bassam Moussawi, Walid Audi, Mohammad Haidar, Youssef Badra
BACKGROUND: A gallbladder torsion typically presents as an acute abdomen presentation with nonspecific clinical signs. When not detected by a clinician preoperatively, it can lead to the delay of emergency surgery and possible misdiagnosis for other, more common causes of an acute abdomen. Case Presentation . We report the case of acute gallbladder volvulus in an 80-year-old woman complaining of constant pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. CONCLUSIONS: The patient was successfully treated with cholecystectomy...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Mohammed Ishaq, Abdullah Bahadi
Empyema necessitans is a rare complication of pneumonia, which can be seen more frequently with tuberculosis (TB). In this case report, we include a 47-year-old female with empyema necessitans; closed drainage has been sought as a sole treatment based on the clinical presentation and radiological findings of an empyema necessitans. Scarce evidence with regard to adult empyema necessitans with Klebsiella was found in the literature where adult cases were managed exclusively using combination of intravenous (IV) antibiotic and closed drainage, reporting such case can help guiding management for similar presentation...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Malsha Kularatna, Fransiska Falconer
Gallstone ileus is a rare condition. It accounts for approximately 1% of small bowel obstruction and is more prevalent in the elderly population. It is usually present in relatively comorbid patients posing further operative challenges. The following report investigates the management of two large gallstones resulting in two different points of obstruction. Is double trouble doubly hard to manage?
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy, Fernando Reis Neto, Gabriela Leopoldino da Silva, Henrique Amorim Santos, Henrique Jose Pereira de Godoy
Aortic thrombosis has been studied little in patients with COVID-19 and an association has recently been reported with the vaccine for this disease. The aim of the present study is to report five cases of aortic thrombosis at our institution within a three-month period associated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Five cases of aortic thrombosis were evaluated-three women and two men aged 29, 49, 51, 60, and 79 years. Four thrombi involved the thoracic aortic and one involved the abdominal aorta, with embolisms found in the kidneys, spleen, liver, upper limbs, and lower limbs...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
Mitesh Karn, Basant Kumar Mahato, Ranjan Sah, Dipendra Kandel, Shabal Sapkota
Ondine's curse is a rare condition in which breathing is preserved while awake, but there is absence of autonomic control of ventilation. It is a potentially fatal complication that may result rarely from surgery in posterior fossa in area close to respiratory centers. We describe a patient with posterior fossa hemangioblastoma who underwent subtotal resection via telovelar approach and developed acquired Ondine's curse postoperatively. The patient's presentation and management are described. Besides that, Ondine's is a great example of how modern medicine is linked to ancient literature, and thus, its anecdotal history is also described...
2023: Case Reports in Surgery
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