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Mohammad Saleem, Fatima Javed, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Kashif Baig, Mehwish Arif
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Cucumis melo, of family Cucurbitaceae, has traditionally been used to treat variety of kidney disorders. However to best of our knowledge there is no scientific study available that validates its renaoprotective uses. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate nephroprotective effects of hydroalcoholic extract of Cucumis melo seeds (CMHE) and to identify its phytoconstituents. MATERIALS AND METHODS: HPLC was performed to identify key phytochemicals of CMHE...
April 15, 2019: Medicina
Elvyra Stanevičiūtė, Inga Urtė Builytė, Martynas Ridziauskas, Justinas Besusparis, Agnė Kirkliauskienė, Vaidotas Zabulis, Linas Davainis, Gabrielė Valiūnaitė, Vytautas Triponis, Vytautas Sirvydis
Background and objectives: Treatment of a prosthetic vascular graft infection (PVGI) remains a challenging problem in vascular surgery. The aim of this study was to design a novel rat model for treatment of peripheral vascular prosthesis infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) and to determine the efficacy of different antiseptic solutions in suppressing or eradicating infection from the wound and the graft material itself. Materials and methods: A piece of Dacron vascular prosthesis was surgically implanted at the dorsum of 48 Wistar rats and the wounds were infected with 5 McFarland standard inoculum of S...
April 15, 2019: Medicina
Iman Khakroo Abkenar, Farhad Rahmani-Nia, Giovanni Lombardi
Background and Objectives : The results of the studies show that the intensity and volume of aerobic exercise activity produce different responses of the immune system. This study aims to show how the signaling pathway of the inflammatory NLRP3 complex is influenced by the acute and chronic effects of moderate and high-intensity aerobic exercises in young men. Materials and Methods : Accordingly, 60 healthy (BMI = 23.56 ± 2.67) young (24.4 ± 0.4) students volunteered to participate in the study that was randomly divided into two experimental ( n = 20) groups and one control ( n = 20) group...
April 15, 2019: Medicina
Loo Keat Wei, Lyn R Griffiths, Cheah Wee Kooi, Looi Irene
Numerous studies examined the association between factors FV, FVII, FXII, and FXIII-A gene polymorphisms and ischemic stroke, but conclusive evidence is yet to be obtained. Thus, this meta-analysis aimed to investigate the novel association of FV rs1800595, FVII rs5742910, FXII rs1801020, and FXIII-A rs5982 and rs3024477 polymorphisms with ischemic stroke risk. A systematic review was performed on articles retrieved before June 2018. Relevant data were extracted from eligible studies and meta-analyzed using RevMan version 5...
April 11, 2019: Medicina
Dragana Cirovic, Ivana Petronic, Jasna Stojkovic, Ivan Soldatovic, Polina Pavicevic, Marta Bizic, Vesna Bokan-Mirkovic, Tatjana Knezevic, Dejan Nikolic
Background and objective : Dysfunctional voiding (DV) presents relatively frequent problem in pediatric urologist practice. The necessity for implementation of DV evaluation in the pediatric population is of particular importance, since there is no clear consensus on the clinical assessment of such condition. The aims of our study were to evaluate the test/retest reliability and reproducibility of dysfunctional voiding and incontinence scoring system: Serbian version (DVISSSR ) in patients with voiding and incontinence dysfunctions without structural deformities, and to estimate cut-off value for DVISSSR ...
April 11, 2019: Medicina
Emilija Tamelytė, Gineta Vaičekauskienė, Algirdas Dagys, Tomas Lapinskas, Lina Jankauskaitė
Background : Sepsis is the leading cause of death in children worldwide. Early recognition and treatment are essential for preventing progression to lethal outcomes. CRP and Complete Blood Count (CBC) are the initial preferred tests to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections. Specific early diagnostic markers are still missing. Aim: To investigate diagnostic value of Neutrophil-Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR), Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) and Platelet-MPV ratio (PLT/MPV) to distinguish sepsis/bacteremia and viral infection...
April 10, 2019: Medicina
Aušra Adomavičienė, Kristina Daunoravičienė, Raimondas Kubilius, Lina Varžaitytė, Juozas Raistenskis
BACKGROUND: New technologies to improve post-stroke rehabilitation outcomes are of great interest and have a positive impact on functional, motor, and cognitive recovery. Identifying the most effective rehabilitation intervention is a recognized priority for stroke research and provides an opportunity to achieve a more desirable effect. OBJECTIVE: The objective is to verify the effect of new technologies on motor outcomes of the upper limbs, functional state, and cognitive functions in post-stroke rehabilitation...
April 9, 2019: Medicina
Changxiao Yu, Shirui Shao, Jan Awrejcewicz, Julien S Baker, Yaodong Gu
Background and objectives: The popularity of table tennis has increased globally. As a result, the biomechanical movement patterns in the lower limb during table tennis have attracted extensive attention from coaches, scientists and athletes. The purpose of this study was to compare the differences between the long and short chasse steps in table tennis and evaluate risk factors related to injuries in the lower limb. Materials and Methods : Twelve male elite athletes performed forehand topspin strokes with long and short chasse steps in this study, respectively...
April 8, 2019: Medicina
Dominika Głąbska, Dominika Guzek, Barbara Kanarek, Gustaw Lech
Background and objectives: The anemia is the most common extra-intestinal manifestation of the ulcerative colitis. Taking into account, that meat products are perceived as factor, that may promote relapses, the crucial is to indicate the dietary recommendations to prevent anemia development but without high animal products intake. Aim of the study was to analyze the influence of animal products intake on the red blood cell count results in remission ulcerative colitis individuals and pair-matched control group, during 6 weeks of observation...
April 8, 2019: Medicina
Sinead Ahern, Anders Cervin
Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a heterogeneous chronic inflammatory condition of the paranasal sinuses and nasal passage. It is characterized as inflammation of the sinonasal passage, presenting with two or more symptoms (nasal blockage, secretions, facial pain and headaches) for more than 12 weeks consecutively. The disease is phenotypically differentiated based on the presence of nasal polyps; CRS with nasal polyps (CRSwNP) and CRS without nasal polyps (CRSsNP). Traditionally, CRSwNP has been associated with a type 2 inflammatory profile, while CRSsNP has been associated with a type 1 inflammatory profile...
April 5, 2019: Medicina
Eglė Kalinauskienė, Haroldas Razvadauskas, Dan J Morse, Gail E Maxey, Albinas Naudžiūnas
Background and objectives: As the prevalence of obesity is increasing in a population, diagnostics becomes more problematic. Our aim was to compare the 3M Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope and 3M Littman Cardiology III Mechanical Stethoscope in the auscultation of obese patients. Methods . A total of 30 patients with body mass index >30 kg/m² were auscultated by a cardiologist and a resident physician: 15 patients by one cardiologist and one resident and 15 patients by another cardiologist and resident using both stethoscopes...
April 5, 2019: Medicina
Hristina Zlatanova, Stanislava Vladimirova, Ilia Kostadinov, Delian Delev, Tanya Deneva, Ivanka Kostadinova
Background and objectives: The clinical use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is limited due to high incidence of adverse drug reactions. The pyrrole heterocycle is included in the chemical structure of a number of drugs with various activities and shows relatively good tolerability and safety. The objectives of our study were to evaluate the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, as well as possible organ toxicity, of 2-[3-acetyl-5-(4-chloro-phenyl)-2-methyl-pyrrol-1-yl]-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)-propionic acid (compound 3g), a novel N-pyrrolylcarboxylic acid structurally similar to celecoxib...
April 5, 2019: Medicina
Alise Balcere, Māra Rone Kupfere, Ingrīda Čēma, Angelika Krūmiņa
Actinic keratoses (AKs) are common lesions on chronically sun damaged skin, which are morphologically characterized by lower third to full thickness atypia of epidermal keratinocytes. These lesions carry a risk of progression towards invasive squamous cell carcinoma (SCC); therefore, treatment of visible lesions and the field in case of field cancerization is recommended. Treatment of AK includes the destruction of atypical keratinocytes that clinically presents with various degrees of erythema, scaling, crusting, erosion, and other visible and subjective symptoms...
April 4, 2019: Medicina
Alina Grama, Ligia Blaga, Alina Nicolescu, Călin Deleanu, Mariela Militaru, Simona Sorana Căinap, Irina Pop, Georgia Tita, Claudia Sîrbe, Otilia Fufezan, Mihaela Adela Vințan, Romana Vulturar, Tudor Lucian Pop
Classic galactosemia is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by the deficiency of the enzyme galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase (GALT) involved in galactose metabolism. Bacterial infections are a known cause of early morbidity and mortality in children with classic galactosemia. The most common agent is Escherichia c oli , but in rare situations, other bacteria are incriminated. We report a case of a three-week-old female patient with galactosemia, who presented with Group B S treptococcus (GBS) meningitis/sepsis...
April 4, 2019: Medicina
Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, Hamid Zand, Makan Cheraghpour
Background and objectives : Mounting evidence shows that curcumin, a bioactive substance originating from turmeric root, has anticancer properties. Additionally, curcumin prevents the migration and metastasis of tumor cells. However, the molecular mechanism involved in the anti-metastatic action of curcumin is not clear. Most studies have suggested that migration inhibition is related to curcumin's anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin possesses a regulatory effect on insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) receptors and signaling...
April 3, 2019: Medicina
Nichola S Gale, Ali M Albarrati, Margaret M Munnery, Barry J Mcdonnell, Victoria S Benson, Ruth M Tal Singer, John R Cockcroft, Dennis J Shale
Background and objectives: Cardiovascular (CV) disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Patients with COPD have increased arterial stiffness, which may predict future CV risk. However, the development of arterial stiffness in COPD has not yet been studied prospectively. The Assessment of Risk in Chronic Airways Disease Evaluation (ARCADE) is a longitudinal study of CV risk and other comorbidities in COPD. The aims of this analysis were to explore factors associated with aortic pulse wave velocity (aPWV) at baseline and to describe the progression of aPWV in patients with COPD and comparators over two years ...
April 2, 2019: Medicina
Katarzyna Neubauer, Radoslaw Kempinski, Malgorzata Matusiewicz, Iwona Bednarz-Misa, Malgorzata Krzystek-Korpacka
Background and objectives : Oxidative stress signalling plays a monumental role in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Reduction of oxidative stress might control inflammation, block tissue damage, and reverse natural history of IBD. We assessed the serum concentrations of free thiols (FT) and uric acid (SUA), together constituting a large part of nonenzymatic serum antioxidant capacity, as well as total antioxidant status (TAS) with reference to IBD phenotype, activity, co-occurrence of anemia, and treatment with azathioprine (AZA) and corticosteroids (CS)...
April 2, 2019: Medicina
Oxana Kytikova, Tatyana Novgorodtseva, Marina Antonyuk, Yulia Denisenko, Tatyana Gvozdenko
Asthma is a common allergic pathology of the respiratory tract that requires the study of mechanisms underlying it, due to severe forms of the disease, which are refractory to therapy. The review is devoted to the search for molecular targets of fatty acid ethanolamides in asthma, in particular palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), which has been successfully used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases, in the pathogenesis of which the nervous and immune systems are involved. Recently, the potentially important role of neuro-immune interactions in the development of allergic reactions has been established...
April 1, 2019: Medicina
Danguolė Rugytė, Jūratė Gudaitytė
Background and objectives: The combination of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol is widely used for pediatric postoperative pain management, although the evidence of superiority of a combination over either drug alone is insufficient. We aimed to find out if intravenous (i.v.) paracetamol in a dose of 60 mg kg- 1 24 h- ¹, given in addition to i.v. ketoprofen (4.5 mg kg- 1 24 h- ¹), improves analgesia, physical recovery, and satisfaction with postoperative well-being in children and adolescents following moderate and major general surgery...
April 1, 2019: Medicina
Cristina Nastasă, Radu Tamaian, Ovidiu Oniga, Brîndușa Tiperciuc
Background and objectives: Cancer represents the miscommunication between and within the body cells. The mutations of the oncogenes encoding the MAPK pathways play an important role in the development of tumoral diseases. The mutations of KRAS and BRAF oncogenes are involved in colorectal cancer and melanoma, while the NRAS mutations are associated with melanoma. Thiazolidine-2,4-dione is a versatile scaffold in medicinal chemistry and a useful tool in the development of new antitumoral compounds. The aim of our study was to predict the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic properties, the drug-likeness and lead-likeness of two series of synthetic 5-arylidene(chromenyl-methylene)-thiazolidinediones, the molecular docking on the oncoproteins K-Ras, N-Ras and B-Raf, and to investigate the cytotoxicity of the compounds, in order to select the best structural profile for potential anticancer agents...
March 31, 2019: Medicina
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