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Maria Rita Nasca, Ivano Luppino, Alessio Spurio Catena, Giuseppe Micali
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Classic Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) is a multifocal angioproliferative disorder with a long and indolent course typically affecting the lower extremities of elderly men. Multiple nodules with a rapid growth may sometimes develop, causing pain, bleeding, and discomfort on walking. In such cases, immediate intervention using different methods, including laser therapy, is advisable. We report our experience in classic KS patients with the use of neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser delivered through a tilted angle...
April 10, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Yuval Hilerowicz, Or Friedman, Eyal Zur, Roni Ziv, Amir Koren, Fares Salameh, Joseph N Mehrabi, Ofir Artzi
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Acne vulgaris, a chronic inflammatory disease, affects more than 90% of teenagers. The first-line treatments for acne vulgaris are topical and oral medications, mainly antibiotics and retinoids. However, antibiotic resistance of Propionibacterium acnes, contraindications, partial response, significant adverse effects, or recurrence creates demand for novel treatment options in acne. Aminolevulinic acid (ALA) photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a well-established modality in the treatment of acne...
April 9, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Chloe Ekelem, Nate Feil, Ella Csuka, Margit Juhasz, Jessica Lin, Franchesca Choi, Arya Asghari, Dorsa Heydarlou, Natasha A Mesinkovska
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Early diagnosis and treatment of hair loss disorders is vital in providing patients with improved psychological outcomes. Non-invasive imaging with optical coherence tomography (OCT) may be useful in characterizing and managing alopecia. Despite expanding clinical applications of OCT in dermatology, guidelines demonstrating in vivo features of normal and alopecic scalp images remain scant. This pilot study aims to provide an atlas of OCT findings of healthy and alopecia subjects, explore diagnostic quantitative endpoints of alopecia, and compare epidermal thickness and follicular density between scalp regions...
April 6, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Harib H Ezaldein, Sheena T Hill, Miesha Merati, Amanda Suggs, Barbara Reichert, Jeffrey F Scott
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Device innovation in dermatology is increasing. Medical devices identified as "substantially equivalent" to predicate ones by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may be exempt from premarket approval through the 510(k) pathway. The 510(k) pathway has been criticized for having less stringent clinical data requirements, and implications of dermatologic device clearance via this pathway are incompletely described. The objective of this study is to characterize dermatologic device clearance via the 510(k) pathway...
March 27, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Richard Nuccitelli, Amanda McDaniel, Richard Connolly, Brian Zelickson, Holly Hartman
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Nano-pulse stimulation (NPS) therapy is the application of ultrafast pulses of high amplitude electrical energy to tissues to influence cell function. Unique characteristics of these pulses enable electric field penetration into the interior of cells and organelles to generate transient nanopores in both organelle and plasma membranes. The purpose of this study is to document the temporal and physical changes in intracellular organelles following NPS therapy using electron microscopy...
March 27, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Wei Zhou, Xiaofeng Ni, Shangyan Xu, Lu Zhang, Yudong Chen, Weiwei Zhan
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study is to compare the efficacy and the safety of ultrasound-guided microwave ablation (MWA) and laser ablation (LA) for the treatment of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC). STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 67 patients with unifocal PTMC were studied retrospectively, including 33 cases who underwent MWA (MWA group) and 34 cases who received LA (LA group). The follow-up consisted of thyroid function tests, ultrasonography, contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS), and chest X-ray or computed tomography scan...
March 26, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Eric F Bernstein, Kevin T Schomacker, Xiaoming Shang, Dana Alessa, Haitham Algzlan, Amit Paranjape
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Laser-pumped lasers enable driving a secondary wavelength through pumping with a primary device. Here we investigate the first 730 nm laser-pumped laser for efficacy in tattoo removal. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifteen subjects with 20 tattoos were enrolled to investigate the effect of a new 730 nm, titanium-sapphire laser-pumped laser at removing decorative tattoos. A total of four treatments were administered and photographic improvement of pre- and post-treatment cross-polarized digital images was evaluated by four blinded physician observers using an 11-point scale...
March 24, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Mariana Rodrigues, Ramon B Cardoso, Heloyse U Kuriki, Alexandre M Marcolino, Elaine Caldeira de Oliveira Guirro, Rafael I Barbosa
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is defined as an extreme and chronic pain condition, and photobiomodulation has relevance as a complementary treatment for CRPS. The objective of this study was to verify the effects of photobiomodulation (PBMT) therapy protocols at two wavelengths 660 and 830 nm, associated or not to nicotine in complex regional pain syndrome type I (CRPS-I). STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty-four Swiss mice were divided into the following groups: (i) Naive, (ii) Sham, (iii) Control, (iv) 660 nm, (v) 830 nm, (vii) Nicotine, (vii) Nicotine/660 nm, and (viii) Nicotine/830 nm...
March 22, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Carisa Parrish, Benjamin Waldbaum, Daniel Coleman, Carley Blevins, Kristen Rodgers, Beverly Lee, Cecily Ober, Layla Hudhud, Solange Cox, Candace Griffin, Sunmi Chew, Bo Chen, Malcolm Brock
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Hyperhidrosis (HH) is associated with impairments in quality of life (QOL) and elevated anxiety. Microwave thermolysis is a newer treatment that reduces sweating, yet effects on QOL and emotional symptoms have not been examined. Two treatment sessions are recommended to achieve 80% amelioration of clinical HH. We hypothesized that microwave thermolysis would reduce sweat severity, improve QOL, and reduce anxiety in young adults suffering from axillary HH in a prospective clinical trial...
March 16, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Tyrell Pruitt, Xinlong Wang, Anqi Wu, Elisa Kallioniemi, Mustafa M Husain, Hanli Liu
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In our previous proof-of-principle study, transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) with 1,064-nm laser was reported to significantly increase concentration changes of oxygenated hemoglobin (∆[HbO]) and oxidized-state cytochrome c oxidase (∆[oxi-CCO]) in the human brain. This paper further investigated (i) its validity in two different subsets of young human subjects at two study sites over a period of 3 years and (ii) age-related effects of tPBM by comparing sham-controlled increases of ∆[HbO] and ∆[oxi-CCO] between young and older adults...
March 15, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Mikaela Kislevitz, Karen B Lu, Christine Wamsley, John Hoopman, Jeffrey Kenkel, Yucel Akgul
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Patient-reported outcomes and blinded observer rating scales are subjective and unreliable but are extensively utilized to evaluate cosmetic office-based treatments, including ablative lasers. This study aims to assess the practicality of using non-invasive and minimally invasive methods for objective skin assessment following a skin rejuvenation treatment. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twelve patients received a single 1,470/2,940 nm laser treatment for facial rejuvenation...
March 15, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Vasanop Vachiramon, Korn Triyangkulsri, Wimolsiri Iamsumang, Pamela Chayavichitsilp
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Microfocused ultrasound with visualization (MFU-V) has been approved for the treatment of skin laxity on several areas including the eyebrows, neck, and submental area. This study aims to determine the efficacy of MFU-V for the treatment of abdominal skin laxity using two different treatment protocols. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty female patients with abdominal skin laxity were enrolled. Each side of the abdomen was randomly assigned to receive a single session of single-plane MFU-V treatment (4...
March 15, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Mario Mischkulnig, Barbara Kiesel, Martin Borkovec, Lisa I Wadiura, Dimitri Benner, Arthur Hosmann, Shawn Hervey-Jumper, Engelbert Knosp, Karl Roessler, Mitchel S Berger, Georg Widhalm
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Fluorescence-guided resection of glioblastomas (GBM) using 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) improves intraoperative tumor visualization and is thus widely used nowadays. During resection, different fluorescence levels can usually be distinguished within the same tumor. Recently, we demonstrated that strong, vague, and no fluorescence correspond to distinct histopathological characteristics in newly diagnosed GBM. However, the qualitative fluorescence classification by the neurosurgeon is subjective and currently no comprehensive data on interobserver variability is available...
March 8, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Juan J Pérez, Elżbieta Ewertowska, Enrique Berjano
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Radiofrequency (RF)-induced ablation can be carried out inside ducts and vessels by simultaneously dragging a bipolar catheter while applying RF power. Our objective was to characterize the relation between pullback speed, impedance progress, and temperature distribution. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: We built a numerical model including a bipolar catheter, which is dragged inside a duct while RF power is applied between a pair of electrodes...
March 8, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Ragab K Elnaggar
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Structured physical activities and dietary control have traditionally been used with the aim of controlling obesity. However, effective auxiliary modalities still needed to reduce local obesity, specifically abdominal obesity. This study examined the adjunct effect of photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), and non-contact selective-field radiofrequency (NcRF) on abdominal adiposity in adolescents with obesity. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty-four adolescents with obesity (33 females and 21 males) took part in this study and were distributed randomly into three treatment-based groups...
March 5, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Chatchadaporn Chunharas, Monica Boen, Marwan Alhaddad, Douglas C Wu
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Erythema is one of the most common cosmetic concerns and usually responds well to pulsed dye laser (PDL) treatment. As this laser can cause significant discomfort, topical anesthesia is sometimes offered. However, it is still uncertain whether topical anesthetics can affect the outcome of the laser therapy. We performed a retrospective single site study to compare the efficacy of PDL for the treatment of erythema in patients with and without pretreatment with topical anesthetic...
April 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Frederic De Leeuw, Muriel Abbaci, Odile Casiraghi, Aïcha Ben Lakhdar, Alexia Alfaro, Ingrid Breuskin, Corinne Laplace-Builhé
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In head and neck surgery, intraoperative and postoperative evaluation of tumor margins is achieved by histopathological assessment, which is a multistep process. Intraoperative analysis of tumor margins to obtain a preliminary diagnosis is usually carried out on frozen sections. Analysis of frozen sections is challenging due to technical difficulties in processing. Full-field optical coherence tomography (FFOCT) provides ex vivo images of fresh tissue samples at a microscopic scale without tissue processing...
February 18, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Matjaž Lukač, Nejc Lukač, Matija Jezeršek
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Laser-activated irrigation of dental root canals is being increasingly used as its efficacy has been shown to be superior compared with conventional techniques. The method is based on laser-initiated localized fluid evaporation and subsequent rapid bubble expansions and collapses, inducing microfluid flow throughout the entire volume of the cavity. The irrigation efficacy can be further improved if optimally delayed "SWEEPS" double laser pulses are delivered into the canal...
February 17, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Lilach Gavish, Oshrit Hoffer, Neta Rabin, Moshe Halak, Simon Shkilevich, Yuval Shayovitz, Gal Weizman, Ortal Haim, Benjamin Gavish, S David Gertz, Zehava Ovadia-Blechman
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Photobiomodulation (PBM), a non-ionizing, non-thermal irradiation, used clinically to accelerate wound healing and inhibit pain, was previously shown to increase blood flow. However, some individuals respond to PBM, but others do not. The purpose of this study was to investigate factors affecting this patient-specific response using advanced, noninvasive methods for monitoring microcirculatory activity. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial (NCT03357523), 20 healthy non-smoking volunteers (10:10 males:females, 30 ± 8 years old) were randomized to receive either red- (633 nm and 70 W/cm2 ) or near-infrared light (830 nm and 55 mW/cm2 ) over the wrist for 5 minutes...
February 17, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Veysi Hakan Yardimci
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: An ideal treatment for pilonidal disease should feature a low recurrence rate, minimal incision, and rapid return to daily activities. We compared the outcomes of the well-defined Karydakis technique (KT) and a combination of pit excision (PE) and sinus tract ablation using 1,470-nm diode laser. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this study, from January 2016 to January 2018, patients diagnosed with uncomplicated early-stage pilonidal sinus disease were enrolled and were treated randomly, using KT (n = 28) or a PE/laser ablation technique (PE + LAT; n = 30)...
February 17, 2020: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
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