Murat Karakahya, Mehmet Gül, Sevil Işık, Cemalettin Aydın, Birgül Yiğitcan, Emrah Otan, Taner Orug
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the histopathologic effects of L-carnitine (LC) in an experimental severe pancreatitis (SP) model induced with sodium taurocholate (STC). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: LC is an amino acid-like molecule that plays an active role in transporting fatty acids and producing Acetyl CoA in mitochondrial matrix for β-oxidation to provide energy which is needed for metabolism. It has ameliorative effects on cell injury demonstrated in many studies. The present study focuses on evaluating histopathologic effects of LC in an experimental SP model...
April 27, 2016: International Surgery
Zulfu Bayhan, Sezgin Zeren, Ertugrul Kargi, Faik Yaylak, Mehmet Korkmaz, Bekir Sanal, Bergis Ucar, Aysenur Deger, Cengiz Kocak
BACKGROUND: We aimed to investigate the relationship between the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and postoperative length of hospital stay. In addition, the impact of radiological and histopathological findings on hospital stay was also evaluated. METHOD: This is a retrospective study. One hundred three patients with appendicitis were in-cluded. The diagnosis was confirmed by computed tomography (CT), ultrasonography and histopathological examination. Correlations between the length of hospital stay and age, gender, NLR, c-reactive peptide levels (CRP), the appendix diameter on CT or ultrasonogra-phy, appendix localisation and pathology reports were evaluated...
April 25, 2016: International Surgery
Yan Ge, Yishu Wang, Lei Pang, Lihong Zhang, Yingxian Zhai, Houlan Zhou
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of mistletoe alkali on human Osteosarcoma cells (U2OS) in vitro. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Osteosarcoma is the most common primary malignant tumor of bone tumor, although there are a lot of therapies such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, its prognosis is still very poor. There is increasing interest in the protective biological function of natural antioxidants contained in Chinese medicinal herbs, which are candidates for the prevention of tumors...
April 25, 2016: International Surgery
Won Ha, Sin Young Song, Chi Sun Yoon, Kyu Nam Kim
Diastasis recti abdominis is a condition defined as the separation between the rectus abdominis and the linea alba, which leads to weakness in the abdominal muscles. Diastasis may be slight or severe, sometimes resulting in herniation of the abdominal viscera. Following childbirth, most women develop some extent of muscle separation in the postpartum period. However, if the diastasis recti abdominis in the postpartum period remain severe, it should be corrected to prevent concurrent abdominal hernia, strangulation or incarceration...
April 22, 2016: International Surgery
Mehmet Tirnaksiz, Arman Erkan, Ahmet Bulent Dogrul, Osman Abbasoglu
Aim of this study was to evaluate the characteristic features of patients with mesothelial cyst of the round ligament of the uterus and the incidence of this entity. This was a retrospective review of 3065 patients who underwent inguinal exploration for groin mass from 1998 to 2013. Clinical, radiological and histopathological features of patients with a diagnosis of mesothelial cyst of the round ligament were analyzed. Of the 405 female patients reviewed 9 mesothelial cysts of the round ligament were identified (2...
April 4, 2016: International Surgery
Suk-Bae Moon
A sinus between the colon and a retroperitoneal abscess is a rare entity that usually occurs as a complication of a primary condition such as Crohn's disease, radiation enteritis, or diverticular disease. Herein, we report a 72-year-old woman with a retroperitoneal abscess and a sinus formation between the abscess and the colon after an iatrogenic injury to her left colon. The retroperitoneal abscess was detected 1 week after the patient had undergone a left nephroureterectomy for recurrent ureteral cancer...
April 4, 2016: International Surgery
Kemal Kismet, Murat Sadic, Yusuf Murat Bag, Hasan Ikbal Atilgan, Gokhan Koca, Ali Kemal Onalan, Mehmet Senes, Seydi Ali Peker, Nihat Yumusak, Meliha Korkmaz
OBJECTIVE AND BACKGROUND: Based on the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-apoptotic properties of DEX, the present study was conducted to investigate the possible radioprotective effects of DEX against hepatic radioiodine (I-131) toxicity. METHODS: Thirty six rats were randomly divided into three groups as untreated control (group 1); oral radioiodine (RAI, 111 MBq) administrated rats (group 2), and DEX group (oral radioiodine and daily intraperitoneal 25 µg/kg DEX administrated rats-group 3)...
March 28, 2016: International Surgery
Alpaslan SarÄ, Neset Gonullu, CagrÄ Tä Ryaki, Murat YazÄ cÄ Oglu, Ertugrul Kargi, Emre Gonullu, Ahmet Yä Rmibesoglu
METHODS: One hundred and sixty-two patients with GERD were treated surgically with LNF from October 2006 to March 2010. Diagnoses were made by using upper gastrointestinal system (GIS) endoscopy and 24-hour pH monitoring, and all the patients underwent routine LNF surgery. The patients were questioned regarding complaints and proton pump inhibitor (PPI) usage during the postoperative period, and forty patients who had postoperative GIS symptoms were included. Upper GIS endoscopy with antral biopsy for Helicobacter pylori (HP) identification and multichannel intraluminal impedance pH(MII-pH) monitoring were applied Results:The median postoperative follow-up time was 1...
March 23, 2016: International Surgery
Recai CapoÄ Lu, Cagri Tiryaki, Ertugrul Kargi, Emre Gonullu, Neset Gonullu, Oguz Ozbay
UNLABELLED: 1-INTRODUCTION: The Lichtenstein hernia repair is associated with low recurrence rates and short operation times, and can be performed under local anaesthesia. Thus, this is among the most-preferred methods used in recent years. Our objective was to explore the same-day discharge rates, and the causes of delayed discharge and re-admission to hospital, of patients treated using the Lichtenstein repair method, to evaluate the feasibility of performing same-day hernia surgery in clinical practice...
March 23, 2016: International Surgery
Ali Emre, Guldeniz Karadeniz Cakmak, Dilek Karakaya Arpaci, Sevil Uygun Ilikhan, Murat Damar
OBJECTIVE: Primary endpoint is to determine whether intraoperative steroid affect post-thyroidectomy recurrent laryngeal palsy or not Background: Recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) palsy is an important complication of thyroid surgery. Injuries can either be permanent or temporary. Prevention or shortening the recovery period of temporary palsies is an area of interest. Some surgeons prefer to use corticosteroids for this purpose as is used for facial nerve palsies although there are conflicting data in the literature...
March 23, 2016: International Surgery
Mustafa Emiroglu, Cem Karaali, Semra Salimoglu, Ismail Sert, Levent Ugurlu, Cengiz AydÄ N
OBJECTIVE: Our hypothesis was that a low concentration (30%) of phenol would be more effective than a high concentration (80%) in the treatment of pilonidal disease. The purpose of our study was to compare the effects of high and low doses of liquid phenol in the treatment of pilonidal disease. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: In the treatment of the pilonidal disease, the phenolization technique and concentration of the phenol solution is not well defined. METHODS: Consecutive patients being treated for pilonidal disease with high and low concentrations of phenol were included in this randomized prospective study...
March 23, 2016: International Surgery
Abdul Qadir Khan, Enyu Liu, Peng Li, Hazrat Gul, Jessica Fokeerchand, Jun Niu, Weibo Niu
OBJECTIVE: Evaluation of a Hybrid Approach to NOTES and its performance relative to conventional procedures. BACKGROUND: Globally, numerous institutions have successfully implemented minimally invasive surgeries by applying natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) techniques and achieved decreased morbidity while performing incision-less surgery. However, these techniques are still not common in surgical practice in China and Pakistan. Documenting the experiences and challenges encountered in implementing NOTES in such environments can provide guidance for NOTES implementation elsewhere...
March 21, 2016: International Surgery
Wei Wang, Haifeng Wang, Feng Tao, Kaixing Ai
Intestinal obstruction caused by primary intraperitoneal hernia is infrequent and difficult to diagnose. Incorrect diagnosis and delayed surgical treatment will lead to serious consequences. We report a rare case of a 62-year-old Chinese woman with strangulated lesser omentum hiatus hernia. Contrast-enhanced abdominal computed tomography(CT) scan is recommended for early revealing direct and indirect signs. We propose three diagnostic points of primary intraperitoneal hernia: 1. "Three-no" pathography: with no history of abdominal operation, abdominal trauma and abdominal infection...
March 16, 2016: International Surgery
Konstantinos Potaris, Emmanuil Kapetanakis, Konstantinos Papamichail, Elena Midvighi, Alexis Verveniotis, Fotios Parissis, Demetrios Apostolou, Vaios Tziortziotis, Spiridoula Maimani, Evangelia Pouliara, Gregorios Vogiatzis, Stamatis Kakaris, Marios Konstantinou
AbstractObjective: During fiscal crisis there was a period of shortage of staplers in our hospital, which drove us to manual suturing of bronchi and pulmonary vessels during major lung resections. We present our experience during that period in comparison to a subsequent period when staplers became available again. METHODS: A total of 256 lobectomies and 78 pneumonectomies were performed using manual suturing (group A), between September 2009 and September 2010, and compared regarding surgical outcome to 248 lobectomies and 60 pneumonectomies using staplers (group B), between September 2011 and September 2012...
July 27, 2015: International Surgery
Mehmet Turkoglu, Erdal Birol Bostancı, Hasan Bilgili, Yıldız Türkoğlu, Ümit Karadeniz, Gülden Aydoğ, Uğur Erçin, Ayşe Bilgihan, İlter Özer, Musa Akoğlu
PURPOSE: This study aimed to assess the effect of intraoperative PEEP intervention on the healing of colonic anastomoses in rabbits. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-two New Zealand type male rabbits were divided into two groups of sixteen animals each. Following ventilation with tracheostomy, colonic resection and anastomosis were performed in both groups. While 10 cm H2O PEEP level was applied in Group I (PEEP), Group II (ZEEP) was ventilated without PEEP throughout the surgery...
July 27, 2015: International Surgery
Yusuf Tanrikulu, Mithat Cagsar, Boran Yalcin, Furuzan Kokturk, Gokhan Yilmaz, Volkan Temi
OBJECTIVE: Hernia repair is a common surgical procedure, and postoperative pain is an inevitable result of hernia surgery. The prevention of postoperative pain is of considerable importance in terms of patient comfort and early discharge. In this study, we evaluated the effects of a peritoneal incision on pain in the early postoperative period. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: This was a prospective clinical study with 75 patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair. METHODS: Patients were divided into five groups: group 1: indirect hernia, Lichtenstein repair with peritoneal incision, group 2: indirect hernia, Lichtenstein repair without peritoneal incision, group 3: all hernias, trans-abdominal preperitoneal(TAPP) repair, group 4: all hernias, total extraperitoneal (TEP) repair, and group 5: direct hernia, Lichtenstein repair with no peritoneal incision...
July 23, 2015: International Surgery
Zhanyong Zhu, Xilin Yang, Zhong Wang, Yueqiang Zhao, Mosheng Yu, Huajun Fan
PURPOSE: To develop a non-obese diabetic rat model for sleeve gastrectomy with modified jejunoileal bypass (SG/MJIB) and to investigate its effectiveness and safety for inducing diabetic control. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-five 13-week-old male Goto-Kakizaki rats were randomly assigned to the pair-fed to sham-operated SG/MJIB (PFSO-SG/MJIB), SG/MJIB, PFSO-SG, SG, and control groups. The experimental period was 16 weeks post-operatively. Body weight; food intake; glycemic control outcomes; and ghrelin, glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP), and insulin levels were measured...
July 16, 2015: International Surgery
Zulfu Bayhan, Sezgin Zeren, Isa Ozbay, Cuneyt Kahraman, Faik Yaylak, Cagri Tiryaki, Mehmet Ekici
AbstractObjective: This study aimed to determine the relationship between MPV and thyroid malignancy by comparing patients who underwent surgery for benign or malignant thyroid diseases. BACKGROUND: Mean platelet volume (MPV) is a useful early indicator of platelet activation. Platelets differ in terms of functional activity and size. Large platelets are relatively new, more reactive and produce more thrombogenic factors. Therefore, in conditions that involve increased platelet activation, an increase in the proportion of young platelets and MPV is expected...
July 10, 2015: International Surgery
Ying-Hua Sun, Lian-Xu Chen, Zhao-de Jiao, Li Wang, Rui-Ming Zhang, Jun Fang, Jianmin Li
Nearly all previous studies in posterior tibial slope (PTS) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries ignored age-related changes, and the published data are inconsistent. The objective of this study was to reveal age-related changes of PTS and its roles in ACL injury. Data for 2618 lower limbs were included initially based on the availability of lateral radiographs and a suitable femoro-tibial angle. The final 1431 subjects were analyzed according to age, gender, side, and injury status. Student's t-tests, one-way analysis of variance, and curve fitting were used to analyze data...
July 7, 2015: International Surgery
Celalettin Karatepe, Mustafa Aldemir, Bayer Çınar, Akif Önalan, Halim Işsever, Onur S Goksel
Patent vascular access is critical for patients on regular hemodialysis. Prosthetic grafts are good alternatives when the superficial venous system is of poor quality. However, thrombosis is one of the main drawbacks of synthetic grafts, with reports of 59% to 90% patency rates for 1 year. In cases of thrombotic occlusion of prosthetic arteriovenous fistula grafts, percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy has recently gained clinical popularity as a potential alternative to surgical thrombectomy or pharmacologic thrombolysis...
July 2015: International Surgery
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