P Tegelberg, T Tervonen, M Knuuttila, T Saxlin, P Ylöstalo
AIM: To investigate whether long-term obesity, long-term central obesity and weight gain are associated with alveolar bone loss. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A sub-population (n = 1318) of the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 was categorized based on body mass index (BMI: normal weight, overweight and obesity) and waist circumference (WC: no central obesity, central obesity) at ages 31 and 46. These categories were combined to define whether the participants stayed in the same categories or passed on to a higher category (weight gain)...
May 25, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Anne Isine Bolstad, Bjørg-Tilde Svanes Fevang, Stein Atle Lie
AIM: To investigate the risk of periodontitis in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients in a nationwide register-based study. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients and controls were defined using ICD-10 codes registered in the Norwegian Patient Registry (NPR), from 2011 to 2017. The 324,232 included subjects had at least one registered diagnostic code for RA (33,040 patients) or diagnostic codes for non-osteoporotic fractures or hip or knee replacement due to osteoarthritis (controls)...
May 18, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Daniel Hagenfeld, Sven Kleine Bardenhorst, Johannes Matern, Karola Prior, Inga Harks, Peter Eickholz, Katrin Lorenz, Ti-Sun Kim, Thomas Kocher, Jörg Meyle, Doğan Kaner, Ulrich Schlagenhauf, Dag Harmsen, Benjamin Ehmke
AIM: To explore whether adjunctive antibiotics can relevantly influence long-term microbiota changes in stage III-IV periodontitis patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trial on periodontal therapy with adjunctive 500 mg amoxicillin and 400 mg metronidazole or placebo thrice daily for 7 days. Subgingival plaque samples were taken before and 2, 8, 14 and 26 months after mechanical therapy...
May 9, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Antonio Liñares, Ignacio Sanz-Sánchez, José Dopico, Ana Molina, Juan Blanco, Eduardo Montero
AIM: The aim of this systematic review was to evaluate the efficacy of patient-performed or administered adjunctive measures to non-surgical peri-implantitis therapy in terms of probing depth (PD) and/or bleeding on probing (BoP) reductions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Randomized and controlled clinical trials with at least 6 months of follow-up were searched in three databases. Secondary outcomes included implant loss, disease resolution, recurrence of peri-implantitis, need of re-treatment, changes in marginal bone levels, patient-reported outcomes and adverse effects...
May 4, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Mariano Sanz, Ana Carrillo de Albornoz, Conchita Martín, Ian Needleman, Maurizio S Tonetti
AIM: To obtain input from multiple stakeholders and generate agreement on essential outcomes in implant dentistry using the Delphi methodology and incorporate them into an international consensus defining a core outcome set. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Candidate outcomes in implant dentistry were generated from scientific evidence through five commissioned systematic reviews and from people with lived experience in dental implants (PWLE) through four international focus groups...
May 4, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Jean-Claude Imber, Andrea Roccuzzo, Alexandra Stähli, Dieter D Bosshardt, Fernando Muñoz, Christoph A Ramseier, Niklaus P Lang, Anton Sculean
AIM: To investigate the spontaneous regeneration of the implanto-mucosal and dento-gingival unit after complete removal of keratinized tissue (KT). MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hemi-mandible per dog (n = 4) was allocated to receive three dental implants (test sites, premolar region), whereas three premolars on the contralateral side were controls. After osseointegration, the entire KT (buccal + lingual) was surgically excised on all test and control sites, leaving the bone exposed...
April 26, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Aurélio Amorim Reis, Mabelle Freitas Monteiro, Gabriela Martin Bonilha, Luciana Saraiva, Cassia Araújo, Mauro Pedrine Santamaria, Marcio Zaffalon Casati, Purnima Kumar, Renato Corrêa Viana Casarin
AIM: To evaluate the microbial colonization in different dentition phases on individuals from 0 to 18 years of age belonging to families with a history of periodontitis compared to descendants of periodontally healthy parents. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The offspring of subjects with periodontitis ('Perio' group) and the offspring of periodontally healthy subjects ('Healthy' group), matched for gender and age, were included in this cross-sectional study and divided according to the dentition phase: pre-dentate, primary, mixed and permanent...
April 22, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Sung Weon Choi, Sundara Raj Sreeja, Trong-Dat Le, Nitin Shivappa, James R Hebert, Mi Kyung Kim
AIM: To examine the association between a pro-inflammatory diet, estimated using the energy-adjusted dietary inflammatory index (E-DII), and the risk of periodontitis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Study subjects from the Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study Health Examinee (KoGES_HEXA) cohort were included for cross-sectional analysis (n = 168,378) using multivariate logistic regression and prospective analysis (n = 160,397) using Cox proportional hazard models respectively...
April 21, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Chun-Teh Lee, Duong Tran, Yosuke Tsukiboshi, Seiko Min, Sung K Kim, Srinivas Ayilavarapu, Robin Weltman
AIM: This randomized controlled trial aimed to investigate the efficacy of soft-tissue augmentation (STA) with a subepithelial connective tissue graft (SCTG) or an acellular dermal matrix (ADM) on reducing tissue alterations at an immediate implant site. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This trial had three groups: (i) immediate implant with SCTG (ICT group); (ii) immediate implant with ADM (IAD group); (iii) immediate implant without STA (control group). Forty-six patients were randomly assigned to each group...
April 13, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Lewis Winning, Gary Moran, Mary McClory, Ikhlas El Karim, Fionnuala T Lundy, Christopher C Patterson, Dermot Linden, Kathy M Cullen, Frank Kee, Gerard J Linden
AIM: To investigate whether there is an association between subgingival microbial diversity and reduced respiratory function. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A group of dentate 58-72-year-old men in Northern Ireland had a comprehensive periodontal examination including subgingival plaque sampling. DNA was extracted from plaque samples and the V1-V3 regions of the 16S rRNA gene were analysed by high-throughput sequencing and a microbial diversity index (MDI) was derived. Spirometry measurements were made using a wedge bellows spirometer...
April 13, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Ilona Koronna, Beate Schacher, Iulia Dahmer, Katrin Nickles, Sarah K Sonnenschein, Ti-Sun Kim, Peter Eickholz, Hari Petsos
AIM: To assess the long-term stability of attachment gain in infrabony defects (IBDs) 10 years after regenerative treatment with an enamel matrix derivative (EMD) alone. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two centres (Frankfurt [F] and Heidelberg [HD]) invited patients for re-examination 120 ± 12 months after regenerative therapy. Re-examination included clinical examination (periodontal probing depths (PPD), vertical clinical attachment level (CAL), plaque index (PlI), gingival index (GI), plaque control record, gingival bleeding index and periodontal risk assessment) and review of patient charts (number of supportive periodontal care [SPC] visits)...
April 12, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Crystal Marruganti, Mario Romandini, Carlo Gaeta, Edoardo Ferrari Cagidiaco, Nicola Discepoli, Stefano Parrini, Filippo Graziani, Simone Grandini
AIM: To evaluate the association between lifestyle behaviours and clinical periodontal outcomes following Steps 1/2 of periodontal therapy. METHODS: A total of 120 subjects with untreated Stage II/III periodontitis participated in this study. At baseline, questionnaires were administered to assess the following lifestyle behaviours: adherence to Mediterranean diet (MD), physical activity (PA) and stress levels, sleep quality, smoking and alcohol use. Participants received Steps 1/2 of periodontal therapy and were re-evaluated after 3 months...
April 4, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Xiaoyu Sun, Yifan Ping, Xumin Li, Yixin Mao, Yang Chen, Lixi Shi, Xinhua Hong, Liang Chen, Shuhong Chen, Zelin Cao, Pan Chen, Zhongchen Song, Daniel Wismeijer, Gang Wu, Yinhui Ji, Shengbin Huang
AIM: To investigate whether silibinin impacts diabetic periodontitis (DP) via mitochondrial regulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In vivo, rats were divided into the control, diabetes, DP, and DP combined with silibinin groups. Diabetes and periodontitis were induced by streptozocin and silk ligation, respectively. Bone turnover was evaluated by microcomputed tomography, histology, and immunohistochemistry. In vitro, human periodontal ligament cells (hPDLCs) were exposed to hydroxy peroxide (H2 O2 ) with or without silibinin...
March 20, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Dewi L I Nasution, Michiko Furuta, Huihua Li, Myrna Nurlatifah Zakaria, Toru Takeshita, Marco A Peres, Yoshihisa Yamashita
AIM: This study investigated the existence of a bidirectional temporal relationship between periodontal condition and glycemic status. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This longitudinal study included 2,198 participants with mean age 43.4±7.7 years, who underwent dental examinations in Yokohama, Japan at two-time points, 2003-2004 and 2008-2009, at an interval of five years. Periodontal condition was assessed by the mean value of probing pocket depth (PPD) and clinical attachment level (CAL)...
March 19, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
David Herrera, Mariano Sanz, Lior Shapira, Carlos Brotons, Iain Chapple, Thomas Frese, Filippo Graziani, F D Richard Hobbs, Olivier Huck, Eva Hummers, Søren Jepsen, Oleg Kravtchenko, Phoebus Madianos, Ana Molina, Mehmet Ungan, Josep Vilaseca, Adam Windak, Shlomo Vinker
AIM: To explore the implications for dentists and family doctors of the association between periodontal and systemic diseases and the role of dentists and family doctors in managing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and promoting healthy lifestyles. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The consensus reports of the previous Focused Workshops on the associations between periodontitis and diabetes (2017) and periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases (2019) formed the technical reviews to underpin discussions on both topics...
March 19, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Lorenzo Tavelli, Jad Majzoub, Frederic Kauffmann, Maria Vera Rodriguez, Leonardo Mancini, Hsun-Liang Chan, Oliver D Kripfgans, William V Giannobile, Hom-Lay Wang, Shayan Barootchi
AIM: To evaluate the efficacy of coronally advanced flap (CAF) versus tunnel technique (TUN) in covering isolated mid-facial peri-implant soft tissue dehiscences (PSTDs). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-eight participants presenting with isolated non-molar implants exhibiting PSTDs were enrolled and randomized to receive either CAF or TUN, both with a connective tissue graft (CTG). The primary outcome of the study was the percentage of mean PSTD coverage at 12 months...
March 19, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Renato C V Casarin, Cristiane R Salmon, Camila S Stolf, Hélvis E S Paz, Thiago P Rangel, Romênia R Domingues, Bianca A Pauletti, Adriana F Paes-Leme, Cassia Araújo, Mauro P Santamaria, Karina S Ruiz, Mabelle F Monteiro
AIM: To compare the salivary proteomic profile of periodontitis-affected (PA) parents and their offspring to periodontally healthy (PH) dyads in the pursuit of possible biomarkers for early diagnosis of this disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Unstimulated saliva samples collected from 17 pairs of PA or PH individuals and their children were submitted to mass spectrometric analyses followed by proteomic analyses. Primary PA fibroblasts were triggered towards having an inflammatory response, and an immunoenzymatic assay of its supernatant was performed to validate the obtained data...
March 19, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Lucía García-Caballero, Marina Gándara, Alfonso Cepeda-Emiliani, Rosalía Gallego, Francisco Gude, Juan Suárez-Quintanilla, Isabel Ramos-Barbosa, Juan Blanco-Carrión
AIMS: To analyze the histologic structure and histomorphometric characteristics of human hard palatal mucosa in order to determine the donor site of choice for connective tissue grafts from a histological point of view. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Palatal mucosa samples from six cadaver heads were harvested at four sites: incisal, premolar, molar and tuberosity. Histological and immunohistochemical techniques were performed, as was histomorphometric analysis. RESULTS: In the current study we found that the density and size of cells was higher in the superficial papillary layer, whereas the thickness of the collagen bundles increased in the reticular...
March 5, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Ilan Pinkhasov, Liron Kabakov, Carlos E Nemcovsky, Miron Weinreb, Pnina Schlesinger, Omer Bender, Maayan Gal, Daniel Z Bar, Evgeny Weinberg
AIM: To reveal the heterogeneity of ex vivo-cultured human mesenchymal stromal cells derived from either masticatory or lining oral mucosa. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Cells were retrieved from the lamina propria of the hard palate and alveolar mucosa of three individuals. The analysis of transcriptomic-level differences was accomplished using single-cell RNA sequencing. RESULTS: Cluster analysis clearly distinguished between cells from the masticatory and lining oral mucosa, and revealed 11 distinct cell sub-populations, annotated as fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells or mesenchymal stem cells...
March 2, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Samantha Simoni Santi, Leandro Machado Oliveira, Maísa Casarin, Cristiano Susin, Carlos Heitor Cunha Moreira, Fabrício Batistin Zanatta
AIM: to evaluate associations between oral hygiene and gingival abrasion (GA) in a rural population from southern Brazil. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A population-based sample representative of individuals from a rural community in southern Brazil was included. Individuals aged 15 years or older and who had 5 teeth or more present were selected for this analysis. GA extent was defined as the total number of abrasions per individual. An adjusted multilevel negative binomial regression analysis was used to investigate the associations between site-, tooth-, and individual-level variables and GA...
March 2, 2023: Journal of Clinical Periodontology
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