Masakazu Fujii, Naoya Okada, Ryuji Shichinohe, Yasuo Sakurai, Yoshihiro Kinoshita
INTRODUCTION: Gastric remnant reconstruction is commonly used for esophagectomy reconstruction. However, standard reconstruction cannot be performed in some patients with a specific medical history. We report a case of esophagectomy and gastric remnant reconstruction with left gastroepiploic artery (LGEA) supercharge to treat esophageal cancer in a patient in whom the right gastroepiploic artery (RGEA) had previously been occluded. PRESENTATION OF CASE: A 65-year-old man underwent endoscopic submucosal dissection for thoracic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma...
April 8, 2021: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
K Chatzimisios, D N Kasambalis, V Angelou, L G Papazoglou
Extrahepatic biliary obstruction occurs infrequently in cats. Pathophysiology of biliary obstruction is characterized by cholestasis, obstruction, inflammation, and exudation. Clinical signs and laboratory examination findings are nonspecific. Ultrasonographic examination of the biliary tract aids significantly in diagnosis. The aims of feline biliary surgery are to determine the underlying cause and extent of the obstruction, restore bile flow to the gastrointestinal tract, and prevent bile leakage and subsequent peritonitis...
April 12, 2021: Topics in Companion Animal Medicine
Malkhaz Mizandari, Tamta Azrumelashvili, Pedram Keshavarz, Nagy Habib
PURPOSE: To study the safety, efficacy, and long-term outcomes of percutaneous pancreatic duct drainage (PPDD) for treating pancreatic duct (PD) obstruction. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective observational cohort study included 73 patients with PD obstruction between December 2010 and June 2020. Patients underwent PPDD under ultrasound and fluoroscopy guidance, computed tomography (CT) and fluoroscopy guidance, or CT guidance only. They were categorized into two groups: nonmalignant (26 patients with PD obstruction due to acute and chronic pancreatitis or postoperative stricture) and malignant (47 patients with pancreatic head and ampullary tumors)...
April 12, 2021: Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology: JVIR
Anna Goddi, Liesl Schroedl, Eric M Brey, Ronald N Cohen
Laminins are extracellular matrix proteins that reside in the basement membrane and provide structural support in addition to promoting cellular adhesion and migration. Through interactions with cell surface receptors, laminins stimulate intracellular signaling cascades which direct specific survival and differentiation outcomes. In metabolic tissues such as the pancreas, adipose, muscle, and liver, laminin isoforms are expressed in discrete temporal and spatial patterns suggesting that certain isoforms may support the development and function of particular metabolic cell types...
April 12, 2021: Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental
Mengqi Song, Bin Zhou, Bilu Li, Lantian Tian
BACKGROUND: Prostate transmembrane protein androgen-induced 1 (PMEPA1) is reportedly highly expressed in pancreatic cancer (PC). However, its biological role and associated mechanisms have not been addressed in PC progression. METHODS: PMEPA1 mRNA expression and survival outcome of PC patients were evaluated via the GEPIA website. Lentiviral-mediated shRNA knockdown and ectopic expression of PMEPA1 were implemented in the pancreatic cancer cell line PANC1 cells...
April 12, 2021: American Journal of the Medical Sciences
Nicola Fazio, Carlo Carnaghi, Roberto Buzzoni, Juan W Valle, Fabian Herbst, Antonia Ridolfi, Jonathan Strosberg, Matthew H Kulke, Marianne E Pavel, James C Yao
BACKGROUND: Hyperglycemia and hypercholesterolemia are class effects of mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors such as everolimus. This post hoc pooled analysis assessed the potential impact of these events on the efficacy of everolimus. METHODS: Patients with advanced, low- or intermediate-grade pancreatic, gastrointestinal, or lung neuroendocrine tumors received either oral everolimus at 10 mg/d or a placebo in the RAD001 in Advanced Neuroendocrine Tumors 3 (RADIANT-3) and RAD001 in Advanced Neuroendocrine Tumors 4 (RADIANT-4) trials...
April 15, 2021: Cancer
Dinh-Vu Le
In this study, a fluorescence detection strategy is reported for the peptidase activity assay, which is based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) from a fluorophore-labelled peptide to graphene oxide (GO). By the hydrolysis of the peptide, the fluorophore-labelled peptide releases the fluorophore 5-carboxyfluorescein, which can avoid quenching from GO. Thus, the increased intensity of the obtained fluorescence signal in the assay is directly dependent on the peptidase activity. As a model case of the developed strategy, the activity determination of pancreatic elastase (PE) is performed...
April 15, 2021: Protein Journal
Marcos R Infantes-Garcia, Sarah H E Verkempinck, Marc E Hendrickx, Tara Grauwet
This research evaluated the impact of the emulsion interfacial composition on in vitro small intestinal lipolysis kinetics with the inclusion of rabbit gastric lipase resulting in a gastric prelipolysis step. O/w emulsions contained 5% triolein (w/w) and 1% (w/w) of the following emulsifiers: sodium taurodeoxycholate, citrus pectin, soy protein isolate, soy lecithin, and tween 80. Emulsions were subjected to static in vitro digestion and diverse lipolysis species quantified via a HPLC-charged aerosol detector...
April 15, 2021: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Konstantin Bräutigam, Antonio Rodriguez-Calero, Corina Kim-Fuchs, Attila Kollár, Roman Trepp, Ilaria Marinoni, Aurel Perren
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Classification and nomenclature of neuroendocrine neoplasms (NEN) have frequently changed over the last years. These changes reflect both increasing knowledge and international standardisation. RECENT FINDINGS: The most recent changes in the Gastro-Entero-Pancreatic system induced the concept of well-differentiated NET with high proliferation rate (NET G3), explaining partially the heterogeneity of G3 NEN. Even if the nomenclature in pulmonary NEN is still different, the terms 'carcinoid' and 'atypical carcinoid' are widely overlapping with NET G1 and NET G2...
April 14, 2021: Current Oncology Reports
Ondrej Uher, Veronika Caisova, Lucie Padoukova, Karolina Kvardova, Kamila Masakova, Radka Lencova, Andrea Frejlachova, Marketa Skalickova, Anna Venhauerova, Adela Chlastakova, Per Hansen, Jindrich Chmelar, Jan Kopecky, Zhengping Zhuang, Karel Pacak, Jan Zenka
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths, and its therapy remains a challenge. Our proposed therapeutic approach is based on the intratumoral injections of mannan-BAM, toll-like receptor ligands, and anti-CD40 antibody (thus termed MBTA therapy), and has shown promising results in the elimination of subcutaneous murine melanoma, pheochromocytoma, colon carcinoma, and smaller pancreatic adenocarcinoma (Panc02). Here, we tested the short- and long-term effects of MBTA therapy in established subcutaneous Panc02 tumors two times larger than in previous study and bilateral Panc02 models as well as the roles of CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes in this therapy...
April 15, 2021: Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy: CII
Takatsugu Matsumoto, Takehiro Okabayashi, Kenta Sui, Jiro Kimura, Sojiro Morita, Jun Iwata, Tatsuo Iiyama, Keiichi Kubota, Yasuhiro Shimada
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to validate and improve the 8th edition of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) staging system for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). METHODS: Prognostic impact of the pathological tumor (pT) and lymph node (pN) stages between the 7th and 8th editions were compared using a single-center cohort of 311 patients who underwent curative pancreatic resection for PDAC. RESULTS: Applying the 7th edition T staging system resulted in a clustering of pT3 cases (92...
April 14, 2021: Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery
Ludovica Baldari, Luigi Boni, Massimiliano Della Porta, Cristina Bertani, Elisa Cassinotti
BACKGROUND: Minimally invasive right colectomy is increasingly performed as standard treatment for diseases of right colon. Complete mesocolic excision has been introduced for cancer treatment to improve oncological results. Both standard and complete mesocolic excision techniques are associated with intraoperative complications. The purpose of this study was to analyse incidence and management of intraoperative complications in patients who underwent laparoscopic right colectomy with complete mesocolic excision in a single institution...
April 14, 2021: Minerva surgery
K F H Hintzen, J Grote, A G W E Wintjens, T Lubbers, M M M Eussen, F J van Schooten, N D Bouvy, A Peeters
BACKGROUND: In recent decades there has been growing interest in the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath as biomarkers for the diagnosis of multiple variants of cancer. This review aimed to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and current status of VOC analysis in exhaled breath for the detection of cancer in the digestive tract. METHODS: PubMed and the Cochrane Library database were searched for VOC analysis studies, in which exhaled air was used to detect gastro-oesophageal, liver, pancreatic, and intestinal cancer in humans, Quality assessment was performed using the QUADAS-2 criteria...
March 5, 2021: BJS Open
Sophie Hallakou-Bozec, Micheline Kergoat, David E Moller, Sébastien Bolze
Objectives: Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is driven by progressive dysfunction and loss of pancreatic β-cell mass. Imeglimin is a first-in-class novel drug candidate that improves glycaemia and glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in preclinical models and patients. Given evidence that imeglimin can attenuate β-cell dysfunction and protect β cells in vitro , we postulated that imeglimin could also exert longer term effects to prevent pancreatic β-cell death and preserve functional β-cell mass in vivo ...
April 2021: Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Yong-Qiang Hua, Ke Zhang, Jie Sheng, Zhou-Yu Ning, Ye Li, Wei-Dong Shi, Lu-Ming Liu
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a highly aggressive cancer with poor patient prognosis. A cellular stress response mechanism called the unfolded protein response (UPR) has been implicated in PDAC progression. More recently, nucleobindin 1 (NUCB1), a calcium-binding protein, has been shown to control the UPR but its precise role in PDAC has not been explored. Here, we found that downregulation of NUCB1 was associated with poor prognosis in patients with PDAC. Functionally, NUCB1 overexpression suppressed pancreatic cancer cell proliferation and showed additive effects with gemcitabine (GEM) in vitro and in vivo ...
2021: Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Yoo Jin Choi, Woongchang Yoon, Areum Lee, Youngmin Han, Yoonhyeong Byun, Jae Seung Kang, Hongbeom Kim, Wooil Kwon, Young-Ah Suh, Yongkang Kim, Seungyeoun Lee, Junghyun Namkung, Sangjo Han, Yonghwan Choi, Jin Seok Heo, Joon Oh Park, Joo Kyung Park, Song Cheol Kim, Chang Moo Kang, Woo Jin Lee, Taesung Park, Jin-Young Jang
[This corrects the article on p. 144 in vol. 100, PMID: 33748028.].
April 2021: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Soo Min Ahn, Woo Jin Hyung
Purpose: Proximal intestinal bypass (PIB), such as Billroth II or Roux-en-Y gastrojejunostomy after curative distal gastrectomy for gastric cancer induces beneficial effects on glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes. We aimed to characterize the long-term evolution of pancreatic beta cells and insulin signaling in target tissue after a PIB procedure. Methods: Zucker diabetic fatty rats were randomly assigned to the PIB, sham-operated PIB pair-fed, and ad libitum fed groups...
April 2021: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Moon Young Oh, Eun Joo Kim, Hongbeom Kim, Yoonhyeong Byun, Youngmin Han, Yoo Jin Choi, Jae Seung Kang, Wooil Kwon, Jin-Young Jang
Purpose: Quality of life (QoL) is widely known to be poor after total pancreatectomy (TP) due to the loss of pancreatic function and poor nutritional status, but prospective studies on changes in QoL over time are lacking. The aim of this study was to prospectively evaluate the short- and long-term consequences of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, changes in nutritional status, and their associated effects on QoL after TP. Methods: Prospective data were collected from patients who underwent TP between 2008 and 2018...
April 2021: Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research
Xi Hu, Fan Xia, Jiyoung Lee, Fangyuan Li, Xiaoyang Lu, Xiaozhen Zhuo, Guangjun Nie, Daishun Ling
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is one of the deadliest cancers worldwide due to its aggressiveness and the challenge to early diagnosis and treatment. In recent decades, nanomaterials have received increasing attention for diagnosis and therapy of PDAC. However, these designs are mainly focused on the macroscopic tumor therapeutic effect, while the crucial nano-bio interactions in the heterogeneous microenvironment of PDAC remain poorly understood. As a result, the majority of potent nanomedicines show limited performance in ameliorating PDAC in clinical translation...
April 2021: Advanced Science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Tomoyuki Wakahara, Kiyonori Kanemitsu, Susumu Miura, Shinobu Tsuchida, Takeshi Iwasaki, Mitsuru Sasako
Purpose: While the amylase concentration of the drainage fluid (dAmy) has been reported to be a predictor of postoperative pancreas-related complications (PPRC), the optimal timing for its measurement has not been fully investigated. Materials and Methods: The clinicopathological data of 387 patients who underwent elective gastrectomy for gastric cancer were reviewed. Laboratory data, including dAmy on postoperative days 1 (dAmy1) and 3 (dAmy3), and serum C-reactive protein (sCRP) concentrations on postoperative days 1 (sCRP1) and 3 (sCRP3) were compared between patients with PPRC and without PPRC...
March 2021: Journal of Gastric Cancer
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