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Donald J Alcendor
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that is the most common cause of dementia, especially among aging populations. Despite advances in AD research, the underlying cause and the discovery of disease-modifying treatments have remained elusive. Two key features of AD pathology are the aberrant deposition of amyloid beta (amyloid-β or Aβ) proteins in the brain parenchyma and Aβ toxicity in brain pericytes of the neurovascular unit/blood-brain barrier (NVU/BBB). This toxicity induces oxidative stress in pericytes and leads to capillary constriction...
May 15, 2020: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Xiaohui Wang, Wei You, Zhiming Wu, Xiangqi Wu, Fei Ye
Background: To investigate the effect and possible mechanism of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome on coronary microcirculation in stable angina pectoris (SAP) patients with a single borderline lesion. Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 102 SAP patients with a single critical lesion [fractional flow reserve > 0.80] who were divided into an abnormal microcirculatory function group [index of microcirculatory resistance (IMR) ≥ 25, n = 52] and normal microcirculatory function (NMF) group (IMR < 25, n = 50)...
May 2020: Acta Cardiologica Sinica
Ayaka Eto, Takeshi Nakahara, Makiko Kido-Nakahara, Gaku Tsuji, Masutaka Furue
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 18, 2020: Journal of Dermatology
Hye-Mi Ahn, Dong-Gun Kim, Youn-Jae Kim
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is currently one of the leading causes of cancer-related death worldwide. The high rate of mortality in pancreatic cancer patients is due to the inability to detect early-stage disease and the disease being highly refractory to therapy. Gemcitabine has been the standard chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer patients for the last two decades. However, gemcitabine resistance develops within a few weeks of treatment, and the associated mechanism remains poorly understood. Therefore, a novel therapeutic strategy is needed to overcome the limited clinical efficacy of gemcitabine in pancreatic adenocarcinoma...
May 15, 2020: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Annette Dorothea Rieg, Said Suleiman, Nina Andrea Bünting, Eva Verjans, Jan Spillner, Heike Schnöring, Sebastian Kalverkamp, Thomas Schröder, Saskia von Stillfried, Till Braunschweig, Gereon Schälte, Stefan Uhlig, Christian Martin
INTRODUCTION: Levosimendan is approved for acute heart failure. Within this context, pulmonary hypertension represents a frequent co-morbidity. Hence, the effects of levosimendan on segmental pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) are relevant. So far, this issue has been not studied. Beyond that the relaxant effects of levosimendan in human pulmonary vessel are unknown. We addressed these topics in rats' isolated perfused lungs (IPL) and human precision-cut lung slices (PCLS). MATERIAL AND METHODS: In IPL, levosimendan (10 μM) was perfused in untreated and endothelin-1 pre-contracted lungs...
2020: PloS One
Ronald Zolty
Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a vascular disorder associated with high morbidity and mortality rate and is characterized by pulmonary vascular remodeling and increased pulmonary vascular resistance, ultimately resulting in right ventricular failure and death. Over the past few decades, significant advances in the understanding of the epidemiology, pathogenesis, and pathophysiology of pulmonary arterial hypertension have occured. This has led to the development of disease specific treatment including calcium channel blockers, prostanoids, endothelin receptor antagonists, phosphodiesterase inhibitors, and soluble guanylate cyclase stimulators...
May 14, 2020: Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Elizabeth Reilly, Randa Alshakh, Celia Beynon, Matthew Cates, Dhivya Das, Shuja Majeed, Ahsan Memon, Patrick O'Beirn, James Ritchie, John D Pauling
Phosphodiesterase inhibitors (such as sildenafil) and endothelin receptor antagonist, bosentan, are effective for digital ulcer disease in systemic sclerosis (SSc-DU) and are endorsed in international treatment recommendations. Commissioning of high-cost drugs, such as bosentan, however, differs across devolved nations of the UK. We report a multicentre service evaluation project to examine 'real world' management of SSc-DU before and following the 2015 UK Scleroderma Study Group (UKSSG) guidance, across south-west (SW) England and Wales...
May 2020: Clinical Medicine: Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London
Yan Hao, Haitao Yuan, Houzhi Yu
BACKGROUND: To investigate the effect of G protein-coupled bile acid receptor 1 (TGR5) on oxidative stress injury of H9C2 cardiomyocytes induced by endothelin-1 (ET-1), and to explore the possible mechanism. METHODS: H9C2 cardiomyocytes were treated with ET-1 at concentrations of 10-8, 10-7 and 10-6 mmol/L for 12, 24, 36, and 48 h, respectively. At the same time, oxidative stress injury models were established. After the oxidative stress injury model was established, INT-777 (TGR5 agonist), siRNA-TGR5 (the virus interfered with TGR5 expression) and TGR5 empty virus were treated for 48 h...
May 14, 2020: Panminerva Medica
Harald Kaemmerer, Matthias Gorenflo, Dörte Huscher, David Pittrow, Christian Apitz, Helmut Baumgartner, Felix Berger, Leonhard Bruch, Eva Brunnemer, Werner Budts, Martin Claussen, Gerry Coghlan, Ingo Dähnert, Michele D'Alto, Marion Delcroix, Oliver Distler, Sven Dittrich, Daniel Dumitrescu, Ralf Ewert, Martin Faehling, Ingo Germund, Hossein Ardeschir Ghofrani, Christian Grohé, Karsten Grossekreymborg, Michael Halank, Georg Hansmann, Dominik Harzheim, Attila Nemes, Kalman Havasi, Matthias Held, Marius M Hoeper, Michael Hofbeck, Wolfgang Hohenfrost-Schmidt, Elena Jurevičienė, Lina Gumbienè, Hans-Joachim Kabitz, Hans Klose, Thomas Köhler, Stavros Konstantinides, Martin Köestenberger, Rainer Kozlik-Feldmann, Hans-Heiner Kramer, Cornelia Kropf-Sanchen, Astrid Lammers, Tobias Lange, Philipp Meyn, Oliver Miera, Katrin Milger-Kneidinger, Rhoia Neidenbach, Claus Neurohr, Christian Opitz, Christian Perings, Bjoern Andrew Remppis, Gabriele Riemekasten, Laura Scelsi, Werner Scholtz, Iveta Simkova, Dirk Skowasch, Andris Skride, Gerd Stähler, Brigitte Stiller, Iraklis Tsangaris, Carmine Dario Vizza, Anton Vonk Noordegraaf, Heinrike Wilkens, Hubert Wirtz, Gerhard-Paul Diller, Ekkehard Grünig, Stephan Rosenkranz
INTRODUCTION: Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a common complication in patients with congenital heart disease (CHD), aggravating the natural, post-operative, or post-interventional course of the underlying anomaly. The various CHDs differ substantially in characteristics, functionality, and clinical outcomes among each other and compared with other diseases with pulmonary hypertension. OBJECTIVE: To describe current management strategies and outcomes for adults with PH in relation to different types of CHD based on real-world data...
May 13, 2020: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Paul J Meakin, Bethany M Coull, Zofia Tuharska, Christopher McCaffery, Ioannis Akoumianakis, Charalambos Antoniades, Jane Brown, Kathryn J Griffin, Fiona Platt, Claire H Ozber, Nadira Y Yuldasheva, Natallia Makava, Anna Skromna, Alan Russell Prescott, Alison D McNeilly, Moneeza K Siddiqui, Colin Neil Alexander Palmer, Faisel Khan, Michael Lj Ashford
Diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer's disease (AD) are associated with vascular complications and impaired nitric oxide (NO) production. Furthermore, increased β-site amyloid precursor protein (APP)-cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1), APP and β-amyloid (Aβ) are linked with vascular disease development and raised BACE1 and Aβ accompany hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. However, the causal relationship between obesity and diabetes, raised Aβ and vascular dysfunction is unclear. We report that diet-induced obesity (DIO) in mice raised plasma and vascular Aβ42 that correlated with decreased NO bioavailability, endothelial dysfunction and raised blood pressure...
May 14, 2020: Journal of Clinical Investigation
Timothy C R Prickett, Richard W Troughton, Eric A Espiner
C-type Natriuretic Peptide (CNP) and Endothelin-1 (ET-1) have reciprocal roles in maintaining vascular homeostasis and are acutely modulated by statins in human cultured endothelial cells. Whether these actions of statins in vitro are reflected in studies in vivo is unknown. In a prospective study of 66 subjects with or without post- acute coronary syndrome (ACS), plasma concentrations of bioactive CNP and bio-inactive aminoterminal proCNP (NTproCNP), ET-1, B-type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) and high sensitivity C Reactive Protein (hsCRP) were measured together with lipids before and at intervals of 1, 2 and 7 days after commencing atorvastatin 40 mg/day - and for a further period of 6months in those with ACS...
May 13, 2020: Scientific Reports
Lei Cao, Isak Lindstedt, Marie-Louise Edvinsson, Na-Na Ping, Yong-Xiao Cao, Lars Edvinsson
Objectives : Cigarette smoke, a strong risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, upregulates contractile endothelin (ET) receptors in coronary arteries. The present study examined the effects of second hand cigarette smoke exposure on the contractile endothelin receptors and the role of the MEK1/2 pathway in rat coronary arteries. Design : Rats were exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS) for 8 weeks followed by intraperitoneal injection of a MEK1/2 inhibitor, U0126 daily for another 4 weeks. Contractile responses of isolated coronary arteries were recorded by a sensitive wire myograph...
May 13, 2020: Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal: SCJ
Atsushi Hashimoto, Yoshimichi Takeda, Shigehiro Karashima, Mitsuhiro Kometani, Daisuke Aono, Masashi Demura, Takuya Higashitani, Seigo Konishi, Takashi Yoneda, Yoshiyu Takeda
It has been suggested that aldosterone breakthrough during treatment with a type 1 angiotensin II receptor (AT1R) blocker (ARB) may be an important risk factor for the progression of renal and cardiovascular disease. We examined whether the direct renin inhibitor, aliskiren caused aldosterone breakthrough in angiotensin II (Ang II)-dependent hypertensive mice. The effect of combination therapy with aliskiren and eplerenone was compared with that of therapy using renin-angiotensin system (RAS) blockade. Tsukuba hypertensive mice were treated for 12 weeks with aliskiren (30 mg/kg/day, i...
May 12, 2020: Hypertension Research: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension
Eman Y Gohar, Elizabeth M Daugherty, Jeffrey O Aceves, Randee Sedaka, Ijeoma E Obi, J Miller Allan, Reham H Soliman, Chunhua Jin, Carmen De Miguel, Sarah H Lindsey, Jennifer S Pollock, David M Pollock
Background The novel estrogen receptor, G-protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPER), is responsible for rapid estrogen signaling. GPER activation elicits cardiovascular and nephroprotective effects against salt-induced complications, yet there is no direct evidence for GPER control of renal Na+ handling. We hypothesized that GPER activation in the renal medulla facilitates Na+ excretion. Methods and Results Herein, we show that infusion of the GPER agonist, G1, to the renal medulla increased Na+ excretion in female Sprague Dawley rats, but not male rats...
May 10, 2020: Journal of the American Heart Association
Ernesto L Schiffrin
Large conduit arteries and the microcirculation participate in the mechanisms of elevation of blood pressure (BP). Large vessels play roles predominantly in older subjects, with stiffening progressing after middle age leading to increases in systolic BP found in most humans with aging. Systolic BP elevation and increased pulsatility penetrate deeper into the distal vasculature, leading to microcirculatory injury, remodelling, and associated endothelial dysfunction. The result is target organ damage in the heart, brain, and kidney...
May 2020: Canadian Journal of Cardiology
Amaia Rodríguez, Sara Becerril, Ana Wenting Hernández-Pardos, Gema Frühbeck
White (WAT) and brown (BAT) adipose tissue communicate with skeletal muscle and heart through the secretion of adipokines (adiponectin, leptin, omentin, osteopontin or cardiotrophin-1) and batokines (BMP8b, FGF-21, endothelin-1 or IL-6), respectively. Furthermore, several bioactive lipids termed lipokines [palmitoleate (C16:1n7) or 12,13-diHOME] and microRNAs capsuled in exosomes (miR-27a, miR122, miR-130b, miR-155, miR-200a or miR-320d) secreted from white and brown adipocytes also influence the skeletal and cardiac muscle function...
May 5, 2020: Current Opinion in Pharmacology
Peter Uchenna Amadi, Emmanuel Nnabugwu Agomuo, Chiamaka Adumekwe
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The relationship between vascular damage and diabetes mellitus was exploited using avocado seed extracts. The purpose of the study was to understand the therapeutic relevance of glycosides compared to standard vascular and anti-diabetic drugs. Constituent avocado seed glycosides (ASG) were analysed and administered to rats with diabetes-induced vascular damage (DIVD). METHOD: The rats were first administered with streptozotocin and screened after seven days for alterations in blood glucose, insulin, vascular cell adhersion molecule (VCAM-1), Von Willebrond factor (VWF), Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System(RAS), eNOx, and endothelin-1 (ET-1)...
May 9, 2020: Cardiovascular & Hematological Disorders Drug Targets
Yuliia O Smiianova, Liudmyla N Prystupa, Olha M Chernatska, Yurii V Smiianov
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to find dependence of left ventricular hypertrophy indexes to polymorphism of Les198Asn gene endothelin-1 and BMI. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Materials and methods: We took research in 160 patients with arterial hypertension, using ECG and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Groups were divided additionally according to BMI (body mass index). RESULTS: Results: It was found, that patients with obesity had their Left ventricular mass and hypertrophy left ventricular indexes higher, than in patients with normal and increased body weight...
2020: Wiadomości Lekarskie: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Siqi Wang, Feifei Wang, Lixin Yang, Qin Li, Yao Huang, Zhiyuan Cheng, Hongqian Chu, Yiming Song, Lanqin Shang, Weidong Hao, Xuetao Wei
BACKGROUND: Air pollution increases the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Atherosclerosis (AS) is the pathological basis of most CVD, and the progression of atherosclerosis and the increase of fragile plaque rupture are the mechanism basis of the relationship between atmospheric particulate pollution and CVD. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of coal-fired fine particulate matter (PM2.5 ) on the expression levels of atherosclerosis-related proteins (von Willebrand factor (vWF), Endothelin-1 (ET-1), intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1), and E-selectin, and to explore the role and mechanism of the progression of atherosclerosis induced by coal-fired PM2...
May 8, 2020: BMC Pharmacology & Toxicology
N Chumburidze-Areshidze, T Kezeli, Z Avaliani, M Mirziashvili, T Avaliani, N Gongadze
According to the experimental and clinical investigations, innate and adaptive immune disorders play a significant role in T2-D subjects to become more susceptible to TB. It was shown that the functions of neutrophils, macrophages, NK cells and other components of innate immunity areis markedly compromised by metabolic disorders in T2-D. The number of evidences suggests that reduction in TH1:TH2 cytokines ratios may have significant influence on susceptibility of TB infection in T2-D subjects. Hormonal changes in T2-D also may increase susceptibility to TB, including 2 hormones -ghrelin and leptin that are involved to in controlling blood glucose levels related to malnutrition during TB...
March 2020: Georgian Medical News
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