kidney or glomerulonephritis

Haixia Wang, Shu Mo, Kehuan Sun, Xiaoguang Liu, Xunqian Peng, Li Yang, Yingquan Xiong, Hengrui Liu, Zhidi Wu, Ling Ou, Xiaoyun Li, Bojia Peng, Haibin He, Ya Tian, Ronghua Zhang, Panpan Wang, Xiaofen Zhu
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicines for invigorating the kidney (CHMIK) on senile osteoporosis. METHODS: We searched for studies in English-language databases (PubMed, the Cochrane Library, and Web of Science) and Chinese-language databases (China National Knowledge Infrastructure, Wan Fang Data, VIP Chinese periodical service platform, and China Biology Medicine disc from their inception to September 2017...
February 2020: Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sripal Bangalore, David J Maron, Sean M O'Brien, Jerome L Fleg, Evgeny I Kretov, Carlo Briguori, Upendra Kaul, Harmony R Reynolds, Tomasz Mazurek, Mandeep S Sidhu, Jeffrey S Berger, Roy O Mathew, Olga Bockeria, Samuel Broderick, Radoslaw Pracon, Charles A Herzog, Zhen Huang, Gregg W Stone, William E Boden, Jonathan D Newman, Ziad A Ali, Daniel B Mark, John A Spertus, Karen P Alexander, Bernard R Chaitman, Glenn M Chertow, Judith S Hochman
BACKGROUND: Clinical trials that have assessed the effect of revascularization in patients with stable coronary disease have routinely excluded those with advanced chronic kidney disease. METHODS: We randomly assigned 777 patients with advanced kidney disease and moderate or severe ischemia on stress testing to be treated with an initial invasive strategy consisting of coronary angiography and revascularization (if appropriate) added to medical therapy or an initial conservative strategy consisting of medical therapy alone and angiography reserved for those in whom medical therapy had failed...
March 30, 2020: New England Journal of Medicine
John A Spertus, Philip G Jones, David J Maron, Daniel B Mark, Sean M O'Brien, Jerome L Fleg, Harmony R Reynolds, Gregg W Stone, Mandeep S Sidhu, Bernard R Chaitman, Glenn M Chertow, Judith S Hochman, Sripal Bangalore
BACKGROUND: In the ISCHEMIA-CKD trial, the primary analysis showed no significant difference in the risk of death or myocardial infarction with initial angiography and revascularization plus guideline-based medical therapy (invasive strategy) as compared with guideline-based medical therapy alone (conservative strategy) in participants with stable ischemic heart disease, moderate or severe ischemia, and advanced chronic kidney disease (an estimated glomerular filtration rate of <30 ml per minute per 1...
March 30, 2020: New England Journal of Medicine
Qiang Geng, Qiang Fu, Chun-He Zhang, Jun Guo, Yu Zhao, Fu Wang, Zhong Li
Objective: To investigate the clinical efficacy and safety of Huanshao Capsules (HSC) in the treatment of ED with spleen and kidney deficiency. METHODS: This randomized open multicentered positive drug controlled clinical trial included 248 cases of ED with spleen and kidney deficiency, which were assigned to a trial and a control group of equal number to be treated with HSC at the dose of 3 capsules tid and Wuziyanzong Pills at 6 g bid, respectively, both for 4 weeks...
August 2019: Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue, National Journal of Andrology
Caifeng Meng, Ruina Liu, Wei Wang, Wei Guo, Hongyun Ma, Shuang Xie, Yimeng Liu, Chunying Wang
Isovitexin, a bioactive flavonoid constituent isolated from Desmodii Styracifolii (DS), is considered an adjuvant for anti-urolithiasis diseases. In this study, an ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with hybrid triple quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry method was developed to characterize and compare the metabolic profiling of isovitexin experimented on normal and kidney stone model (KSM) rats. The comparative research indicated that 28 metabolites (18 phase I and 10 phase II) in normal rats and 33 metabolites (20 phase I and 13 phase II) in KSM rats were initially identified...
March 30, 2020: Journal of Separation Science
Teri N Hreha, Christina A Collins, Allyssa L Daugherty, Joy Twentyman, Nitin Paluri, David A Hunstad
Renal scarring after pyelonephritis is linked to long-term health risks for hypertension and chronic kidney disease. Androgen exposure increases susceptibility to, and severity of, uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) pyelonephritis and resultant scarring in both male and female mice, while anti-androgen therapy is protective against severe urinary tract infection (UTI) in these models. This work employed androgenized female C57BL/6 mice to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of post-infectious renal fibrosis and to determine how these pathways are altered by the presence of androgens...
March 2020: Physiological Reports
Kyung Don Yoo, Ran-Hui Cha, Sunhwa Lee, Ji Eun Kim, Kyu Hong Kim, Jong Soo Lee, Dong Ki Kim, Yon Su Kim, Seung Hee Yang
Chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) is a pivotal regulator of macrophage trafficking in the kidneys in response to an inflammatory cascade. We investigated the role of CCR5 in experimental ischaemic-reperfusion injury (IRI) pathogenesis. To establish IRI, we clamped the bilateral renal artery pedicle for 30 min and then reperfused the kidney. We performed adoptive transfer of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-treated RAW 264.7 macrophages following macrophage depletion in mice. B6.CCR5-/- mice showed less severe IRI based on tubular epithelial cell apoptosis than did wild-type mice...
March 30, 2020: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
A Mehrabi, Y Kulu, M Sabagh, E Khajeh, S Mohammadi, O Ghamarnejad, M Golriz, C Morath, W O Bechstein, G A Berlakovich, N Demartines, M Duran, L Fischer, L Gürke, J Klempnauer, A Königsrainer, H Lang, U P Neumann, A Pascher, A Paul, P Pisarski, J Pratschke, S Schneeberger, U Settmacher, R Viebahn, M Wirth, B Wullich, M Zeier, M W Büchler
BACKGROUND: The incidence of lymphatic complications after kidney transplantation varies considerably in the literature. This is partly because a universally accepted definition has not been established. This study aimed to propose an acceptable definition and severity grading system for lymphatic complications based on their management strategy. METHODS: Relevant literature published in MEDLINE and Web of Science was searched systematically. A consensus for definition and a severity grading was then sought between 20 high-volume transplant centres...
March 30, 2020: British Journal of Surgery
Arjan van der Tol, Vianda S Stel, Kitty J Jager, Norbert Lameire, Rachael L Morton, Wim Van Biesen, Raymond Vanholder
BACKGROUND: We compare reimbursement for haemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) in European countries to assess the impact on government healthcare budgets. We discuss strategies to reduce costs by promoting sustainable dialysis and kidney transplantation. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional survey among nephrologists conducted online July-December 2016. European countries were categorized by tertiles of gross domestic product per capita (GDP). Reimbursement data were matched to kidney replacement therapy (KRT) data...
March 30, 2020: Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation
Matthew A Lee, George McMahon, Ville Karhunen, Kaitlin H Wade, Laura J Corbin, David A Hughes, George Davey Smith, Debbie A Lawlor, Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin, Nicholas J Timpson
Glycosuria is a condition where glucose is detected in urine at higher concentrations than normal (i.e. not detectable). Glycosuria at some point during pregnancy has an estimated prevalence of 50% and is associated with adverse outcomes in both mothers and offspring. Little is currently known about the genetic contribution to this trait or the extent to which it overlaps with other seemingly related traits, e.g. diabetes. We performed a genome-wide association study (GWAS) for self-reported glycosuria in pregnant mothers from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC; cases/controls = 1249/5140)...
March 30, 2020: Human Molecular Genetics
M Bacha-Trams, E Ryyppö, E Glerean, M Sams, I P Jääskeläinen
Putting oneself into the shoes of others is an important aspect of social cognition. We measured brain hemodynamic activity and eye-gaze patterns while participants were viewing a shortened version of the movie 'My Sister's Keeper' from two perspectives: that of a potential organ donor, who violates moral norms by refusing to donate her kidney, and that of a potential organ recipient, who suffers in pain. Inter-subject correlation (ISC) of brain activity was significantly higher during the potential organ donor's perspective in dorsolateral and inferior prefrontal, lateral and inferior occipital, and inferior-anterior temporal areas...
March 16, 2020: Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience
Melissa Gaspar Tavares, Helio Tedesco-Silva Junior, Jose Osmar Medina Pestana
Early hospital readmission (EHR), defined as all readmissions within 30 days of initial hospital discharge, is a health care quality measure. It is influenced by the demographic characteristics of the population at risk, the multidisciplinary approach for hospital discharge, the access, coverage, and comprehensiveness of the health care system, and reimbursement policies. EHR is associated with higher morbidity, mortality, and increased health care costs. Monitoring EHR enables the identification of hospital and outpatient healthcare weaknesses and the implementation of corrective interventions...
March 20, 2020: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Mariana Faucz Munhoz da Cunha, Gabriela Sevignani, Giovana Memari Pavanelli, Mauricio de Carvalho, Fellype Carvalho Barreto
There are more than 150 different rare genetic kidney diseases. They can be classified according to diagnostic findings as (i) disorders of growth and structure, (ii) glomerular diseases, (iii) tubular, and (iv) metabolic diseases. In recent years, there has been a shift of paradigm in this field. Molecular testing has become more accessible, our understanding of the underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms of these diseases has evolved, and new therapeutic strategies have become more available. Therefore, the role of nephrologists has progressively shifted from a mere spectator to an active player, part of a multidisciplinary team in the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders...
March 20, 2020: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Maria Ayako Kamimura, Fabiana Baggio Nerbass
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 23, 2020: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Percy Herrera-Añazco, Maycol Suker Ccorahua-Ríos, Mirian Condori-Huaraka, Yerika Huamanvilca-Yepez, Elard Amaya, Noé Atamari-Anahui
INTRODUCTION: Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common disorder that causes high healthcare costs. There are limited epidemiological studies of this disorder in low- and middle-income countries. The aim of this study was to describe trends in the age-standardized incidence and mortality rates of AKI in Peru. METHODS: We conducted an ecological study based on a secondary data sources of the basic cause of death from healthcare and death records obtained from establishments of the Ministry of Health of Peru for the period 2005-2016...
March 23, 2020: Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia: ʹorgão Oficial de Sociedades Brasileira e Latino-Americana de Nefrologia
Z Htet, H Stacey, M Karim
Acute kidney injury is frequently encountered in patients with malignancy and is associated with prolonged hospitalization, significant morbidity, and increased mortality. Thorough evaluation is required to identify possible contributing factors, which may range from relatively easily reversible pre-renal causes to complex cancer-specific aetiologies. This review will serve as a practical guide for acute care physicians on the acute medical unit to the assessment and initial management of cancer patients presenting with acute kidney injury...
2020: Acute Medicine
Hee-Seong Jang, Mi Ra Noh, Jinu Kim, Babu J Padanilam
The kidney is a highly metabolic organ and uses high levels of ATP to maintain electrolyte and acid-base homeostasis and reabsorb nutrients. Energy depletion is a critical factor in development and progression of various kidney diseases including acute kidney injury (AKI), chronic kidney disease (CKD), and diabetic and glomerular nephropathy. Mitochondrial fatty acid β-oxidation (FAO) serves as the preferred source of ATP in the kidney and its dysfunction results in ATP depletion and lipotoxicity to elicit tubular injury and inflammation and subsequent fibrosis progression...
2020: Frontiers in Medicine
Garyfallia Syridou, Ioannis Drikos, Artemis Vintila, Antigoni Pegkou, Loukia Zografou, Panagiotis Roungas, Eleni Papa, Dimitris Kyriazopoulos, Olga Savelieva, Eleni Antonopoulou
Influenza virus primarily affects the respiratory system. It rarely causes extrapulmonary complications, with otitis media and febrile seizures being the most common in children. Acute glomerulonephritis as a complication of H1N1 influenza virus infection has been described only sporadically. Herein we present a case of acute glomerulonephritis in a previously healthy adolescent, in the context of infection with influenza A H1N1 virus. A 15-year old adolescent was admitted to our pediatric department due to fever, pharyngitis, cough, vomit, dizziness and fatigue...
2020: IDCases
Manar Hasabullah, Fatamah Kahtani, Tasneem Balkhoyor, Lama Al-Harbi, Abdulhalim J Kinsara
Introduction Several cardiovascular risk calculators are available online to measure the probability of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) without defining the appropriate population. In the current study, four risk assessment instruments were investigated with Saudi Arabian patients with CVD to identify the instrument with the best predictability. The chosen instruments were the Framingham Risk Score (FRS), Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE), American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk Estimator, and the United Kingdom score which is called QRISK® ...
February 24, 2020: Curēus
Ying Huang, Yan Shi, Sufei Hu, Ting Wu, Zhe Zhao
C-type lectins (CTLs) have received widespread attention in animal immune responses. In the present study, two CTLs ( ToCTL1 and ToCTL2 ) were identified from obscure puffer Takifugu obscurus . The open reading frames of ToCTL1 and ToCTL2 were 687 and 1,380 bp, respectively. The predicted ToCTL1 and ToCTL2 proteins contained a single transmembrane region and one typical carbohydrate recognition domain (CRD). Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction detected ToCTL1 and ToCTL2 transcripts in all examined tissues, with high levels in the intestine and kidney, and their expression levels were remarkably altered upon Vibrio harveyi and Aeromonas hydrophila infection...
2020: Frontiers in Immunology
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