Piao Xu, Qiongping Lin, Dafei Li, Jingya Yang, Haiyan Zhao, Shanshan Zhang, Guangyong Tian
The purpose of this study was to explore the role of the newly emerging concept that involves "shifting" the tinnitus pitch and loudness in relation to the efficacy of precision sound therapy. This study is the first to investigate the effects of different pitch and loudness levels on the "shift" in tinnitus pitch and on the outcomes of precision sound therapy used to treat displaced tinnitus. We administered them therapy with 3 custom-sound music clips in which the main frequency masked the tinnitus frequency and retested them at several follow-up time points...
August 3, 2020: Clinical Otolaryngology
C Sahin, S Avnioglu, O Ozen, B Candan
Tinnitus is a symptom in which the patient can hear ringing, buzzing and similar sounds in the ear for 3 months longer. In our study, we aimed to analyse the cerebellum volume and cerebellum connections in patients with chronic tinnitus using VolBrain program. A total number of 10 patients and 10 otherwise healthy peoples records were then enrolled. Volumetric analysis was performed with automated segmentation of the cerebellum and its lobules, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The mean volumes of 10 cerebellar volume were compared between the tinnitus and control groups...
August 3, 2020: Acta Neurologica Belgica
Divyanshu Dubey, Michael R Wilson, Benjamin Clarkson, Caterina Giannini, Manish Gandhi, John Cheville, Vanda A Lennon, Scott Eggers, Michelle F Devine, Caleigh Mandel-Brehm, Thomas Kryzer, Shannon R Hinson, Khashayarsha Khazaie, Chadwick Hales, Jorge Kattah, Kevin D Pavelko, Patrick Andrews, James E Eaton, Jiraporn Jitprapaikulsan, John R Mills, Eoin P Flanagan, Anastasia Zekeridou, Bradley Leibovich, James Fryer, Matthew Torre, Charles Kaufman, James B Thoreson, Jessica Sagen, Jenny J Linnoila, Joseph L DeRisi, Charles L Howe, Andrew McKeon, Sean J Pittock
Importance: Recognizing the presenting and immunopathological features of Kelch-like protein-11 immunoglobulin G seropositive (KLHL11 IgG+) patients may aid in early diagnosis and management. Objective: To describe expanding neurologic phenotype, cancer associations, outcomes, and immunopathologic features of KLHL11 encephalitis. Design, Setting, and Participants: This retrospective tertiary care center study, conducted from October 15, 1998, to November 1, 2019, prospectively identified 31 KLHL11 IgG+ cases in the neuroimmunology laboratory...
August 3, 2020: JAMA Neurology
Hiroki Maita, Tadashi Kobayashi, Takashi Akimoto, Hiroshi Osawa, Hiroyuki Kato
A 35-year-old woman presented with recurrent vertigo without headache, which had persisted for 10 years. Detailed medical history revealed that she experienced hearing loss, tinnitus, nausea, photophobia, phonophobia, and slight discomfort in the head during vertigo attacks, which often led to absence from work. Based on the diagnostic criteria of the International Classification of Headache Disorders, third edition, she was diagnosed with vestibular migraine and was prescribed lomerizine, as prophylaxis. Her symptoms markedly improved, enabling her to go to work...
July 2020: Journal of General and Family Medicine
Zhonghua Ma, Hanqiu Jiang, Chao Meng, Shilei Cui, Jingting Peng, Jiawei Wang
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) mostly affects obese women in childbearing age, leading to frustrating headache and permanent visual impairment. The exact etiology of this condition is poorly understood, and the population at risk and clinical presentation seems to be homogeneous. However, little attention has been paid to the clinical features of IIH patients with anemia. We herein performed a retrospective observational study by using the data of patients with presumed IIH who were referred to the neurology department of Beijing Tongren Hospital from January 2014 to August 2019 to describe the clinical features and radiological findings in patients with IIH and anemia, and compared these with those without anemia...
2020: PloS One
Jia Xu, Jian Pei, Qin-Hui Fu, Yi-Jun Zhan
Background: Stroke scales of traditional Chinese medicine (SSTCM) are promoted for use in the early prognosis. The current lines of evidence to support their performance evaluation are uneven. This pilot study aimed to investigate the correlation between traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) symptoms in the early stages of acute ischemic stroke and the prognosis of motor dysfunction through one-year of follow-up. Methods: Three hundred and fifteen patients were retrospected at Longhua Hospital from January 2016 to December 2017...
2020: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: ECAM
Katriel E Lee, Aqib Zehri, Sauson Soldozy, Hasan Syed, Joshua S Catapano, Robert Maurer, Felipe C Albuquerque, Kenneth C Liu, Stacey Q Wolfe, Sandra Brown, Michael R Levitt, Kyle M Fargen
BACKGROUND: Dural venous sinus stenting (VSS) is an effective treatment for idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) in adult patients. There are no published series to date evaluating safety and efficacy of VSS in pediatric patients. OBJECTIVE: To report on procedural device selection and technique as well as safety and efficacy of VSS for pediatric patients with medically refractory IIH due to underlying venous sinus stenosis. METHODS: A multi-institutional retrospective case series identified patients with medically refractory IIH aged less than 18 years who underwent VSS...
July 30, 2020: Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery
Ranran Huang, Aijie Wang, Xinru Ba, Guowei Zhang, Chuanting Li, Qiang Liu
OBJECTIVES: To investigate changes in brain functional activity among occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) with tinnitus patients, using resting-state brain magnetic resonance imaging (Rs-fMRI) and voxel-based morphometry (VBM). METHODS: Mild (27) and Relative severe (15) patient groups, 30 matched healthy group, scanned by Rs-fMRI and T1WI 3D fast spoiled gradient echo, FSPGR, using voxel-based morphometry and amplitude of low frequency fluctuation to analyze the differences...
July 2020: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Satyaparkash Dubey, Jaskaran Singh, Bhanu Bhardwaj
Cochlear Implant is the new age treatment for profound deafness especially in children who are unable to hear since birth. This is a life changing technology where in a surgically implanted device can stimulate the auditory nerve through electrical currents enabling the generation of auditory potential. Various surgical techniques have been described in literature but debate exists over Posterior Tympanotomy and Trans-canal "Veria" technique. We are presenting our experience of 50 cases with modified trans-canal technique "The Bhopal Technique" which combines the best of both...
September 2020: Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Patricia C Mancini, Richard S Tyler, Hyung Jin Jun, Tang-Chuan Wang, Helena Ji, Christina Stocking, Carrie Secor, Eveling Rojas-Roncancio, Shelley Witt
Purpose The minimum masking level (MML) is the minimum intensity of a stimulus required to just totally mask the tinnitus. Treatments aimed at reducing the tinnitus itself should attempt to measure the magnitude of the tinnitus. The objective of this study was to evaluate the reliability of the MML. Method Sample consisted of 59 tinnitus patients who reported stable tinnitus. We obtained MML measures on two visits, separated by about 2-3 weeks. We used two noise types: speech-shaped noise and high-frequency emphasis noise...
July 27, 2020: American Journal of Audiology
Enikö Julia Manz, Serkan Sertel, Joachim Szecsenyi, Peter-Karl Plinkert, Stefanie Joos
BACKGROUND: Up to now, tinnitus has been an almost non-treatable symptom affecting more than 18% of the population in industrialized countries. So far, there are only a few studies evaluating the effectiveness of acupuncture in tinnitus treatment, none of which include acute tinnitus (<3 months). The aim of this pilot study was to explore the feasibility of recruitment and adherence to acupuncture conducted according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in patients with acute idiopathic tinnitus and to assess effect sizes on subjective and objective outcomes within a randomized controlled design...
July 24, 2020: Complementary Medicine Research
Sarah L Kerns, Chunkit Fung, Sophie D Fossa, Paul C Dinh, Patrick Monahan, Howard D Sesso, Robert D Frisina, Darren R Feldman, Robert J Hamilton, David Vaughn, Neil Martin, Robert Huddart, Christian Kollmannsberger, Deepak Sahasrabudhe, Shirin Ardeshir-Rouhani-Fard, Lawrence Einhorn, Lois B Travis
Background: Few data exist on the relationship of cisplatin-related adverse health outcomes (AHOs) with disability, unemployment, and self-reported health (SRH) among testicular cancer survivors (TCS). Methods: A total of 1815 TCS at least 1 year postchemotherapy underwent clinical examination and completed questionnaires. Treatment data were abstracted from medical records. A cumulative burden of morbidity score (CBMPt ) encompassed the number and severity of platinum-related AHOs (peripheral sensory neuropathy [PSN], hearing loss, tinnitus, renal disease)...
August 2020: JNCI Cancer Spectrum
Roberta W Scherer, Sue Ann Erdman, Susan Gold, Craig Formby
BACKGROUND: Treatment fidelity, defined as ensuring that the recipient receives the intended intervention, is a critical component for accurate estimation of treatment efficacy. Ensuring fidelity and protocol adherence in behavioral trials requires careful planning during the design phase and implementation during the trial. The Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Trial (TRTT) randomized individuals with severe tinnitus to tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT, comprised of tinnitus-specific educational counseling (TC) and sound therapy (ST) using conventional sound generators (SGs)); Partial TRT (TC and placebo SGs); or standard of care (SOC), using a patient-centered care approach...
July 23, 2020: Trials
Weiming Hao, Liping Zhao, Huiqian Yu, Huawei Li
BACKGROUND: Idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSNHL) is a rapid-onset sensorineural hearing impairment with unclear etiology and unsatisfying treatment effects. Vestibular dysfunction has been considered as a poor indicator in the clinical manifestations and prognosis of ISSNHL, which occurred in approximately 28-57% cases. Glucocorticoids, administered through oral or intratympanic way, are currently regularly and standardly applied for ISSNHL to improve the hearing outcome...
July 22, 2020: Trials
Todd A Hardy, Rachael L Taylor, Jessica Qiu, Billy O'Brien, Sumana Gopinath, Benjamin Trewin, Penelope J Spring, Mohamed Shaffi, Sam J Bolitho, Roger J Garsia, Richard Roxburgh, Deborah F Mason, Jerome Ip, Fiona Chan, Luke Chen, Ian Wilson, Heidi N Beadnall, Michael H Barnett, John D E Parratt, John D G Watson, Miriam S Welgampola, Stephen W Reddel, Benjamin Tsang, G Michael Halmagyi
OBJECTIVE: We characterised the clinical and neuro-otological characteristics of patients with Susac syndrome. METHODS: The medical records of 30 patients with Susac syndrome were reviewed for details of their clinical presentation and course, neuro-otological symptoms, investigation results including audiology and vestibular function tests, treatment and outcomes. RESULTS: Our findings demonstrate that 29 of our 30 patients with Susac syndrome developed neuro-otological symptoms such as hearing loss, disequilibrium, tinnitus or vertigo during their disease course...
July 21, 2020: Journal of Neurology
Kunkun Wang, Dongmei Tang, Jiaoyao Ma, Shan Sun
Tinnitus, which is the perception of sound in the absence of a corresponding external acoustic stimulus, including change of hearing and neural plasticity, has become an increasingly important ailment affecting the daily life of a considerable proportion of the population and causing significant burdens for both the affected individuals and society as a whole. Here, we briefly review the epidemiology and classification of tinnitus, and the currently available treatments are discussed in terms of the available evidence for their mechanisms and efficacy...
2020: Neural Plasticity
XiaoLing Fu, YanBo Zhang, Lisheng Chang, DengCheng Hu, Ru Jia, NingNing Liu, HuaYue Zhang, Gang Han, ZhiFen Han, Yuan Li, Hui Liu, Huirong Zhu, Qi Li
BACKGROUND: Maintenance chemotherapeutic regimen with low toxicity is needed for metastatic colorectal cancer. A recent patent has been issued to the spleen-strengthening and detoxification prescription (JPJDF), a traditional Chinese herbal medicinal formula with anti-angiogenesis effect. The clinical effect of JPJDF on the maintenance treatment of advanced colorectal cancer has not been evaluated. OBJECTIVE: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of JPJDF in combination with fluoropyrimidine compared to fluoropyrimidine alone as maintenance therapy for metastatic colorectal cancer...
July 17, 2020: Recent Patents on Anti-cancer Drug Discovery
John A Taylor, Dean M Thompson, Deborah A Hall, Dawn-Marie Walker, Mary McMurran, Amanda Casey, Debbie Featherstone, Carol MacDonald, David Stockdale, Derek J Hoare
OBJECTIVE: To develop a manualised psychological treatment for tinnitus that could enhance audiologist usual care, and to test feasibility of evaluating it in a randomised controlled trial. DESIGN: Feasibility trial, random allocation of patients to manualised treatment or treatment as usual, and mixed-methods evaluation. Study sample: Senior audiologists, and adults with chronic tinnitus. RESULTS: Recruitment reached 63% after 6 months (feasibility pre-defined as 65%)...
July 17, 2020: International Journal of Audiology
Dominik Güntensperger, Tobias Kleinjung, Patrick Neff, Christian Thüring, Martin Meyer
BACKGROUND: Alpha/delta neurofeedback has been shown to be a potential treatment option for chronic subjective tinnitus. Traditional neurofeedback approaches working with a handful of surface electrodes have been criticized, however, due to their low spatial specificity. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate an innovative tomographic neurofeedback protocol that combines neural activity measured across the whole scalp with sLORETA source estimation...
July 14, 2020: Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience
Manuela Brenz, Nenad Lukic, Aleksandra Zumbrunn, Dominik Ettlin
The interdisciplinary Orofacial Pain Unit at the Center of Dental Medicine of the University of Zurich celebrates its 15th anniversary. This article outlines the evidence-based integrative treatment concept with a focus on psychosocial aspects of pain. We exemplify how the evaluation and treatment by a pain psychologist complements the dental therapy. For example, self-management techniques can assist in reducing apprehension, worries and fears, which are often associated with an increased tone of the masticatory muscles...
July 20, 2020: Swiss Dental Journal
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