Xiaodan Liu, Lingsheng Li, Meng Li, Zepu Ren, Ping Ma
Anhedonia is a core symptom of major depressive disorder (MDD). Two subtypes of anhedonia: anticipatory anhedonia and consummatory anhedonia has been recognized in MDD patients. However, our knowledge regarding the distinction of anticipatory anhedonia and consummatory anhedonia in MDD remains limited. This study aimed to characterize the anticipatory anhedonia and consummatory anhedonia in first-episode, drug-naïve MDD patients. Resting-state functional MRI and T1-structural MRI were acquired for 38 MDD patients and 65 matched healthy controls (HCs)...
December 31, 2020: Psychiatry Research. Neuroimaging
Roser Nadal, Marina Gabriel-Salazar, María Sanchís-Ollé, Humberto Gagliano, Xavier Belda, Antonio Armario
Biological response to stressors is critical to understand stress-related pathologies and vulnerability to psychiatric diseases. It is assumed that we can identify trait-like characteristics in biological responsiveness by testing subjects in a particular stressful situation, but there is scarce information on this issue. We then studied, in a normal outbred population of adult male rats (n = 32), the response of well-characterized stress markers (ACTH, corticosterone and prolactin) to different types of stressors: two novel environments (open-field, OF1 and OF2), an elevated platform (EP), forced swim (SWIM) and immobilization (IMO)...
January 4, 2021: Psychoneuroendocrinology
Christopher R Browning, Jake Tarrence, Eric LaPlant, Bethany Boettner, Kammi K Schmeer, Catherine A Calder, Baldwin M Way, Jodi L Ford
BACKGROUND: Emerging evidence indicates that exposure to police-related deaths is associated with negative health and wellbeing outcomes among black people. Yet, no study to date has directly examined the biological consequences of exposure to police-related deaths for urban black youth. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We employ unique data from the 2014-16 Adolescent Health and Development in Context (AHDC) study - a representative sample of youth ages 11 to 17 residing in the Columbus, OH area...
September 24, 2020: Psychoneuroendocrinology
Weam Fageera, Boris Chaumette, Marie-Ève Fortier, Natalie Grizenko, Aurelie Labbe, Sarojini M Sengupta, Ridha Joober
BACKGROUND: COMT had been considered a promising candidate gene in pharmacogenetic studies in ADHD; yet the findings from these studies have been inconsistent. Part of these inconsistencies could be related to epigenetic mechanisms (including DNA methylation). Here we investigated the role of genetic variants of the COMT gene on the methylation levels of CpG sites in the same gene and explored the effect of methylation on methylphenidate (MPH) and placebo (PBO) response in children with ADHD...
January 7, 2021: Journal of Psychiatric Research
Stefan Kulakow, Diana Raufelder, Frances Hoferichter
INTRODUCTION: One major stressor of adolescents relates to the pressure students perceive from their parents accompanied by high academic expectations, while in contrast parental support is related to low levels of stress. However, it is not clear whether the perceived parental pressure and support contribute to a change in students' stress level from early to middle adolescence and if there are differences among students from low vs. high track schools. METHODS: Thus, based on the conservation of resources theory, this two-wave study examined the role of perceived maternal and paternal pressure and support for students' general stress level from grades 8 to 9 among students attending high- and low-track schools by applying multigroup multilevel latent change modeling based on data from 1088 8th grade students (MAge = 13...
January 13, 2021: Journal of Adolescence
Sowmya Selvaraj, Harleen Chhabra, Damodharan Dinakaran, Vanteemar S Sreeraj, Shivakumar Venkataram, Janardhanan C Narayanaswamy, Muralidharan Kesavan, Shivarama Varambally, Ganesan Venkatasubramanian
INTRODUCTION: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) has been beneficial for treating auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH) in schizophrenia (SZ). Aberrant auditory signal detection (ASD) is one of the pathogenetic mechanisms for AVH. We investigated the correlates of ASD with AVH and the impact of single-session tDCS on ASD in SZ patients. METHODS: The ASD performance in SZ patients was compared with matched healthy controls (HC) (N = 24). Subsequently, the effect of single-session tDCS on ASD in SZ patients (N = 24) with AVH was examined in a randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled, cross-over design...
January 4, 2021: Psychiatry Research
Jude Mary Cénat, Pari-Gole Noorishad, Cyrille Kossigan Kokou-Kpolou, Rose Darly Dalexis, Saba Hajizadeh, Mireille Guerrier, Lewis Ampidu Clorméus, Jacqueline Bukaka, Jean-Pierre Birangui, Kouami Adansikou, Assumpta Ndengeyingoma, Vincent Sezibera, Daniel Derivois, Cécile Rousseau
OBJECTIVES: Currently, there is little data on the mental health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This study aims to examine the pooled and separate prevalence and determinants of depression during the pandemic in samples from four LMICs. METHODS: Participants (N= 1267, 40.9% women) were recruited from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Haiti, Rwanda, and Togo. They completed an online cross-sectional survey on sociodemographics, exposure and stigmatization related to COVID-19, the Hopkins Symptom Checklist depression subscale, and the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale-2...
January 8, 2021: Psychiatry Research
Furkhan Ali, Vanteemar S Sreeraj, Ravi Kumar Nadella, Bharath Holla, Jayant Mahadevan, Dhruva Ithal, Srinivas Balachander, Biju Viswanath, Ganesan Venkatasubramanian, John P John, Y C Janardhan Reddy, Sanjeev Jain
A history of psychiatric illnesses in family members of those diagnosed to have an illness has been of significant interest both in research and in clinical practice. Almost all of the major psychiatric illnesses have a familial component to them, perhaps influenced by genetics and a shared environment or their combination. Systematic attempts have been made to quantify these familial risks, as obtained from family history (FH) of psychiatric illnesses. The methods range from a simple dichotomous or count scores to those quantifying as weighted risks such as the Family history density (FHD) measures...
January 10, 2021: Asian Journal of Psychiatry
Allison E Curry, Kristina B Metzger, Meghan E Carey, Emma B Sartin, Patty Huang, Benjamin E Yerys
OBJECTIVE: One-third of autistic individuals obtain a driver's license by age 21; however, prior studies suggest they may be at heightened risk for motor vehicle crashes. We compared objective rates of crashes, traffic violations, and license suspensions for newly licensed autistic and non-autistic adolescents. METHOD: This retrospective cohort study included New Jersey residents born 1987-2000 who were patients of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia healthcare network...
January 13, 2021: Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Luyao Xia, Dongmei Wang, Gaoxia Wei, Jiesi Wang, Huixia Zhou, Hang Xu, Yang Tian, Qilong Dai, Meihong Xiu, Dachun Chen, Li Wang, Xiang Yang Zhang
BACKGROUND: Many studies have announced that P50 inhibition defects represent sensory gating deficits in schizophrenia, but studies seldom have searched the correlation between P50 inhibition defects and the psychopathology or cognitive impairment of patients with first-episode, drug naïve (FEDN) of schizophrenia. In this study, we investigated the auditory sensory gating deficits in a large number of Han patients with FEDN schizophrenia and their correlation with clinical symptoms and cognitive impairment...
January 13, 2021: Progress in Neuro-psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry
J Santabárbara, J Bueno-Notivol, D M Lipnicki, B Olaya, M Pérez-Moreno, P Gracia-García, N Idoiaga-Mondragon, N Ozamiz-Etxebarria
During the COVID-19, healthcare workers are exposed to a higher risk of mental health problems, especially anxiety symptoms. The current work aims at contributing to an update of anxiety prevalence in this population by conducting a rapid systematic review and meta-analysis. Medline and Pubmed were searched for studies on the prevalence of anxiety in health care workers published from December 1, 2019 to September 15, 2020. In total, 71 studies were included in this study. The pooled prevalence of anxiety in healthcare workers was 25% (95% CI: 21%-29%), 27% in nurses (95% CI: 20%-34%), 17% in medical doctors (95% CI: 12%-22%) and 43% in frontline healthcare workers (95% CI: 25%-62%)...
January 13, 2021: Progress in Neuro-psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry
Dorcas N Magai, Hans M Koot, Charles R Newton, Amina Abubakar
We examined the mental health and quality of life (QoL) outcomes and their correlates of school-aged survivors of neonatal jaundice (NNJ), hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), and a comparison group. The Child Behavior Checklist and the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory were administered to assess the mental health and QoL of 375 children (134 with NNJ, 107 with HIE, and 134 comparison group) aged 6 to 12 years [Median age 9 (interquartile range 7 to 11)]. The results showed that survivors of NNJ and HIE have mental health problems and QoL similar to the comparison group...
January 16, 2021: Child Psychiatry and Human Development
K Filia, D Rickwood, J Menssink, C X Gao, S Hetrick, A Parker, M Hamilton, I Hickie, H Herrman, N Telford, S Sharmin, P McGorry, S Cotton
PURPOSE: Headspace services provide treatment options to young people seeking mental healthcare. To obtain a better understanding of needs and characteristics of this population, and effectively evaluate services, we require novel youth-specific outcome measures. As part of our broad research program to establish such measures, a sample of young people were recruited and assessed. The study describes (i) methodology used to obtain clinical, functioning, and substance use characteristics of young people presenting to headspace services; and (ii) an overview of these characteristics...
January 16, 2021: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology
Chihiro Morishita, Rie Kameyama, Hiroyuki Toda, Jiro Masuya, Yota Fujimura, Shinji Higashi, Ichiro Kusumi, Takeshi Inoue
AIM: Early differential diagnosis between patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) and bipolar disorder (BD), and subsequently providing appropriate treatments are essential. There has been increased interest regarding the association between affective temperaments and mood disorder diagnosis. Our aim was to analyze the diagnostic validity of affective temperaments assessed by the short version of the Temperament Evaluation of Memphis, Pisa, Paris and San Diego-autoquestionnaire version (TEMPS-A), in mood disorder patients...
January 16, 2021: Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
Katrin Braune-Krickau, Larissa Schneebeli, Jessica Pehlke-Milde, Michael Gemperle, Ramona Koch, Agnes von Wyl
The omnipresence of smartphones has not stopped at the door to the nursery. It is especially important to better understand the impact of parental smartphone use on relationships at the beginning of children's lives. Babies and toddlers are essentially dependent on caregivers' sensitive and responsive behaviors within the context of the development of attachment patterns. Disturbances in parental sensitivity can have a negative impact on attachment-related interactional processes between parents and children and on child outcomes, such as self-regulatory capacity...
January 15, 2021: Infant Mental Health Journal
Michele Fornaro
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2021: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica
Jessica Isom, Ayana Jordan, Nichole Goodsmith, Morgan M Medlock, Flavia DeSouza, Sonya M Shadravan, Etuajie Halbert, Danielle Hairston, Enrico Castillo, Robert Rohrbaugh
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 15, 2021: Academic Psychiatry
Jisu Park, Hyunwoo Choi, Young Doo Kim, Seo-Hyun Kim, Youbin Kim, Youngdae Gwon, Dong Young Lee, Sung-Hye Park, Won Do Heo, Yong-Keun Jung
Proteinopathy in neurodegenerative diseases is typically characterized by deteriorating activity of specific protein aggregates. In tauopathies, including Alzheimer's disease (AD), tau protein abnormally accumulates and induces dysfunction of the affected neurons. Despite active identification of tau modifications responsible for tau aggregation, a critical modulator inducing tau proteinopathy by affecting its protein degradation flux is not known. Here, we report that anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK), a receptor tyrosine kinase, is crucial for the tau-mediated AD pathology...
January 15, 2021: Molecular Psychiatry
Emma L van der Ende, Jazmyne L Jackson, Adrianna White, Harro Seelaar, Marka van Blitterswijk, John C Van Swieten
Since the discovery of the C9orf72 repeat expansion as the most common genetic cause of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, it has increasingly been associated with a wider spectrum of phenotypes, including other types of dementia, movement disorders, psychiatric symptoms and slowly progressive FTD. Prompt recognition of patients with C9orf72 -associated diseases is essential in light of upcoming clinical trials. The striking clinical heterogeneity associated with C9orf72 repeat expansions remains largely unexplained...
January 15, 2021: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry
Jessica L Panman, Vikram Venkatraghavan, Emma L van der Ende, Rebecca M E Steketee, Lize C Jiskoot, Jackie M Poos, Elise G P Dopper, Lieke H H Meeter, Laura Donker Kaat, Serge A R B Rombouts, Meike W Vernooij, Anneke J A Kievit, Enrico Premi, Maura Cosseddu, Elisa Bonomi, Jaume Olives, Jonathan D Rohrer, Raquel Sánchez-Valle, Barbara Borroni, Esther E Bron, John C Van Swieten, Janne M Papma, Stefan Klein
OBJECTIVE: Progranulin-related frontotemporal dementia (FTD- GRN ) is a fast progressive disease. Modelling the cascade of multimodal biomarker changes aids in understanding the aetiology of this disease and enables monitoring of individual mutation carriers. In this cross-sectional study, we estimated the temporal cascade of biomarker changes for FTD- GRN , in a data-driven way. METHODS: We included 56 presymptomatic and 35 symptomatic GRN mutation carriers, and 35 healthy non-carriers...
January 15, 2021: Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry
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