Hitoshi Miyazaki, Yoshiyuki Umezu, Emi Kinoshita, Kazuhisa Ogawa, Ken-Ichi Hiasa, Hiromichi Sonoda, Yuji Karashima, Toyoyuki Kato, Akira Shiose
In structural heart disease (SHD) interventions, the exposure of staff other than the first operator such as anesthesiologists and transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) operators to the radiation can also pose the risks of cancer and cataracts in the long term. This study was conducted to test our new radiation protective device (RPD) for anesthesiologists and TEE operators in SHD interventions. The RPD, which consists of a head side shield and a cradle shield, was mounted on a 0.25 mm Pb-equivalent unleaded radiation protection sheet on a self-made J-shaped acrylic table, and it was placed on the head side and cradle on the operating table...
September 15, 2020: Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics
Maghsoud Sarebani, Mohammad Bagher Shiran, Ahmad Bitarafan-Rajabi, Feridoon Rastgou, Zahra Ojaghi Haghighi, Ali Abbasian Ardakani
Background: Cardiac echocardiography and cardiac ECG-gated single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) are the most common modalities for left ventricle (LV) volumes and function assessment. The temporal resolution of SPECT images is limited and an ECG provides better temporal resolution. This study investigates the impact of frame numbers on images in terms of qualitative and quantitative assessments. Methods: In this study, 5 patients underwent echocardiography and cardiac ECG-gated SPECT imaging, and 5 standard views of the LV were recorded to determine LV walls boundaries and volumes...
2020: Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Yunchang Liu, Liping Zeng, Yong Yang, Chen Chen, Daowen Wang, Hong Wang
In this study, we first established the doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity (DIC) model with C57BL/6 mice and confirmed cardiac dysfunction with transthoracic echocardiography examination. RNA-sequencing was then performed to explore the potential mechanisms and transcriptional changes in the process. The metabolic pathway, biosynthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acid was significantly altered in DOX-treated murine heart, and Acot1 was one of the leading-edge core genes. We then investigated the role of Acot1 to ferroptosis that was reported recently to be related to DIC...
September 15, 2020: Cell Death & Disease
Moman A Mohammad, Sasha Koul, Jacob Thomsen Lønborg, Lars Nepper-Christensen, Dan E Høfsten, Kiril A Ahtarovski, Lia E Bang, Steffen Helqvist, Kasper Kyhl, Lars Køber, Henning Kelbæk, Niels Vejlstrup, Lene Holmvang, Mikkel Malby Schoos, Christoffer Göransson, Thomas Engstrøm, David Erlinge
Guidelines recommend the use of transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) and clinical scores to risk stratify patients after ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). High sensitivity troponin T (hs-cTnT) is predictive of outcome after STEMI but the predictive value of hs-cTnT relative to other risk assessment tools has not been established. We aimed to compare the predictive value of hs-cTnT to other risk assessment tools in patients with STEMI. A subset of 578 patients with STEMI were included in this post-hoc study from the Third DANish Study of Optimal Acute Treatment of Patients with ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction trial...
August 15, 2020: American Journal of Cardiology
İbrahim Ece, Serdar Epçaçan, Gülsüm İclal Bayhan, Mehmet Türe
BACKGROUND: Brucellosis is an important systemic infectious disease, especially in developing countries. Every organ and system of the human body can be affected; however, cardiovascular complications of brucellosis are rare. AIM: To assess cardiac functions in patients with acute brucellosis without overt cardiac involvement and to answer the following question: Is there any cardiac dysfunction despite the absence of endocarditis in these patients? METHODS: This cross-sectional study included 67 children with brucellosis and 40 healthy children...
September 16, 2020: Cardiology in the Young
Shi-Ye Ke, Ding-Hui Liu, Lin Wu, Xian-Guan Yu, Min Wang, Guang-Yao Shi, Ren-Hui Wen, Bin Zhou, Bao-Shun Hao, Yong Liu, Jie-Ming Zhu, Xiao-Xian Qian
Age-related myocardial dysfunction is a very large healthcare burden. Here, we aimed to investigate whether ginsenoside Rb1 (Rb1) improves age-related myocardial dysfunction and to identify the relevant molecular mechanism. Young mice and aged mice were injected with Rb1 or vehicle for 3 months. Then, their cardiac function was inspected by transthoracic echocardiography. Serum and myocardium tissue were collected from all mice for histological or molecular expression analyses, including aging-related proteins, markers relevant to fibrosis and inflammation, and markers indicating the activation of the nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-[Formula: see text]B) pathway...
September 13, 2020: American Journal of Chinese Medicine
Fernando De Maio, Calogera Pisano, Alessandro Caterini, Fabio Bertoldo, Giovanni Ruvolo, Pasquale Farsetti
We investigated the correlation between the musculoskeletal features and the cardiovascular anomalies in pediatric patients affected by Marfan syndrome, in order to identify possible orthopedic deformities that could be a warning sign for severe aortic dilatation. Moreover, we analyzed the role of the orthopedic aspects in the early diagnosis of the disease in a pediatric population. Seventy-two patients from 3 to 14 years of age, underwent interdisciplinary evaluation that included an orthopedic and cardiological examination...
September 11, 2020: Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics. Part B
Sarfaraz Rahiman, Remi Kowalski, Sit Yee Kwok, Sunit Matha, Bryn Jones, Joseph J Smolich, Jonathan P Mynard, Warwick Butt, Johnny Millar
OBJECTIVES: Milrinone is an inodilator widely used in the postoperative management of children undergoing cardiac surgery. The literature supporting its inotropic effect is sparse. We sought to study the effect of milrinone on the vasculature and its effects on the ventricular function using wave intensity analysis. We also intended to evaluate the feasibility of using wave intensity analysis by the bedside. DESIGN: prospective single-center observational study...
September 15, 2020: Critical Care Medicine
Marta Skowronska, Malgorzata Buksinska-Lisik, Tomasz Kmiec, Tomasz Litwin, Iwona Kurkowska-Jastrzębska, Anna Czlonkowska
INTRODUCTION: In mitochondrial membrane protein-associated neurodegeneration (MPAN), a subtype of neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA), patients suffer from optic nerve atrophy and dementia, which are also typical for another group of diseases, the mitochondrial diseases (MD). Around 30% of patients with MD have heart disease, commonly cardiomyopathy and arrhythmias, and 10% experience a major adverse cardiovascular event. The aim of this study was to assess cardiac involvement in MPAN...
September 8, 2020: Parkinsonism & related Disorders
Chintan Shah, Govindan Vijayaraghavan, Chandrasekharan C Kartha
BACKGROUND: Dengue fever (DF) is an infectious disease of viral origin common in the tropics. Studies on a large number of patients with dengue infection to assess associated cardiac involvement are rare. METHODS: We analyzed the incidence and spectrum of cardiac abnormalities in 320 patients with dengue fever admitted to our hospital located in an endemic area for dengue infection. All patients were evaluated following the WHO guidelines. Those confirmed to have dengue infection by serology had detailed clinical evaluation, 12‑lead electrocardiography (ECG), assay for cardiac markers (troponin T, CK-MB, NT Pro BNP) and 2-D echocardiography...
September 12, 2020: International Journal of Cardiology
Louise Reilly, Francisco J Alvarado, Di Lang, Sara Abozeid, Hannah Van Ert, Cordell Spellman, Jarrett Warden, Jonathan C Makielski, Alexey V Glukhov, Lee L Eckhardt
BACKGROUND: Arrhythmia syndromes associated with KCNJ2 mutations have been described clinically; however, little is known of the underlying arrhythmia mechanism. We create the first patient inspired KCNJ2 transgenic mouse and study effects of this mutation on cardiac function, I K1 , and Ca2+ handling, to determine the underlying cellular arrhythmic pathogenesis. METHODS: A cardiac-specific KCNJ2 -R67Q mouse was generated and bred for heterozygosity (R67Q+/- ). Echocardiography was performed at rest, under anesthesia...
September 2020: Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
Laura E Mantella, Winnie Chan, Gianluigi Bisleri, Syed M Ali Hassan, Kiera Liblik, Hanane Benbarkat, David E Rival, Amer M Johri
Arterial stiffening, which occurs when conduit arteries thicken and lose elasticity, has been associated with cardiovascular disease and increased risk for future cardiovascular events. Specifically, aortic stiffening plays a large role in the pathogenesis of vascular diseases, such as aneurysm formation and dissection. Current parameters used to assess risk of aortic rupture include absolute diameter and growth rate. However, these properties lack the reliability required to accurately risk-stratify patients...
September 15, 2020: Echocardiography
Arnold C T Ng, David R Holmes, Michael J Mack, Victoria Delgado, Raj Makkar, Philipp Blanke, Jonathon A Leipsic, Martin B Leon, Jeroen J Bax
Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) has grown exponentially worldwide in the last decade. Due to the higher bleeding risks associated with oral anticoagulation and in patients undergoing TAVR, antiplatelet therapy is currently considered first-line antithrombotic treatment after TAVR. Recent studies suggest that some patients can develop subclinical transcatheter heart valve (THV) thrombosis after the procedure, whereby thrombus forms on the leaflets that can be a precursor to leaflet dysfunction...
September 1, 2020: European Heart Journal
Hitoshi Nagai, Takamasa Oda, Fumiaki Nakao, Takeshi Ueyama, Yasuhiro Ikeda
Transthoracic coronary Doppler echocardiography (TCDE) can be useful for the detection of chronic total occlusion (CTO) of the proximal left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) noninvasively, by detecting retrograde flow through the distal LAD or its septal branch. This intriguing case report details the detection of abnormal blood flow in the right ventricular free wall by TCDE. This detection of abnormal flow may be useful to predict CTO of the LAD, even in the absence of retrograde flow in the LAD and its septal branch...
September 15, 2020: Echocardiography
Ling Xu, Limin Wang, Yuanyuan Gai, Qiuping Ma, Guanghua Xiang, Chunyan Ouyang, Ning Shang
Pulmonary artery sling is a rare congenital vascular anomaly. Partial anomalous left pulmonary artery is even rarer and no in utero observation has yet been reported. Here, we present the ultrasonographic findings of a 38-year-old woman at 32 weeks of gestation whose fetus showed a normal bifurcation of the pulmonary trunk into the right and left pulmonary arteries, but an anomalous origin of the left lower lobe pulmonary artery from the right pulmonary artery. These findings were confirmed by postnatal echocardiography and thoracic computed tomography...
September 14, 2020: Journal of Clinical Ultrasound: JCU
Wei Hua, Wenbo Yang, Jianing Gu, Jialiang Wu, Wei Wang, Yanpu Liu, Hong Zhu, Min Zhou, Jieming Qu, Yuehua Fang
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a rare disease characterized by diffuse cystic lesions of the lung. The present study was designed to evaluate the right ventricular (RV) function in LAM patients via single-beat real-time three-dimensional echocardiography (RT-3DE) and to investigate the factors affecting RV function in LAM patients. According to tricuspid regurgitation velocity (TRV), forty-five female LAM patients [(44.07 ± 10.22) years old] were divided into TRV ≤ 2.8 m/s group (n = 29) and TRV > 2...
September 14, 2020: International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging
Gunther van Loon, Glenn Van Steenkiste, Lisse Vera, Annelies Decloedt
Minimally-invasive catheter-based interventional cardiology is a mainstay for the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias in human medicine. Very accurate imaging using fluoroscopy, CT and MRI is essential during interventional cardiology procedures. Because these imaging techniques are either not possible or provide too little anatomical detail in horses, echocardiography is currently the best technique to visualize catheters in horses. Over the past decades, catheter-based techniques have been applied to induce arrhythmias using pacing and to perform arrhythmia research using electrophysiological studies...
September 2020: Veterinary Journal
Felix Fleissner, Paul Frank, Axel Haverich, Issam Ismail
BACKGROUND: The management of an incidental patent foramen ovale found during planned cardiac surgery remains a challenge, and current guidelines are not helpful. Although evidence is accumulating, that closure of an incidental found patent foramen ovale might be beneficial, especially in planned off-pump procedures, the diagnosis of a formerly unknown patent foramen ovale with the patient on the operation table has vast consequences by making it necessary to switch to on pump, bi-caval cannulation for patent foramen ovale closure...
September 14, 2020: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Sahrai Saeed, Joerg Kellermair, Jon Herstad, Øyvind Bleie
BACKGROUND: Low-dose dobutamine stress echocardiography (DSE) is indicated in patients with low flow (stroke volume index [SVi] < 35 ml/m2 ) low gradient (mean pressure gradient < 40 mmHg) and left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) < 50% aortic stenosis (AS) to assess LV contractile reserve (> 20% increase in SVi) and severity grade of AS. Severe AS is defined by a mean pressure gradient of 40 mmHg occurring at any time during the test when aortic valve area remains < 1...
September 14, 2020: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
James S Ford, James F Holmes, Russell F Jones
INTRODUCTION: There is a growing body of literature detailing coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) cardiovascular complications and hypercoagulability, although little has been published on venous or arterial thrombosis risk. CASE REPORT: In this report, we present a single case of cardioembolic stroke in the setting of COVID-19 related myocarditis, diagnosed via cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and echocardiography. COVID-19 infection was confirmed via a ribonucleic acid polymerase chain reaction assay...
August 2020: Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine
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