Min Shi, Xiaoming Zong, Lei Chen, Xiaobo Guo, Xinqiang Ding
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) is involved in diverse biological processes of cells including dermal fibroblasts that contributed to wound healing and resulted in keloid scarring. MiR-506-3p has been identified as a tumor suppressor or oncogene in fibroblasts of various cancers, while the role of miR-506-3p in regulating functions of post-burn dermal fibroblasts is poorly known. In this study, miR-506-3p was confirmed to be significantly downregulated in burned tissues and heat-stimulated dermal fibroblasts. Expression levels of autophagy-related proteins suggested thermal stimulus promoting the autophagy in dermal fibroblasts...
August 4, 2020: In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology. Animal
Dan-Dan Pi, Fang Zhou, Ke Bai, Chengjun Liu, Feng Xu, Jing Li
Raoultella ornithinolytica is a pathogen causing an increasing number of pediatric infections. The objective of this study was to investigate the clinical characteristics of R. ornithinolytica infections in children. As a retrospective analysis, clinical features and drug susceptibility data of the five cases were analyzed and related literature was reviewed. A total of 14 cases (eight females, six males) were analyzed: nine cases were retrieved from PubMed, Web of Science, and three domestic databases; five cases occurred in our hospital...
2020: Frontiers in Pediatrics
Hassan Mirmohammad Sadeghi, Abbas Karimi, Amirsina Rahpeima, Samira Derakhshan
Salivary duct carcinoma (SDC) is a rare and highly aggressive salivary gland tumor with poor prognosis, rapid growth, distant metastasis, early regional metastasis, and a high rate of recurrence. The parotid gland is the most common site of involvement, and the lungs and the bones are the most common sites of distant metastasis of SDC. Herein, we present a case of SDC of the parotid gland in a 62-year-old male patient with an unusual metastasis to the skin of the primary site and brain 6 years after primary treatment, which comprised of total parotidectomy and radical neck dissection followed by radiotherapy...
2020: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Jiawei Zhao, Yuemeng Jia, Shunli Shen, Jiwoong Kim, Xun Wang, Eunice Lee, Isaac Brownell, Jeong Hee Cho-Vega, Cheryl Lewis, Jade Homsi, Rohit R Sharma, Richard C Wang
Multiple human polyomaviruses (HPyVs) can infect the skin, but only Merkel Cell Polyomavirus (MCPyV) has been implicated in the development of a cancer, Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC). While expression of HPyV6, HPyV7, and MCPyV small T antigens (sT) all induced a senescence associated secretory phenotype (SASP), MCPyV sT uniquely activated non-canonical NF-κB (ncNF-κB), instead of canonical NF-κB signaling, to evade p53-mediated cellular senescence. Through its large T stabilization domain, MCPyV sT activated ncNF-κB signaling both by inducing H3K4 trimethylation-mediated increases of NFKB2 and RELB transcription and also by promoting NFKB2 stabilization and activation through FBXW7 inhibition...
August 4, 2020: Molecular Cancer Research: MCR
Ritika Gupta, Amrish Kumar
Vesicular systems have many advantages like prolong the existence of the drug in the systemic circulation, minimizes the undesirable side-effects, reaches the active moieties to its target sites using the carriers. But the main drawback related to transdermal delivery is to cross stratum corneum which can be overcome by the utilization of novel carrier systems e.g. transfersomes which are ultra-deformable carrier system composed of phospholipid (phosphatidylcholine) and edge activators (surfactants). Edge activators are responsible for the flexibility of the bilayer membranes of transfersomes...
August 3, 2020: Current Drug Delivery
Naoko Kanda, Toshihiko Hoashi, Hidehisa Saeki
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by accelerated tumor necrosis factor-α/interleukin-23/interleukin-17 axis, hyperproliferation and abnormal differentiation of epidermal keratinocytes. Psoriasis patients are frequently associated with obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular diseases, or inflammatory bowel diseases. Psoriasis patients often show unbalanced dietary habits such as higher intake of fat and lower intake of fish or dietary fibers, compared to controls. Such dietary habits might be related to the incidence and severity of psoriasis...
July 29, 2020: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Shunichi Jinnai, Naoya Yamazaki, Yuichiro Hirano, Yohei Sugawara, Yuichiro Ohe, Ryuji Hamamoto
Recent studies have demonstrated the usefulness of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to classify images of melanoma, with accuracies comparable to those achieved by dermatologists. However, the performance of a CNN trained with only clinical images of a pigmented skin lesion in a clinical image classification task, in competition with dermatologists, has not been reported to date. In this study, we extracted 5846 clinical images of pigmented skin lesions from 3551 patients. Pigmented skin lesions included malignant tumors (malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma) and benign tumors (nevus, seborrhoeic keratosis, senile lentigo, and hematoma/hemangioma)...
July 29, 2020: Biomolecules
Nicola E Natsis, Samantha C Gordon, Anshika Kaushik, Elizabeth V Seiverling
In addition to the evaluation of melanocytic growths (Part I), dermoscopy is helpful in the identification and management of vascular tumors, skin infections, and inflammatory conditions. In this practical review, we present the classic dermoscopic findings of the following: vascular tumors, infectious conditions (molluscum contagiosum, scabies, verruca vulgaris), inflammatory conditions (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis), juvenile xanthogranuloma, and nevus sebaceus.
August 4, 2020: Pediatric Dermatology
Deepika Narayanan, Peter L Rady, Stephen K Tyring
Trichodysplasia Spinulosa (TS) is a rare proliferative skin disease that occurs primarily in immunocompromised patients, specifically organ transplant recipients. TS is characterized by uncontrolled inner root sheath cell proliferation and folliculocentric papular eruption that can progress to disfiguring leonine facies when left untreated. TS presents with distinct histological features including the presence of large eosinophilic, trichohyaline granules within hyperproliferating inner root sheath cells of the hair bulb...
August 4, 2020: Transplant Infectious Disease: An Official Journal of the Transplantation Society
Fiona Turkes, Justin Mencel, Naureen Starling
Gastrointestinal (GI) cancers are among the most common and lethal solid tumors worldwide. Unlike in malignancies such as lung, renal and skin cancers, the activity of immunotherapeutic agents in GI cancers has, on the whole, been much less remarkable and do not apply to the majority. Furthermore, while incremental progress has been made and approvals for use of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) in specific subsets of patients with GI cancers are coming through, in a population of 'all-comers', it is frequently unclear as to who may benefit most due to the relative lack of reliable predictive biomarkers...
August 3, 2020: Journal of Gastroenterology
Yuanyuan Zheng, Weihao Yuan, Huiling Liu, Shaoshan Huang, Liming Bian, Rui Guo
Prolonged inflammatory response and insufficient vascularization cause delayed and poor wound healing. In this study, we fabricated a supramolecular host-guest gelatin (HGM) hydrogel loaded with resveratrol (Res) and histatin-1 (His-1) to suppress inflammation and promote vascularization at skin burn wound sites. The HGM hydrogel showed good properties of shear-thinning and injectability, thereby allowing easy in situ injection and fast adaption to irregular wounds. Res and His-1 were demonstrated to enhance angiogenesis in vitro using cell migration and tube formation assays based on human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs)...
August 3, 2020: Biomaterials Science
Éva Melinda Pap, Katalin Farkas, Márta Széll, Gábor Németh, Neil Rajan, Nikoletta Nagy
Brooke-Spiegler syndrome (BSS, OMIM 605041) is a rare monogenic skin disease characterized by the development of skin appendage tumors caused by mutations in the cylindromatosis gene. We recently investigated a Hungarian and an Anglo-Saxon pedigrees affected by Brooke-Spiegler syndrome. Despite carrying the same disease-causing mutation (c.2806C>T, p.Arg936X) of the cylindromatosis (CYLD) gene, the affected family members of the two pedigrees exhibit striking differences in their phenotypes. To identify phenotype-modifying genetic factors, whole exome sequencing was performed and the data from the Hungarian and Anglo-Saxon BSS patients were compared...
August 3, 2020: Experimental Dermatology
Shoichi Kimura, Kosuke Momozono, Kazuhide Shimamatsu, Masanori Noguchi
Introduction: Sarcoidosis is a disease in which noncaseating granulomas form in several organs, particularly in the lungs and skin. Male genitourinary involvement in sarcoidosis is uncommon. Case presentation: A 32-year-old male with painless bilateral scrotal swelling who was diagnosed with lung sarcoidosis presented to our hospital. Serum tumor marker levels were normal. Scattered hypoechoic mass lesions in both testes were noted on ultrasound examination. Biopsy of both testes revealed pathologically noncaseating epithelioid cell granuloma, and perihilar lymphadenopathy and a granulomatous lung nodule were found on chest computed tomography...
January 2020: IJU case reports
Enrique Mencía-Gutiérrez, Carmen Navarro-Perea, Esperanza Gutiérrez-Díaz, María Cámara-Jurado, Álvaro Bengoa-González
Poroma is a rare benign tumor of the epidermal sweat duct unit with predilection for the head and neck. Only six cases with eyelid location have been described in the literature (PubMed). A 34-year-old male presented with a single tumor on the left upper eyelid. It was skin-colored, nodular, solid, tender with some telangiectatic vessels, and showed no ulcerated lesion. Clinical diagnosis was basal cell carcinoma. This type of lesion can mimic a malignancy. Complete excisional biopsy revealed features consistent with eccrine poroma...
June 29, 2020: Curēus
Wei Han, Jun Xu, Guo-Liang Shen
Aim: Skin cutaneous melanoma (SKCM) is one of the most life-threatening malignancies damaging human health. APOBEC3G (A3G) has been found in several cancers; however, the role of A3G in SKCM is rarely studied. This study aimed to investigate the expression of A3G in tumor tissue and its prognostic value in SKCM patients. Method: A total of 512 SKCM patients from the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University (FAHSU) and the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database were consecutively recruited in analyses. Differential transcriptional and proteome expression profiles were obtained from multiple datasets...
2020: Journal of Cancer
Yuexin Xu, Xiaoxuan Du
Application of dexmedetomidine-assisted intravertebral anesthesia for elderly patients with hip replacement and its influences on T-lymphocyte subsets in peripheral blood were assessed. Eighty-six patients undergoing intravertebral anesthesia in hip replacement were treated as group A, and one hundred patients undergoing intravertebral anesthesia combined with dexmedetomidine were treated as group B. Hemodynamic changes in both groups were compared 5 min before anesthesia (T0), immediately after skin incision (T1) and after surgery (T2)...
August 2020: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
A Capizzello, Z Tatsiou, P Prassopoulos
BACKGROUND: Pleomorphic dermal sarcoma is a potentially high-grade cutaneous spindle cell tumor that closely resembles atypical fibroxanthoma in the superficial, dermal aspects but with adverse pathological features. Chronic inflammation, as several autoimmune disorders are co-associated with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. CASE DESCRIPTION: We report here an 84-year-old male patient with swelling lump on the upper third of the left arm. Previously he suffered from a type I chronic myelomonocytic leukemia...
October 2019: Hippokratia
M L A Modolin, C P Camargo, D A Milcheski, W Cintra, R I Rocha, G M Clivatti, B Nascimento, R Gemperli
INTRODUCTION: Castleman disease (CD) is a lymphoproliferative disorder with lymph node hypertrophy. In the unicentric form (UCD), it affects one lymph node or chain of lymph nodes. In the multicentric form (DCM), there is hypertrophy of several lymph node chains with the formation of tumor masses, causing compressive symptoms. This case report showed a case of CD in a different location(inguinal region) associated to a multiple skin lesions. PRESENTATION OF THE CASE: We reported a UCD in a 43-year-old female patient with no previous comorbidities...
July 18, 2020: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
Mairéad G McNamara, Timothy Jacobs, Angela Lamarca, Richard A Hubner, Juan W Valle, Eitan Amir
Accurate identification of patients with solid tumors likely to respond to immunotherapy is crucial. Tumor mutational burden (TMB) measures the number of somatic mutations in a tumor and is an emerging prognostic and predictive biomarker for anti-programmed cell death (PD) 1/anti-PD-ligand 1 therapy and other immunotherapeutic agents. Tumor mutational burden is assessed optimally by whole exome sequencing, but next generation sequencing provides TMB estimates in a more timely and cost-effective manner. Blood-based measurement of TMB in plasma offers an alternative to the need for adequate tumor tissue for molecular testing, and has demonstrated the ability to identify patients who derive benefit from immunotherapy...
July 22, 2020: Cancer Treatment Reviews
Ying-Hao Han, Yong-Qing Zhang, Mei-Hua Jin, Ying-Hua Jin, Mei-Yu Qiu, Wei-Long Li, Chao He, Li-Yun Yu, Jin Won Hyun, Jiyon Lee, Do-Young Yoon, Hu-Nan Sun, Taeho Kwon
Keratinocyte hyperproliferation is an essential link in skin cancer pathogenesis. Peroxiredoxin I (Prx I) is known to regulate cancer cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis, but its role in skin cancer remains unclear. This study aimed to elucidate the role and mechanism of Prx I in skin cancer pathogenesis. Dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (DMBA) and 12-O-tetradecanoyl-phorbol-13-acetate (TPA) were used to create a skin tumor model of the initiation/promotion stage of cancer. The role of Prx I in H2 O2 -induced keratinocyte apoptosis was also investigated...
August 27, 2020: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
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