Caroline A Thompson, Paige Sheridan, Eman Metwally, Sharon Peacock Hinton, Megan A Mullins, Ellis C Dillon, Matthew Thompson, Nicholas Pettit, Allison W Kurian, Sandi L Pruitt, Georgios Lyratzopoulos
BACKGROUND: Internationally, 20-50% of cancer is diagnosed through emergency presentation, which is associated with lower survival, poor patient experience, and socioeconomic disparities, but population-based evidence about emergency diagnosis in the U.S. is limited. We estimated Emergency Department (ED) involvement in the diagnosis of cancer in a nationally representative population of older US adults, and associations with sociodemographic, clinical, and tumor characteristics. METHODS: We analyzed SEER-Medicare data for Medicare beneficiaries (≥66 years old) diagnosed with female breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers (2008-2017), defining their earliest cancer-related claim as their index date, and patients who visited the ED 0-30 days before their index date to have "ED involvement" in their diagnosis, with stratification as 0-7 or 8-30 days...
May 25, 2024: JNCI Cancer Spectrum
Ashita Gadwal, Purvi Purohit, Manoj Khokhar, Jeewan Ram Vishnoi, Puneet Pareek, Ramkaran Choudhary, Poonam Elhence, Mithu Banerjee, Praveen Sharma
BACKGROUND: Altered glycosylation plays a role in carcinogenesis. GALNT14 promotes cancer stem-like properties and drug resistance. GDF-15 is known to induces drug resistance and stemness markers for maintenance of breast cancer (BC) stem-like cell state. Currently there is lack of data on association of GDF-15 and GALNTs. In this study, the expression and interaction of GALNT14 and GDF-15 with stemness (OCT4 and SOX2) and drug resistance (ABCC5) markers were evaluated in BC. METHODS: We investigated tumour tissue from 30 BC patients and adjacent non-tumour tissues...
May 25, 2024: Molecular Biology Reports
Dong Zhao, Fei Cai, Xuefei Liu, Tingting Li, Ershu Zhao, Xinlong Wang, Zhendong Zheng
Carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 6 (CEACAM6) is an immunoglobulin superfamily protein primarily expressed on epithelial surfaces and myeloid cells. It plays a significant role in cancer progression by inhibiting apoptosis, promoting drug resistance, and facilitating cancer cell invasion and metastasis. Overexpression of CEACAM6 has been observed in various cancers, including lung, breast, colorectal, and hepatocellular cancers, and is associated with poorer overall survival and disease-free survival...
May 25, 2024: Discover. Oncology
Julia Rosenberg, Deanna Nardella, Veronika Shabanova
BACKGROUND: Paid parental leave policies may promote breastfeeding, which can have short- and long-term health benefits for both members of the birthing person-infant dyad. In the United States, where 56% of the workforce qualifies for unpaid federal medical leave, certain states have recently enacted paid parental and family leave policies. We aimed to assess the extent to which living in states with versus without paid family leave was associated with feeding regimens that included breastfeeding...
May 26, 2024: International Breastfeeding Journal
Yusuke Takanashi, Tomoaki Kahyo, Keigo Sekihara, Akikazu Kawase, Mitsutoshi Setou, Kazuhito Funai
Cancer prognosis remains a critical clinical challenge. Lipidomic analysis via mass spectrometry (MS) offers the potential for objective prognostic prediction, leveraging the distinct lipid profiles of cancer patient-derived specimens. This review aims to systematically summarize the application of MS-based lipidomic analysis in prognostic prediction for cancer patients. Our systematic review summarized 38 studies from the past decade that attempted prognostic prediction of cancer patients through lipidomics...
May 25, 2024: Lipids in Health and Disease
Rupali Sarkar, Souradeep Biswas, Rituparna Ghosh, Priya Samanta, Shampa Pakhira, Mrinmoyee Mondal, Yashaswi Dutta Gupta, Suman Bhandary, Prosenjit Saha, Arijit Bhowmik, Subhadip Hajra
BACKGROUND: Therapeutic management of locally advanced and metastatic triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is often limited due to resistance to conventional chemotherapy. Metastasis is responsible for more than 90% of breast cancer-associated mortality; therefore, the clinical need to prevent or target metastasis is immense. The epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) of cancer stem cells (CSCs) is a crucial determinant in metastasis. Doxorubicin (DOX) is the frequently used chemotherapeutic drug against TNBC that may increase the risk of metastasis in patients...
May 25, 2024: Journal of Nanobiotechnology
Jun Luo, Lina Tang, Yijie Chen, Lichun Yang, Ruoxia Shen, Yan Cheng, Zizhen Zhang, Zhihong Lv, Lijun Yuan, Yong Yang, Yinrong Cheng, Baoyan Bai, Jing Luo, Qin Chen
OBJECTIVE: The main aim of this study was to determine whether the use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) could improve the categorization of suspicious breast lesions based on the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS), thereby reducing the number of benign breast lesions referred for biopsy. METHODS: This prospective study, conducted between January 2017 and December 2018, enrolled consenting patients from eight teaching hospitals in China, who had been diagnosed with solid breast lesions classified as BI-RADS 4 using conventional ultrasound...
May 24, 2024: Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology
S A Hurvitz, S-B Kim, W-P Chung, S-A Im, Y H Park, R Hegg, M-H Kim, L-M Tseng, V Petry, C-F Chung, H Iwata, E Hamilton, G Curigliano, B Xu, A Egorov, Y Liu, J Cathcart, E Bako, K Tecson, S Verma, J Cortés
BACKGROUND: DESTINY-Breast03 is a randomized, multicenter, open-label, phase III study of trastuzumab deruxtecan (T-DXd) versus trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1) in patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive metastatic breast cancer (mBC) previously treated with trastuzumab and a taxane. A statistically significant improvement in progression-free survival (PFS) versus T-DM1 was reported in the primary analysis. Here, we report exploratory efficacy data in patients with and without brain metastases (BMs) at baseline...
May 2024: ESMO Open
S Sammons, N U Lin
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2024: ESMO Open
K H Park, S Loibl, J Sohn, Y H Park, Z Jiang, H Tadjoedin, S Nag, S Saji, M Md Yusof, E M B Villegas, E H Lim, Y-S Lu, S Ithimakin, L-M Tseng, T Dejthevaporn, T W-W Chen, S C Lee, C Galvez, S Malwinder, T Kogawa, J Bajpai, B Brahma, S Wang, G Curigliano, T Yoshino, S-B Kim, G Pentheroudakis, S-A Im, F Andre, J B Ahn, N Harbeck
The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Clinical Practice Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with early breast cancer were updated and published online in 2023, and adapted, according to previously established standard methodology, to produce the Pan-Asian adapted (PAGA) ESMO consensus guidelines for the management of Asian patients with early breast cancer. The adapted guidelines presented in this manuscript represent the consensus opinions reached by a panel of Asian experts in the treatment of patients with breast cancer representing the oncological societies of China (CSCO), Indonesia (ISHMO), India (ISMPO), Japan (JSMO), Korea (KSMO), Malaysia (MOS), the Philippines (PSMO), Singapore (SSO), Taiwan (TOS) and Thailand (TSCO), co-ordinated by ESMO and KSMO...
May 2024: ESMO Open
Yao Yang, Jing Tong, Xianshun Xie, Hong Cao, Yong Fu, Yong Luo, Shan Liu, Wen Chen, Ning Yang
In this study, we reported the discovery and structure-activity relationship analysis of chrysin derivatives as a new class of inhibitors targeting poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 (PARP1). Among these derivatives, compound 5d emerged as the most effective chrysin-based inhibitor of PARP1, with an IC50 value of 108 nmol·L-1 . This compound significantly inhibited the proliferation and migration of breast cancer cell lines HCC-1937 and MDA-MB-436 by inducing DNA damage. Furthermore, 5d induced apoptosis and caused an extended G1 /S-phase in these cell lines...
May 2024: Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines
Xiaomeng Li, Xiaowei Li, Kaige Zhang, Yanglong Guan, Meiyang Fan, Qian Wu, Yue Li, Rikard Holmdahl, Shemin Lu, Wenhua Zhu, Xiaoqin Wang, Liesu Meng
BACKGROUND: Due to the lack of early symptoms, breast cancer is frequently overlooked, leading to distant metastases and multi-organ lesions that directly threaten patients' lives. We have identified a novel tumor marker, antibodies to endophilin A2 (EA2), to improve early diagnosis of breast cancer. METHODS: Antibody levels of EA2 were analyzed in sera of patients with cancers of different origins and stages by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)...
May 23, 2024: Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry
Brian D Sleeman, Iain W Stewart
This paper develops a theory for anaphase in cells. After a brief description of microtubules, the mitotic spindle and the centrosome, a mathematical model for anaphase is introduced and developed in the context of the cell cytoplasm and liquid crystalline structures. Prophase, prometaphase and metaphase are then briefly described in order to focus on anaphase, which is the main study of this paper. The entities involved are modelled in terms of liquid crystal defects and microtubules are represented as defect flux lines...
May 23, 2024: Mathematical Biosciences
Muhammad Farooq Khan, Rawan Frhan Alanazi, Almohannad A Baabbad, Nawaf D Almoutiri, Mohammad Ahmad Wadaan
The main focus of anticancer drug discovery is on developing medications that are gentle on normal cells and should have the ability to target multiple anti-cancer pathways. Liver cancer is becoming a worldwide epidemic due to the highest occurring and reoccurring rate in some countries. Calotropis procera is a xerophytic herbal plant growing wildly in Saudi Arabia. Due to its anti-angiogenic and anticancer capabilities, "C. procera " is a viable option for developing innovative anticancer medicines. However, no study has been done previously, to discover angiogenic and anti-cancer targets which are regulated by C...
May 23, 2024: Environmental Research
Jeremy Boujenah, Celine Dupont-Bernabe, Claire Thuillier, Nicolas Sananes, Philippe Bouhanna, Patrick Rozenberg
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 23, 2024: Gynecologie, Obstetrique, Fertilite & Senologie
Zimei Lin, Libin Chen, Yunzhong Wang, Tao Zhang, Pintong Huang
Adenosis is a benign breast condition whose lesions can mimic breast carcinoma and is evaluated for malignancy with the Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS). We construct and validate the performance of modality-specific enhancement (MSE)-Breast Net based on multimodal ultrasound images and compare it to the BI-RADS in differentiating adenosis from breast cancer. A total of 179 patients with breast carcinoma and 229 patients with adenosis were included in this retrospective, two-institution study, then divided into a training cohort (institution I, n = 292) and a validation cohort (institution II, n=116)...
May 23, 2024: Cancer Letters
Yunxiao Xiao, Peng Zheng, Wenjie Xu, Zhenghao Wu, Ximeng Zhang, Rong Wang, Tao Huang, Jie Ming
BACKGROUND: Progesterone receptor (PR) serves as a crucial prognostic and predictive marker in breast cancer. Nonetheless, the interplay between PR and the tumor immune microenvironment remains inadequately understood. This investigation employs bioinformatics analyses, mouse models, and clinical specimens to elucidate the impact of PR on immune microenvironment and identify potential targets for immunotherapy, furnishing valuable guidance for clinical practice. METHODS: Analysis of immune infiltration score by Xcell between PR-positive and PR-negative breast cancer tumors...
May 24, 2024: Translational Research: the Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine
Barbro Ljungberg, Panagiotis Papachristou, Sofia Zwedberg
OBJECTIVE: To investigate how fathers or partners perceive their roles as new parents when confronted with early breastfeeding challenges, how they navigate these difficulties, and the specific type of support they seek from the Child Health Care Centre (CHCC). METHOD: In-depth, individual interviews conducted with 12 partners of women for whom breastfeeding was difficult. Reflexive thematic analysis was applied on the interview data. RESULTS: Interviews resulted in three themes: 1) 'It is a revolutionary time to be a new father' represented a tumultuous time when fathers wanted to be involved in all decisions and part of a strong team with their partners...
May 19, 2024: Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare: Official Journal of the Swedish Association of Midwives
Cong Zhang, Yu Liu, Peilin Wang, Bo Wang, Shanshan Zhang, Zeao Hua, Yanan Li, Xuebing Wang, Xu Yang
Atrazine (ATR) is herbicide that causes serious harm to the environment and threatens human food safety. Se-enriched yeast is the best organic selenium source for protecting cells from damage caused by poisonous substances. To explore mechanism of ATR on meat quality degradation and potential protective effects of Se-enriched yeast on ATR-induced muscle injury, quails were treated with ATR and/or Se-enriched yeast for 28 days. The results found ATR disrupted muscle fiber structure and decreased pH, tenderness, water-holding capacity, essential amino acid content and polyunsaturated fatty acid content...
May 20, 2024: Food Chemistry
Ume Roobab, Bo-Ru Chen, Ghulam Muhammad Madni, Zhang Guo Tong, Xin-An Zeng, Gholamreza Abdi, Shahzad Hussain, Rana Muhammad Aadil
The search to improve the quality of meat while maintaining its nutritional value and flavor profile has driven the investigation of emerging clean-label non-thermal technologies in the field of meat processing. Ultrasound (US) and pulsed electric field (PEF) treatments have emerged as promising tools for producing high-quality meat products. This study investigated the combined effects of ultrasound and PEF on chicken breast meat quality, focusing on cooking loss, texture, and taste-related amino acids. Ultrasound (24...
May 21, 2024: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry
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