Mi Hyun Kim, Dong Chan Moon, Su-Jeong Kim, Abraham Fikru Mechesso, Hyun-Ju Song, Hee Young Kang, Ji-Hyun Choi, Soon-Seek Yoon, Suk-Kyung Lim
Intestinal commensal bacteria are considered good indicators for monitoring antimicrobial resistance. We investigated the antimicrobial resistance profiles and resistance trends of Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis isolated from food animals in Korea between 2010 and 2019. E. faecium and E. faecalis, isolated from chickens and pigs, respectively, presented a relatively high resistance rate to most of the tested antimicrobials. We observed high ciprofloxacin (67.9%), tetracycline (61.7%), erythromycin (59...
April 26, 2021: Microorganisms
Gambhir Shrestha, Xiaolin Wei, Katrina Hann, Kyaw Thu Soe, Srinath Satyanarayana, Bhola Siwakoti, Shankar Bastakoti, Rashmi Mulmi, Kritika Rana, Nirmal Lamichhane
Cancer patients are at high risk of antibiotic resistant bacterial urinary tract infections (UTIs). In this study, we assessed the bacterial profile and antibiotic resistance among cancer patients suspected of UTI in B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital in Nepal through a cross-sectional study with routinely collected data. All cancer patients who had a recorded urine culture between July 2018-June 2019 were included in the study. Out of 308 patients who had undergone culture, 73 (24%) of samples had bacterial growth...
April 13, 2021: Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease
Dorcas Oladayo Fatoba, Akebe Luther King Abia, Daniel G Amoako, Sabiha Y Essack
The current study investigated the impact of chicken litter application on the abundance of multidrug-resistant Enterococcus spp. in agricultural soil. Soil samples were collected from five different strategic places on a sugarcane farm before and after manure application for four months. Chicken litter samples were also collected. Enterococci were enumerated using the Enterolert® /Quanti-Tray 2000® system and confirm and differentiated into species using real-time PCR. The antibiotic susceptibility profile of the isolates was determined using the disk diffusion method following the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (EUCAST) guidelines...
April 21, 2021: Microorganisms
Sasha Badul, Akebe L K Abia, Daniel G Amoako, Keith Perrett, Linda A Bester, Sabiha Y Essack
Foodborne pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant species, constitute a severe menace to food safety globally, especially food animals. Identifying points of concern that need immediate mitigation measures to prevent these bacteria from reaching households requires a broad understanding of these pathogens' spread along the food production chain. We investigated the distribution, antibiotic susceptibility, molecular characterization and clonality of Enterococcus spp. in an intensive pig production continuum in South Africa, using the farm-to-fork approach...
April 21, 2021: Microorganisms
Alyona Lavrinenko, Eugene Sheck, Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Ilya Azizov, Anar Turmukhambetova
The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of A. baumannii antibiotic-resistant strains in Kazakhstan and to characterize genotypes related to epidemic "high-risk" clones. Two hundred and twenty four A. baumannii isolates from four cities of Kazakhstan in 2011-2019 were studied. Antibiotic susceptibility testing was performed by using broth microdilutions method according to EUCAST (v 11.0) recommendations. The presence of bla OXA-23-like , bla OXA-24/40-like, bla OXA-58-like, bla VIM, bla IMP, and bla NDM genes was determined by PCR...
April 3, 2021: Antibiotics
Alejandra Ortiz-Ruiz, Yanira Ruiz-Heredia, María Luz Morales, Pedro Aguilar-Garrido, Almudena García-Ortiz, Antonio Valeri, Carmen Bárcena, Rosa María García-Martin, Vanesa Garrido, Laura Moreno, Alicia Gimenez, Miguel Ángel Navarro-Aguadero, María Velasco-Estevez, Eva Lospitao, María Teresa Cedena, Santiago Barrio, Joaquín Martínez-López, María Linares, Miguel Gallardo
Mitochondria are involved in the development and acquisition of a malignant phenotype in hematological cancers. Recently, their role in the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma (MM) has been suggested to be therapeutically explored. MYC is a master regulator of b-cell malignancies such as multiple myeloma, and its activation is known to deregulate mitochondrial function. We investigated the impact of mitochondrial activity on the distinct entities of the disease and tested the efficacy of the mitochondrial inhibitor, tigecycline, to overcome MM proliferation...
April 1, 2021: Cancers
Gladys Villas Boas do Prado, Elisa Teixeira Mendes, Roberta Cristina Ruedas Martins, Lauro Vieira Perdigão-Neto, Maristela Pinheiro Freire, Fernanda Spadão, Victor Augusto Camarinha de Castro Lima, Flavia Rossi, Thais Guimarães, Anna Sara Levin, Vanderson Rocha, Silvia Figueiredo Costa
Surveillance programs have been reporting decreasing rates of carbapenem-sensitivity in S. marcescens, leading to a concern regarding the few remaining therapeutic options to treat these multidrug-resistant (MDR) organisms. Here we describe a case series of 11 stem cell hematopoietic transplantation patients infected (N=6) or colonized (N=5) by carbapenem-resistant S. marcescens (CrSm) from 2010 to 2013. The comorbidities found were acute renal insufficiency (3/11), neutropenia (7/11) and mucositis (8/11), and the mortality rate was 64%...
April 29, 2021: Transplant Infectious Disease: An Official Journal of the Transplantation Society
Qianting Yang, Jiao Xie, Haitao Wang, Yanping Zhang, Yang Zhao, Sha Li, Kanghuai Zhang, Yalin Dong
RATIONALE: In order to characterize the intracellular pharmacokinetic properties of tigecycline, we developed and fully validated a liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method for quantification of tigecycline in human lung epithelial cells (BEAS-2B) and polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs). METHODS: Tetracycline was used as internal standard, and chromatographic separation was achieved on a C18 Hypersil Gold aQ column using two mobile phases, a mixture solution of water (containing 0...
April 29, 2021: Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry: RCM
Hongling Li, Mao Zhou, Xia Chen, Yawen Zhang, Zijuan Jian, Qun Yan, Wen-En Liu
Purpose: Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) strains are extensively resistant to most antibiotics. Tigecycline is one of the few effective drugs that can be used to treat infections caused by CRE. The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of different methods for detecting the susceptibility of CRE to tigecycline. Methods: Seven commonly used drug susceptibility testing methods were compared and evaluated for the ability to determine CRE tigecycline susceptibility: broth microdilution (BMD), agar dilution method (ADM), disk diffusion method, Etest, MicroScan, Vitek2 COMPACT, and BD Phoenix 100...
2021: Infection and Drug Resistance
Javad Yasbolaghi Sharahi, Ali Hashemi, Abdollah Ardebili, Sara Davoudabadi
BACKGROUND: We evaluated the distribution of carbapenem and colistin resistance mechanisms of clinical E. coli and K. pneumoniae isolates from Iran. METHODS: 165 non-duplicate non-consecutive isolates of K. pneumoniae and E. coli were collected from hospitalized patients admitted to Iran's tertiary care hospitals from September 2016 to August 2018. The isolates were cultured from different clinical specimens, including wound, urine, blood, and tracheal aspirates...
April 27, 2021: Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials
Ameni Mellouli, Yosra Chebbi, Rym El Fatmi, Anis Raddaoui, Amel Lakhal, Lamia Torjmane, Nour Ben Abdeljelil, Dorra Belloumi, Salwa Ladeb, Tarek Ben Othmen, Wafa Achour
BACKGROUND: Bacteremia become fearsome in hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) recipients with the emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) strains. AIM: Our purpose was to investigate the prevalence of MDR bacteremia in HSCT recipients at the Tunisian National Bone Marrow Transplant Center, associated factors and attributable mortality rate. METHODS: Our retrospective study (January 2010-December 2017) included all MDR bacteremia in the Hematology department...
February 2021: La Tunisie Médicale
Kalliopi Foteinogiannopoulou, Ioannis Mouzas, Maria Tzardi, Eleni Orfanoudaki, Eirini Theodoraki, Diamantis Kofteridis
Introduction: Whipple's disease is a rare chronic infectious disease caused by Tropheryma whipplei . The infection mainly affects the small intestine of middle-aged patients, approximately three times more often in males than in females causing malabsorption and excessive weight loss but other organs may be affected as well. Case report: We describe a case of a 42-year-old woman with a history of chronic diarrhea and weight loss evolving for at least the last 6 years...
March 2021: Germs
Stefano Di Bella, Daniele Roberto Giacobbe, Alberto Enrico Maraolo, Valentina Viaggi, Roberto Luzzati, Matteo Bassetti, Franscesco Luzzaro, Luigi Principe
Ceftazidime/avibactam (CAZ-AVI), approved in 2015, is an important first-line option for KPC-producing Enterobacterales (KPC-E). Although still uncommon, resistance to CAZ-AVI has emerged and may represents a serious cause of concern. We performed a systematic literature review of clinical and microbiological features of infections and colonizations from CAZ-AVI-resistant KPC-E, focused on the in vivo emergence of CAZ-AVI resistance in different clinical scenarios. Twenty-three papers were retrieved accounting for 42 patients and 57 isolates, mostly belonging to K...
April 22, 2021: Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance
Brian D Johnston, Paul Thuras, Stephen B Porter, Connie Clabots, James R Johnson
Extended-spectrum cephalosporin-resistant Escherichia coli (ESCREC) are a growing threat. Leading ESCREC lineages include sequence type ST131, especially its (blaCTX-M-15 -associated) H30Rx subclone and (blaCTX-M-27 -associated) C1-M27 subset within the H30R1 subclone. The comparative activity against such strains of alternative antimicrobial agents, including the recently developed aminoglycoside plazomicin, is undefined, so was investigated here. We assessed plazomicin and 11 comparators for activity against 216 well-characterized ESCREC isolates (Minnesota, 2012-2017) and then compared broth microdilution MICs with phylogenetic and clonal background, beta-lactamase genotype (blaCTX-M ; group 1 and 9 variants), and co-resistance...
April 23, 2021: European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
Jia Liu, Yingying Yan, Fan Zhang
Background: With the widespread use of tigecycline, especially in elderly people infected with multidrug-resistant bacteria, the associated coagulation disorders are attracting the attention of clinicians. The risk factors of tigecycline-associated hypofibrinogenemia are still controversial. Purpose: The aims of our study were to explore the related factors of hypofibrinogenemia caused by tigecycline, and to establish the risk assessment criteria for tigecycline-associated hypofibrinogenemia...
2021: Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management
Qian Wang, Kai Peng, Yuan Liu, Xia Xiao, Zhiqiang Wang, Ruichao Li
The emergence and transmission of novel antimicrobial resistance genes pose a great threat to public health globally. Recently, the plasmid-encoding RND efflux pump TMexCD1-TOprJ1 in Klebsiella pneumoniae was reported to reduce the sensitivity of multiple antimicrobials. Herein, we identified a pandrug-resistant Proteus mirabilis isolate, which harbored the novel tmexCD3-toprJ3 gene cluster located on SXT/R391 ICE. This study expands current knowledge in transfer mechanism of tmexCD1-toprJ1- like gene clusters among P...
April 19, 2021: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
Wentao Ni, Deqing Yang, Jie Guan, Wen Xi, Dexun Zhou, Lili Zhao, Junchang Cui, Yu Xu, Zhancheng Gao, Youning Liu
OBJECTIVES: Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CR-KP) infections represent severe threats to public health worldwide. The aim of this study was to assess potential synergistic interaction between tigecycline and aminoglycosides via in vitro and in vivo studies. METHODS: Antibiotic resistance profiles and molecular characteristics of 168 CR-KP clinical isolates were investigated by susceptibility testing, PCR and MLST. Chequerboard tests and time-kill assays were performed for 20 CR-KP isolates to evaluate in vitro synergistic effects of tigecycline combined with aminoglycosides...
April 16, 2021: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Jiejun Shi, Naibin Yang, Guoqing Qian
Background: Talaromycosis is a serious fungal infection which is rare in immunocompetent people. Since its clinical manifestations lack specificity, it is easy to escape diagnosis or be misdiagnosed leading to high mortality and poor prognosis. It is necessary to be alert to the disease when broad-spectrum antibiotics do not work well in immunocompetent patients. Case Presentation: A 79-year-old man was admitted to our Infectious Diseases Department for recurrent fever and cough. Before admission he has been treated with piperacillin-tazobactam, moxifloxacin followed by antituberculous agents in other hospitals while his symptoms were not thoroughly eased...
2021: Frontiers in Medicine
Muhammad Fazal Hameed, Yanan Chen, Ying Wang, Muhammad Shafiq, Hazrat Bilal, Linqing Liu, Jinming Ma, Pengying Gu, Honghua Ge
Purpose: Antimicrobial resistance, especially carbapenem resistance Enterobacteriaceae and plasmid mediated mobile colistin resistance, is a serious issue worldwide. This study was designed to determine the epidemiological characteristics of plasmid mediated colistin resistance and carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae from tertiary A hospital located in Hefei, China. Methods: Totally, 158 carbapenems resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) were screened for antibiotic susceptibility, mcr-1 , extended spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs), metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs), and fosfomycin resistance genes using PCR and sequencing...
2021: Infection and Drug Resistance
Xiaobo Li, Yanqing Song, Lina Wang, Guangbo Kang, Ping Wang, Huabing Yin, He Huang
Multidrug-resistant (MDR) Acinetobacter baumannii strains can cause severe infections in intensive care units, and are rapidly developing resistance to the last-resort of existing antibiotics, posing a major global threat to health care system. Berberine hydrochloride (BBH), a kind of isoquinoline alkaloids extracted from Berberis and other plants, has been widely used as an antibacterial medicine for its reliable therapeutic efficiency. The in vitro synergistic effects of BBH with antibiotics against MDR A...
2021: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
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