Iraj Harirchi, Mohammad Hajiaghajani, Aliakbar Sayari, Rassoul Dinarvand, Haniye Sadat Sajadi, Mahdi Mahdavi, Elham Ahmadnezhad, Alireza Olyaeemanesh, Reza Majdzadeh
Following his inauguration in late 2013, President Rouhani aimed to boost quality and equity in the health care delivery system. To fulfill this aim, a set of interventions, called Health Transformation Plan (HTP), were implemented. So far, it has been a heated debate whether HTP breathes a spirit of a new reform. HTP has targeted long-standing historical deficits of the Iranian health system as well as urgent problems, both of which have been, to some extent, resolved. To decrease Out-Of-Pocket (OOP) health expenditures, HTP has presented new financing mechanisms to expand a safety net to Iranian citizens fundamentally...
2020: International Journal of Preventive Medicine
Stephen Politzer-Ahles, Teresa Girolamo, Samantha Ghali
Recent years have seen a spirited debate over whether there is linguistic injustice in academic publishing. One way that linguistic injustice might occur is if gatekeepers (e.g., peer reviewers and editors) judge the scholarly quality of academic writing more harshly if the writing does not meet expectations for international academic English, even if the content is good. We tested this with a randomized control study in which scholars judged the scientific quality of several scientific abstracts. Each abstract had two versions with identical scientific content, such that the language in one version conformed to standards for international academic English, and the language in the other version did not (but was still comprehensible)...
September 2020: Journal of English for academic purposes
Ana Cláudia Alencar Lopes, Rafaela Pereira Andrade, Lauany Caroline Carvalho de Oliveira, Lidiany Mendonça Zacaroni Lima, Wilder Douglas Santiago, Mário Lúcio Vilela de Resende, Maria das Graças Cardoso, Whasley Ferreira Duarte
Coffee is one of the most important commodities worldwide. The industrial processing of coffee cherries generates a considerable volume of by-products such as wastewater, coffee pulp, mucilage, and husk. These by-products have sugars and nutrients that can be converted into value-added products via microbial action. In this study, for the first time, we evaluated the potential of coffee pulp and coffee wastewater as substrate for alcoholic fermentation produce a distilled beverage. The must composed by dry or wet coffee pulp and coffee wastewater added of commercial sucrose or sugarcane molasses was fermented by S...
December 2020: Journal of Food Science and Technology
Hannah Mortimer, Jean Whitehead, Maria Kavussanu, Bahri Gürpınar, Christopher Ring
The spirit of sport, which encompasses intrinsic values associated with sport participation, is core to the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) strategy for doping prevention. The contribution of these values to clean sport has yet to be established. In this study, athletes rated the importance of spirit of sport values (WADA, 2015) and sport values (Lee et al., 2000, 2008) and indicated their clean sport likelihood in a hypothetical scenario. Clean sport likelihood was positively predicted by the five spirit of sport values (ethics/fair play/honesty, respect for rules/laws, dedication/commitment, teamwork, community/solidarity), two sport value domains (morality, competence), and 11 sport values (contract maintenance, being fair, conscientiousness, sportspersonship, show skills, health/fitness, caring/compassion, team cohesion, achievement, tolerance, obedience)...
October 22, 2020: Journal of Sports Sciences
Laura D Russell, Kathryn St James
With much attention devoted to physical health, what unseen consequences are emerging for mental health throughout the COVID-19 pandemic? The worldly disruption of COVID-19 casts rippling effects that penetrate the bodies and spirits of people experiencing this historical moment. Many of these ripples are subtle and difficult to trace. Peering into the waters muddied by COVID-19, we explore the subtle ripples, particularly the unseen mental health implications during this pandemic. In doing so, we issue questions as departure points for scholars and practitioners to consider for future research and practice in the changing landscape of our current world...
October 21, 2020: Health Communication
Andrea Daley, Shari Brotman, Judith A MacDonnell, Melissa St Pierre
Canadian, US, and UK public health and clinical research has identified barriers to health service access for Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, non-binary, and intersex (2SLGBTQ+) communities. While offering important insight into the health service experiences of 2SLGBTQ+ communities, this body of research only recently, and still only minimally, reports on home care access experiences. Drawing on key findings from the 2SLGBTQ+ Home Care Access Project, a mixed-methods, Ontario-wide study, this paper animates an Access and Equity Framework, using participant stories and perspectives to underscore the relevance and effectiveness of the Framework as a tool to support systematic organizational assessment, evaluation, and implementation of access and equity strategies...
October 16, 2020: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Natalia González-Zancada, Noemí Redondo-Useros, Ligia E Díaz, Sonia Gómez-Martínez, Ascensión Marcos, Esther Nova
Fermented alcoholic drinks' contribution to the gut microbiota composition is mostly unknown. However, intestinal microorganisms can use compounds present in beer. This work explored the associations between moderate consumption of beer, microbiota composition, and short chain fatty acid (SCFA) profile. Seventy eight subjects were selected from a 261 healthy adult cohort on the basis of their alcohol consumption pattern. Two groups were compared: (1) abstainers or occasional consumption (ABS) ( n = 44; <1...
October 17, 2020: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Charline Bertholdt, Gabriela Hossu, Claire Banasiak, Marine Beaumont, Olivier Morel
INTRODUCTION: Pre-eclampsia (PE) and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) are two major pregnancy complications, related to chronic uteroplacental hypoperfusion. Nowadays, there is no screening or diagnostic test for uteroplacental vascularisation deficiency in pregnant women. Since 2004, 3 three-imensional power Doppler (3DPD) angiography has been used for the evaluation of uteroplacental vascularisation and three vascular indices are usually calculated: Vascularisation Index (VI), Flow Index (FI) and vascularisation-FI (VFI)...
October 19, 2020: BMJ Open
Kylie Sandy-Hodgetts, Richard Parsons, Richard Norman, Mark W Fear, Fiona M Wood, Scott W White
INTRODUCTION: Caesarean delivery is steadily becoming one of the more common surgical procedures in Australia with over 100 000 caesarean sections performed each year. Over the last 10 years in Australia, the caesarean section rate has increased from 28% in 2003 to 33% in 2013. On the international stage, the Australian caesarean delivery rates are higher than the average for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Australia ranked as 8 out of 33 and is second to the USA...
October 19, 2020: BMJ Open
Craig M Cooper, Harrison Gray, Leslie Barcenas, Trevor Torgerson, Jake X Checketts, Matt Vassar
Context: Robust methodology and ethical reporting are paramount for quality scientific research, but recently, that quality in addiction research has been questioned. Avenues to improve such research quality include adherence to reporting guidelines and proper usage of clinical trial registries. Reporting guidelines and clinical trial registries have been shown to lead researchers to more ethical and transparent methodology. Objectives: To investigate the reporting guideline and clinical trial registration policies of addiction research journals and identify areas of improvement...
October 19, 2020: Journal of the American Osteopathic Association
Sabine Nabecker, Matthias Theodorou, Sören Huwendiek, Nina Kasper, Robert Greif
BACKGROUND: Fast delivery of high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation is crucial in improving patient outcome after out of hospital cardiac arrest. First responders (trained laypersons) are dispatched to shorten time to basic life support and can be organised in groups or individually. OBJECTIVE: A comparison of factors enabling or impairing first responders' engagement in groups and as individuals are unknown. Therefore, we investigated these factors. DESIGN: Qualitative comparison...
October 16, 2020: European Journal of Anaesthesiology
Amin Bakhshandeh, Maximiliano Segala, Thiago Colla
In the present work, we study an electrolyte solution confined between planar surfaces with nanopatterned charged domains, which has been connected to a bulk ionic reservoir. The system is investigated through an improved Monte Carlo (MC) simulation method, suitable for simulation of electrolytes in the presence of modulated surface charge distributions. We also employ a linear approach in the spirit of the classical Debye-Hückel approximation, which allows one to obtain explicit expressions for the averaged potentials, ionic profiles, effective surface interactions and the net ionic charge confined between the walls...
October 19, 2020: Soft Matter
Mathilde Gadrat, Joel Lavergne, Catherine Emo, Pierre-Louis Teissedre, Kleopatra Chira
Ellagitannins are the main extractible phenolic compounds in oak wood; the monomers vescalagin and castalagin, lyxose/xylose-bearing monomers grandinin and roburin E, dimers roburins A and D and lyxose/xylose-bearing dimers roburins B and C are the principal ones. These compounds are responsible for the high durability of wood and may contribute to the organoleptic quality of wines and spirits (color, astringency, bitterness). Despite their importance, their presence and forms in distilled spirits are not well known...
September 29, 2020: Food Chemistry
Victoria Jane Palmer
Participation in health care is currently the zeitgeist/spirit of our times. A myriad of practices characterizes this "participatory Zeitgeist" in contemporary health care, which range from patients and professionals collaborating as partners in service delivery and treatment decision-making, to crowdsourced cures and participation in online communities, to using health apps, to involvement in health care quality improvement initiatives for systems redesign using coproduction and co-design methods...
January 10, 2020: Journal of Participatory Medicine
Eric Prost
Competence-Based Medical Education (CBME) rightly emphasizes that residents should actively take charge of their own education by ensuring they are progressing towards competence in an array of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). Paradoxically, many CBME curricula then dictate exactly how this is to happen by listing a multitude of variables that must be checked off regarding the specifics of cases encountered. This is burdensome and unrealistic as well as contrary to the spirit of CBME. We want residents to know how to learn so they can problem solve in new situations...
September 2020: Canadian Medical Education Journal
Eli Cwinn, Courtney Cadieux, Claire V Crooks
PURPOSE: The purpose was to examine whether a requirement for parental or guardian consent systematically limits which lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, queer/questioning (LGBT2Q+) youth participate in research. METHODS: A total of 60 LGBT2Q+ youth (aged 14-18 years) completed measures assessing gender and sexual minority identity, depression and anxiety, help-seeking intentions, and social support. RESULTS: A substantial proportion (37...
October 12, 2020: Journal of Adolescent Health
Hans-Werner Wahl, L Cornelius Bollheimer
Assistive robotics as a gerontological geriatric field of research so far seem to be perceived more as "recalcitrant". Predominant is a reserved attitude as to whether this should be considered a research topic to be taken seriously. The reliability of research results and the scientific half-life period are questioned as digital technique generations change exceedingly rapidly and also only a few sustainable standards and guidelines are established. In this context there is a danger that essential developments will be missed in gerontology and geriatrics, then the momentum is active right now and can now be shaped...
October 14, 2020: Zeitschrift Für Gerontologie und Geriatrie
Jiyoon Cha, Young-Wook Chin, Jun-Young Lee, Tae-Wan Kim, Hae Won Jang
The SPME Arrow technology-a novel solid phase micro-extraction technique-was used to analyze Soju, a traditional Korean distilled liquor, in barrels made of Quercus spp. The volatile compounds detected when the barrels were toasted were analyzed. Five types of sorbents-carbon wide range/polydimethylsiloxane, divinylbenzene/carbon wide range/polydimethylsiloxane, divinylbenzene/polydimethylsiloxane, polydimethylsiloxane, and polyacrylate-were used for this investigation. Fifty-four volatile compounds were detected in Soju using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry...
October 8, 2020: Foods (Basel, Switzerland)
Alberto Rodríguez-Fernández, Laurent Bonnet, Cedric Crespos, Pascal Larrégaray, Ricardo Díez Muiño
The classical trajectory method in a quantum spirit assigns statistical weights to classical paths on the basis of two semiclassical corrections: Gaussian binning and the adiabaticity correction. This approach was recently applied to the heterogeneous gas-surface reaction between H2 in its internal ground state and Pd(111) surface e.g. [A. Rodríguez-Fernández et al., J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2019, 10, 7629]. Its predictions of the sticking and state-resolved reflection probabilities were found to be in surprisingly good agreement with those of exact quantum time-dependent calculations where standard quasi-classical trajectory calculations failed...
October 6, 2020: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
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