Fujun Duan, Xianrong Xu, Dan Zhang, Shaen Li, Zhanguo Jin, Yang Zhang
Objective: To analyze the clinical features of Vestibular migraine(VM) and provide evidence for its accurate diagnosis and medical identification of flight personnel. Method: A total of 490 samples of VM patients were collected. Among them, 88 samples were secondary to benign paroxysmal positional vertigo(BPPV), and 11 samples were co-occurring with Meniere's disease(MD). All patients received drugs, lifestyle management, vestibular rehabilitation and other comprehensive treatment, and analyzed the clinical features and effect within 6 months...
August 2020: Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery
Elena Fonseca, Marta Torres-Ferrús, Víctor José Gallardo, Alfons Macaya, Patricia Pozo-Rosich
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The short-term evolution of pediatric migraine remains unclear. We aimed to describe the evolution of migraine before and after puberty and its relationship with lifestyle habits. METHODS: We prospectively selected prepuberal patients from a neuropediatric unit who had a migraine diagnosis. Their medical history, migraine characteristics and impact, and lifestyle habits were recorded at the baseline visit. After 2 years we performed a telephone follow-up assessment...
July 2020: Journal of Clinical Neurology
Maxi Wass, Stefanie Göllner, Birgit Besenbeck, Richard F Schlenk, Petra Mundmann, Joachim R Göthert, Richard Noppeney, Christoph Schliemann, Jan-Henrik Mikesch, Georg Lenz, Martin Dugas, Martin Wermke, Christoph Röllig, Martin Bornhäuser, Hubert Serve, Uwe Platzbecker, Kathrin I Foerster, Jürgen Burhenne, Walter E Haefeli, Lutz P Müller, Mascha Binder, Caroline Pabst, Carsten Müller-Tidow
All-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) is highly active in acute promyelocytic leukemia but not in other types of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Previously, we showed that ATRA in combination with Lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) inhibition by tranylcypromine (TCP) can induce myeloid differentiation in AML blasts. This phase I/II clinical trial investigated the safety and efficacy of TCP/ATRA treatment as salvage therapy for relapsed/refractory (r/r) AML. The combination was evaluated in 18 patients, ineligible for intensive treatment...
June 19, 2020: Leukemia: Official Journal of the Leukemia Society of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K
Nina Riggins, Annika Ehrlich, Henna Sawhney, Laura Dapkus, Morris Levin
OBJECTIVE: This is a small pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of an intravenous (IV) valproate sodium therapy protocol for migraine prevention in a population of patients with chronic migraine refractory to multiple preventive medications. BACKGROUND: Valproate sodium is an anti-epileptic and mood stabilizer that has been shown to prevent migraine when used daily in oral form. The specific mechanism of action in migraine is unknown, but it may be related to suppressing inflammation and increasing brain Gamma-aminobutyric acid levels...
March 2020: Headache
Ling Ding, Tao Lin, Xuanchen Zhou, Jie Han, Anting Xu
Background: Whether the abnormal caloric test (C-test) affects recurrence rate in horizontal semicircular canal benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (HSC-BPPV) with residual dizziness (RD) is not clear. Objectives: 1) Analyze the association of the cycles of canalith repositioning procedure (CRP), C-test and RD after CRP and 2) determine which affects the recurrence rate in idiopathic HSC-BPPV. Materials and methods: Eighty-four patients with HSC-BPPV (canal type) were included in this work. The cycles of CRP, C-test, the RD after CRP and HSC-BPPV recurrence rate were recorded...
January 2020: Acta Oto-laryngologica
Clémence Vamour, Julien De Jonckheere, Béatrice Mestdagh, Laurent Storme, Pierre Richart, Charles Garabedian, Thameur Rakza
OBJECTIVE: Caesarean section is a well-known cause of difficulties in breastfeeding initiation. Mother-infant skin-to-skin contact allows to improve breastfeeding and maternal comfort but remains few practiced during caesarean section. Our objective was to evaluate maternal comfort before and after immediate skin-to-skin contact in case of elective caesarean section. METHODS: This was a prospective, observational, monocenter study including patients with elective caesarean section...
October 2019: Journal of gynecology obstetrics and human reproduction
Alfonso Scarpa, Claudia Cassandro, Federico Maria Gioacchini, Pasquale Viola, Rossella Cuofano, Shaniko Kaleci, Massimo Ralli, Giuseppe Chiarella, Ettore Cassandro
Background: The treatments of horizontal semicircular canal benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (HSC-BPPV) have low remission rates ranging between 60% and 90%, connected to the difficulty in correctly identifying the affected side of HSC-BPPV. Objective: To propose and compare the efficacy of the latency test (LT) in identifying the affected ear in patients with HSC-BPPV. Materials and methods: Twenty-one subjects diagnosed with HSC-BPPV, as ascertained by head rolling test (HRT), were prospectively identified...
October 2019: Acta Oto-laryngologica
Linda Alsholm, Christer Axelsson, Magnus Andersson Hagiwara, My Niva, Lisa Claesson, Johan Herlitz, Carl Magnusson, Lars Rosengren, Katarina Jood
BACKGROUND: The discovery that not all patients who call for the emergency medical service (EMS) require transport to hospital has changed the structure of prehospital emergency care. Today, the EMS clinician at the scene already distinguishes patients with a time-critical condition such as stroke/transitory ischemic attack (TIA) from patients without. This highlights the importance of the early identification of stroke/TIA. AIM: To describe patients with a final diagnosis of stroke/TIA whose transport to hospital was interrupted either due to a lack of suspicion of the disease by the EMS crew or due to refusal by the patient or a relative/friend...
May 2019: Brain and Behavior
Darren Tse, Tim Ramsay, Daniel A Lelli
INTRODUCTION: Menière's Disease (MD) is a disorder of the inner ear consisting of episodic attacks of vertigo associated with aural fullness, tinnitus, and fluctuating hearing loss. Hearing levels in MD can often fluctuate over time, and may eventually decline permanently in a step-wise fashion. There are no current studies examining daily hearing fluctuations for prolonged periods in patients with MD. Portable audiometry has the potential to allow the patient to monitor their hearing on a daily basis without attending a center for formal audiology...
February 2019: Otology & Neurotology
Shinji Urakami, Kohei Ogawa, Suguru Oka, Kiichi Hagiwara, Shoichi Nagamoto, Haruki Anjiki, Michikata Hayashida, Akihiro Yano, Kazushige Sakaguchi, Kazuhiro Kurosawa, Toshikazu Okaneya
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy and safety of tadalafil add-on therapy with α1 -adrenoceptor antagonists. METHODS: Patients with persistent storage symptoms refractory to α1 -adrenoceptor antagonists for benign prostatic hyperplasia were enrolled in the study. Patients were randomly assigned to either a 5 mg tadalafil or 5 mg solifenacin treatment group for 12 weeks. International Prostate Symptom Score, Overactive Bladder Symptom Score, urinary flow rates, residual urine volume, and blood pressure were measured prospectively before treatment and after 4 and 12 weeks of treatment...
September 24, 2018: Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
James A Dreibelbis, Brooke E Organ
BACKGROUND: Humans detect motion and gravity via the labyrinthine system of the inner ear, which consists of the vestibule and the semicircular canals. The vestibular system provides three major functions for maintaining balance and orientation. First, it maximizes the effectiveness of the visual system. Second, it provides orientational information necessary for performing both skilled and reflexive motor activities. Third, in the absence of vision, the vestibular system provides a reasonably accurate perception of motion and position...
October 1, 2018: Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance
Jonathan H Sin, Hira Shafeeq, Zachary D Levy
PURPOSE: The uses of nimodipine for otolaryngic indications are reviewed, and recommendations for its use in clinical practice are provided. SUMMARY: Nimodipine is currently indicated for the improvement of neurologic outcomes in adult patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH). However, other oral and i.v. calcium channel blockers have not exhibited the same beneficial effects in patients with aSAH, leading clinicians to believe that nimodipine possesses unique neuroprotective effects in addition to its calcium channel-blocking and vasodilatory properties...
September 15, 2018: American Journal of Health-system Pharmacy: AJHP
Danielle R Trakimas, Judith S Kempfle, Katherine L Reinshagen, Daniel J Lee, Elliott D Kozin, Aaron K Remenschneider
PURPOSE: Effective operative approaches for the treatment of refractory vertigo in Meniere's disease are invasive. Vestibular neurectomy can preserve hearing and has been shown to be effective; however, current approaches require an extensive craniotomy. Transcanal endoscopic approaches to the internal auditory canal (IAC) with cochlear preservation have been recently described and may offer a minimally invasive approach to selectively sectioning the distal vestibular nerves while preserving residual hearing...
November 2018: American Journal of Otolaryngology
C R Gordon, R Tamir, R Furas, C Klein, R Roth
OBJECTIVE: A pilot study to assess the efficacy and safety of a novel specs device developed to alleviate chronic dizziness using eyeglasses with referential marks fixed on the lenses. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Forty patients with stable symptoms of chronic dizziness for more than 3 months participated in a 4-week, double-blind, randomized treatment with Active-Specs or Sham-Specs. Efficacy was assessed using validated semiquantitative scales and questionnaires of vertigo, dizziness and anxiety...
October 2018: Acta Neurologica Scandinavica
Eva Grill, Gülden Akdal, Sandra Becker-Bense, Steffen Hübinger, Doreen Huppert, Erna Kentala, Ralf Strobl, Andreas Zwergal, Nese Celebisoy
PURPOSE: Comprehensive phenotypical data across countries is needed to understand the determinants, prognosis and consequences of vestibular disease. The registry is a data repository for the members of the European DizzyNet. We report results from a pilot study using data from Turkey and Germany. METHODS: The pilot study included a convenience sample of patients aged 18 or above referred to Ege University Medical School Hospital, Dokuz Eylül University Hospital, Izmir, Turkey, and the German Center for German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders, University on Munich, Germany, with symptoms of vertigo or dizziness...
October 2018: Journal of Neurology
Karina Limburg, Gabriele Schmid-Mühlbauer, Heribert Sattel, Andreas Dinkel, Katharina Radziej, Melanie Gonzales, Joram Ronel, Claas Lahmann
OBJECTIVES: Functional vertigo and dizziness (VD) are frequent and severely distressing complaints that are often described as hard to treat. Our aim was to provide preliminary data on potential effects of multimodal psychosomatic inpatient therapy for patients with functional VD symptoms in reducing vertigo-related handicap and related psychopathology, and to evaluate the role of symptom burden and body-related locus of control in predicting vertigo-related handicap at follow-up. DESIGN: We conducted an uncontrolled clinical pilot trial...
March 30, 2018: Psychology and Psychotherapy
Eva Kovacs, Anna-Janina Stephan, Amanda Phillips, Jörg Schelling, Ralf Strobl, Eva Grill
OBJECTIVES: Vertigo and dizziness are highly prevalent symptoms in primary care, frequently misdiagnosed. Based on a thorough need assessment, INDICORE (INform, DIagnose, COmmunicate, REfer), an evidence-based complex intervention has been developed to transfer knowledge of specialized tertiary clinics to primary care providers (PCPs), improve the referral process and, ultimately, improve the functioning and quality of life of patients with vertigo/dizziness. The main objective of the PRIMA-Vertigo pilot study is to examine whether the INDICORE intervention is feasible and sufficiently promising to warrant a larger trial...
October 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Sara Bozzini, Andrea Albergati, Enrica Capelli, Lorenzo Lorusso, Carmine Gazzaruso, Gabriele Pelissero, Colomba Falcone
Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) commonly exhibit orthostatic intolerance. Abnormal sympathetic predominance in the autonomic cardiovascular response to gravitational stimuli was previously described in numerous studies. The aim of the current study was to describe cardiological and clinical characteristics of Italian patients with CFS. All of the patients were of Caucasian ethnicity and had been referred to our center, the Cardiology Department of the University Hospital of Pavia (Pavia, Italy) with suspected CFS...
January 2018: Biomedical Reports
Behnoosh Vasaghi-Gharamaleki, Zahra Naser
Introduction: Cervical spine abnormalities can affect the ear vessels and or nerves with different mechanisms. Ear dysfunctions following cervical spine injuries can be manifested as hearing loss, vertigo, or tinnitus. Usually, cervical spine injuries can cause pain and Range of Motion (ROM) limitation. The major objective of this study was to determine which cervical ROM limitation was accompanied with higher level of hearing loss. Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 42 volunteers (20 women and 22 men) with cervical spine injury and pain participated after giving their informed consent...
September 2017: Basic and Clinical Neuroscience
Tayyebe Fallahnezhad, Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman, Saeid Farahani, Reza Hoseinabadi, Shohreh Jalaie
INTRODUCTION: Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), involving the semicircular canals, is one of the most common diseases of the inner ear. The video head impulse test (vHIT) is a new test that examines the function of the canals. This study aimed to investigate the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) gain, gain asymmetry and saccades after stimulating all six canals in patients definitively diagnosed with posterior semicircular canal BPPV (PSC-BPPV). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-nine unilateral PSC-BPPV patients with normal oculographic and caloric results were enrolled in this study...
September 2017: Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
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