Mei Teng, Jialin Wang, Man Jin, Zhongqing Yuan, Hong He, Shuping Wang, Qianqian Ren
AIM: To determine the psychological capital level of nurses and explore the latent profiles of nurses regarding their psychological capital scores. BACKGROUND: The use of individual-centered analysis for the connotation of nurses' psychological capital structure is less studied and still needs to be further explored. METHODS: By the convenience sampling method, 494 clinical nurses from 7 general hospitals in Sichuan province were selected...
December 5, 2023: International Nursing Review
Havva Sert, Merve Gulbahar Eren, Ferhat Koc, Yusuf Yurumez
BACKGROUND: Individual and social concerns can negatively affect nurses' mental health during a large-scale earthquake's early stages, making it challenging to perform their professional responsibilities. AIM: This cross-sectional correlational study aimed to examine the relationship between depression, anxiety, and stress levels Turkish nurses experienced during an earthquake's early period. The nurses participating in this study were not directly present in the earthquake-affected area...
December 5, 2023: International Nursing Review
Yaara Tenne, Rotem Kahalon, Laura Daari, Heidi Preis, Michal Eisner, Rony Chen, Pnina Mor, Sorina Grisaru Granovsky, Arnon Samueloff, Yael Benyamini
INTRODUCTION: Synthetic oxytocin is one of the most regularly administered medications to facilitate labor induction and augmentation. The present study examined the associations between oxytocin administration during childbirth and postpartum posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS). MATERIALS AND METHODS: In a multicenter longitudinal study, women completed questionnaires during pregnancy and at 2 months postpartum (N = 386). PTSS were assessed with the Impact of Event Scale...
December 5, 2023: Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing
Lakshmi Pillai, Shayna Srivastava, Akhil Ajin, Sandeep Singh Rana, Darin Mansor Mathkor, Shafiul Haque, Murtaza M Tambuwala, Faraz Ahmad
Postpartum depression (PPD) is classified under postpartum psychiatric disorders and initiates soon after birthing, eliciting neuropsychological and behavioral deficits in mothers and offspring. Globally, PPD is estimated to be associated with 130-190 per 1000 birthing. The severity and incidences of PPD have aggravated in the recent years due to the several unfavorable environmental and geopolitical circumstances. The purpose of this systematic review hence is to explore the contributions of recent circumstances on the pathogenesis and incidence of PPD...
December 2023: Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Michael V Perrotta, Izzy Kohler, David M Eagleman
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) affects 1 in 10 adults in the United States, often with damaging psychological consequences. Currently, there exists no cure for most forms of tinnitus. Recently, bimodal stimulation - the pairing of sounds with haptic stimulation - has shown efficacy in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus. Previous bimodal stimulation approaches have used electrical shocks on the tongue, a technique that requires daily in-person sessions at an audiologist's office. We here show that excellent results can be achieved wearing a wristband with multiple vibratory motors...
December 4, 2023: International Tinnitus Journal
Jerome Visperas Cleofas
Recent threats to human security (i.e., COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts, climate change events) call for nurses to have an increased understanding of how sociopolitical environments induce mental health problems and impact the well-being of citizens. This study examines the relationship between national resilience and life satisfaction among Filipino emerging adults, how depression mediates this relationship, and how these correlations are moderated by gender. Drawing from an online survey sample of 1020 Filipino emerging adults (18-29 years old), this cross-sectional study utilised a moderated mediation analysis...
December 5, 2023: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
Cliff Yung-Chi Chen
INTRODUCTION: Emerging research suggests that physically ill parents' psychological adjustment to illness and emotional well-being may affect adolescents' psychosocial functioning. As people with chronic medical conditions often develop mental disorders, it is important to examine the influence of comorbidity of parental physical and mental health conditions on adolescents' functioning. In addition, the physical and mental health status of the spouses/partners of chronically ill parents needs to be explored to further understand the potential impact of parental chronic illness on adolescents' psychological distress and academic performance...
December 5, 2023: Journal of Adolescence
Herminia Vega-Perona, Isaac Estevan, María Del Mar Bernabé-Villodre, Patricia Segura-Martínez, Daniel Adyro Martínez-Bello, Vladimir E Martínez-Bello
Despite recent research showing that early childhood education and daycare settings (ECEC) have an important role in promoting toddlers' physical activity (PA), crucial information gaps remain regarding toddlers' PA and sedentary behavior (SB) in these outdoor settings. We aimed in this study to: (a) analyze PA patterns and SB during unstructured outdoor play time in preschool and daycare environments using accelerometry and systematic observation; (b) provide concurrent accelerometry and observational data to help validate the Observational System for Recording Physical Activity in Children-Preschool Version (OSRAC-P); and (c) examine individual, social and environmental correlates of PA and SB during toddlers' unstructured outdoor play time...
December 5, 2023: Perceptual and Motor Skills
Abdalla Bowirrat, Igor Elman, Catherine A Dennen, Marjorie C Gondré-Lewis, Jean Lud Cadet, Jag Khalsa, David Baron, Diwanshu Soni, Mark S Gold, Thomas J McLaughlin, Debasis Bagchi, Eric R Braverman, Mauro Ceccanti, Panayotis K Thanos, Edward Justin Modestino, Keerthy Sunder, Nicole Jafari, Foojan Zeine, Rajendra D Badgaiyan, Debmalya Barh, Milan Makale, Kevin T Murphy, Kenneth Blum
Loneliness, an established risk factor for both, mental and physical morbidity, is a mounting public health concern. However, the neurobiological mechanisms underlying loneliness-related morbidity are not yet well defined. Here we examined the role of genes and associated DNA risk polymorphic variants that are implicated in loneliness via genetic and epigenetic mechanisms and may thus point to specific therapeutic targets. Searches were conducted on PubMed, Medline, and EMBASE databases using specific Medical Subject Headings terms such as loneliness and genes, neuro- and epigenetics, addiction, affective disorders, alcohol, anti-reward, anxiety, depression, dopamine, cancer, cardiovascular, cognitive, hypodopaminergia, medical, motivation, (neuro)psychopathology, social isolation, and reward deficiency...
2023: Psychology Research and Behavior Management
Zohreh Afsartala, Mahmoudreza Hadjighassem, Sadegh Shirian, Somayeh Ebrahimi-Barough, Leila Gholami, Mohammad Fahad Hussain, Mina Yaghoobi, Jafar Ai
INTRODUCTION: Spinal cord injury (SCI) is characterized by serious both motor and sensory disability of the limbs below the injured segment. It is the most traumatic disorder among central nervous system (CNS) conditions which not only leads to psychological and physical harm to patients but also results in a dramatic loss in the life quality. Many efforts have been developed to find a therapeutic approach for SCI; however, an effective treatment has not yet been found. The lack of effective treatment approach and rehabilitation of SCI underscores the need to identify novel approaches...
2023: Basic and Clinical Neuroscience
Masamitsu Kobayashi, Kohei Kajiwara, Miharu Morikawa, Yusuke Kanno, Kimiko Nakano, Yoshinobu Matsuda, Yoichi Shimizu, Taichi Shimazu, Jun Kako
Nausea and vomiting are symptoms commonly experienced by patients with advanced cancer and have a wide range of causes, including pharmacological interventions. Additionally, multiple factors often simultaneously cause nausea and vomiting. These highly distressing symptoms may be directly or indirectly related to the disease and can significantly impact both the physical and psychological well-being of patients. This study aims to identify the nursing support provided to reduce nausea and vomiting experienced by patients with cancer...
November 2023: Curēus
V R Abhinaya Ravada, Kakarla V M Sai Lahari, Havilah Twinkle Reddipogu, Lakshmi Prasanna Vuyyuru, Chandana Konda, Mohammed Jaffer Pinjar
Background :  College students face many stressors daily, often resulting in psychological challenges such as heightened anxiety and depression. Biofeedback is becoming aware of and learning to modify the body's physiological functions. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of biofeedback relaxation training in mitigating stress and anxiety levels among medical undergraduates. Methods :  This pretest-posttest control group design study was conducted following the ethics committee's approval. The study selected first-year MBBS students based on their elevated stress and anxiety scores and divided them into intervention and control groups...
November 2023: Curēus
Mai Mustafa, Talal M Kariri, Rania Q Majrabi, Anwar H Hufaysi, Yumna Abutalib, Raud Khormi, Joud M Alamri, Majidah Halawi, Shaden A Thurwi, Raffan A Alhasani
Background Infantile colic is excessive crying in infants who are otherwise healthy and whose origin is unknown. It is closely linked to maternal depression and is a risk factor for shaken baby syndrome and early cessation of breastfeeding. This study aims to assess mothers' knowledge and attitude about infantile colic in the Jazan region, as well as their knowledge of the causes, and the factors that affect their understanding. Methodology This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in the Jazan region, focusing on mothers who met the inclusion criteria...
November 2023: Curēus
Muskan Khan, Nandkishor J Bankar, Gulshan R Bandre, Anupama V Dhobale, Pranita A Bawaskar
Sexual disorders are prevalent and vary in men and women with epilepsy (WWE). Infertility and reproductive abnormalities are twice as common in females with epilepsy. Antiepileptic medications and seizures can both have an impact on sexual health in people with epilepsy. Seizures can alter the release of pituitary and hypothalamic hormones, and some antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) can alter sex steroid hormones (gonadal steroids and gonad corticoids). Females with epilepsy are more susceptible to menstrual cycle irregularity  and  polycystic ovary syndrome ...
November 2023: Curēus
Anas Ibn Auf Abbas Ibn Auf, Yassmeen Hmoud Alblowi, Raghad Oudah Alkhaldi, Salman Anwar Thabet, Ahmed Ali H Alabdali, Fahad Hisham Binshalhoub, Khalid Ali S Alzahrani, Reem Abdulrhman I Alzahrani
BACKGROUND AND AIM: The TikTok app is one of the video-based social media platforms that is currently trending and commonly used by teenagers. The data about teenage users of the TikTok app are limited. This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of TikTok app use among teenagers in Saudi Arabia and to investigate the association between TikTok app use and the social comparison and the body image of the study population. Further, to explore the potential associations between the social comparison and the body image of the TikTok app users and their different characteristics...
November 2023: Curēus
Abhiram A Sahasrabhojanee, Ashok M Mehendale, Dhananjay Gupta, Pranav Gupta, Gauri Kakar
This case study examines the medical complexity of managing a neglected clavicle in a young patient, resulting in a complicated interstitial non-union. Despite initial therapeutic efforts, the fracture was not treated, resulting in significant pain as well as functional and aesthetic disabilities. This case outlines accurate clinical presentation and diagnostic methods. In addition, malunion clavicle fractures require multifaceted therapeutic approaches including surgical interventions, rehabilitation programs, and psychological support...
November 2023: Curēus
Zhengqing Zhu, Buzohre Eli, Yaru Chen, Zhengkui Liu
BACKGROUND: Individuals who experience a workplace trauma are at a high risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Most of these people return to work soon after the trauma (i.e., experience early-stage natural exposure). This study aims to explore the response pattern of workers who have experienced a workplace trauma and early-stage natural exposure through network analysis and provide insights into the potential impact of early-stage natural exposure. METHODS: Our study included 278 workers directly experiencing the workplace explosion in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone...
December 5, 2023: Journal of Clinical Psychology
Jia Li, Qi Wang, Xiaochen Zhou
AIM: This study aims to examine the relationship between older adults' health literacy and their psychological well-being and the role of worry about future unmet needs for medical care in mediating this relationship. METHODS: We adopted a sample of 965 older Chinese people aged 60+ (49.74% female) from the 2021 Chinese General Social Survey. A series of structural equation models (SEMs) were performed. Health literacy was measured by three items regarding older people's ability to understand medical professionals, ask them questions, and read medical instructions...
December 5, 2023: Geriatrics & Gerontology International
S Lee, Y Xue, J Petricca, L Kremic, M Z X Xiao, B Pivetta, K S Ladha, D N Wijeysundera, C Diep
Symptoms of depression are common among patients before surgery. Depression may be associated with worse postoperative pain and other pain-related outcomes. This review aimed to characterise the impact of pre-operative depression on postoperative pain outcomes. We conducted a systematic review of observational studies that reported an association between pre-operative depression and pain outcomes after major surgery. Multilevel random effects meta-analyses were conducted to pool standardised mean differences and 95%CI for postoperative pain scores in patients with depression compared with those without depression, at different time intervals...
December 4, 2023: Anaesthesia
Judith Johnson, Lucy Pointon, Rebecca Talbot, Rebecca Coleman, Luke Budworth, Ruth Simms-Ellis, Katharina Vogt, Dialechti Tsimpida, Chandra Shekha Biyani, Reema Harrison, Gloria Cheung, Colin Melville, Vijay Jayagopal, William Lea
BACKGROUND: Poor mental health in medical students is a global concern. Effective interventions are required, which are tailored towards the training-related stressors medical students experience. The Reboot coaching programme is an online, tailored intervention based on cognitive-behavioural principles. AIMS: To evaluate whether the Reboot coaching programme tailored for medical students was feasible and associated with improvements in mental health outcome indicators...
December 5, 2023: Scottish Medical Journal
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