Marta González Del Tánago, Vanesa Martínez-Fernández, Francisca C Aguiar, Walter Bertoldi, Simon Dufour, Diego García de Jalón, Virginia Garófano-Gómez, Dejan Mandzukovski, Patricia María Rodríguez-González
River hydromorphology has long been subjected to huge anthropogenic pressures with severe negative impacts on related ecosystems' functioning and water quality. Therefore, improving river hydromorphological conditions represents a priority task in sustainable river management and requires proper assessment tools. It is well known that riparian vegetation plays a crucial role in sustaining river hydromorphological conditions. However, it has been nearly neglected in most hydromorphological assessment protocols, including the European Water Framework Directive (WFD)...
May 12, 2021: Journal of Environmental Management
Francesco Garzotto, Rosanna Irene Comoretto, Silvia Michieletto, Gianpaolo Franzoso, Marcello Lo Mele, Dario Gregori, Maria Giuseppina Bonavina, Fernando Bozza, Francesca Caumo, Tania Saibene
Pre-operative localization of non-palpable breast lesions with non-wired non-ionizing (NWNI) techniques may improve clinical outcomes as reoperation rate, cosmetic outcome and contribute to organizational aspects improvement in breast-conserving surgery (BCS). However only limited literature is available and clinical studies involving these forefront devices are often small and non-randomized. Furthermore, there is a lack of consensus on free margins and cosmetic outcomes definitions. The objective of the present meta-analysis was to determine the crude clinical outcomes reported for the NWNI techniques on BCS...
April 22, 2021: Breast: Official Journal of the European Society of Mastology
Kanika Tyagi, Amerta Ghosh, Dipti Nair, Koel Dutta, Prakash Singh Bhandari, Irshad Ahmed Ansari, Anoop Misra
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Vaccinations for COVID19 are now open to all adults in India. However, spread of COVID19 infection continues unabated. We aimed to ascertain number of breakthrough COVID19 infections after vaccinations in a chronic care, diabetes-centric healthcare facility. METHODS: We reviewed rigorously maintained data of vaccinations, health status, symptoms of COVID19 & RT-PCR testing of all staff (doctors, nurses, paramedical workers, and other staff) in our health care facility from January 16, 2021 till date...
May 3, 2021: Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome
Adrian A Shimpi, Claudia Fischbach
Intratumoral heterogeneity is a negative prognostic factor for cancer and commonly attributed to microenvironment-driven genetic mutations and/or the emergence of cancer stem-like cells. How aberrant extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling regulates the phenotypic diversity of tumor cells, however, remains poorly understood due in part to a lack of model systems that allow isolating the physicochemical heterogeneity of malignancy-associated ECM for mechanistic studies. Here, we review the compositional, microarchitectural, and mechanical hallmarks of cancer-associated ECM and highlight biomaterials and engineering approaches to recapitulate these properties for in vitro and in vivo studies...
May 12, 2021: Current Opinion in Cell Biology
Tara White, Kathleen Murphy, Karina Branje, Shelley McKibbon, Ashlee Cunsolo, Margot Latimer, Jane McMillan, John Sylliboy, Debbie Martin
INTRODUCTION: Indigenous communities across Canada report that transformations in Indigenous health research are needed, where the benefits of research shift intentionally, collaboratively, and with transparency from the researchers directly to Indigenous communities and partners. Despite its challenges and potential for harm, research, if done ethically and with respect and partnership, can be a force for change and will strengthen the efficacy of data on Indigenous Peoples' health and wellbeing...
May 3, 2021: Social Science & Medicine
A Puzyrenko, E Cochran, T Giorgadze, L Nomani
Intraoperative cytological examination and cyto-histologic correlation of papillary glioneuronal tumors have rarely been described in detail in the literature. A 23-year-old female presented at our institution with seizure-like activity, and a 3.0 cm left temporal lobe hypoattenuating lesion. She was accurately diagnosed with papillary glioneuronal tumor on Intraoperative cytology. The patient subsequently proceeded to stealth-guided awake left temporal craniotomy, confirming the diagnosis. In this article, we present a detailed report of papillary glioneuronal tumor (extremely rare central nervous system neoplasm) describing the cytologic and histologic morphologic features, its differential diagnosis with review of the literature...
May 10, 2021: Annals of Diagnostic Pathology
Teklit Gebregiorgis Ambaye, Mentore Vaccari, Adrián Bonilla-Petriciolet, Shiv Prasad, Eric D van Hullebusch, Sami Rtimi
Due to increasing anthropogenic activities, especially industry and transport, the fossil fuel demand and consumption have increased proportionally, causing serious environmental issues. This attracted researchers and scientists to develop new alternative energy sources. Therefore, this review covers the biofuel production potential and challenges related to various feedstocks and advances in process technologies. It has been concluded that the biofuels such as biodiesel, ethanol, bio-oil, syngas, Fischer-Tropsch H2, and methane produced from crop plant residues, micro- and macroalgae and other biomass wastes using thermo-bio-chemical processes are an eco-friendly route for an energy source...
May 12, 2021: Journal of Environmental Management
João Pp de Almeida, Eric Rgr Aguiar, Juliana N Armache, Roenick P Olmo, João T Marques
Mosquitoes are the major vectors for arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) of medical importance. Aedes aegypti and A. albopictus are the most prolific and widespread mosquito vectors being responsible for global transmission of dengue, Zika and Chikungunya viruses. Characterizing the collection of viruses circulating in mosquitoes, the virome, has long been of special interest. In addition to arboviruses, mosquitoes carry insect-specific viruses (ISVs) that do not directly infect vertebrates. Mounting evidence indicates that ISVs interact with arboviruses and may affect mosquito vector competence...
May 12, 2021: Current Opinion in Virology
Chetan V Jawale, Partha S Biswas
Disseminated candidiasis is a hospital-acquired infection that results in high degree of mortality despite antifungal treatment. Autopsy studies revealed that kidneys are the major target organs in disseminated candidiasis and death due to kidney damage is a frequent outcome in these patients. Thus, the need for effective therapeutic strategies to mitigate kidney damage in disseminated candidiasis is compelling. Recent studies have highlighted the essential contribution of kidney-specific immune response in host defense against systemic infection...
May 12, 2021: Current Opinion in Microbiology
Madeleine R Di Natale, Martin J Stebbing, John B Furness
This review traces the history of the discovery and subsequent understanding of smooth muscle cells and their motor innervation. Smooth muscle tissue is made up of thousands of very small, individual, electrically connected, muscle cells. Each axon that enters a smooth muscle tissue branches extensively to form a terminal arbour that comes close to hundreds of smooth muscle cells. The branches of the terminal arbour are varicose, and each varicosity, of which there can be thousands, contains numerous transmitter storage vesicles...
May 10, 2021: Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic & Clinical
Ms Jaclyn L Bishop, Mr Mark Jones, Mr James Farquharson, Ms Kathrine Summerhayes, Ms Roxanne Tucker, Ms Mary Smith, Dr Raquel Cowan, Associate Professor N Deborah Friedman, Dr Thomas R Schulz, Dr David Cm Kong, Professor Kirsty L Buising
OBJECTIVES: There have been efforts to promote timely antimicrobial administration for patients with sepsis, but the importance for other infections is uncertain. This study analysed whether time to first antimicrobial dose (TFAD) in patients with lower limb cellulitis influenced outcome measures such as length of acute hospital stay (LOS) and 30-day hospital readmission rates for cellulitis. METHODS: Medical records of patients admitted with lower limb cellulitis or erysipelas over a 15-month period (1 May 2019 to 30 November 2019 & 1 March 2020 to 31 October 2020) were reviewed...
May 12, 2021: Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance
Jonathan W Revels, Sherry S Wang, Leila R Gharai, Jennifer Febbo, Shaimaa Fadl, Sarah Bastawrous
As research continues to demonstrate successes in the use of percutaneous trans-vascular techniques in structural heart intervention, both the subspecialty trained and non-subspecialty trained cardiac imager find themselves performing and reporting larger amounts of information regarding cardiovascular findings. It is therefore imperative that the imager gains understanding and appreciation for how these various measurements are obtained, as well as their implication in a patient's care. Cardiac gated computed tomography (CT) has solidified its role and ability at providing high resolution images that can be used to obtain the key measurements used in structural heart intervention planning...
May 1, 2021: Clinical Imaging
Michael Samarkos, Marina Skouloudi, Amalia Anastasopoulou, Antonios Markogiannakis
OBJECTIVE: To assess the predictive value for infection with multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) of reasons for empirical prescription of restricted antibiotics (rABX), in a setting with high resistance rates. METHODS: We prospectively studied all rABX prescriptions in a 550-bed tertiary teaching hospital from April 15 to June 14, 2018 and from September 1 to October 30, 2018. Prescribing physicians had to justify their decision by choosing one or more prespecified reasons...
May 12, 2021: Infectious diseases now
Gabriel A Arenas, Nga Y Tang, Ariel Mueller, Joana Lopes Perdigao, Harjot Kaur, Jacques S Abramowicz, Kathryn Mussatt, Kiang-Teck J Yeo, Sarosh Rana
BACKGROUND: Novel angiogenic biomarker profiles have demonstrated emerging evidence for predicting preeclampsia onset, severity, and adverse outcomes. Limited data exists in screening patients with fetal growth restriction for preeclampsia development using angiogenic biomarkers. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to risk stratify patients with fetal growth restriction using a soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 (sFlt1) to placental growth factor (PlGF) ratio...
May 12, 2021: American journal of obstetrics & gynecology MFM
Michael F Cosiano, Rachel Tobin, Robert J Mentz, Stephen J Greene
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is increasingly prevalent, yet interventions and therapies to improve outcomes remain limited. There has been increasing attention towards the impact of comorbidities and physical functioning (PF) on poor clinical outcomes within this population. In this review, we summarize and discuss the literature on PF in HFpEF, its association with clinical and patient-centered outcomes, and future advances in the care of HFpEF with respect to PF. Multiple PF metrics have been demonstrated to provide prognostic value within HFpEF; yet, data are less robust compared with other patient populations, highlighting the need for further investigation...
May 12, 2021: Journal of Cardiac Failure
Martin Hirsch, Laiba Tariq, James Mn Duffy
OBJECTIVE: Pain remains a common complication following gynecological laparoscopy. Use of local anesthesia may be beneficial in reducing postoperative pain. We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis to assess whether local anesthetic decreases postoperative pain following laparoscopic gynecological procedures. DATA SOURCES: We searched Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), Embase, and Medline from inception to November 2020 using MeSH and free text combinations...
May 12, 2021: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Andreas S Papazoglou, Efstratios Karagiannidis, Dimitrios V Moysidis, Georgios Sofidis, Andreana Bompoti, Nikolaos Stalikas, Eleftherios Panteris, Christos Arvanitidis, Markus D Herrman, James S Michaelson, Georgios Sianos
BACKGROUND: Micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) constitutes an emerging imaging technique, which can be utilized in cardiovascular medicine to study in-detail the microstructure of heart and vessels. This paper aims to systematically review the clinical utility of micro-CT in cardiovascular imaging and propose future applications of micro-CT imaging in cardiovascular research. METHODS: A systematic scoping review was conducted by searching for original studies written in English according to Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) extension for scoping reviews...
May 12, 2021: Hellenic Journal of Cardiology: HJC
Erison Santana Dos Santos, Carla Isabelly Rodrigues-Fernandes, Paul M Speight, Syed Ali Khurram, Ibrahim Alsanie, Ana Gabriela Costa Normando, Ana Carolina Prado-Ribeiro, Thaís Bianca Brandão, Luiz Paulo Kowalski, Eliete Neves Silva Guerra, Marcio Ajudarte Lopes, Pablo Agustin Vargas, Alan Roger Santos-Silva, Adriana Franco Paes Leme
In numerous types of cancer, the primary tumor site can show a correlation with disease behavior and survival outcomes. In salivary gland tumors (SGTs) this association remains controversial. This study assessed the association between primary sites of SGTs and prognosis. Studies from five databases were assessed and a meta-analysis was performed using studies that presented 95% confidence interval (95% CI), hazard ratio (HR) and survival analysis. Gathered information from 46,361 patients showed that site had a prognostic impact on SGTs...
May 12, 2021: Critical Reviews in Oncology/hematology
Daria E A Jensen, Virginia Leoni, Miriam C Klein-Flügge, Klaus P Ebmeier, Sana Suri
The high prevalence of unhealthy dietary patterns and related brain disorders, such as dementia, emphasizes the importance of research that examines the effect of dietary factors on brain health. Identifying markers of brain health, such as volume and connectivity, that relate to diet is an important first step towards understanding the lifestyle determinants of healthy brain ageing. We conducted a systematic review of 52 studies (total n = 21,221 healthy participants aged 26-80 years, 55% female) that assessed with a range of MRI measurements, which brain areas, connections, and cerebrovascular factors were associated with dietary markers...
May 12, 2021: Ageing Research Reviews
A B Cunningham, J A Brinckmann, D E V Harter
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Griffonia simplicifolia D.C (Baill.) (Fabaceae) seeds are unusually high (6-20% wet weight) in 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), a serotonin precursor widely used to treat depression. Consequently, this species is regarded as a herbal "Prozac®". Contemprary use as an anti-depressant contrasts with traditional uses for insecticides, arachnicides, fodder, dyes, mordants and chewing-sticks. G. simplicifolia seeds are wild-harvested for the export trade...
May 12, 2021: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
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