Anaas Moncef Mergoum, Abigail Rebecca Rhone, Nicholas James Larson, David J Dries, Benoit Blondeau, Frederick Bolles Rogers
Shock is a life-threatening circulatory failure that results in inadequate tissue perfusion and oxygenation. Vasopressors and inotropes are vasoactive medications that are vital in increasing systemic vascular resistance and cardiac contractility, respectively, in patients presenting with shock. To be well versed in using these agents is an important skill to have in the critical care setting where patients can frequently exhibit symptoms of shock. In this review, we will discuss the pathophysiological mechanisms of shock and evaluate the current evidence behind the management of shock with an emphasis on vasopressors and inotropes...
April 13, 2024: Journal of Intensive Care Medicine
Elise Réthoré, Sandra Pelletier, Thierry Balliau, Michel Zivy, Marie-Hélène Avelange-Macherel, David Macherel
Much progress has been made in understanding the molecular mechanisms of plant adaptation to heat stress. However, the great diversity of models and stress conditions, and the fact that analyses are often limited to a small number of approaches, complicate the picture. We took advantage of a liquid culture system in which Arabidopsis seedlings are arrested in their development, thus avoiding interference with development and drought stress responses, to investigate through an integrative approach seedlings' global response to heat stress and acclimation...
April 13, 2024: Plant Journal
Anastasios Apostolos, Nikolaos Ktenopoulos, Dimitrios-David Chlorogiannis, Odysseas Katsaros, Konstantinos Konstantinou, Maria Drakopoulou, Sotirios Tsalamandris, Antonios Karanasos, Andreas Synetos, Georgios Latsios, Constantina Aggeli, Vasileios Panoulas, Costas Tsioufis, Konstantinos Toutouzas
Patients with severe aortic stenosis (AoS) often present with acute heart failure and compensation, frequently leading to cardiogenic shock. Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) has been recently performed as a bailout treatment in such patients. The aim of our meta-analysis is to compare urgent TAVR with elective procedures. We systematically screened three databases searching for studies comparing urgent vs elective TAVR. Primary endpoint is the 30-days mortality. Secondary endpoints included in-hospital mortality, device success, periprocedural vascular complications, 30-days stroke, 30-days acute kidney injury (AKI), permanent pacemaker implantation (PPM), moderate or severe paravalvular leakage, and 30-days bleeding...
April 13, 2024: Angiology
Marius Locke, Giovanni Bruccoleri
The "Repeated Bout Effect" (RBE) occurs when a skeletal muscle is preconditioned with a few lengthening contractions (LC) prior to exposing the muscle to a greater number of LC. The preconditioning (PC) results in significantly less damage and preservation of force. Since it takes only a few LC to increase muscle heat shock protein (HSP) content, it was of interest to examine the relationship between HSPs and the RBE. To do this, one tibialis anterior (TA) muscle from Sprague-Dawley rats (n = 5/group) was preconditioned with either 0, 5, or 15 lengthening contractions (LC) and exposed to a treatment of 60 LC 48 h later...
April 4, 2024: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Krzysztof Laudanski, Mohamed A Mahmoud, Ahmed Sayed Ahmed, Kaitlin Susztak, Amal Mathew, James Chen
This research analyzes immunological response patterns to SARS-CoV-2 infection in blood and urine in individuals with serum cotinine-confirmed exposure to nicotine. Samples of blood and urine were obtained from a total of 80 patients admitted to hospital within 24 h of admission (tadm ), 48 h later (t48h ), and 7 days later (t7d ) if patients remained hospitalized or at discharge. Serum cotinine above 3.75 ng/mL was deemed as biologically significant exposure to nicotine. Viral load was measured with serum SARS-CoV-2 S-spike protein...
March 27, 2024: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Ruo-Ying Li, Liang Guo
Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is a serious complication of diabetes, and its progression is influenced by factors like oxidative stress, inflammation, cell death, and fibrosis. Compared to drug treatment, exercise offers a cost-effective and low-risk approach to slowing down DN progression. Through multiple ways and mechanisms, exercise helps to control blood sugar and blood pressure and reduce serum creatinine and albuminuria, thereby alleviating kidney damage. This review explores the beneficial effects of exercise on DN improvement and highlights its potential mechanisms for ameliorating DN...
March 23, 2024: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Ye Zhang, Xuesong Yang, Fang Sun, Yaqian Zhang, Yuhan Yao, Ziyu Bai, Jiaqi Yu, Xiangyu Liu, Qian Zhao, Xiang Li, Jun Bao
In the pig farming industry, it is recommended to avoid groups when treating individuals to reduce adverse reactions in the group. However, can this eliminate the adverse effects effectively? Piglets were assigned to the Rewarding Group (RG), the Punishing Group (PG), and the Paired Control Group (PCG). There were six replicates in each group, with two paired piglets per replicate. One piglet of the RG and PG was randomly selected as the Treated pig (TP), treated with food rewards or electric shock, and the other as the Naive pig (NP)...
April 4, 2024: Animals: An Open Access Journal From MDPI
Xinyu Zhang, Miao Tian, Jun Li, Xinggang Chen
To improve the shock resistance of personal protective equipment and reduce casualties due to shock wave accidents, this study prepared four types of carbon fiber/polymethacrylimide (PMI) foam sandwich panels with different face/back layer thicknesses and core layer densities and subjected them to quasi-static compression, low-speed impact, high-speed impact, and non-destructive tests. The mechanical properties and energy absorption capacities of the impact-resistant panels, featuring ceramic/ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and carbon fiber/PMI foam structures, were evaluated and compared, and the feasibility of using the latter as a raw material for personal impact-resistant equipment was also evaluated...
April 6, 2024: Materials
Chunxiang Guo, Wei Zhao, Wei Wang, Zheng Yao, Wenhui Chen, Xiaoyi Feng
As a traditional Chinese medicine, Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge was first recorded in the Shennong Materia Medica Classic and is widely used to treat "the accumulation of symptoms and masses". The main active ingredient of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge , Tanshinone IIA (TIIA), has shown anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antifibrosis, antibacterial, and antioxidative activities, etc. In this study, the results showed that TIIA could inhibit the proliferation and migration of HepG2 cells and downregulate glutathione (GSH) and Glutathione Peroxidase 4 (GPX4) levels; besides, TIIA induced the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), and upregulated the total iron content...
March 30, 2024: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Ziv Dadon, Moshe Rav Acha, Amir Orlev, Shemy Carasso, Michael Glikson, Shmuel Gottlieb, Evan Avraham Alpert
INTRODUCTION: Point-of-care ultrasound has become a universal practice, employed by physicians across various disciplines, contributing to diagnostic processes and decision-making. AIM: To assess the association of reduced (<50%) left-ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) based on prospective point-of-care ultrasound operated by medical students using an artificial intelligence (AI) tool and 1-year primary composite outcome, including mortality and readmission for cardiovascular-related causes...
April 4, 2024: Diagnostics
Dikshita Chowdhury, Ye-Eun Park, Imjoo Jung, Sunhee Lee
Currently, metal is the most common exterior material used in robot development due to the need to protect the motor. However, as soft, wearable, and humanoid robots are gradually being developed, many robot parts need to be converted into artificial skin using flexible materials. In this study, in order to develop soft exterior parts for robots, we intended to manufacture exterior robot arm parts via fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing according to various structural and thickness conditions and analyze their mechanical properties...
April 4, 2024: Polymers
Mateusz Dymek, Mariusz Ptak, Paweł Kaczyński, Fábio A O Fernandes, Ricardo J Alves de Sousa, Gabriel F Serra, Maria Kurańska
Cork composites are byproducts from wine stopper production, resulting from the agglomeration of cork granules with a thermoset resin. The resulting compound is a versatile and durable material with numerous industrial applications. Due to its unique properties, such as low-density, high-strength, excellent energy absorption, and good thermal and acoustic insulators, cork composites find room for application in demanding industries such as automotive, construction, and aerospace. However, agglomerated cork typically has a polyurethane matrix derived from petrochemical sources...
March 24, 2024: Polymers
B Ufuk Baldan, Romy R M J J Hegeman, Nelleke M J P Bos, Hans G Smeenk, Robert J M Klautz, Patrick Klein
Background : Post-cardiotomy cardiogenic shock (PCCS), which is defined as severe low cardiac output syndrome after cardiac surgery, has a mortality rate of up to 90%. No study has yet been performed to compare patients with PCCS treated by conservative means to patients receiving additional mechanical circulatory support with veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). Methods : A single-center retrospective analysis from January 2018 to June 2022 was performed. Results : Out of 7028 patients who underwent cardiac surgery during this time period, 220 patients (3%) developed PCCS...
April 5, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Koray Durak, Katharina Nubbemeyer, Rashad Zayat, Jan Spillner, Slavena Dineva, Sebastian Kalverkamp, Alexander Kersten
Background : Abnormal liver function tests can identify severe cardiopulmonary failure. The aspartate transaminase/alanine transaminase (AST/ALT) ratio, or the De Ritis ratio, is commonly used to evaluate acute liver damage. However, its prognostic value in pulmonary embolism (PE) is unknown. Methods : Two cohorts, including patients with intermediate- and high-risk PEs, were established: one with an abnormal baseline AST/ALT ratio (>1) and another with a normal baseline AST/ALT ratio (<1). The primary outcome was a 60-day mortality...
April 4, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Leonardo Belfioretti, Matteo Francioni, Ilaria Battistoni, Luca Angelini, Maria Vittoria Matassini, Giulia Pongetti, Matilda Shkoza, Luca Piangerelli, Tommaso Piva, Elisa Nicolini, Alessandro Maolo, Andi Muçaj, Paolo Compagnucci, Christopher Munch, Antonio Dello Russo, Marco Di Eusanio, Marco Marini
Background: The management of cardiogenic shock (CS) after ACS has evolved over time, and the development of a multidisciplinary team-based approach has been shown to improve outcomes, although mortality remains high. Methods: All consecutive patients with ACS-CS admitted at our CICU from March 2012 to July 2021 were included in this single-center retrospective study. In 2019, we established a "shock team" consisting of a cardiac intensivist, an interventional cardiologist, an anesthetist, and a cardiac surgeon...
April 3, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Dae Yong Park, Yasser Jamil, Yousif Ahmad, Theresa Coles, Hayden Barry Bosworth, Nikhil Sikand, Carlos Davila, Golsa Babapour, Abdulla A Damluji, Sunil V Rao, Michael G Nanna, Marc D Samsky
(1) Background : Cardiogenic shock (CS) is associated with high morbidity and mortality. Frailty and cardiovascular diseases are intertwined, commonly sharing risk factors and exhibiting bidirectional relationships. The relationship of frailty and non-acute myocardial infarction with cardiogenic shock (non-AMI-CS) is poorly described. (2) Methods : We retrospectively analyzed the National Inpatient Sample from 2016 to 2020 and identified all hospitalizations for non-AMI-CS. We classified them into frail and non-frail groups according to the hospital frailty risk score cut-off of 5 and compared in-hospital outcomes...
April 3, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Lorenzo Falsetti, Emanuele Guerrieri, Vincenzo Zaccone, Giovanna Viticchi, Silvia Santini, Laura Giovenali, Graziana Lagonigro, Stella Carletti, Linda Elena Gialluca Palma, Nicola Tarquinio, Gianluca Moroncini
Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a potentially life-threatening condition requiring prompt diagnosis and treatment. Recent advances have led to the development of newer techniques and drugs aimed at improving PE management, reducing its associated morbidity and mortality and the complications related to anticoagulation. This review provides an overview of the current knowledge and future perspectives on PE treatment. Anticoagulation represents the first-line treatment of hemodynamically stable PE, direct oral anticoagulants being a safe and effective alternative to traditional anticoagulation: these drugs have a rapid onset of action, predictable pharmacokinetics, and low bleeding risk...
March 28, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Gregor Klemm, Sebastian Markart, Alexander Hermann, Thomas Staudinger, Christian Hengstenberg, Gottfried Heinz, Robert Zilberszac
Background/Objectives: This study sought to evaluate the efficacy of various lactate measurements within the first 24 h post-intensive care unit (ICU) admission for predicting 30-day mortality in cardiogenic shock patients. It compared initial lactate levels, 24 h levels, peak levels, and 24 h clearance, alongside the Simplified Acute Physiology Score 3 (SAPS3) score, to enhance early treatment decision-making. Methods: A retrospective analysis of 64 patients assessed the prognostic performance of lactate levels and SAPS3 scores using logistic regression and AUROC calculations...
March 27, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Alexander Jobs, Steffen Desch, Anne Freund, Hans-Josef Feistritzer, Holger Thiele
The proportion of patients with multivessel coronary artery disease in individuals experiencing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) varies based on age and ACS subtype. In patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) without cardiogenic shock, the prognostic benefit of complete revascularization has been demonstrated by several randomized trials and meta-analyses, leading to a strong guideline recommendation. However, similar data are lacking for ACS without ST-segment elevation (NSTE-ACS). Non-randomized data suggesting a benefit from complete revascularization in non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) are prone to selection bias and should be interpreted with caution...
March 26, 2024: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Ming-Shien Wen, Miao-Hsien Chuang, Jinkwan Lin
With the coming of a rapidly aging society, individuals born in the baby boom era after World War II are now facing the challenges of aging. From late middle age to successful aging, what are the perceptions and responses of these quasi-seniors? With this in mind, referring to Phelan's successful aging scale, the researchers developed the 4P Strategies (Physical, Psychological, Prospect, and Place and Relationships) tailored for quasi-seniors. Based on grounded theory, the results of 12 sessions of focused interviews (involving a total of 93 interviewees between the ages of 55 and 75; 41 males and 52 females; 48 not retired and 45 retired) were matched with the 4P Strategies...
March 31, 2024: Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland)
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