Jianxiong Tang, Jianxiao Zou, Mei Fan, Qi Tian, Jiyang Zhang, Shicai Fan
MOTIVATION: Single-cell DNA methylation sequencing detects methylation levels with single-cell resolution, while this technology is upgrading our understanding of the regulation of gene expression through epigenetic modifications. Meanwhile, almost all current technologies suffer from the inherent problem of detecting low coverage of the number of CpGs. Therefore, addressing the inherent sparsity of raw data is essential for quantitative analysis of the whole genome. RESULTS: Here, we reported CaMelia, a CatBoost gradient boosting method for predicting the missing methylation states based on the locally paired similarity of intercellular methylation patterns...
January 18, 2021: Bioinformatics
Xing Wu, Fei-Long He, Hai-Fa Pan, Zu-Lin Ning
Camellia pingguoensis D. Fang is a shrub which is found on limestone of karst forests in Guangxi, China. In this study, we characterized the whole plastid genome of C. pingguoensis using Illumina paired-end sequencing reads. The plastome is 156,621 bp in length, containing two copies of inverted repeat (IR) regions (26,046 bp), a large-single copy (LSC) region (86,289 bp), and a small-single copy (SSC) region (18,240 bp). A total of 114 unique genes in the genome has 80 protein-coding genes, 30 tRNA genes, and 4 rRNA genes...
October 7, 2020: Mitochondrial DNA. Part B. Resources
Ai-Hua Wang, Shuang-Wen Deng, Lei Duan, Hong-Feng Chen
Alhagi sparsifolia is a sand-resistant subshrub and food resource for camels in the desert and semi-desert areas of Central Asia. In China, this is the olny Alhagi species and it is restricted in the Northwestern region. Its complete chloroplast genome was sequenced using the Illumina Hiseq X-Ten platform. The genome lacks an inverted repeat (IR) region, containing 74 protein-coding genes, 30 tRNAs genes, and four rRNAs . The overall GC content is 43.6%. Based on the chloroplast genome sequence, a maximum-likelihood (ML) tree was constructed along with its 15 taxa, indicating that A...
July 30, 2020: Mitochondrial DNA. Part B. Resources
Ziyan Nie, Xingzhao Huang, Zhikang Hu, Xinlei Li, Hengfu Yin, Jiyuan Li
Camellia yuhsienensis Hu is an economically valuable species in the genus Camellia . It is widely used for breeding ornaments and oil varieties. In this study, the complete chloroplast (cp) genome sequence of C. yuhsienensis is assembled and annotated. The whole cp genome of C. yuhsienensis is 156,912 bp in size, composed of a small single copy (SSC) region of 18,296 bp and a large single copy (LSC) region of 86,560 bp, separated by a pair of inverted repeats (IRs, IRA: 86,561-112,588; IRB: 130,885-156,912)...
July 26, 2020: Mitochondrial DNA. Part B. Resources
Dong-Jun Lee, Chang-Kug Kim, Tae-Ho Lee, So-Jin Lee, Doo-Gyung Moon, Yong-Hee Kwon, Jeong-Yong Cho
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Camellia sinensis L. cultivar Sangmok was determined using high-throughput sequencing technology. We sequenced Sangmok chloroplast genome and performed comparative with 21 published other Camellia and species from different genus for phylogenetic analysis. Chloroplast genome was 153,044 bp in length, containing a pair of 24,627 bp inverted repeat (IR) regions, which were separated by small and large single-copy regions (SSC and LSC) of 19,155 and 64,665 bp, respectively...
July 15, 2020: Mitochondrial DNA. Part B. Resources
Yuanlan Zhang, Guibin Wang
Camellia gauchowensis is an economic woody edible oil tree species with high yield per unit area and high ornamental value, which is commonly cultivated in the south of China. The complete chloroplast (cp) genome of C. gauchowensis was assembled and annotated based on the Illumina pair-end sequencing. The whole cp genome of C. gauchowensis is 157,004 bp in size and comprises of a large single-copy (LSC) region of 86,657 bp and a small single-copy (SSC) region of 18,297 bp separated by a pair of inverted repeat (IR) regions of 26,025 bp each...
June 2, 2020: Mitochondrial DNA. Part B. Resources
M B Betancor, A MacEwan, M Sprague, X Gong, D Montero, L Han, J A Napier, F Norambuena, M Izquierdo, D R Tocher
Aquaculture, the fastest growing food production sector cannot continue to rely on finite stocks of marine fish as the primary source of the omega-3 (n-3) long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA; 20:5n3) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA; 22:6n-3), for feeds. A four-month feeding trial was conducted to investigate the impact of a de novo oil, with high levels of EPA and DHA, obtained from transgenic Camelina sativa on growth performance, tissue fatty acid profiles, and expression of lipid metabolism genes when used as a replacement for fish oil in feed for European seabass ( Dicentrachus labrax )...
January 15, 2021: Aquaculture
Yucheng Zheng, Pengjie Wang, Xuejin Chen, Chuan Yue, Yongchun Guo, Jiangfan Yang, Yun Sun, Naixing Ye
Tea varieties with specific colours have often been studied by researchers. However, previous studies on the albinism of tea plants have mostly been based on plants with different genetic backgrounds or focused on common components in albino tea leaves, such as amino acids, flavones, and carotenoids. In this study, we conducted widely targeted metabolic and transcriptomic analyses between a wildtype tea genotype (Shuixian, LS) and its albino mutant (Huangjinshuixian, HS). At the molecular level, alteration of gene expression levels in the MEP pathway may have reduced the production of chlorophyll and carotenoids in HS, which could be the main cause of the phenotypic changes in HS...
January 1, 2021: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry: PPB
Miriana d'Alessandro, Laura Bergantini, Paolo Cameli, Giuseppe Curatola, Lorenzo Remediani, David Bennett, Francesco Bianchi, Felice Perillo, Luca Volterrani, Maria Antonietta Mazzei, Elena Bargagli
SARS-CoV2-induced direct cytopathic effects against type II pneumocytes are suspected to play a role in mediating and perpetuating lung damage. The aim of this study was to evaluate serum KL-6 behavior in COVID-19 patients to investigate its potential role in predicting clinical course. Sixty patients (median age IQR, 65 (52-69), 43 males), hospitalized for COVID-19 at Siena COVID Unit University Hospital, were prospectively enrolled. Twenty-six patients were selected (median age IQR, 63 (55-71), 16 males); all of them underwent follow-up evaluations, including clinical, radiological, functional, and serum KL-6 assessments, after 6 (t1) and 9 (t2) months from hospital discharge...
January 16, 2021: Internal and Emergency Medicine
M Okely, R Anan, S Gad-Allah, A M Samy
Ticks are important vectors of emerging health problems in humans and animals. We conducted several field surveillances to investigate the fauna of hard ticks on domestic animals in seven governorates of Egypt during 2018-2019. A total of 3265 individual tick specimens were collected and identified to the species level; the specimens belong to 11 species within three genera (Amblyomma, Hyalomma, and Rhipicephalus). Tick infestation was highest in dromedary camels (70%), followed by dogs (52.5%), cattle (50%), buffaloes (38%), and horses (12%)...
January 16, 2021: Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Alicja Ewa Ratajczak, Aleksandra Szymczak-Tomczak, Agnieszka Zawada, Anna Maria Rychter, Agnieszka Dobrowolska, Iwona Krela-Kaźmierczak
Patients suffering from Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are at higher risk of osteoporosis due to lower bone mineral density. Risk factors of osteoporosis are divided into unmodifiable, namely, age, gender, genetic factors, as well as modifiable, including diet, level of physical activity, and the use of stimulants. Coffee and tea contain numerous compounds affecting bone metabolism. Certain substances such as antioxidants may protect bones; other substances may increase bone resorption. Nevertheless, the influence of coffee and tea on the development and course of inflammatory bowel diseases is contradictory...
January 13, 2021: Nutrients
Maud Bollenbach, Simona Nemska, Patrick Wagner, Guillaume Camelin, François Daubeuf, Adeline Obrecht, Pascal Villa, Didier Rognan, Frédéric Bihel, Jean-Jacques Bourguignon, Martine Schmitt, Nelly Frossard
Mitogen- and Stress-Activated Kinase 1 (MSK1) is a nuclear kinase, taking part in the activation pathway of the pro-inflammatory transcription factor NF-kB and is demonstrating a therapeutic target potential in inflammatory diseases such as asthma, psoriasis and atherosclerosis. To date, few MSK1 inhibitors were reported. In order to identify new MSK1 inhibitors, a screening of a library of low molecular weight compounds was performed, and the results highlighted the 6-phenylpyridin-2-yl guanidine (compound 1a , IC50 ~18 µM) as a starting hit for structure-activity relationship study...
January 13, 2021: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
G Aad, B Abbott, D C Abbott, A Abed Abud, K Abeling, D K Abhayasinghe, S H Abidi, O S AbouZeid, N L Abraham, H Abramowicz, H Abreu, Y Abulaiti, B S Acharya, B Achkar, L Adam, C Adam Bourdarios, L Adamczyk, L Adamek, J Adelman, A Adiguzel, S Adorni, T Adye, A A Affolder, Y Afik, C Agapopoulou, M N Agaras, A Aggarwal, C Agheorghiesei, J A Aguilar-Saavedra, A Ahmad, F Ahmadov, W S Ahmed, X Ai, G Aielli, S Akatsuka, M Akbiyik, T P A Åkesson, E Akilli, A V Akimov, K Al Khoury, G L Alberghi, J Albert, M J Alconada Verzini, S Alderweireldt, M Aleksa, I N Aleksandrov, C Alexa, T Alexopoulos, A Alfonsi, F Alfonsi, M Alhroob, B Ali, S Ali, M Aliev, G Alimonti, C Allaire, B M M Allbrooke, B W Allen, P P Allport, A Aloisio, F Alonso, C Alpigiani, E Alunno Camelia, M Alvarez Estevez, M G Alviggi, Y Amaral Coutinho, A Ambler, L Ambroz, C Amelung, D Amidei, S P Amor Dos Santos, S Amoroso, C S Amrouche, F An, C Anastopoulos, N Andari, T Andeen, J K Anders, S Y Andrean, A Andreazza, V Andrei, C R 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C W Henderson, L Henkelmann, A M Henriques Correia, H Herde, Y Hernández Jiménez, H Herr, M G Herrmann, T Herrmann, G Herten, R Hertenberger, L Hervas, G G Hesketh, N P Hessey, H Hibi, S Higashino, E Higón-Rodriguez, K Hildebrand, J C Hill, K K Hill, K H Hiller, S J Hillier, M Hils, I Hinchliffe, F Hinterkeuser, M Hirose, S Hirose, D Hirschbuehl, B Hiti, O Hladik, J Hobbs, R Hobincu, N Hod, M C Hodgkinson, A Hoecker, D Hohn, D Hohov, T Holm, T R Holmes, M Holzbock, L B A H Hommels, T M Hong, J C Honig, A Hönle, B H Hooberman, W H Hopkins, Y Horii, P Horn, L A Horyn, S Hou, A Hoummada, J Howarth, J Hoya, M Hrabovsky, J Hrivnac, A Hrynevich, T Hryn'ova, P J Hsu, S-C Hsu, Q Hu, S Hu, Y F Hu, D P Huang, X Huang, Y Huang, Y Huang, Z Hubacek, F Hubaut, M Huebner, F Huegging, T B Huffman, M Huhtinen, R Hulsken, R F H Hunter, N Huseynov, J Huston, J Huth, R Hyneman, S Hyrych, G Iacobucci, G Iakovidis, I Ibragimov, L Iconomidou-Fayard, P Iengo, R Ignazzi, R Iguchi, T Iizawa, Y Ikegami, M Ikeno, N Ilic, F Iltzsche, H Imam, G Introzzi, M Iodice, K Iordanidou, V Ippolito, M F Isacson, M Ishino, W Islam, C Issever, S Istin, J M Iturbe Ponce, R Iuppa, A Ivina, J M Izen, V Izzo, P Jacka, P Jackson, R M Jacobs, B P Jaeger, V Jain, G Jäkel, K B Jakobi, K Jakobs, T Jakoubek, J Jamieson, K W Janas, R Jansky, M Janus, P A Janus, G Jarlskog, A E Jaspan, N Javadov, T Javůrek, M Javurkova, F Jeanneau, L Jeanty, J Jejelava, P Jenni, N Jeong, S Jézéquel, J Jia, Z Jia, H Jiang, Y Jiang, Z Jiang, S Jiggins, F A Jimenez Morales, J Jimenez Pena, S Jin, A Jinaru, O Jinnouchi, H Jivan, P Johansson, K A Johns, C A Johnson, E Jones, R W L Jones, S D Jones, T J Jones, J Jovicevic, X Ju, J J Junggeburth, A Juste Rozas, A Kaczmarska, M Kado, H Kagan, M Kagan, A Kahn, C Kahra, T Kaji, E Kajomovitz, C W Kalderon, A Kaluza, A Kamenshchikov, M Kaneda, N J Kang, S Kang, Y Kano, J Kanzaki, L S Kaplan, D Kar, K Karava, M J Kareem, I Karkanias, S N Karpov, Z M Karpova, V Kartvelishvili, A N Karyukhin, E Kasimi, A Kastanas, C Kato, J Katzy, K Kawade, K Kawagoe, T Kawaguchi, T Kawamoto, G Kawamura, E F Kay, F I Kaya, S Kazakos, V F Kazanin, J M Keaveney, R Keeler, J S Keller, E Kellermann, D Kelsey, J J Kempster, J Kendrick, K E Kennedy, O Kepka, S Kersten, B P Kerševan, S Ketabchi Haghighat, F Khalil-Zada, M Khandoga, A Khanov, A G Kharlamov, T Kharlamova, E E Khoda, T J Khoo, G Khoriauli, E Khramov, J Khubua, S Kido, M Kiehn, E Kim, Y K Kim, N Kimura, A Kirchhoff, D Kirchmeier, J Kirk, A E Kiryunin, T Kishimoto, D P Kisliuk, V Kitali, C Kitsaki, O Kivernyk, T Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, M Klassen, C Klein, M H Klein, M Klein, U Klein, K Kleinknecht, P Klimek, A Klimentov, F Klimpel, T Klingl, T Klioutchnikova, F F Klitzner, P Kluit, S Kluth, E Kneringer, E B F G Knoops, A Knue, D Kobayashi, M Kobel, M Kocian, T Kodama, P Kodys, D M Koeck, P T Koenig, T Koffas, N M Köhler, M Kolb, I Koletsou, T Komarek, T Kondo, K Köneke, A X Y Kong, A C König, T Kono, V Konstantinides, N Konstantinidis, B Konya, R Kopeliansky, S Koperny, K Korcyl, K Kordas, G Koren, A Korn, I Korolkov, E V Korolkova, N Korotkova, O Kortner, S Kortner, V V Kostyukhin, A Kotsokechagia, A Kotwal, A Koulouris, A Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi, C Kourkoumelis, E Kourlitis, V Kouskoura, R Kowalewski, W Kozanecki, A S Kozhin, V A Kramarenko, G Kramberger, D Krasnopevtsev, M W Krasny, A Krasznahorkay, D Krauss, J A Kremer, J Kretzschmar, K Kreul, P Krieger, F Krieter, S Krishnamurthy, A Krishnan, M Krivos, K Krizka, K Kroeninger, H Kroha, J Kroll, J Kroll, K S Krowpman, U Kruchonak, H Krüger, N Krumnack, M C Kruse, J A Krzysiak, A Kubota, O Kuchinskaia, S Kuday, D Kuechler, J T Kuechler, S Kuehn, T Kuhl, V Kukhtin, Y Kulchitsky, S Kuleshov, Y P Kulinich, M Kuna, A Kupco, T Kupfer, O Kuprash, H Kurashige, L L Kurchaninov, Y A Kurochkin, A Kurova, M G Kurth, E S Kuwertz, M Kuze, A K Kvam, J Kvita, T Kwan, C Lacasta, F Lacava, D P J Lack, H Lacker, D Lacour, E Ladygin, R Lafaye, B Laforge, T Lagouri, S Lai, I K Lakomiec, J E Lambert, S Lammers, W Lampl, C Lampoudis, E Lançon, U Landgraf, M P J Landon, V S Lang, J C Lange, R J Langenberg, A J Lankford, F Lanni, K Lantzsch, A Lanza, A Lapertosa, J F Laporte, T Lari, F Lasagni Manghi, M Lassnig, V Latonova, T S Lau, A Laudrain, A Laurier, M Lavorgna, S D Lawlor, M Lazzaroni, B Le, E Le Guirriec, A Lebedev, M LeBlanc, T LeCompte, F Ledroit-Guillon, A C A Lee, C A Lee, G R Lee, L Lee, S C Lee, S Lee, B Lefebvre, H P Lefebvre, M Lefebvre, C Leggett, K Lehmann, N Lehmann, G Lehmann Miotto, W A Leight, A Leisos, M A L Leite, C E Leitgeb, R Leitner, K J C Leney, T Lenz, S Leone, C Leonidopoulos, A Leopold, C Leroy, R Les, C G Lester, M Levchenko, J Levêque, D Levin, L J Levinson, D J Lewis, B Li, B Li, C-Q Li, F Li, H Li, H Li, J Li, K Li, L Li, M Li, Q Y Li, S Li, X Li, Y Li, Z Li, Z Li, Z Li, Z Li, Z Liang, M Liberatore, B Liberti, K Lie, S Lim, C Y Lin, K Lin, R A Linck, R E Lindley, J H Lindon, A Linss, A L Lionti, E Lipeles, A Lipniacka, T M Liss, A Lister, J D Little, B Liu, B X Liu, H B Liu, J B Liu, J K K Liu, K Liu, M Liu, M Y Liu, P Liu, X Liu, Y Liu, Y Liu, Y L Liu, Y W Liu, M Livan, A Lleres, J Llorente Merino, S L Lloyd, C Y Lo, E M Lobodzinska, P Loch, S Loffredo, T Lohse, K Lohwasser, M Lokajicek, J D Long, R E Long, I Longarini, L Longo, I Lopez Paz, A Lopez Solis, J Lorenz, N Lorenzo Martinez, A M Lory, A Lösle, X Lou, X Lou, A Lounis, J Love, P A Love, J J Lozano Bahilo, M Lu, Y J Lu, H J Lubatti, C Luci, F L Lucio Alves, A Lucotte, F Luehring, I Luise, L Luminari, B Lund-Jensen, N A Luongo, M S Lutz, D Lynn, H Lyons, R Lysak, E Lytken, F Lyu, V Lyubushkin, T Lyubushkina, H Ma, L L Ma, Y Ma, D M Mac Donell, G Maccarrone, C M Macdonald, J C MacDonald, J Machado Miguens, R Madar, W F Mader, M Madugoda Ralalage Don, N Madysa, J Maeda, T Maeno, M Maerker, V Magerl, N Magini, J Magro, D J Mahon, C Maidantchik, A Maio, K Maj, O Majersky, S Majewski, Y Makida, N Makovec, B Malaescu, Pa Malecki, V P Maleev, F Malek, D Malito, U Mallik, C Malone, S Maltezos, S Malyukov, J Mamuzic, G Mancini, J P Mandalia, I Mandić, L Manhaes de Andrade Filho, I M Maniatis, J Manjarres Ramos, K H Mankinen, A Mann, A Manousos, B Mansoulie, I Manthos, S Manzoni, A Marantis, G Marceca, L Marchese, G Marchiori, M Marcisovsky, L Marcoccia, C Marcon, M Marjanovic, Z Marshall, M U F Martensson, S Marti-Garcia, C B Martin, T A Martin, V J Martin, B Martin Dit Latour, L Martinelli, M Martinez, P Martinez Agullo, V I Martinez Outschoorn, S Martin-Haugh, V S Martoiu, A C Martyniuk, A Marzin, S R Maschek, L Masetti, T Mashimo, R Mashinistov, J Masik, A L Maslennikov, L Massa, P Massarotti, P Mastrandrea, A Mastroberardino, T Masubuchi, D Matakias, A Matic, N Matsuzawa, P Mättig, J Maurer, B Maček, D A Maximov, R Mazini, I Maznas, S M Mazza, J P Mc Gowan, S P Mc Kee, T G McCarthy, W P McCormack, E F McDonald, A E McDougall, J A Mcfayden, G Mchedlidze, M A McKay, K D McLean, S J McMahon, P C McNamara, C J McNicol, R A McPherson, J E Mdhluli, Z A Meadows, S Meehan, T Megy, S Mehlhase, A Mehta, B Meirose, D Melini, B R Mellado Garcia, J D Mellenthin, M Melo, F Meloni, A Melzer, E D Mendes Gouveia, A M Mendes Jacques Da Costa, H Y Meng, L Meng, X T Meng, S Menke, E Meoni, S Mergelmeyer, S A M Merkt, C Merlassino, P Mermod, L Merola, C Meroni, G Merz, O Meshkov, J K R Meshreki, J Metcalfe, A S Mete, C Meyer, J-P Meyer, M Michetti, R P Middleton, L Mijović, G Mikenberg, M Mikestikova, M Mikuž, H Mildner, A Milic, C D Milke, D W Miller, L S Miller, A Milov, D A Milstead, A A Minaenko, I A Minashvili, L Mince, A I Mincer, B Mindur, M Mineev, Y Minegishi, Y Mino, L M Mir, M Mironova, T Mitani, J Mitrevski, V A Mitsou, M Mittal, O Miu, A Miucci, P S Miyagawa, A Mizukami, J U Mjörnmark, T Mkrtchyan, M Mlynarikova, T Moa, S Mobius, K Mochizuki, P Moder, P Mogg, S Mohapatra, R Moles-Valls, K Mönig, E Monnier, A Montalbano, J Montejo Berlingen, M Montella, F Monticelli, S Monzani, N Morange, A L Moreira De Carvalho, D Moreno, M Moreno Llácer, C Moreno Martinez, P Morettini, M Morgenstern, S Morgenstern, D Mori, M Morii, M Morinaga, V Morisbak, A K Morley, G Mornacchi, A P Morris, L Morvaj, P Moschovakos, B Moser, M Mosidze, T Moskalets, P Moskvitina, J Moss, E J W Moyse, S Muanza, J Mueller, R S P Mueller, D Muenstermann, G A Mullier, D P Mungo, J L Munoz Martinez, F J Munoz Sanchez, P Murin, W J Murray, A Murrone, J M Muse, M Muškinja, C Mwewa, A G Myagkov, A A Myers, G Myers, J Myers, M Myska, B P Nachman, O Nackenhorst, A Nag Nag, K Nagai, K Nagano, Y Nagasaka, J L Nagle, E Nagy, A M Nairz, Y Nakahama, K Nakamura, T Nakamura, H Nanjo, F Napolitano, R F Naranjo Garcia, R Narayan, I Naryshkin, M Naseri, T Naumann, G Navarro, P Y Nechaeva, F Nechansky, T J Neep, A Negri, M Negrini, C Nellist, C Nelson, M E Nelson, S Nemecek, M Nessi, M S Neubauer, F Neuhaus, M Neumann, R Newhouse, P R Newman, C W Ng, Y S Ng, Y W Y Ng, B Ngair, H D N Nguyen, T Nguyen Manh, E Nibigira, R B Nickerson, R Nicolaidou, D S Nielsen, J Nielsen, M Niemeyer, N Nikiforou, V Nikolaenko, I Nikolic-Audit, K Nikolopoulos, P Nilsson, H R Nindhito, A Nisati, N Nishu, R Nisius, I Nitsche, T Nitta, T Nobe, D L Noel, Y Noguchi, I Nomidis, M A Nomura, M Nordberg, J Novak, T Novak, O Novgorodova, R Novotny, L Nozka, K Ntekas, E Nurse, F G Oakham, J Ocariz, A Ochi, I Ochoa, J P Ochoa-Ricoux, K O'Connor, S Oda, S Odaka, S Oerdek, A Ogrodnik, A Oh, C C Ohm, H Oide, R Oishi, M L Ojeda, H Okawa, Y Okazaki, M W O'Keefe, Y Okumura, A Olariu, L F Oleiro Seabra, S A Olivares Pino, D Oliveira Damazio, J L Oliver, M J R Olsson, A Olszewski, J Olszowska, Ö O Öncel, D C O'Neil, A P O'neill, A Onofre, P U E Onyisi, H Oppen, R G Oreamuno Madriz, M J Oreglia, G E Orellana, D Orestano, N Orlando, R S Orr, V O'Shea, R Ospanov, G Otero Y Garzon, H Otono, P S Ott, G J Ottino, M Ouchrif, J Ouellette, F Ould-Saada, A Ouraou, Q Ouyang, M Owen, R E Owen, V E Ozcan, N Ozturk, J Pacalt, H A Pacey, K Pachal, A Pacheco Pages, C Padilla Aranda, S Pagan Griso, G Palacino, S Palazzo, S Palestini, M Palka, P Palni, C E Pandini, J G Panduro Vazquez, P Pani, G Panizzo, L Paolozzi, C Papadatos, K Papageorgiou, S Parajuli, A Paramonov, C Paraskevopoulos, D Paredes Hernandez, S R Paredes Saenz, B Parida, T H Park, A J Parker, M A Parker, F Parodi, E W Parrish, J A Parsons, U Parzefall, L Pascual Dominguez, V R Pascuzzi, J M P Pasner, F Pasquali, E Pasqualucci, S Passaggio, F Pastore, P Pasuwan, S Pataraia, J R Pater, A Pathak, J Patton, T Pauly, J Pearkes, M Pedersen, L Pedraza Diaz, R Pedro, T Peiffer, S V Peleganchuk, O Penc, C Peng, H Peng, B S Peralva, M M Perego, A P Pereira Peixoto, L Pereira Sanchez, D V Perepelitsa, E Perez Codina, L Perini, H Pernegger, S Perrella, A Perrevoort, K Peters, R F Y Peters, B A Petersen, T C Petersen, E Petit, V Petousis, C Petridou, F Petrucci, M Pettee, N E Pettersson, K Petukhova, A Peyaud, R Pezoa, L Pezzotti, T Pham, P W Phillips, M W Phipps, G Piacquadio, E Pianori, A Picazio, R H Pickles, R Piegaia, D Pietreanu, J E Pilcher, A D Pilkington, M Pinamonti, J L Pinfold, C Pitman Donaldson, M Pitt, L Pizzimento, A Pizzini, M-A Pleier, V Plesanovs, V Pleskot, E Plotnikova, P Podberezko, R Poettgen, R Poggi, L Poggioli, I Pogrebnyak, D Pohl, I Pokharel, G Polesello, A Poley, A Policicchio, R Polifka, A Polini, C S Pollard, V Polychronakos, D Ponomarenko, L Pontecorvo, S Popa, G A Popeneciu, L Portales, D M Portillo Quintero, S Pospisil, K Potamianos, I N Potrap, C J Potter, H Potti, T Poulsen, J Poveda, T D Powell, G Pownall, M E Pozo Astigarraga, A Prades Ibanez, P Pralavorio, M M Prapa, S Prell, D Price, M Primavera, M L Proffitt, N Proklova, K Prokofiev, F Prokoshin, S Protopopescu, J Proudfoot, M Przybycien, D Pudzha, A Puri, P Puzo, D Pyatiizbyantseva, J Qian, Y Qin, A Quadt, M Queitsch-Maitland, G Rabanal Bolanos, M Racko, F Ragusa, G Rahal, J A Raine, S Rajagopalan, A Ramirez Morales, K Ran, D F Rassloff, D M Rauch, F Rauscher, S Rave, B Ravina, I Ravinovich, J H Rawling, M Raymond, A L Read, N P Readioff, M Reale, D M Rebuzzi, G Redlinger, K Reeves, D Reikher, A Reiss, A Rej, C Rembser, A Renardi, M Renda, M B Rendel, A G Rennie, S Resconi, E D Resseguie, S Rettie, B Reynolds, E Reynolds, O L Rezanova, P Reznicek, E Ricci, R Richter, S Richter, E Richter-Was, M Ridel, P Rieck, O Rifki, M Rijssenbeek, A Rimoldi, M Rimoldi, L Rinaldi, T T Rinn, G Ripellino, I Riu, P Rivadeneira, J C Rivera Vergara, F Rizatdinova, E Rizvi, C Rizzi, S H Robertson, M Robin, D Robinson, C M Robles Gajardo, M Robles Manzano, A Robson, A Rocchi, C Roda, S Rodriguez Bosca, A Rodriguez Rodriguez, A M Rodríguez Vera, S Roe, J Roggel, O Røhne, R Röhrig, R A Rojas, B Roland, C P A Roland, J Roloff, A Romaniouk, M Romano, N Rompotis, M Ronzani, L Roos, S Rosati, G Rosin, B J Rosser, E Rossi, E Rossi, E Rossi, L P Rossi, L Rossini, R Rosten, M Rotaru, B Rottler, D Rousseau, G Rovelli, A Roy, D Roy, A Rozanov, Y Rozen, X Ruan, T A Ruggeri, F Rühr, A Ruiz-Martinez, A Rummler, Z Rurikova, N A Rusakovich, H L Russell, L Rustige, J P Rutherfoord, E M Rüttinger, M Rybar, G Rybkin, E B Rye, A Ryzhov, J A Sabater Iglesias, P Sabatini, L Sabetta, S Sacerdoti, H F-W Sadrozinski, R Sadykov, F Safai Tehrani, B Safarzadeh Samani, M Safdari, P Saha, S Saha, M Sahinsoy, A Sahu, M Saimpert, M Saito, T Saito, H Sakamoto, D Salamani, G Salamanna, A Salnikov, J Salt, A Salvador Salas, D Salvatore, F Salvatore, A Salvucci, A Salzburger, J Samarati, D Sammel, D Sampsonidis, D Sampsonidou, J Sánchez, A Sanchez Pineda, H Sandaker, C O Sander, I G Sanderswood, M Sandhoff, C Sandoval, D P C Sankey, M Sannino, Y Sano, A Sansoni, C Santoni, H Santos, S N Santpur, A Santra, K A Saoucha, A Sapronov, J G Saraiva, O Sasaki, K Sato, F Sauerburger, E Sauvan, P Savard, R Sawada, C Sawyer, L Sawyer, I Sayago Galvan, C Sbarra, A Sbrizzi, T Scanlon, J Schaarschmidt, P Schacht, D Schaefer, L Schaefer, U Schäfer, A C Schaffer, D Schaile, R D Schamberger, E Schanet, C Scharf, N Scharmberg, V A Schegelsky, D Scheirich, F Schenck, M Schernau, C Schiavi, L K Schildgen, Z M Schillaci, E J Schioppa, M Schioppa, K E Schleicher, S Schlenker, K R Schmidt-Sommerfeld, K Schmieden, C Schmitt, S Schmitt, L Schoeffel, A Schoening, P G Scholer, E Schopf, M Schott, J F P Schouwenberg, J Schovancova, S Schramm, F Schroeder, A Schulte, H-C Schultz-Coulon, M Schumacher, B A Schumm, Ph Schune, A Schwartzman, T A Schwarz, Ph Schwemling, R Schwienhorst, A Sciandra, G Sciolla, F Scuri, F Scutti, L M Scyboz, C D Sebastiani, K Sedlaczek, P Seema, S C Seidel, A Seiden, B D Seidlitz, T Seiss, C Seitz, J M Seixas, G Sekhniaidze, S J Sekula, N Semprini-Cesari, S Sen, C Serfon, L Serin, L Serkin, M Sessa, H Severini, S Sevova, F Sforza, A Sfyrla, E Shabalina, J D Shahinian, N W Shaikh, D Shaked Renous, L Y Shan, M Shapiro, A Sharma, A S Sharma, P B Shatalov, K Shaw, S M Shaw, M Shehade, Y Shen, A D Sherman, P Sherwood, L Shi, C O Shimmin, Y Shimogama, M Shimojima, J D Shinner, I P J Shipsey, S Shirabe, M Shiyakova, J Shlomi, A Shmeleva, M J Shochet, J Shojaii, D R Shope, S Shrestha, E M Shrif, M J Shroff, E Shulga, P Sicho, A M Sickles, E Sideras Haddad, O Sidiropoulou, A Sidoti, F Siegert, Dj Sijacki, M Silva, M V Silva Oliveira, S B Silverstein, S Simion, R Simoniello, C J Simpson-Allsop, S Simsek, P Sinervo, V Sinetckii, S Singh, S Sinha, M Sioli, I Siral, S Yu Sivoklokov, J Sjölin, A Skaf, E Skorda, P Skubic, M Slawinska, K Sliwa, V Smakhtin, B H Smart, J Smiesko, N Smirnov, S Yu Smirnov, Y Smirnov, L N Smirnova, O Smirnova, E A Smith, H A Smith, M Smizanska, K Smolek, A Smykiewicz, A A Snesarev, H L Snoek, I M Snyder, S Snyder, R Sobie, A Soffer, A Søgaard, F Sohns, C A Solans Sanchez, E Yu Soldatov, U Soldevila, A A Solodkov, A Soloshenko, O V Solovyanov, V Solovyev, P Sommer, H Son, A Sonay, W Song, W Y Song, A Sopczak, A L Sopio, F Sopkova, S Sottocornola, R Soualah, A M Soukharev, D South, S Spagnolo, M Spalla, M Spangenberg, F Spanò, D Sperlich, T M Spieker, G Spigo, M Spina, D P Spiteri, M Spousta, A Stabile, B L Stamas, R Stamen, M Stamenkovic, A Stampekis, E Stanecka, B Stanislaus, M M Stanitzki, M Stankaityte, B Stapf, E A Starchenko, G H Stark, J Stark, P Staroba, P Starovoitov, S Stärz, R Staszewski, G Stavropoulos, M Stegler, P Steinberg, A L Steinhebel, B Stelzer, H J Stelzer, O Stelzer-Chilton, H Stenzel, T J Stevenson, G A Stewart, M C Stockton, G Stoicea, M Stolarski, S Stonjek, A Straessner, J Strandberg, S Strandberg, M Strauss, T Strebler, P Strizenec, R Ströhmer, D M Strom, R Stroynowski, A Strubig, S A Stucci, B Stugu, J Stupak, N A Styles, D Su, W Su, X Su, N B Suarez, V V Sulin, M J Sullivan, D M S Sultan, S Sultansoy, T Sumida, S Sun, X Sun, C J E Suster, M R Sutton, S Suzuki, M Svatos, M Swiatlowski, S P Swift, T Swirski, A Sydorenko, I Sykora, M Sykora, T Sykora, D Ta, K Tackmann, J Taenzer, A Taffard, R Tafirout, E Tagiev, R H M Taibah, R Takashima, K Takeda, T Takeshita, E P Takeva, Y Takubo, M Talby, A A Talyshev, K C Tam, N M 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Zabinski, G Zacharis, E Zaffaroni, J Zahreddine, A M Zaitsev, T Zakareishvili, N Zakharchuk, S Zambito, D Zanzi, S V Zeißner, C Zeitnitz, G Zemaityte, J C Zeng, O Zenin, T Ženiš, D Zerwas, M Zgubič, B Zhang, D F Zhang, G Zhang, J Zhang, Kaili Zhang, L Zhang, L Zhang, M Zhang, R Zhang, S Zhang, X Zhang, X Zhang, Y Zhang, Z Zhang, Z Zhang, P Zhao, Y Zhao, Z Zhao, A Zhemchugov, Z Zheng, D Zhong, B Zhou, C Zhou, H Zhou, M Zhou, N Zhou, Y Zhou, C G Zhu, C Zhu, H L Zhu, H Zhu, J Zhu, Y Zhu, X Zhuang, K Zhukov, V Zhulanov, D Zieminska, N I Zimine, S Zimmermann, Z Zinonos, M Ziolkowski, L Živković, G Zobernig, A Zoccoli, K Zoch, T G Zorbas, R Zou, L Zwalinski
The observation of forward proton scattering in association with lepton pairs (e^{+}e^{-}+p or μ^{+}μ^{-}+p) produced via photon fusion is presented. The scattered proton is detected by the ATLAS Forward Proton spectrometer, while the leptons are reconstructed by the central ATLAS detector. Proton-proton collision data recorded in 2017 at a center-of-mass energy of sqrt[s]=13  TeV are analyzed, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 14.6  fb^{-1}. A total of 57 (123) candidates in the ee+p (μμ+p) final state are selected, allowing the background-only hypothesis to be rejected with a significance exceeding 5 standard deviations in each channel...
December 31, 2020: Physical Review Letters
Timothy F Czajka, David J Vance, Nicholas J Mantis
Camelid-derived and synthetic single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) are emerging as potent weapons against the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. sdAbs are small, compact, thermostable immunoglobulin elements capable of binding targets with subnanomolar affinities. By leveraging the power of phage- and yeast surface-display technologies, rare sdAbs can be isolated from highly diverse and complex antibody libraries. Once in hand, sdAbs can be engineered to improve binding affinity, avidity, target specificities, and biodistribution...
December 16, 2020: Trends in Microbiology
Tapan Behl, Gagandeep Kaur, Ovidiu Fratila, Camelia Buhas, Claudia Teodora Judea-Pusta, Nicoleta Negrut, Cristiana Bustea, Simona Bungau
Current therapies for Parkinson's disease (PD) are palliative, of which the levodopa/carbidopa therapy remains the primary choice but is unable to modulate the progression of neurodegeneration. Due to the complication of such a multifactorial disorder and significant limitations of the therapy, numerous genetic approaches have been proved effective in finding out genes and mechanisms implicated in this disease. Following the observation of a higher frequency of PD in Gaucher's disease (GD), a lysosomal storage condition, mutations of glycosylceramidase beta (GBA) encoding glucocerebrosidase (GCase) have been shown to be involved and have been explored in the context of PD...
January 15, 2021: Translational Neurodegeneration
Chorong Park, Chen Peng, M Julhasur Rahman, Sherry L Haller, Loubna Tazi, Greg Brennan, Stefan Rothenburg
The antiviral protein kinase R (PKR) is an important host restriction factor, which poxviruses must overcome to productively infect host cells. To inhibit PKR, many poxviruses encode a pseudosubstrate mimic of the alpha subunit of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 (eIF2), designated K3 in vaccinia virus. Although the interaction between PKR and eIF2α is highly conserved, some K3 orthologs from host-restricted poxviruses were previously shown to inhibit PKR in a species-specific manner. To better define this host range function, we compared the sensitivity of PKR from 17 mammals to inhibition by K3 orthologs from closely related orthopoxviruses, a genus with a generally broader host range...
January 14, 2021: PLoS Pathogens
Swagata Mandal, Rajlakshmi Poi, Sudip Bhattacharyya, Dipak Kumar Hazra, Rajib Karmakar
An analytical method was developed by using LC-ESI(-ve)-MS/MS to investigate the residue dynamics of 2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) in green tea leaves, processed tea, tea liquor, and tea-cropped soil at Singhiajhora Tea Estate and Putinbari Tea Estate at Terai Region, Darjeeling District, West Bengal, India. In this method, an acidified methanol was used for extraction and subsequent clean-up was done by HLB (hydrophilic lipophilic balanced) cartridges. The method was validated as per SANTE guideline (SANTE/11813/2017)...
January 14, 2021: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Marilena A Müller, Luisa J F Merten, Christine Böhmer, John A Nyakatura
While giraffes maintain the usual mammalian cervical number of seven vertebrae, their first thoracic vertebra (T1) exhibits aberrant anatomy and has been hypothesized to functionally elongate the neck. We test this 'functional elongation hypothesis' by combining phylogenetically informed analyses of neck length, three-dimensional (3D) vertebral shape, and of the functional significance of shape differences across a broad sample of ruminants and camelids. Digital bone models of the cervicothoracic transition were subjected to 3D geometric morphometric analysis revealing how the shape of the seventh cervical (C7) has converged in several long-necked species...
January 14, 2021: Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution
C Sciaccaluga, G E Mandoli, N Sisti, M B Natali, A Ibrahim, D Menci, A D'Errico, G Donati, G Benfari, S Valente, S Bernazzali, M Maccherini, S Mondillo, M Cameli, M Focardi
Cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV) is an obliterative and diffuse type of coronaropathy that develops in the transplanted human heart, representing a major cause of graft failure and mortality. Nowadays the gold standard for the diagnosis of CAV is coronary angiography (CA). Non-invasive CAV detection, especially in the early stages of the disease, is still challenging. Our study aimed to investigate the role of speckle tracking echocardiography (STE), in particular three-layer STE, in predicting CAV at early stages, and if other traditional echocardiographic, clinical or biochemical parameters could relate to CAV...
January 13, 2021: International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging
Tony Kipkoech Maritim, Mamta Masand, Romit Seth, Ram Kumar Sharma
Purple-tea, an anthocyanin rich cultivar has recently gained popularity due to its health benefits and captivating leaf appearance. However, the sustainability of purple pigmentation and anthocyanin content during production period is hampered by seasonal variation. To understand seasonal dependent anthocyanin pigmentation in purple tea, global transcriptional and anthocyanin profiling was carried out in tea shoots with two leaves and a bud harvested during in early (reddish purple: S1_RP), main (dark gray purple: S2_GP) and backend flush (moderately olive green: S3_G) seasons...
January 13, 2021: Scientific Reports
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