Daniel Yakubovich, Tzipi Strauss, Dror Ohana, Camelia Taran, Ori Snapiri, Dalia Limor Karol, Orna Starez-Chaham, Briggite Kochavi, Abraham Tsur, Iris Morag
To investigate perinatal factors and early morbidities associated with early serum phosphate (sPhos) levels in a cohort of preterm infants. Retrospective data were obtained from the medical records of a cohort of 454 infants born at < 32 weeks gestational age. Serum phosphate levels were directly associated with gestational age, body weight z-score, and Apgar scores and inversely associated with timing of enteral nutrition initiation and diet consisting of mostly breast milk. Maternal hypertension, lactate levels, early symptomatic hypotension, and total protein supplemented on days 1 to 3 were also inversely associated with sPhos...
April 4, 2020: European Journal of Pediatrics
F Mohammadpour, H Darmani-Kuhi, A Mohit, M M Sohani
Adipose tissue is an active endocrine organ secreting several adipokines, especially adiponectin, that play an important role in regulating insulin function in the body of mammals. Therefore, this study was aimed to investigate the association between abdominal fat deposit, insulin resistance, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR-γ), and adiponectin gene (AG) expression in broiler chicks fed diets high in unsaturated fat supplemented with green tea extract (GTE). A total of 300 one-day-old female Ross 308 broiler chicks were allocated to 6 dietary treatments in a completely randomized design with a factorial arrangement of two levels of GTE (0 and 500 mg/kg diet) × three levels of fat inclusion [without fat (control group), soybean oil (SO), and tallow (Ta)]...
January 24, 2020: Domestic Animal Endocrinology
MengTing Zhu, Ting Shi, ZiYan Guo, HongXia Liao, Yi Chen
The oxidation of cold-pressed and commercial refined camellia oil stored at room temperature for one year was comparatively studied by 1 H and 31 P NMR spectroscopy. The oxidation of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) under the same conditions was further compared. The 1 H NMR showed that no aldehydes were formed in the studied period. Coupled with the changes of unsaturated acyl groups, the oxidation degrees of the three oils could be obtained follow the order: commercial refined camellia oil > cold-pressed camellia oil > EVOO...
March 19, 2020: Food Chemistry
Francesca Holme, Jose Jeronimo, Francisco Maldonado, Claudia Camel, Manuel Sandoval, Benito Martinez-Granera, Mirna Montenegro, Jacqueline Figueroa, Rose Slavkovsky, Kerry A Thomson, Silvia de Sanjose
The Scale-Up project introduced vaginal self-sampling and careHPV low-cost human papillomavirus (HPV) testing as the primary approach for cervical cancer screening in selected public health centers in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. We evaluate the country-specific accomplishments in screening: target-coverage, triage, and treatment. Between 2015 and 2018, cervical cancer screening was offered to women at least 30 years of age. Triage of HPV-positive women was based on visual inspection with acetic acid or Pap...
April 1, 2020: Preventive Medicine
Jiazhi Shen, Zhongwei Zou, Hongqing Xing, Yu Duan, Xujun Zhu, Yuanchun Ma, Yuhua Wang, Wanping Fang
JAZ (Jasmonate ZIM-domain) proteins play pervasive roles in plant development and defense reaction. However, limited information is known about the JAZ family in Camellia sinensis . In this study, 12 non-redundant JAZ genes were identified from the tea plant genome database. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the 12 JAZ proteins belong to three groups. The cis -elements in promoters of CsJAZ genes and CsJAZ proteins interaction networks were also analyzed. Quantitative RT-PCR analysis showed that 7 CsJAZ genes were preferentially expressed in roots...
March 31, 2020: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Adam Hartstone-Rose, Edwin Dickinson, Lisa M Paciulli, Ashley R Deutsch, Leon Tran, Grace Jones, Kaitlyn C Leonard
The infrequency of a total solar eclipse renders the event novel to those animals that experience its effects and, consequently, may induce anomalous behavioral responses. However, historical information on the responses of animals to eclipses is scant and often conflicting. In this study, we qualitatively document the responses of 17 vertebrate taxa (including mammals, birds, and reptiles) to the 2017 total solar eclipse as it passed over Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina. In the days leading up to the eclipse, several focal teams, each consisting of researchers, animal keepers, and student/zoo volunteers conducted baseline observations using a combination of continuous ad libitum and scan sampling of each animal during closely matched seasonal conditions...
March 31, 2020: Animals: An Open Access Journal From MDPI
Habiba Kausar, Ghazala Ambrin, Mohammad K Okla, Walid Soufan, Abdullah A Al-Ghamdi, Altaf Ahmad
(+)-Catechin is an important antioxidant of green tea ( Camelia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze). Catechin is known for its positive role in anticancerous activity, extracellular matrix degradation, cell death regulation, diabetes, and other related disorders. As a result of enormous interest in and great demand for catechin, its biosynthesis using metabolic engineering has become the subject of concentrated research with the aim of enhancing (+)-catechin production. Metabolic flux is an essential concept in the practice of metabolic engineering as it helps in the identification of the regulatory element of a biosynthetic pathway...
March 31, 2020: Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland)
Helge Skulstad, Bernard Cosyns, Bogdan A Popescu, Maurizio Galderisi, Giovanni Di Salvo, Erwan Donal, Steffen Petersen, Alessia Gimelli, Kristina H Haugaa, Denisa Muraru, Ana G Almeida, Jeanette Schulz-Menger, Marc R Dweck, Gianluca Pontone, Leyla Elif Sade, Bernhard Gerber, Pal Maurovich-Horvat, Tara Bharucha, Matteo Cameli, Julien Magne, Mark Westwood, Gerald Maurer, Thor Edvardsen
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 3, 2020: European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging
Janine Meuffels, Ilse Luther-Binoir, Willem Daffue, Francois Deacon, Emily P Mitchell
Disorders of sexual development (DSD) in wild mammals are rarely described. A male South African giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa) was identified with bilateral cryptorchidism. The testes were intra-abdominal, smaller and less ovoid than in normal male giraffes. The right testis was situated more cranially than the left and connected to a longer deferent duct with normal ampullae. One distended vesicular gland filled with mucoid material was identified. A short penis, situated in the perineal area, was directed caudally and presented hypospadias...
March 26, 2020: Journal of the South African Veterinary Association
Shuangling Hu, Qinghua Chen, Fei Guo, Mingle Wang, Hua Zhao, Yu Wang, Dejiang Ni, Pu Wang
Volatile components in fresh leaves are involved in the regulation of many stress responses, such as insect damage, fungal infection and high temperature. However, the potential function of volatile components in hyperosmotic response is largely unknown. Here, we found that 7-day hyperosmotic treatment specifically led to the accumulation of (Z)-3-hexen-1-ol, (E)-2-hexenal and methyl salicylate. Transcriptome and qRT-PCR analyses suggested the activation of linolenic acid degradation and methyl salicylate processes...
April 2, 2020: Plant Molecular Biology
Osama Badri Mohammed, Nabil Amor, Sawsan Ali Omer, Abdulaziz Nasser Alagaili
Serological screening of 199 serum samples from Dromedary camels-from different cities in Saudi Arabia-was performed using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detecting antibodies against two cyst-forming coccidian parasites, namely Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum. Antibodies against T. gondii were detected in 68 (34.2%) samples, while those against N. caninum were present in 33 (16.6%) samples. The highest seroprevalence of T. gondii antibodies was reported in samples from Taif (51.2%), while the lowest seroprevalence was reported in samples from Riyadh and Hofuf (15...
2020: Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Parasitology
Titus S Imboma, De-Ping Gao, Min-Sheng You, Shijun You, Gabor L Lövei
Tea ( Camellia sinensis ) is an important food product with thousands of years of human use. Being a non-washable food, no pesticide residues are allowed, which increases the importance of natural means of plant protection. Predation, a component of natural pest control, is an important contributor to this, but its level and sustainability are not known in most of the areas of tea production. We quantified predation intensity using the artificial sentinel prey method in a tea-growing landscape containing remnants of the original forest vegetation in Fujian Province, China...
March 29, 2020: Insects
Nicolae Bacalbasa, Irina Cecilia Balescu, Camelia Diaconu, Simona Dima, Laura Iliescu, Mihaela Vilcu, Alexandru Filipescu, Ioana Halmaciu, Dragos Cretoiu, Iulian Brezean
Background/Aim: Synchronous gynecological malignancies are rarely encountered, and most often these cases are represented by synchronous ovarian and endometrial cancer. The aim of this paper is to present the case of a 53-year-old patient who was diagnosed with synchronous cervical and ovarian cancer. Case presentation: The patient had been initially investigated for vaginal bleeding and was submitted to a biopsy confirming the presence of a cervical adenocarcinoma. Once the diagnostic of malignancy was confirmed, the patient was submitted to a computed tomography which revealed the presence of large abdominal tumoral nodules of peritoneal carcinomatosis and was submitted to palliative chemotherapy with poor response...
March 29, 2020: Medicina
Dalal A Alhababi, Nahla O Eltai, Gheyath K Nasrallah, Elmoubasher A Farg, Asmaa A Al Thani, Hadi M Yassine
Objectives: This study aims at evaluating the phenotypic and genotypic antimicrobial resistance (AMR) patterns of 18 clinically relevant antibiotics in food animals in Qatar. Materials and Methods: Fecal samples from camels, cattle, and pigeons (300) were collected from different slaughterhouses and farms. Escherichia coli isolates were recovered on selective media, confirmed biochemically, and tested for antibiotic susceptibility using a disk diffusion assay. Any isolate that showed resistance to colistin was confirmed using the E-test and polymerase chain reaction for mcr genes...
April 1, 2020: Microbial Drug Resistance: MDR: Mechanisms, Epidemiology, and Disease
Dragana Nikolic, Maciej Banach, Roberta Chianetta, Luca Marco Luzzu, Anca Pantea Stoian, Camelia Cristina Diaconu, Roberto Citarrella, Giuseppe Montalto, Manfredi Rizzo
Introduction: Statins remain the most commonly prescribed lipid-lowering drug class for the treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Their well-recognized side effects are known as statin-associated muscle symptom (SAMS). Some advances in this field have been made in recent years, but the understanding of the mechanisms has lagged. Investigating the specific role of the anti-HMGCR autoantibody, pharmacokinetic genetic variants, characterization of the known phenotypes of statin toxicity, in relation to clinical markers of disease, is of high importance...
April 1, 2020: Expert Opinion on Drug Safety
Amanda E Fine, Mathieu Pruvot, Camilla T O Benfield, Alexandre Caron, Giovanni Cattoli, Philippe Chardonnet, Maurizio Dioli, Thomas Dulu, Martin Gilbert, Richard Kock, Juan Lubroth, Jeffrey C Mariner, Stephane Ostrowski, Satya Parida, Sasan Fereidouni, Enkhtuvshin Shiilegdamba, Jonathan M Sleeman, Claudia Schulz, Jean-Jacques Soula, Yves Van der Stede, Berhe G Tekola, Chris Walzer, Steffen Zuther, Felix Njeumi
Growing evidence suggests that multiple wildlife species can be infected with peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV), with important consequences for the potential maintenance of PPRV in communities of susceptible hosts, and the threat that PPRV may pose to the conservation of wildlife populations and resilience of ecosystems. Significant knowledge gaps in the epidemiology of PPRV across the ruminant community (wildlife and domestic), and the understanding of infection in wildlife and other atypical host species groups (e...
2020: Frontiers in Veterinary Science
Qianwen Zhang, Tongyin Li, Qiushuang Wang, Judson LeCompte, Richard L Harkess, Guihong Bi
The United States (U.S.) consumed over 80 billion servings of tea, approximately 3.8 billion gallons, in the year of 2018. With the vast majority of tea demand being met by importation, the United States became the third largest tea importer worldwide after Russia and Pakistan. As demand for domestically produced tea increases and growers expressing increasing interest in growing and producing tea, tea production became an emerging industry in the United States. Compared to major tea producing countries with centuries of growing history, tea production in the United States is limited and requires research support in many aspect of tea production including selecting suitable cultivars adapted to local climatic conditions...
2020: Frontiers in Plant Science
Iain Macgowan
Two new species of Silba Macquart, 1851 namely Silba mitsuii sp. nov. and Silba fungicola sp. nov. are described from Japan. The adults of the first species were obtained from larvae found in the flower buds of Camellia japonica L. and of the second from fungal fruiting bodies. This is the first time these types of larval habitat have been recorded for a Silba species.
March 23, 2020: Zootaxa
Fabián Sibaja-Araya, Carlos Esquivel
Four species of Camelobaetidius (C. maidu, C. variabilis, C. kondratieffi, and C. shepardi) are redescribed and diagnosed based on paratype material and original descriptions. Some omissions and inaccurate information in the original descriptions are emended, and illustrations of all taxonomically important structures are provided. Diagnostic characters are improved for a better discrimination from other species across the distribution range of the genus, especially in Central and North America and differences in some important taxonomic characters between these paratypes and the original descriptions are stressed...
March 30, 2020: Zootaxa
Roberto E Reis, Heraldo A Britski, Marcelo R Britto, Paulo A Buckup, Bárbara B Calegari, Priscila Camelier, Maria Laura S Delapieve, Francisco Langeani, Pablo A Lehmann, Paulo H F Lucinda, Manoela Marinho, Fernanda O Martins, Naércio A Menezes, Cristiano R Moreira, Mário C C DE Pinna, Carla S Pavanelli, Lucia H Rapp Py-Daniel, Leandro M Sousa
A recent study based on genomic data by Roxo et al. (2019) provided a phylogeny of the Loricariidae, the largest catfish family and second largest Neotropical fish family with approximately 1,000 species. The study represents a valuable and innovative contribution for understanding higher-level relationships within the family. The phylogenetic tree inferred by Roxo et al. (2019) thoroughly corroborates the monophyly and relationships of most currently accepted subfamilies of Loricariidae, based on a fair taxon sampling (nearly 14% of the species in the family) representing most genera of each but one of the subfamilies, the Lithogeninae, the sister-group of the remaining members of the family (Pereira & Reis, 2017; Reis et al...
December 2, 2019: Zootaxa
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