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Flower Essence

Anna V Klepikova, Ivan V Kulakovskiy, Artem S Kasianov, Maria D Logacheva, Aleksey A Penin
BACKGROUND: Transcriptome map is a powerful tool for a variety of biological studies; transcriptome maps that include different organs, tissues, cells and stages of development are currently available for at least 30 plants. Some of them include samples treated by environmental or biotic stresses. However, most studies explore only limited set of organs and developmental stages (leaves or seedlings). In order to provide broader view of organ-specific strategies of cold stress response we studied expression changes that follow exposure to cold (+ 4 °C) in different aerial parts of plant: cotyledons, hypocotyl, leaves, young flowers, mature flowers and seeds using RNA-seq...
February 15, 2019: BMC Plant Biology
Mehdi Sharifi-Rad, Jolanta Nazaruk, Letizia Polito, Maria Flaviana Bezerra Morais-Braga, Janaína Esmeraldo Rocha, Henrique Douglas Melo Coutinho, Bahare Salehi, Giulia Tabanelli, Chiara Montanari, María Del Mar Contreras, Zubaida Yousaf, William N Setzer, Deepa R Verma, Miquel Martorell, Antoni Sureda, Javad Sharifi-Rad
Matricaria is a widespread genus of flowering plants of the family Asteraceae that grow in temperate regions of Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Some of the species are also naturalized in Australia. Some species of this genus such as Chamomiles are recognized medicinal plants and cultivated in several countries for commercial purposes: to obtain its blue essence, as herbal tea, and for pharmaceutical or cosmeceutical uses. The phytochemical composition of Matricaria spp. includes volatile terpenoids (e.g...
October 2018: Microbiological Research
Yuree Lee, June M Kwak
Plants are unable to relocate themselves to a more favorable location and thus have to deal with developmental programs and environmental cues wherever they happen to be. It is yet largely unknown how plant cells coordinate cellular activities and architectures to accomplish developmental processes and respond to environmental changes. By identifying and establishing a new cellular model system, we have discovered that two neighboring cell types in the abscission zone (AZ) of Arabidopsis flowers coordinate their activities to ensure a precise "cut" through a highly restricted area of plant tissue to bring about organ separation...
July 2018: BMB Reports
Susanne S Renner
Herbarium specimens deposited in publicly accessible collections are the basis for all scientific names because only permanent specimens can be re-studied by independent researchers, the very essence of science. Re-investigations may be done with morphological, chemical, genomic, computer-tomographic, or other methods. Based on new herbarium material, I here provide a name for the Xishuangbanna gourd, a plant long cultivated in Yunnan because of its large non-bitter fruits, rich in β-carotene. Genome re-sequencing of numerous accessions has shown that this cucumber mutant is closer to Cucumis sativus var...
2017: PhytoKeys
Boris C Rodríguez-Martín, Melba Fallas-Durán, Barbara Gaitskell, Daniela Vega-Rojas, Paula Martínez-Chaigneau
The current study aimed to determine if positive opinions about BFR interacts with spirituality in adults from three Latin-American countries using a CHAID algorithm. Participants were 703 adults from Cuba (n = 319), Costa Rica (n = 252) and Chile (n = 132). PREDICTORS: demographic data, received information, received treatment, spirituality, dispositional optimism and willingness to use a placebo intervention were measured and analyzed. A supervised classification which included a training phase (n = 423) and a test phase (n = 280) was employed...
May 2017: Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
A Steel, J Frawley, D Sibbritt, A Broom, J Adams
OBJECTIVES: This manuscript presents a preliminary examination of the characteristics of women who choose intrapartum hypnosis for pain management. DESIGN: Cross-sectional analysis of 2445 women (31-36 years) from a sub-study of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health (ALSWH), employing Fisher exact tests. SETTING: Australia. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Use of intrapartum hypnosis, or hypnobirthing, for pain management during labour and birth...
April 2016: Complementary Therapies in Medicine
Parvin Gharbani, Hamideh Javazi
The essence of the present study is to focus on the antioxidant, general toxicity and insecticidal properties of the extracts of Nepeta scrophularioides Rech.f. during different developmental (vegetative, flowering, post-flowering) stages. The samples were subjected to screening for their possible antioxidant activities by using 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) assay. The extracts of the flowering and the post-flowering stages showed higher antioxidant activity than those from the vegetative stage. The MeOH extracts of N...
September 2015: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Krisztina Süle, Dóra Kurucz, Ágnes Kajári, Zoltán May
INTRODUCTION: Metal elements and their excess intake have significant influence on general health. AIM: There is only little information how Far Eastern herbs resemble European's regarding their purity and essential metal element content. The aim of the authors was to determine metal elements in different Chinese and European herbs and extracts. METHOD: The studied European herbs included Calendula officinalis petals, Achillea millefolium, Epilobium parviflorum herba, Urtica dioica leaves, Crataegus monogyna flowers while Far Eastern herbs were Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, Ginkgo biloba leaves, Panax ginseng and Curcuma longa roots...
August 2, 2015: Orvosi Hetilap
Elahe Vahid Dastjerdi, Zahra Abdolazimi, Marzieh Ghazanfarian, Parisa Amdjadi, Mohammad Kamalinejad, Arash Mahboubi
BACKGROUND: Use of herbal extracts and essences as natural antibacterial compounds has become increasingly popular for the control of oral infectious diseases. Therefore, finding natural antimicrobial products with the lowest side effects seems necessary. The present study sought to assess the effect of Punica granatum L. water extract on five oral bacteria and bacterial biofilm formation on orthodontic wire. METHODS: Antibacterial property of P. granatum L. water extract was primarily evaluated in brain heart infusion agar medium using well-plate method...
December 2014: Iranian Journal of Public Health
Songlin Hu, Thomas Lübberstedt
Unraveling the function of genes affecting agronomic traits is accelerating due to progress in DNA sequencing and other high-throughput genomic approaches. Characterized genes can be exploited by plant breeders by using either marker-aided selection (MAS) or transgenic procedures. Here, we propose a third 'outlet', 'molecular strengthening' (MOST), as alternative option for exploiting detailed molecular understanding of trait expression, which is comparable to the pharmaceutical treatment of human diseases...
June 2015: Trends in Plant Science
Qiuping Ye, Xinyi Jin, Xinliang Zhu, Tongxiang Lin, Zhilong Hao, Qian Yang
The sweet smell of aroma of Jasminum sambac (L.) Ait. is releasing while the flowers are blooming. Although components of volatile oil have been extensively studied, there are problematic issues, such as low efficiency of yield, flavour distortion. Here, the subcritical fluid extraction (SFE) was performed to extract fragrant volatiles from activated carbon that had absorbed the aroma of jasmine flowers. This novel method could effectively obtain main aromatic compounds with quality significantly better than solvent extraction (SE)...
2015: Journal of Oleo Science
Hui Shi, Xin Wang, Xiaorong Mo, Chao Tang, Shangwei Zhong, Xing Wang Deng
Seed is an essential propagation organ and a critical strategy adopted by terrestrial flowering plants to colonize the land. The ability of seeds to accurately respond to light is vital for plant survival. However, the underlying mechanism is largely unknown. In this study, we reveal a circuit of triple feed-forward loops adopted by Arabidopsis seeds to exclusively repress germination in dark conditions and precisely initiate germination under diverse light conditions. We identify that de-etiolated 1 (DET1), an evolutionarily conserved protein, is a central repressor of light-induced seed germination...
March 24, 2015: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Satoshi Natsume, Hiroki Takagi, Akira Shiraishi, Jun Murata, Hiromi Toyonaga, Josef Patzak, Motoshige Takagi, Hiroki Yaegashi, Aiko Uemura, Chikako Mitsuoka, Kentaro Yoshida, Karel Krofta, Honoo Satake, Ryohei Terauchi, Eiichiro Ono
The female flower of hop (Humulus lupulus var. lupulus) is an essential ingredient that gives characteristic aroma, bitterness and durability/stability to beer. However, the molecular genetic basis for identifying DNA markers in hop for breeding and to study its domestication has been poorly established. Here, we provide draft genomes for two hop cultivars [cv. Saazer (SZ) and cv. Shinshu Wase (SW)] and a Japanese wild hop [H. lupulus var. cordifolius; also known as Karahanasou (KR)]. Sequencing and de novo assembly of genomic DNA from heterozygous SW plants generated scaffolds with a total size of 2...
March 2015: Plant & Cell Physiology
Amie Steel, Jon Adams, David Sibbritt, Alex Broom, Jane Frawley, Cindy Gallois
OBJECTIVE: there is evidence of high use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) by pregnant women. Despite debate and controversy regarding CAM use in pregnancy there has been little research focus upon the impacts of CAM use on birth outcomes. This paper reports findings outlining the incidence of adverse birth outcomes among women accessing CAM during pregnancy. DESIGN: a survey-based cohort sub-study from the nationally-representative Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health (ALSWH) was undertaken in 2010...
December 2014: Midwifery
Peng Wang, Yang Zhou, Xian-Jun Fu, Zhen-Guo Wang
The "jin yin hua" (Lonicera japonica Thunb.) used in the clinic nowadays is the flower of honeysuckle, excluding its stem, leave, branch, vine or the whole plant. In the early time, the name of "ren dong" (honeysuckle) or "ren dong teng" (Caulis lonicerae) didn't refer exclusively to the flower of honeysuckle. A few early literature, such as Xin xiu ben cao (Newly Revised Materia Medica) recorded briefly the flower, yet only mentions its time of blossom and shape without mentioning the medicinal use of its flower, nor the title of "jin yin hua", as the identification for this plant...
May 2013: Zhonghua Yi Shi za Zhi, Chinese Journal of Medical History
D Slamenova, E Horvathova
Flowers, berries, leaves, barks and roots of different plants have been used through the ages as a source of flavor in food and perfume preparations. The volatiles responsible for the flavor of botanicals can be extracted from the plant material as "essential oils" (EOs), called also volatile oils or ethereal oils. The term essential is intended to indicate that the oil is the fragrant essence of the plant from which it is extracted. EOs are constituted by hydrocarbons (monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes) and oxygenated compounds (alcohols, esters, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, lactones, phenols and phenol ethers)...
2013: Neoplasma
Helena Maruenda, Maria del Lujan Vico, J Ethan Householder, John P Janovec, Cristhian Cañari, Angelica Naka, Ana E Gonzalez
This study provides the first chemical investigation of wild-harvested fruits of Vanilla pompona ssp. grandiflora (Lindl.) Soto-Arenas developed in their natural habitat in the Peruvian Amazon. Flowers were hand-pollinated and the resulting fruits were analysed at different developmental stages using an HPLC-DAD method validated for the quantification of glucovanillin and seven other compounds. The method showed satisfactory linearity (r(2)>0.9969), precision (coefficient of variation <2%), recoveries (70-100%), limit of detection (0...
May 1, 2013: Food Chemistry
J Lechien, A Hadefi, S Dahman Saidi, I Chimanuka, M Es-Safi, P Costa de Araujo, P Linkowski
In 1930, Dr Edward Bach developed flower essences known as Bach flowers. Today, over 70 years later, they are becoming more and more popular and are used by many practitioners, despite a total lack of scientific support for their use. A review of the literature on the controversial use of this alternative treatment is discussed.
March 2012: Revue Médicale de Bruxelles
J Randy Kidd
Over the past several decades, alternative medicines have gained in popularity for use in both humans and animals. While they are not without controversy, client interest and usage dictate that even those practitioners who do not want to practice any of them in their own hospital or clinic should at least be aware of their common use, safety, and efficacy. The author briefly discusses some of the more popular alternative medicines—acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal, homeopathic, and flower essences—with respect to some of the basics that every practitioner should know about them...
July 2012: Veterinary Clinics of North America. Small Animal Practice
Ben Whalley, Michael E Hyland
A placebo by proxy effect occurs when a patient's response to therapy, assessed either objectively or subjectively, is affected by the behavior of other people who know that the patient is undergoing therapy. We recruited 58 children aged 2-5 years who reported frequent tantrums and examined the effect of a pharmacologically inert substance (flower essence) that is purported by the manufacturers to reduce temper tantrums. Tantrum frequency, tantrum severity, and parental mood were measured on 5 occasions over 8 days before treatment and on a further 5 occasions over 10 days after the start of treatment...
August 2013: Journal of Behavioral Medicine
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