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Marco Mazzotta, Eriseld Krasniqi, Giacomo Barchiesi, Laura Pizzuti, Federica Tomao, Maddalena Barba, Patrizia Vici
Trastuzumab is a milestone in the treatment of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 positive (HER2+) breast cancer (BC), in both the early and metastatic settings. Over the last two decades, clinical trials have established the good safety profile of trastuzumab. Cardiotoxicity remains the most frequent adverse event, more commonly exemplified by an asymptomatic decline in the left ventricular ejection fraction rather than congestive heart failure. Results from several long-term (>5 years) safety analyses have been recently published, with the inherent evidence substantially confirming the findings from previous trials...
February 18, 2019: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Robert G Lockie, Brett K Post, J Jay Dawes
This study investigated relationships between shorter (505, change-of-direction (COD) deficit as a derived physical quality) and longer (Illinois agility test; IAT) COD tests with linear speed, lower-body power (multidirectional jumping), and strength in recreationally-trained individuals. Twenty-one males and 22 females (similar to collegiate club-sport and tactical athletes) were assessed in: 505 and COD deficit from each leg; IAT; 20 m sprint; vertical jump (VJ height, peak anaerobic power measured in watts (PAPw), power-to-body mass ratio); standing broad jump; lateral jump (LJ) from each leg; and absolute and relative isometric midthigh pull (IMTP) strength...
February 16, 2019: Sports
Xiaodong Liu, Lingqi Li, Zulin Hua, Qile Tu, Ting Yang, Yuan Zhang
River channel confluences are widespread in natural rivers. Understanding their unique hydrodynamic characteristics and contaminant transport rules may facilitate the rational and effective treatment of the water environment. In this study, we considered the Xitiaoxi River Basin as the research area, and a well-designed flume was established based on the extracted water system features. Hydrodynamically, in the Y-shaped confluence channel the flow velocity was easy to separate at the confluence, and a low flow velocity region appeared in the two branches...
February 16, 2019: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Eryn H Dutta, Ralph N Burns, Luis D Pacheco, Caroline C Marrs, Aristides Koutrouvelis, Gayle L Olson Koutrouvelis
BACKGROUND:  Obesity and pregnancy are risk factors for venous thromboembolism (VTE). In nonpregnant individuals, abdominal obesity is associated with venous insufficiency. OBJECTIVE:  To compare venous Doppler volume flow and velocity in the lower extremities of obese versus nonobese women. STUDY DESIGN:  A prospective cohort study was performed. Duplex ultrasound examined bilateral lower extremity venous flow and velocity (time-averaged mean velocity, TAMV)...
February 19, 2019: American Journal of Perinatology
Abdullah M Abunimer, Hussam Abou-Al-Shaar, Timothy G White, Jian Y Li, David J Chalif
BACKGROUND: Metastatic subdural hematoma with dural metastasis in the setting of an underlying malignancy is a rare condition that is difficult to diagnose and associated with a poor prognosis. Knowledge of this rare entity is of a paramount importance to neurosurgeons as its diagnosis may affect the management plan and overall survival. Here, we report a rare case of atraumatic subdural hematoma with dural metastasis in a patient with poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of unknown origin...
February 16, 2019: World Neurosurgery
Eszter Matrai, Matthias Hoffmann-Kuhnt, Shaw Ting Kwok
Perceptual and behavioral asymmetry has been observed in a wide range of vertebrate and invertebrate species with its origin estimated to go back over 500 million years. Previously, hemispheric lateralization in marine mammals has been recorded during foraging, parental care, preferred swimming direction as well as when solving cognitive challenges. Visual laterality has been demonstrated in preferred eye use and performance accuracy. A female Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin was trained to associate eight pairs of non-identical visual stimuli...
February 16, 2019: Behavioural Processes
Raluca Tomoaia, Ruxandra Stefana Beyer, Gelu Simu, Adela Mihaela Serban, Dana Pop
Despite the use of reperfusion therapies in the last decades, acute myocardial infarction further remains one of the most frequent causes of mortality. This is mainly caused by changes in the ventricular architecture leading to ventricular remodeling, followed by progressive development of heart failure. Transthoracic echocardiography is a non-invasive instrument which can provide information about the extent of the ischemic process and its consequences but can also predict the outcomes after myocardial infarction...
February 17, 2019: Medical Ultrasonography
Gabriela Corina Zaharie, Monica Hasmasanu, Ligia Blaga, Melinda Matyas, Daniel Muresan, Sorana Daniela Bolboaca
AIM: To asses the cardiac morphology and functional changes specific for newborns from intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) pregnancies. MATERIAL AND METHOD: A cohort of IUGR infants were evaluated by serial echocardiographies at delivery and at the first and six months follow-ups. IUGR newborn delivery status was compared to that of newborns in the control group according to gestational age (AGA). RESULTS: Left heart measurements were significantly lower in IUGR newborns compared to AGA babies...
February 17, 2019: Medical Ultrasonography
Xiao-Zhi Zheng, Yun-Yan Shi, Ke-Qi Chen, Xiao-Ling Qiao, Lian-You Wang
AIMS: To evaluate the feasibility of assessing regional myocardial perfusion using real-time myocardial contrast echocardiography (MCE) at rest for detecting coronary microcirculation abnormalities in methamphetamine abusers.Material and methods: Twenty-two male methamphetamine abusers (11 without chest pain, 11 with chest pain), free of ascertained coronary artery disease, were enrolled in this study. A control group of 22 age-matched male healthy participants was studied for comparison...
February 17, 2019: Medical Ultrasonography
Somsak Sittitavornwong, David Ashley, Douglas Denson, David A Cruz Walma
PURPOSE: To examine human mandibular angle integrity alterations accompanying a mandibular body block graft harvest surgical procedure. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Hemimandibles from 24 human cadavers were resected and sorted into one of three groups by residual dental status. The height of each hemimandible body was obtained and recorded. Acrylic bone cement was utilized to mount the hemimandibles at the mandibular condyle. Using standard surgical instruments and techniques, cortical bone of the mandibular body buccal plate was resected from the right hemimandibles...
February 19, 2019: International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants
Matthew L Boulton, Bradley F Carlson, Abram L Wagner, Julia M Porth, Berhanu Gebremeskel, Yemesrach Abeje
BACKGROUND: We characterize the risk factors for delayed polio dose 1, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) dose 1, pentavalent dose 1, and measles dose 1 in Ethiopian infants. We also examine the interaction between institutional delivery and demographic factors on the birth doses of the BCG and polio vaccines to better understand factors influencing vaccination. METHODS: Using the 2011 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey, we calculated the distribution of the study population across different demographic and vaccination characteristics...
2019: PloS One
Faisal Maqbool Zahid, Shakeela Ramzan, Shahla Faisal, Ijaz Hussain
OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to build and assess the performance of survival prediction models using the gender-specific informative risk factors for patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction. METHODS: A lasso approach was used to decide the informative predictors for building semi-parametric proportional hazards Cox model. Separate models were built for all patients [N = 299], male patients [Nmale = 194 (64.88%)], and female patients [Nfemale = 105 (35...
2019: PloS One
Andrew J Lautz, Ryan W Morgan, Michael Karlsson, Constantine D Mavroudis, Tiffany S Ko, Daniel J Licht, Vinay M Nadkarni, Robert A Berg, Robert M Sutton, Todd J Kilbaugh
OBJECTIVES: Less than half of the thousands of children who suffer in-hospital cardiac arrests annually survive, and neurologic injury is common among survivors. Hemodynamic-directed cardiopulmonary resuscitation improves short-term survival, but its impact on longer term survival and mitochondrial respiration-a potential neurotherapeutic target-remains unknown. The primary objectives of this study were to compare rates of 24-hour survival with favorable neurologic outcome after cardiac arrest treated with hemodynamic-directed cardiopulmonary resuscitation versus standard depth-guided cardiopulmonary resuscitation and to compare brain and heart mitochondrial respiration between groups 24 hours after resuscitation...
March 2019: Critical Care Medicine
Adam Gleason, Kristen Bishop, Yin Xi, David T Fetzer
OBJECTIVE: Unilateral left varicoceles are common and considered benign. Unilateral right varicoceles are reportedly associated with a pathologic process, namely malignancy affecting the retroperitoneum, for which further imaging is often recommended. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that this correlation between unilateral right varicocele and malignancy may be weaker than once suggested, particularly in the absence of other clinical signs of malignancy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Medical charts and imaging at one institution were reviewed for all patients reported to have right varicocele...
February 19, 2019: AJR. American Journal of Roentgenology
Eileen M Hsich
This in-depth review of sex differences in advanced heart failure therapy summarizes the existing literature on implantable cardioverter defibrillators, biventricular pacemakers, mechanical circulatory support, and transplantation with a focus on utilization, efficacy/clinical effectiveness, adverse events, and controversies. One will learn about the controversies regarding efficacy/clinical effectiveness of implantable cardioverter defibrillators and understand why these devices should be implanted in women even if there are sex differences in appropriate shocks...
February 19, 2019: Circulation
M Anette E Haukilahti, Lauri Holmström, Juha Vähätalo, Tuomas Kenttä, Jani Tikkanen, Lasse Pakanen, Marja-Leena Kortelainen, Juha Perkiömäki, Heikki Huikuri, Robert J Myerburg, M Juhani Junttila
BACKGROUND: Despite recent progress in profiling of risk for sudden cardiac death (SCD) and prevention and intervention of cardiac diseases, SCD remains a major cause of death. Among women, the incidence of SCD is significant, but lower than in men, particularly in the premenopausal and early postmenopausal years. Possibly, as a consequence of the difference in population burden, the mechanisms and risk markers of SCD are not as well defined for women. The aim of this study was to determine the autopsy findings and causes of death among women in a large SCD population...
February 19, 2019: Circulation
Tiina Parviainen, Päivi Helenius, Riitta Salmelin
Auditory cortex in each hemisphere shows preference to sounds from the opposite hemifield in the auditory space. Besides this contralateral dominance, the auditory cortex shows functional and structural lateralization, presumably influencing the features of subsequent auditory processing. Children have been shown to differ from adults in the hemispheric balance of activation in higher-order auditory based tasks. We studied, first, whether the contralateral dominance can be detected in 7- to 8-year-old children and, second, whether the response properties of auditory cortex in children differ between hemispheres...
February 18, 2019: Human Brain Mapping
Ikuko Teraguchi, Takeshi Hozumi, Kazushi Takemoto, Shingo Ota, Manabu Kashiwagi, Kunihiro Shimamura, Yasutsugu Shiono, Akio Kuroi, Takashi Yamano, Tomoyuki Yamaguchi, Yoshiki Matsuo, Yasushi Ino, Hironori Kitabata, Takashi Kubo, Atsushi Tanaka, Takashi Akasaka
BACKGROUND: Application of speckle-tracking echocardiography (STE) provides rapid assessment of tissue-tracking mitral annular displacement (TMAD). We investigated the value of TMAD for the assessment of decreased LV longitudinal deformation in asymptomatic patients with severe or moderate-to-severe mitral regurgitation (MR) and preserved LV ejection fraction (LVEF). METHODS: We retrospectively studied 50 patients with severe or moderate-to-severe organic MR and preserved LVEF (>60%) in whom global longitudinal strain (GLS) was successfully measured by STE...
February 18, 2019: Echocardiography
Marc Hoferer, Valerij Akimkin, Julia Skrypski, Heike Schütze, Reinhard Sting
Infectious haematopoietic necrosis (IHN) and viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS) are OIE-listed and notifiable viral fish diseases which are controlled by eradication and surveillance programmes globally. The present study provides improved RT-qPCR procedures based on recently described OIE protocols. Improvements comprise the design of a new TaqMan® probe, replacing a TaqMan® MGB probe that turned out to show impaired binding. Reason for this is SNPs detected in the nucleoprotein N gene sequences of IHNV strains targeted by the RT-qPCR...
February 19, 2019: Journal of Fish Diseases
Géza Berecki, Alexander Bryson, Jan Terhag, Snezana Maljevic, Elena V Gazina, Sean L Hill, Steven Petrou
OBJECTIVE: To elucidate the biophysical basis underlying the distinct and severe clinical presentation in patients with the recurrent missense SCN1A variant, p.Thr226Met. Patients with this variant show a well-defined genotype-phenotype correlation and present with developmental and early-infantile epileptic encephalopathy that is far more severe than the typical SCN1A Dravet syndrome. METHODS: Whole cell patch clamp and dynamic action potential clamp were used to study T226M Nav 1...
February 18, 2019: Annals of Neurology
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