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Savukoski Susanna, Hannele Mäkelä, Juha Auvinen, Jari Jokelainen, Katri Puukka, Tapani Ebeling, Eila Suvanto, Maarit Niinimäki
Context: Menopausal transition is associated with increased cardiovascular risks. Available data on the effect of earlier climacterium on these risks is limited. Objective: To compare cardiovascular risk-associated parameters at the ages of 14, 31 and 46 in relation to climacteric status at the age of 46. Design, Setting and Participants: A prospective cohort study including 2685 women from the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966. Main Outcome Measures: Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), blood pressure (BP), body composition, cholesterol levels, testosterone levels, free androgen index (FAI), high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) and liver enzymes...
February 8, 2019: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Pinar Incel-Uysal, Neslihan Akdogan, Nuran Alli, Ayse Oktem, Tuba Candar, Canan Topcuoglu, Turan Turhan
Background: Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune-mediated hair follicle disorder. In the literature, there is no study evaluating metabolic syndrome and levels of ischemia-modified albumin (IMA) which is proposed as an oxidative stress biomarker in patients with AA. Aims: The aim was to investigate the presence of metabolic syndrome and the levels of IMA, small dense low-density lipoprotein (sd-LDL), and visfatin levels in AA patients. Settings and Design: A hospital-based cross-sectional study was undertaken among AA patients and controls...
January 2019: Indian Journal of Dermatology
Q Liu, H Liu, H Bai, W Huang, R Zhang, J Tan, L Guan, P Fan
PURPOSE: To investigate the relationship between superoxide dismutase 2 (SOD2) A16V and paraoxonase 2 (PON2) S311C gene variants and the risk of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and evaluate the effects of the genotypes on clinical, hormonal, metabolic and oxidative stress indexes in Chinese women. METHODS: This is a cross-sectional study of 932 patients with PCOS and 745 control women. For the clinical and metabolic association study of genotypes, 631 patients and 492 controls were included after excluding the subjects with interferential factors...
January 3, 2019: Journal of Endocrinological Investigation
Corinna Serviente, Tomi-Pekka Tuomainen, Jyrki Virtanen, Sarah Witkowski, Leo Niskanen, Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relation between FSH and lipid levels in postmenopausal women from the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study. METHODS: Postmenopausal women (n = 588) aged 53 to 73 years and not using hormone therapy were included. The relation between FSH and total cholesterol (TC), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), and triglycerides (TGs) was evaluated using linear regression, adjusting for estradiol, body mass, smoking, and other hormonal and lifestyle factors...
December 17, 2018: Menopause: the Journal of the North American Menopause Society
Dong Hyun Kim, Seul Min Choi, Duck Soo Lim, Taehyun Roh, Seung Jun Kwack, Sungpil Yoon, Min Kook Kim, Kyung Sil Yoon, Hyung Sik Kim, Dong Wook Kim, Byung-Mu Lee
Risk assessment and hormone evaluation were carried out for di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), in 302 Korean children (n = 223) and adolescents (n = 79) (< age 19). Urinary and serum concentrations of DEHP, MEHP (mono(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate), DBP, MBP (monobutyl phthalate), and PA (phthalic acid, a common final metabolite of phthalates) were detected in children and adolescents. Daily exposure levels were estimated to be 16.45 ± 36...
November 12, 2018: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part A
O Awodele, W A Badru, A A Busari, O E Kale, T B Ajayi, R O Udeh, P M Emeka
BACKGROUND: The misconception about dietary supplements being safe has led many into the in-patient wards. Cellgevity® (CGV) is a Max International premiere antioxidant supplement formula used by a large population. This study evaluated the effects of therapeutic and supra-therapeutic doses of CGV on reproductive function and biochemical indices in Wistar rats. METHODS: Seventy-two Wistar rats weighing 130 ± 15.8 g were grouped into two categories (male or female) of six rats per group...
October 25, 2018: BMC Pharmacology & Toxicology
Agnieszka Podfigurna, Angelika Stellmach, Anna Szeliga, Adam Czyzyk, Blazej Meczekalski
Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is hypogonadism associated with amenorrhea, increased levels of gonadotropins, and hypoestrogenism. Deficiency of estrogens may contribute to higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and death. POI patients present several risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases (CVD): endothelial dysfunction, abnormal lipid profile, insulin resistance, and insulin action disturbances. Therefore, patients present a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), 17β-estradiol (E2), prolactin (PRL), testosterone (T), dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroxine (fT4), fasting serum glucose and insulin concentrations, homeostatic model for insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), and lipid profiles were assessed in 56 women (mean age: 30...
October 21, 2018: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Atilla Karateke, Recep Dokuyucu, Hatice Dogan, Tumay Ozgur, Zeynel Abidin Tas, Okan Tutuk, Gokhan Agturk, Cemil Tumer
OBJECTIVE: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a serious endocrine disorder. In the present study, we investigated the therapeutic effects of erdosteine in letrozole induced-PCOS in rats. <br><br>Methods: Thirty two wistar albino female rats were grouped as control group (C), PCOS group (PCOS), PCOS-metformin group (PCOS+MET), PCOS-erdosteine group (PCOS+Erd). Polycystic ovary syndrome was induced by administering letrozole; such rats presented with sex hormone disorder, abnormal estrous cycles determined by daily vaginal smear, large cystic follicles, and increasing fasting insulin levels...
October 7, 2018: Medical Principles and Practice: International Journal of the Kuwait University, Health Science Centre
YuFeng Peng
Defective clearance of apoptotic cells in MFG-E8 deficient mice results in lupus-like disease in the mixed B6x129, but not pure B6 background. The lack of overt autoimmunity in MFG-E8-/- B6 mice suggests that accumulation of apoptotic cells is not sufficient to break central tolerance. However, the delayed clearance of apoptotic cells in the follicles of MFG-E8-/- B6 mice provides an excellent opportunity to investigate how B cells respond to excessive apoptotic cells in the periphery under relatively non-inflammatory conditions...
2018: PloS One
Hongli Zhao, Xiangxin Song, Li Zhang, Yancheng Xu, Xinling Wang
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to compare androgen levels, endocrine and metabolic indices, and clinical findings in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in Uygur and Han ethnic groups from Xinjiang Province, China. MATERIAL AND METHODS Between January 2016 to May 2017 clinical data were collected from Uygur (N=82) and Han (N=100) women diagnosed with PCOS, including age, body mass index (BMI), the Ferriman-Gallwey (mFG) hirsutism score, and waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). Blood samples obtained from all study participants were used to measure androgenic steroid levels, including androgen, androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and the free androgen index (FAI)...
September 25, 2018: Medical Science Monitor: International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
Jun Zhang, Mi Su, Liangzhi Xu, Zhilan Yang, Weiyao Yin, Ying Nie, Xiaoyong Qiao, Ran Cheng, Yaxian Ma
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and metabolic safety of long-term treatment with ethinyl oestradiol/cyproteroneand desogestrel/ethinyl oestradiol tablets in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). METHODS: Women with PCOSfrom West China Second Hospital of Sichuan University enrolled between September, 2011 and August, 2013 were randomlyallocated to receive either ethinyl oestradiol/cyproterone tablets (Group A, n =355) or desogestrel/ethinyl oestradiol tablets(Group B, n =357) for a prospective observation period of 6 months...
July 30, 2018: Nan Fang Yi Ke da Xue Xue Bao, Journal of Southern Medical University
Ziran Xu, Xia He, Xu Shi, Yuhan Xia, Xiaomei Liu, Haitao Wu, Pengdong Li, Hongyu Zhang, Weisi Yin, Xiubo Du, Lisha Li, Yulin Li
BACKGROUND: Differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) into hepatocytes has important clinical significance in providing a new stem cell source for cell therapy of terminal liver disease. The differential gene expression analysis of hiPSCs, induced hepatocyte-like cells (HLCs), and primary human hepatocytes (PHHs) provides valuable information for optimization of an induction scheme and exploration of differentiation mechanisms. METHODS: Human hair follicle-derived iPSCs (hHF-iPSCs) were induced in vitro by mimicking the environment of a developing liver for 19 days...
August 9, 2018: Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Lisa Eifler, Annett Hoffmann, Isabel Viola Wagner, Nora Klöting, Lena Sahlin, Thomas Ebert, Beate Jessnitzer, Ulrike Lössner, Michael Stumvoll, Olle Söder, Mathias Fasshauer, Susan Kralisch
OBJECTIVES: Female reproductive dysfunction occurs in patients with pathological loss of adipose tissue, i.e. lipodystrophy (LD). However, mechanisms remain largely unclear and treatment effects of adipocyte-derived leptin have not been assessed in LD animals. METHODS: In the current study, C57Bl/6 LD mice on a low-density lipoprotein receptor knockout background were treated with leptin or saline for 8 weeks and compared to non-LD controls. RESULTS: The number of pups born was 37% lower in breeding pairs consisting of LD female mice x non-LD male mice (n = 3...
October 2018: Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular basis of disease
Bohumila Krčmárová, Matúš Krčmár, Marianna Schwarzová, Peter Chlebo, Zuzana Chlebová, Radoslav Židek, Adriana Kolesárová, Katarína Zbyňovská, Eva Kováčiková, Simon Walker
Previous findings suggest that performing strength training (ST) in the evening may provide greater benefit for young individuals. However, this may not be optimal for the older population. The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of a 12-week ST program performed in the morning vs. evening on strength, functional capacity, metabolic biomarker and basal hormone concentrations in older women. Thirty-one healthy older women (66 ± 4 years, 162 ± 4 cm, 75 ± 13 kg) completed the study. Participants trained in the morning (M) (07:30, n = 10), in the evening (E) (18:00, n = 10), or acted as a non-training control group (C) (n = 11)...
July 9, 2018: Chronobiology International
X Li, W Ding, J Y Liu, Y D Mao, J Huang, W Wang, X Ma
Objective: To investigate the impact of dyslipidemia on in-vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF/ICSI) pregnancy outcome in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) . Methods: From July 2013 to March 2016, 468 PCOS patients with antagonist protocol in IVF/ICSI of First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, cycles were divided into dyslipidemia group (108 cases) and normol blood lipids group (360 cases) according to the serum cholesterol, triglyceride (TG) , high-density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein levels...
June 25, 2018: Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke za Zhi
Sima Taghvaee Javanshir, Parichehreh Yaghmaei, Zahra Hajebrahimi
Background: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common form of the endocrine disease which is associated with metabolic dysfunction. PCOS and type 2 diabetes mellitus are related in multiple aspects and are similar in many pathological features. Anti-diabetic effects of Nigella sativa and protective effects of it on reproductive system have been suggested in some reports. Objective: The aim of current study was to evaluate the effects of thymoquinone, the main components of Nigella sativa , on PCOS model of rats...
April 2018: International Journal of Reproductive Biomedicine (Yazd, Iran)
Joshua Coutinho, Justin B Field, Anupam A Sule
Armour® Thyroid (Forest Pharmaceuticals, LLC; affiliate of Allergan, Dublin, Ireland) is a natural porcine derivative thyroid supplement that is frequently used without physician monitoring by health enthusiasts as a weight loss supplement. Although there are no publications associating Armour Thyroid and major coronary events, significant drug interactions may exist. A 32-year-old male with a history of hypothyroidism, cystic acne, and solitary congenital kidney presented to the emergency room after experiencing crushing substernal chest pain radiating to his left shoulder, accompanied by diaphoresis and shortness of breath...
April 24, 2018: Curēus
Elham Rahmani, Samad Akbarzadeh, Ainaz Broomand, Fatemeh Torabi, Niloofar Motamed, Marzieh Zohrabi
BACKGROUND: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine disease in women of reproduction age and a major cause of anovulatory infertility. Insulin resistance plays an important role in the development and durability of this disorder. ANGPTL2 is known as an inflammatory mediator derived from adipose tissue that links obesity to systemic insulin resistance, and obestatin has been identified as a hormone associated with insulin resistance that suppresses food reabsorption, inhibits gastric emptying and decreases weight gain...
June 22, 2018: Journal of Clinical Medicine
Maryam Heidary, Zahra Yazdanpanahi, Mohammad Hossain Dabbaghmanesh, Mohammad Ebrahin Parsanezhad, Masoumeh Emamghoreishi, Marzieh Akbarzadeh
Background: According to traditional herbal medicine, chamomile has been considered as one of the herbal remedies for patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The study aimed to investigate the effect of chamomile on lipid and hormonal parameters in women of reproductive age with PCOS. Materials and Methods: This study is a randomized clinical trial which was conducted on 80 women (40 patients in each group) of childbearing age with PCO. The intervention group received 370 mg oral capsules of chamomile three times a day for 3 months...
2018: Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: the Official Journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Virgínia Teles Dohanik, Wagner Gonzaga Gonçalves, Leandro Licursi Oliveira, José Cola Zanuncio, José Eduardo Serrão
Vitellogenin receptor (VgR) is a low-density lipoprotein receptor responsible for the mediated endocytosis of vitellogenin (Vg) during egg formation in insects. The maturing oocyte is enveloped by a follicular epithelium, which has large intercellular spaces during Vg accumulation (patency). However, Vg has been reported in the cytoplasm of follicular cells, indicating that there may be a transcellular route for its transport. This study verified the presence of VgR in the follicular cells of the ovaries of the honeybee Apis mellifera and the wasp Polistes simillimus in order to evaluate if Vg is transported via transcytosis in these insects...
November 2018: Protoplasma
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