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“Open dialogue”

Bodo M Stern, Erin K O'Shea
Science advances through rich, scholarly discussion. More than ever before, digital tools allow us to take that dialogue online. To chart a new future for open publishing, we must consider alternatives to the core features of the legacy print publishing system, such as an access paywall and editorial selection before publication. Although journals have their strengths, the traditional approach of selecting articles before publication ("curate first, publish second") forces a focus on "getting into the right journals," which can delay dissemination of scientific work, create opportunity costs for pushing science forward, and promote undesirable behaviors among scientists and the institutions that evaluate them...
February 2019: PLoS Biology
Atinkut Alamirrew Zeleke, Abebaw Gebeyehu Worku, Adina Demissie, Fabian Otto-Sobotka, Marc Wilken, Myriam Lipprandt, Binyam Tilahun, Rainer Röhrig
BACKGROUND: Periodic demographic health surveillance and surveys are the main sources of health information in developing countries. Conducting a survey requires extensive use of paper-pen and manual work and lengthy processes to generate the required information. Despite the rise of popularity in using electronic data collection systems to alleviate the problems, sufficient evidence is not available to support the use of electronic data capture (EDC) tools in interviewer-administered data collection processes...
February 11, 2019: JMIR MHealth and UHealth
Małgorzata M Puchalska-Wasyl
Several positive functions have been ascribed to integrative internal dialogues (IDs), which are based on mutual openness to a partner's viewpoint and a readiness to consider his/her arguments in order to potentially modify one's own stance. As the technique of imagined intergroup contact (IIC) favorably influences attitudes towards outgroup members, it was hypothesized that IIC would have a beneficial impact on IDs with an outgroup member when the dialogue is focused on differences between ingroup and outgroup...
February 8, 2019: Scandinavian Journal of Psychology
Olaf P Geerse, Daniela J Lamas, Justin J Sanders, Joanna Paladino, Jane Kavanagh, Natalie J Henrich, Annette J Berendsen, Thijo J N Hiltermann, Erik K Fromme, Rachelle E Bernacki, Susan D Block
BACKGROUND: Conversations with seriously ill patients about their values and goals have been associated with reduced distress, a better quality of life, and goal-concordant care near the end of life. Yet, little is known about how such conversations are conducted. OBJECTIVE: To characterize the content of serious illness conversations and identify opportunities for improvement. DESIGN: Qualitative analysis of audio-recorded, serious illness conversations using an evidence-based guide and obtained through a cluster randomized controlled trial in an outpatient oncology setting...
February 6, 2019: Journal of Palliative Medicine
Luciane Prado Kantorski, Mario Cardano
METHOD: The Open Dialogue Method was developed in Finland in order to deal with severe psychotic crises using dialogue and social network inclusion. By means of a review of the literature on the Open Dialogue Method, this article sought to identify the principles and contributions for deinstitutionalization.The PubMed (365), PsycInfo (134), Lilacs (no articles found) databases and 2 books were consulted. Thirty-four publications that fulfilled the requirements of this review were selected...
January 2019: Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Julie Vaughan-Graham, Kara Patterson, Karl Zabjek, Cheryl A Cott
Human movement is complex, presenting clinical and research challenges regarding how it is described and investigated. This paper discusses the commonalities and differences on how human movement is conceptualized from neuroscientific and clinical perspectives with respect to postural control; the limitations of linear measures; movement efficiency with respect to metabolic energy cost and selectivity; and, how muscle synergy analysis may contribute to our understanding of movement variability. We highlight the role of sensory information on motor performance with respect to the base of support and alignment, illustrating a potential disconnect between the clinical and neuroscientific perspectives...
January 29, 2019: Motor Control
Pernilla Pergert, Cecilia Bartholdson, Margareta Af Sandeberg
OBJECTIVE: To describe healthcare personnel's (HCP's) perceptions of the ethical climate at their workplace in paediatric oncology. METHODS: A cross-sectional survey was conducted using the Swedish version of the shortened Hospital Ethical Climate Survey (HECS-S). HCP at all six paediatric oncology centres (POC) in Sweden were invited to participate. Analysis included descriptive statistics, Mann-Whitney U test (differences between groups) and Spearman's Rank Correlation...
January 29, 2019: Psycho-oncology
Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Ruby M Gourdine
The election of President Barack Obama, our first U.S. black president, for many was accompanied by the hope of a postracial society. This hope was short lived. This growing racial tension was particularly prominent in the U.S. 2016 presidential election that magnified the racial, ethnic, and class divisions in our country. An ethical responsibility of social workers is to address social justice issues and work individually and collectively to address them. Although mindful that social policy and subsequent legislation do not always change the hearts of people, dialogue adds knowledge that in turn opens the opportunity for change...
January 27, 2019: Social Work in Public Health
Niels Buus, Elise Kragh Jacobsen, Anders Bo Bojesen, Aida Bikic, Klaus Müller-Nielsen, Jørgen Aagaard, Annette Erlangsen
BACKGROUND: Although most mental disorders have their onset in early life, the mental health needs of young people are often not addressed adequately. Open Dialogue is a need-adapted approach that mobilizes psychosocial resources in a crisis struck person's social network. Open Dialogue is organised as a series of network meetings and seeks to promote collaborative integrated care, and a non-directive psychotherapeutic stance. Its effectiveness for young people has not previously been assessed...
January 2, 2019: International Journal of Nursing Studies
Jeffery Hill, Ryan LaFollette, Riley Grosso, Daniel Axelson, Kimberly Hart, Erin McDonough
Individualized interactive instruction provides an opportunity for significant innovation and advances in curriculum design. We describe the development and implementation of virtual small group exercises into the curriculum of an emergency medicine residency training program using a free social media and communication platform (Slack). Two virtual small group exercises, one case-based and one open-ended, were trialed during the 2016 to 2017 academic year. We found that the exercises were feasible to implement in a learner group where 66% (41/62) had little or no prior experience with Slack...
January 2019: AEM education and training
Jennifer L Tackett, Cassandra M Brandes, Kevin M King, Kristian E Markon
Despite psychological scientists' increasing interest in replicability, open science, research transparency, and the improvement of methods and practices, the clinical psychology community has been slow to engage. This has been shifting more recently, and with this review, we hope to facilitate this emerging dialogue. We begin by examining some potential areas of weakness in clinical psychology in terms of methods, practices, and evidentiary base. We then discuss a select overview of solutions, tools, and current concerns of the reform movement from a clinical psychological science perspective...
January 23, 2019: Annual Review of Clinical Psychology
Mark G Kuczewski, Johana Mejias-Beck, Amy Blair
Clinicians whose practice includes a significant immigrant population report a climate of fear adversely affecting their current patients. Increased immigration enforcement targeting undocumented immigrants increases these patients' stress and negatively affects their willingness to seek medical care. To address these concerns, this article draws upon the literature and the authors' experience to develop guidance on sanctuary doctoring. These materials provide opportunities for patients to open a dialogue about their immigration concerns and can assist clinicians in connecting patients to networks and resources that can address their needs...
January 1, 2019: AMA Journal of Ethics
Rachel Hammer, Nithya Ravindran, Nathan Nielsen
Death Cafés are non-profit social franchises that arise spontaneously in communities to serve as informal forums for discussing death. There is a great need within the medical community for the kind of conversation that Death Cafés foster: open, unstructured, spontaneous, genuine and interdisciplinary dialogue. Burnout in healthcare, with symptoms of exhaustion, depersonalisation and decreased efficacy, is a global crisis, with alarming estimates suggesting one in three practicing physicians experience burnout...
January 19, 2019: Medical Humanities
Elizabeth J Unni, Eve Van Wagoner, Olayinka O Shiyanbola
OBJECTIVE: Non-adherence with diabetes medicines is a challenge. Approximately 54% of patients are non-adherent with their diabetes medicines. The objective of this study was to understand patients' preferences when addressing non-adherence based on the 3S approach-strategies (what approaches can be used in addressing non-adherence), settings (when and where should the intervention happen) and sources (who should provide the intervention). DESIGN: A focus group research design was used...
January 15, 2019: BMJ Open
Janet Bickel
Organizational savvy is critical to career development, but is rarely discussed as a learnable skill. Drawing on >45 years of working closely with Academic Health Center professionals, the author offers an introduction to navigating organizational dynamics that will be especially valuable to women, as they tend to be less effectively mentored than men; mentors may also find this guide of use in coaching these skills. Common misconceptions that interfere with acquiring organizational savvy include assuming that academic medicine is a meritocracy, that hard work will assure success, and that disagreements are personal...
January 14, 2019: Journal of Women's Health
Glenn F Pierce, Donna Coffin
In this first in a series of round table meetings, the 1st World Federation of Hemophilia Gene Therapy Round Table was convened to initiate a global dialogue on the expected challenges and opportunities that a disruptive therapy, such as gene therapy, will bring to the haemophilia community. Perspectives from key stakeholder groups, including healthcare professionals, regulators, payors, people with hemophilia and pharmaceutical industry representatives, were sought in the identification of the key issues we expect to face...
January 3, 2019: Haemophilia: the Official Journal of the World Federation of Hemophilia
Marcia L Scherer, Linda M Herrick, Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler
International migration of individuals or families seeking to improve economic conditions or escape political oppression increases each year. With migrant movement, there is a need for appropriate health care to meet their health beliefs and cultural health traditions. Nurses comprise a large portion of the healthcare workforce and yet, the number of immigrant nurses educated in their adopted country remains low. The aim of this study was to understand the learning experiences of immigrant registered nurses who graduated from an entry-level baccalaureate nursing program in the United States...
December 7, 2018: Nurse Education in Practice
Brianna Molter, Annie Wayne, Megan K Mueller, Megan Gibeley, Marieke H Rosenbaum
Wellness and work-life balance are prominent concerns in the veterinary profession and data suggest that personal relationship-building with peers and family assist veterinary trainees and veterinarians with wellness. The demographics of veterinary medical trainees (students, interns, and residents) have shifted to a female-dominated cohort and veterinary training overlaps with peak reproductive age for the majority of trainees. Despite a robust body of literature in the human medical profession surrounding pregnancy, parenting, and family planning (PPFP) among human medical students, interns, and residents, no comparable data exist within the United States veterinary medical community...
December 19, 2018: Journal of Veterinary Medical Education
Iain C Macdougall, Tadao Akizawa, Jeffrey S Berns, Thomas Bernhardt, Thilo Krueger
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The efficacy and safety of molidustat, a hypoxia-inducible factor-prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor, have been evaluated in three 16-week, phase 2b studies in patients with CKD and anemia who are not on dialysis (DaIly orAL treatment increasing endOGenoUs Erythropoietin [DIALOGUE] 1 and 2) and in those who are on dialysis (DIALOGUE 4). DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS: DIALOGUE 1 was a placebo-controlled, fixed-dose trial (25, 50, and 75 mg once daily; 25 and 50 mg twice daily)...
January 7, 2019: Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: CJASN
Mary Watkins, Nuria Ciofalo, Susan James
Community psychology's history has traditionally been described within the context of U.S. history, silencing contributions from people of color from the Americas, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Africa. In a MA/PhD specialization in Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, Indigenous Psychologies, and Ecopsychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, we are attempting to steer into critical dialogues about modernity, coloniality, and decoloniality, closely examining our curriculum and pedagogy, including our approaches to fieldwork and research...
December 14, 2018: American Journal of Community Psychology
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