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In my mind

Domenico Albano, Carmelo Messina, Salvatore Gitto, Olympia Papakonstantinou, Luca Maria Sconfienza
Imaging has a pivotal role in the detection and characterization of spine bone tumors (SBTs), especially using magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and computed tomography (CT). Although MR performed with conventional pulse sequences has a robust reliability in the assessment of SBTs, some imaging features of benign lesions and malignancies overlap, making the differential diagnosis challenging. Several imaging tools are now available to perform a correct interpretation of images of SBTs including diffusion-weighted imaging, dynamic contrast-enhanced MR, Dixon sequences, and dual-energy CT...
February 2019: Seminars in Musculoskeletal Radiology
Peter Cresswell
My intention here is to describe the history of the molecular aspects of the antigen processing field from a personal perspective, beginning with the early identification of the species that we now know as MHC class I and MHC class II molecules, to the recognition that their stable surface expression and detection by T cells depends on peptide association, and to the unraveling of the biochemical and cell biological mechanisms that regulate peptide binding. One goal is to highlight the role that serendipity or, more colloquially, pure blind luck can play in advancing the research enterprise when it is combined with an appropriately receptive mind...
January 29, 2019: Immunogenetics
David Stack
Although often presented as an essential, ahistorical or innate psychological entity, the notion of a 'scientific mind' is ripe for historical analysis. The growing historical interest in the self-fashioning of masculine identities, and more particularly the self-fashioning of the nineteenth-century scientist, has opened up a space in which to probe what was understood by someone being said to possess a 'scientific mind'. This task is made all the more urgent by the recently revived interest of some psychologists in the concept and the highly gendered and culturally conditioned understanding of the scientific mind displayed in some contemporary debates...
January 29, 2019: British Journal for the History of Science
Sharon L Colley
The nursing profession needs leaders from across the temperament continuum. Educational environments are conducive to extroverts' learning but can have detrimental outcomes for introverted students. Introverted nurses avoid leadership positions because they have been taught extroversion traits are needed. This study explores perceptions of seven RN-BSN students who work as nurses and self-identify as introverts. Interviews with participants were conducted to ascertain perceptions of their educational experiences including preparation for leadership positions...
January 10, 2019: International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship
Andrée-Ann Cyr, Nicole D Anderson
Background/Study Context: Evidence regarding whether there is an age-related increase in subjective memory concerns is mixed. The goal of this study was to investigate whether calling to mind specific instances of memory failures affects the likelihood that individuals report being concerned about their memory. METHODS: Young, middle-aged, and older individuals responded to statements that probed general memory concerns (e.g., I am concerned about my memory) before or after probing the frequency of memory difficulties in specific everyday situations (e...
December 25, 2018: Experimental Aging Research
Patricia Waugh
'Events occur in my mind', Spark has written, 'and I record them'. What does it mean to hear something that isn't there? Hearing inner speech or sounds, not as silent thoughts but as quasi-perceptual events in the world, confounds settled distinctions between perception, memory and imagination that structure our feeling of the real. This essay shows how her capacity for complex 'listening in' becomes the mainspring of her brilliance as an experimental writer, cultural observer and fictional ethicist. Eclectic in her sources - including biblical, classical, Romantic, Christian and Jewish mystic and monastic traditions of meditation - Spark reworks the concept of 'the auditory imagination' to produce one of the most sustained and innovative self-reflexive performances in modern fiction of the human mind's capacity to bring to presence and realise other worlds, multiple ontologies...
2018: Textual Practice
Richa Gawande, My Ngoc To, Elizabeth Pine, Todd Griswold, Timothy B Creedon, Alexandra Brunel, Angela Lozada, Eric B Loucks, Zev Schuman-Olivier
BACKGROUND: Self-management of health is important for improving health outcomes among primary care patients with chronic disease. Anxiety and depressive disorders are common and interfere with self-regulation, which is required for disease self-management. An insurance-reimbursable mindfulness intervention integrated within primary care may be effective for enhancing chronic disease self-management behaviors among primary care patients with anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress-related and adjustment disorders compared with the increasingly standard practice of referring patients to outside mindfulness resources...
December 3, 2018: Journal of General Internal Medicine
Tal Yatziv, Yoav Kessler, Naama Atzaba-Poria
Maternal mentalization refers to a mother's capacity to understand mental-states of herself and her child and to regard her child as a psychological agent. In mother-infant interactions, this capacity is commonly conceptualized as maternal mind-mindedness, which can be divided into two dimensions: appropriate and nonattuned interpretations of the infants' mental-states. Appropriate mind-mindedness refers to interpretations that seem to be compatible with the infant's behaviors, whereas nonattuned mind-mindedness refers to noncompatible interpretations...
2018: PloS One
Dani Yaniv
Human mind is hypothesis-driven and our observations of the world are strongly shaped by preconceptions. This "top-down" principle is biologically driven and contraindicative to spontaneity, which is non-linear, condensed, and initially incomprehensible. My first argument is that spontaneity entails "bottom up" information processing, as articulated in the hierarchical neurocognitive model of perception. My second argument is that changing the balance between these two processes is important and feasible...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Alexis R Neigel, Victoria L Claypoole, Nicholas W Fraulini, Grace E Waldfogle, James L Szalma
Vigilance is the ability to sustain attention to information for prolonged periods of time, particularly in environments where critical signals may be rare. Recent research in the domain of mind-wandering has suggested that processes associated with mind-wandering may underpin the typical decline in vigilance task performance. Current methods for measuring mind-wandering either disrupt vigils by asking probe questions throughout the task, or, require observers to reflect on how much mind-wandering occurred during the task upon conclusion of the vigil...
November 27, 2018: Experimental Brain Research. Experimentelle Hirnforschung. Expérimentation Cérébrale
Peter de Knijff
In contrast to genetic diagnostic disciplines such as Oncogenetics and Cinical Genetics, where worldwide, since 2010, tens of thousands of DNA samples are routinely screened annually using either targeted genome sequencing or whole genome sequencing using massively parallel sequencing (MPS), the forensic use of MPS is still far from being a routine diagnostic tool. This perspectives focusses on issues that are essential in order to fully understand (i) why MPS of short tandem repeats (STRs) is very different from the capillary electrophoresis (CE) based genotyping of STRs, (ii) what we, DNA experts, should know before explaining MPS-based evidence in court, and (iii) what information should be present in a forensic investigation report that is MPS-based...
November 3, 2018: Forensic Science International. Genetics
Daniel T Robinson, Ross Cloak, Ian M Lahart, Andrew M Lane
The ability to hold a pace is a key skill for endurance athletes. The present study compared the influence of different strategies on how athletes learn to pace at 80% of their maximum performance for a 3-min cycle time trial. Participants first completed three maximal 3-min tests to establish maximal performance. During subsequent visits we asked participants to ride at 80% of their average maximal 3-min power output for four 3-min efforts under different conditions. Participants were blinded to feedback for three of the four conditions with participants (a) riding on feel (all feedback blinded), (b) associating on the task by focusing attention on the skills needed for efficient cycling, and (c) dissociating from the task by intentionally focusing concentration elsewhere (d) and finally, participants rode with full feedback where pace could be regulated via observation...
2018: Progress in Brain Research
Anne Katz
I tend to become reflective as the end of each year approaches. Thinking about what I managed to achieve during the past 12 months, what I have left undone, and how to try to make the next 12 months better occupies my mind as I drive to and from work or while on my treadmill. The year that is almost over has been a particularly turbulent one in part because of the news about celebrities ending their lives. I certainly enjoyed Anthony Bourdain's books and TV shows and admired his apparent love of the good things in life...
November 1, 2018: Oncology Nursing Forum
Marit Solbjør, Siri Forsmo, John-Arne Skolbekken, Volkert Siersma, John Brodersen
BACKGROUND: Mammography screening may cause psychosocial harm for women experiencing a false-positive screening result. Previous studies suggest long-term consequences. The aim of the present study was to assess psychosocial consequences of false-positive findings on screening mammography within a six month follow-up. METHODS: A prospective matched cohort survey study using the questionnaire 'Consequences of Screening for Breast Cancer' (COS-BC), which was translated from Danish to Norwegian...
October 8, 2018: Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care
Aya Kondou, Mari Haku
The aim of this study was to clarify the experiences of husbands present at their wives' emergency cesarean sections. Semi-structured interviews were conducted for nine husbands who attended their wives' emergency cesarean sections. The results were analyzed using a qualitative inductive approach. Several categories such as [wife's labor pain will be unbearable if I look], [situation was beyond one's control], and [sense of relief experienced by midwife care] were extracted from the husbands' experiences the need for an emergency cesarean section was established...
2018: Journal of Medical Investigation: JMI
Moé Kishida, Scherezade K Mama, Linda K Larkey, Steriani Elavsky
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this qualitative study was twofold: (1) to better understand how yoga practitioners perceive intra- and interpersonal outcomes of their yoga practice, and (2) to develop a conceptual model of yoga effects on intra- and interpersonal outcomes that may underlie the "relational" influences of yoga. DESIGN: As part of a larger study, 107 community-dwelling yoga practitioners (age M=41.2±15.9years) completed open-ended questions which asked questions focusing on whether yoga influences one's relationship to oneself and to others...
October 2018: Complementary Therapies in Medicine
Joseph J Fins
Sometimes one's greatest academic disappointments can have unexpected outcomes. This is especially true when one is trying to change career trajectories or do something that others did not take seriously. My path into neuroethics was an unexpected journey catalyzed in part by constructive disappointment and the disbelief of colleagues who thought that the work I was pursuing nearly two decades prior was a fool's errand. After all, could anyone-in his or her right mind-ever conceive of waking up a person unconscious from brain injury and getting him to speak? 1...
October 2018: Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics: CQ: the International Journal of Healthcare Ethics Committees
Alan Dix
Points, lines and surfaces are the basic elements of Euclidean geometry. In this paper, accompanying a keynote at ICSC 2018, we will explore how, in physics, cognition and our lived experience, it is often better to think in terms of interconnected threads than an evolving state of the world now. In physics 'now' is an illusion, merely a convenient construction, each particle and person is more like an independent strand in space-time, and similarly, in our minds, strands of memories from different roles and contexts flow almost independently...
September 2018: Cognitive Processing
Felicity A Baker, Jeanette Tamplin, Nikki Rickard, Peter New, Jennie Ponsford, Chantal Roddy, Young-Eun C Lee
Objectives: This pilot study examined how 15 participants in early rehabilitation described their self-composed Songs 6- to 12-months following participation in a 6-week identity-focused songwriting program. Specific focus was given to the process of meaning making and identity reconstruction in the participants' self-composed songs. Methods: Data were collected through individual semi-structured interviews ( n = 15) and analyzed using interpretative phenomenological analysis. Findings were developed idiographically as super-ordinate themes unique to each participant, then analyzed across cases to identify recurrent themes and subthemes...
2018: Frontiers in Psychology
Brooke G Rogers, Noelle A Mendez, Matthew J Mimiaga, Susan G Sherman, Elizabeth F Closson, Arunrat Tangmunkongvorakul, Ruth K Friedman, Mohammed Limbada, Ayana T Moore, Kriengkrai Srithanaviboonchai, Kenneth H Mayer, Steven A Safren
PURPOSE: There have been significant biomedical improvements in the treatment and prevention of HIV over the past few decades. However, new transmissions continue to occur. Alcohol use is a known barrier to medication adherence and consistent condom use and therefore may affect treatment as prevention (TasP) efforts. The purpose of this study was to further explore how alcohol is associated with condom use and sexual transmission behavior in three international cities. METHOD: HIV Prevention Trials Network 063 was an observational mixed-methods study of HIV-infected patients currently in care in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Lusaka, Zambia...
August 13, 2018: International Journal of Behavioral Medicine
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