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Cardio training

Shu-Chun Huang, Richard Casaburi, Ming-Feng Liao, Kuo-Cheng Liu, Yu-Jen Chen, Tieh-Cheng Fu, Hong-Ren Su
We hypothesized that blood lactate concentration([Lac]blood ) is a function of cardiopulmonary variables, exercise intensity and some anthropometric elements during aerobic exercise. This investigation aimed to establish a mathematical model to estimate [Lac]blood noninvasively during constant work rate (CWR) exercise of various intensities. 31 healthy participants were recruited and each underwent 4 cardiopulmonary exercise tests: one incremental and three CWR tests (low: 35% of peak work rate for 15 min, moderate: 60% 10 min and high: 90% 4 min)...
February 18, 2019: Scientific Reports
Hiroya Koshiba, Etsuko Maeshima
[Purpose] Brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) and cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI) are simple, accurate, and reproducible indices of arterial stiffness. However, only a few studies have evaluated the influence of exercise-training baPWV and CAVI on arterial stiffness. Thus, this study aimed to examine the influence of aerobic-training baPWV and CAVI on arterial stiffness. [Participants and Methods] The participants were 20 middle-aged females (age, 60.1 ± 1.6 years) who were sedentary non-smokers...
January 2019: Journal of Physical Therapy Science
Michele Castello, Paolo Ferrara, Anne Destrebecq, Stefano Terzoni
BACKGROUND: the need for health care to be safe is increasingly guiding the development of policies to improve clinical practice and education; risk management and patient safety are essential competencies for health professionals. OBJECTIVE: to examine how students working towards different degrees in Italy perceived their competence in clinical risk management and patient safety when learning in the classroom and the clinical setting. METHODS: the Italian version of the H-PEPSS questionnaire was given to 154 students; 78 were studying for a nursing degree and 76 were on the cardio-circulatory pathophysiology and cardiovascular perfusion techniques (CPCPT) degree course...
February 14, 2019: British Journal of Nursing: BJN
Petra Palanova, Veronika Mrkvicova, Marta Nedbalkova, Michaela Sosikova, Petr Konecny, Jiri Jarkovsky, Emmanuel Marques, Marie Novakova, Michal Pohanka, Miroslav Soucek, Petr Dobsak
There is ample evidence that maintenance of basic physical fitness through exercise training is crucial for patients with chronic renal insufficiency. Rehabilitation based on neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) of thigh muscles has been shown to have many beneficial effects in patients with chronic diseases. It is likely that NMES could have beneficial effects also in patients on chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). NMES was applied for 20 weeks to 14 patients on CAPD, mean age 61.9 (8.7) years, using battery-powered stimulators (CEFAR-REHAB X2; Sweden) and self-adhesive electrodes 80 × 130 mm (PALS Platinum; Denmark)...
February 11, 2019: Artificial Organs
Ivo P Torres Filho, David Barraza, Charnae Williams, Kim Hildreth, Michael A Dubick
BACKGROUND: Many studies evaluating blood flow and oxygen partial pressure (PO2) do not directly measure both parameters, are confined to few locations/microvessels, and depend on investigator's selection of measuring sites. Moreover, clinically/physiologically-relevant systemic parameters are not simultaneously recorded. We implemented an automated system for prolonged blood flow/PO2 acquisition in large areas while collecting relevant systemic information. METHODS: In anesthetized animals, cardio-respiratory parameters were continuously recorded...
January 25, 2019: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Ramzi Ahmad Al-Horani, Bahaa Al-Trad, Saja Haifawi
Myocardial mitochondrial biogenesis and vascular angiogenesis biomarkers responses to post-exercise cold-water immersion (CWI) is lacking. Therefore, to determine those cardiac adaptations, male adult Spargue-Dawley rats were divided into three groups: post-exercise CWI (CWI; n = 13), exercise only (Ex; n = 12), and untreated control (CON; n = 10). CWI and Ex were trained for 10 weeks, 5 sessions/week, 30-60 min/session. CWI rats were immersed after each session in cold water (15 min at ~12 °C). CON remained sedentary...
January 24, 2019: Journal of Applied Physiology
Mohamed Ahmed Said, Mohamed Abdelmoneem, Abdullah Almaqhawi, Ahmad Abdel Hamid Kotob, Mohammed Chaab Alibrahim, Iheb Bougmiza
Background: An integrated treatment based on dieting, physical training and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy is an effective tool to reduce obesity and its consequences. However, the feasibility of this approach is problematic. This study aims to compare two multidisciplinary programs used to improve weight loss. Methods: Fifty-two obese individuals were subjected to an Enhanced Lifestyle Counselling associated with, according to their own choice, dieting (N = 11), or dieting + aerobic training (n = 18), or dieting + resistance training program (n = 23)...
December 2018: Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness
Giuseppe Tradigo, Patrizia Vizza, Gionata Fragomeni, Pierangelo Veltri
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Computer aided simulations are useful to support the physician in many steps of the surgical activity, but also in pre-surgical patient classification and in post-surgical diagnosis and treatment decisions. At a broader level, computerized technologies and infrastructures permeate every aspect of the medical activity, from patient management to surgery and patients' follow up with outcomes analyses. Radiography assisted surgery is often used in hemodynamic surgery to study and support cardio-circulatory stents positioning with the use of radioscopy coupled with contrast liquid injected into the vessels...
March 2019: International Journal of Medical Informatics
Manar M Badawy, Qassim I Muaidi
The Bruce protocol is the traditional method used to assess maximal fitness level, although it may have limitations, such as its short duration and large work rate increases, with very high levels of exertion that consist of speed/incline combinations. Modifications have been added to elicit similar maximal fitness achievements. The authors of this experimental trial have proposed a new treadmill protocol that allows optimal test duration in conjunction with peak oxygen consumption 'VO2max', and with appropriate patient comfort and safety during both exercise testing and training...
January 2019: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Wei-Kung Chen, Ying-Lan Tsai, Marthandam Asokan Shibu, Chia-Yao Shen, Shu Nu Chang-Lee, Ray-Jade Chen, Chun-Hsu Yao, Bo Ban, Wei-Wen Kuo, Chih-Yang Huang
Exercise is known to be beneficial in controlling aging associated disorders however, the consequence of long-term exercise on cardiac health among aging population is not much clear. In this study the protective effect of exercise on aging associated cardiac disorders was determined using a D-galactose-induced aging model. Eight weeks old Sprague Dawley rats were given intraperitoneal injection of 150 mL/kg D-galactose. Swimming exercise was provided in warm water for 60 min/day for five days per week. Hematoxylin and eosin staining of cardiac tissue sections revealed cardiomyocyte disarrangements in the aging rat hearts but long-term exercise training showed improvements in the cardiac histology...
December 23, 2018: Aging
Alena Sint, Sebastian Felix Baumbach, Wolfgang Böcker, Christian Kammerlander, Karl-Georg Kanz, Mareen Braunstein, Hans Polzer
BACKGROUND: Walker orthosis are frequently prescribed as they are removable to allow wound control, body care and physiotherapy and are adaptable to the soft tissue conditions. The prerequisite for successful treatment with any walker orthosis is a correct use by the patient. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate patients' handling of a commonly used walker. METHODS: Prospective observational study analyzing the applicability of a walker orthosis in different cohorts with varying age and level of activity...
December 22, 2018: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
Ning Hong Aw, Elisa Canetti, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Jorming Goh
Atherosclerosis is a progressive pathological remodeling of the arteries and one of its hallmarks is the presence of chronic inflammation. Notably, there is an increased proportion and activation state of specific monocyte subsets in systemic blood circulation. Monocyte subsets have distinct contributions to the formation, progression, and destabilization of the atherosclerotic plaque. Strong clinical and epidemiological studies show that regular aerobic exercise mitigates the progression of cardiovascular disease...
December 19, 2018: Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland)
Lucy Thomas, Michelle Allen, Debra Shirley, Darren Rivett
BACKGROUND: The Australian Physiotherapy Association 2006 VBI Guidelines are used by many of the member organisations of IFOMPT. These Guidelines are due for revision incorporating recent research findings, international guides, and member's recommendations. PURPOSE: To identify and consider Australian musculoskeletal physiotherapists' recommendations to inform revision of the 2006 VBI Guidelines. METHODS: Focus groups were conducted in the five larger Australian state capitals by an independent qualitative researcher and a subject expert...
December 12, 2018: Musculoskeletal Science & Practice
Flemming Dela, Thomas Finkenzeller, Arthur Ingersen, Birgit Pötzelsberger, Erich Müller
Maximal oxygen uptake (V̇O2 max) and muscle mass decreases with age. The loss of cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength is accelerated with physical inactivity and has well-documented consequences for morbidity and all-cause mortality. Participation in exercise training programs will improve one or more of the cardio-metabolic risk factors, but the long-term effect of such programs are questionable. Here we re-examined 25 old (72 ± 4 yr.) men and women who considered him/her-self as "success-full agers" and were participants in a 3-month alpine skiing training program six years earlier...
December 20, 2018: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports
Shengyan Sun, Haifeng Zhang, Zhaowei Kong, Qingde Shi, Tomas K Tong, Jinlei Nie
This study compared the effects of 12-week sprint interval training (SIT), high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT) on cardiorespiratory fitness (V̇O2peak ), body mass and insulin sensitivity in overweight females. Forty-two overweight women (age 21.2 ± 1.4 years, BMI 26.3 ± 2.5 kg·m-2 ) were randomized to the groups of SIT (80 × 6-s sprints + 9-s rest), and isoenergetic (300KJ) HIIT (~9 × 4-min cycling at 90% V̇O2peak  + 3-min rest) and MICT (cycling at 60% V̇O2peak for ~ 61-min)...
December 18, 2018: Journal of Sports Sciences
Vincent Lau, Fran Priestap, Yves Landry, Ian Ball, Robert Arntfield
INTRODUCTION: Critical care transesophageal echocardiography (ccTEE) performed by intensivists is increasingly used to investigate cardio-respiratory failure in the intensive care unit (ICU). Validation of the accuracy of TEE in the hands of intensivists remains largely unknown. In this study, we sought to characterize the diagnostic accuracy of ccTEE. METHODS: & Materials: Two-center, retrospective comparison between TEE studies performed and interpreted by intensivists and cardiology-led TEE or transthoracic exam (TTE) performed and/or interpreted by cardiologists...
December 10, 2018: Chest
Hélio J Coelho-Júnior, Ivan de Oliveira Gonçalves, Niels O S Câmara, Marco A Cenedeze, Reury F Bacurau, Ricardo Yukio Asano, Jeferson Santana, Erico Caperuto, Marco C Uchida, Bruno Rodrigues
The present study aimed at investigating the effects of a daily undulating periodization (DUP) and non-periodized (NP) resistance training programs on hemodynamic parameters of older women. Forty-two older women were randomized into one of the three experimental groups: NP, DUP, and control group (CG). Evaluations of the hemodynamic parameters occurred before, during and after the intervention. The exercise programs were performed twice a week over 22 weeks. NP and DUP groups were based on 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions in 9 exercises...
2018: Frontiers in Physiology
Narelle Eather, Nicholas Riley, Andrew Miller, Veronica Smith, Ashleigh Poole, Lisa Vincze, Philip J Morgan, David R Lubans
OBJECTIVES: The primary aim of this study was to evaluate the preliminary efficacy and feasibility of an 8-week high-intensity interval training program (Uni-HIIT) for young adult students in a university setting. DESIGN: Randomised controlled trial. METHOD: Uni-HIIT was conducted at the University of Newcastle, Australia (February-June, 2017). Participants were university students 18-25yrs (n=53; 20.38±1.88yrs) randomized into the Uni HIIT program (n=26) or wait-list control (n=27) condition...
November 24, 2018: Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
Hajar Amozadeh, Ramin Shabani, Marzieh Nazari
Background: The use of exercise along with green tea supplements has been shown to have beneficial effects on obesity and its complications. Objectives: This study aimed at exploring the effect of aerobic training (AT) and green tea (GT) supplementation on body composition, blood lipids, blood glucose, and cardiovascular risk factors in overweight and obese females. Methods: Thirty-nine healthy non-athlete overweight and obese females with an average age of 28...
October 2018: International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Chenxi Yang, Nicole D Aranoff, Philip Green, Negar Tavassolian
This paper introduces a novel method of binary classification of cardiovascular abnormality using the time-frequency features of cardio-mechanical signals, namely seismocardiography (SCG) and gyrocardiography (GCG) signals. A digital signal processing framework is proposed which utilizes decision tree and support vector machine methods with features generated by continuous wavelet transform. Experimental measurements were collected from twelve patients with cardiovascular diseases as well as twelve healthy subjects to evaluate the proposed method...
July 2018: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
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