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Umbilical cord stillborn

Z X Yang, Z H Wei, X Zou, H Yu, T Wang, Y Hu, J B Li, R K Tang
OBJECTIVES: To analyze the causes of perinatal death and related factors from the perspective of forensic medicine, and to provide references for reducing perinatal mortality and guidance for forensic identification. METHODS: A retrospective analysis was performed on 102 cases of perinatal autopsy with clinical data from the Department of Forensic Medicine of Chongqing Medical University in 2004-2016. RESULTS: Of the 102 cases of perinatal deaths, 66 (64...
February 2019: Fa Yi Xue za Zhi
Piyarat Jiarpinitnun, Sutapa Loyawatananan, Pemika Sangratkanjanasin, Kanokwon Kompong, Morakot Nuntapaitoon, Ramon Muns, Fabio De Rensis, Padet Tummaruk
Carbetocin is an oxytocin-like compound with long acting properties that has recently been introduced to both human and domestic animal obstetrics. The aims of the present study were to evaluate the effects of carbetocin administration after the first piglet was born on farrowing duration, birth interval, colostrum consumption and vitality index in newborn piglets. In total, 186 sows and their offspring (n = 2611 piglets) were distributed into three groups: 1) CONTROL: sows were allowed to farrow naturally (n = 66); 2) OXY: sows were administered oxytocin 20 IU intramuscularly after the first piglet was born (n = 62); and 3) CARBE: sows were administered carbetocin 0...
January 29, 2019: Theriogenology
Aleena M Wojcieszek, Emily Shepherd, Philippa Middleton, Glenn Gardener, David A Ellwood, Elizabeth M McClure, Katherine J Gold, Teck Yee Khong, Robert M Silver, Jan Jaap Hm Erwich, Vicki Flenady
BACKGROUND: Identification of the causes of stillbirth is critical to the primary prevention of stillbirth and to the provision of optimal care in subsequent pregnancies. A wide variety of investigations are available, but there is currently no consensus on the optimal approach. Given their cost and potential to add further emotional burden to parents, there is a need to systematically assess the effect of these interventions on outcomes for parents, including psychosocial outcomes, economic costs, and on rates of diagnosis of the causes of stillbirth...
April 30, 2018: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
F Eifinger, Z Fuchs, F Koerber, T Persigehl, M Scaal
Umbilical cord catheters (UCC) are important for the primary care of critically ill newborns. To analyze anatomical variations of the umbilical vein (UV) and its further course, we performed abdominal spiral-CT examinations on stillborns. The aim of the study was to explore the high incidence of mal-positioned UCCs and to improve their positioning. Eighteen stillborns were investigated (29.2 weeks ± 6.7 weeks (IQR)). CTs were performed using either air or contrast medium injection into the UV. We measured the diameter at the narrowest points of (i) the umbilical vein, (ii) the segmental portal vein, (iii) the left portal vein, (iv) the umbilical recess, and (v) the ductus venosus...
March 2018: Clinical Anatomy
Rasleen Saluja, Ona Faye-Petersen, Debra S Heller
Rarely, liver tissue can be seen in the umbilical cord, where it is thought to result from ectopic localization during embryogenesis. The placental parenchyma is also a rare site for this occurrence. The exact pathophysiology of ectopic liver in the placenta is unknown. It has been considered that aberrant migration or displacement of cells from the developing hepatic buds leads to ectopic liver formation, including groups of liver cells that become entrapped in the foregut as the diaphragm closes. Additional hypotheses put forward have included monodermal teratoma and hepatocellular adenoma...
June 8, 2017: Pediatric and Developmental Pathology
Virginie Mongbo, Edgard-Marius Ouendo, Victoire Agueh, Alphonse Kpozèhouen, Ghislain Sopoh, Jacques Saïzonou, Isabelle Godin
INTRODUCTION: In spite of free caesarean section applied in Benin since 2009, high rates of stillborn babies continue to be recorded. This study aimed to determine the factors associated with post-caesarean stillborn in Benin. METHODS: Cross-sectional study that covered all women who have delivered by caesarean from December 2013 to February 2014 in twelve hospitals chosen by simple random selection in each of the twelve departments of Benin. Data collected by chart review have been analyzed using the statistical software Epi info 3...
2016: Pan African Medical Journal
Anna M Lavezzi, Stefano Ferrero, Luigi Matturri, Luca Roncati, Teresa Pusiol
Stillbirth is one of the most stressful life events affecting over 3 million pregnancies per year throughout the world. An accurate autopsy of the stillborn fetus, including the placenta and umbilical cord examination, should be performed promptly after delivery. A thorough maternal history also should be taken, including exposures to risk factors. In many cases a death cause, attributable to fetal, maternal, or placental pathology, is clearly identified. However, in 50% or more of cases the cause remains unknown...
October 2016: International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience
Mayumi Tokunaka, Junichi Hasegawa, Masamitsu Nakamura, Shoko Hamada, Ryu Matsuoka, Kiyotake Ichizuka, Akihiko Sekizawa, Takashi Okai
This is a case report of a pregnant 38-year-old primigravida woman. Due to severe fetal growth restriction and oligohydramnios, she was referred to our tertiary perinatal center at 24 weeks' gestation. To rule out chromosomal abnormalities and facilitate ultrasound evaluation of fetal morphology, we performed amniocentesis and subsequent amnioinfusion. Thereafter, a precise ultrasound examination revealed no obvious fetal morphological abnormalities except for a hyper-coiled cord and marginal placenta previa...
July 2013: Journal of Medical Ultrasonics
G Dimitrov, T Garnizov, B Frundeva, A Musseva, A Dimitrov
BACKGROUND: Intrauterine fetal death is an agonizing, often unpredictable event. Autopsies of stillborn fetuses, including placentas, umbilical cord and fetal membranes, are performed to clarify the cause of death. Autopsy results are not always easily understood by the patients and difficult to clarify by the specialists. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the macroscopic pathological and histopathological changes in placenta, umbilical cord and fetal membranes as a factor in the pathogenesis of intrauterine fetal death...
2015: Akusherstvo i Ginekologii︠a︡
O A Shamsutdinova, A A Agumava, M G Chikobava, O I Vyshemirsky
Scrapings from the cervical canals and uterine cavities of females with a history of miscarriages, pathological deliveries, and stillbirths were tested for the cytomegalovirus DNA. The incidence of the agent in the females with a history of gestosis and abnormal deliveries was significantly higher than in females without anamnesis of this kind. Parenchymatous organs of stillborn neonates and animals dead during the first month of life were studied. This analysis and studies of the umbilical cords and placentas showed generalized cytomegalovirus infection in 22% dead animals, which objectively proved intrauterine infection...
November 2015: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
Titilope Oduyebo, Denis Pineda, Manjo Lamin, Anders Leung, Cindi Corbett, Denise J Jamieson
BACKGROUND: Limited data suggest Ebola virus disease during pregnancy is associated with high maternal and fetal mortality. CASE: A 34-year-old woman, gravida 4 para 3, at 36 weeks of gestation was admitted to an Ebola treatment unit in Sierra Leone with Ebola virus disease confirmed by laboratory testing of maternal blood for Ebola RNA. She complained of headache, cough, and arthralgia for 7 days but was afebrile. Eleven days later, intrauterine fetal death was diagnosed; the following day, maternal blood was negative for Ebola viral RNA...
December 2015: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Lisa M Bodnar, W Tony Parks, Kiran Perkins, Sarah J Pugh, Robert W Platt, Maisa Feghali, Karen Florio, Omar Young, Sarah Bernstein, Hyagriv N Simhan
BACKGROUND: In high-income countries, maternal obesity is one of the most important modifiable causes of stillbirth, yet the pathways underpinning this association remain unclear. OBJECTIVE: We estimated the association between maternal prepregnancy body mass index (BMI) and the risk of stillbirth defined by pathophysiologic contributors or causes. DESIGN: Using a case-cohort design, we randomly sampled 1829 singleton deliveries from a cohort of 68,437 eligible deliveries at Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2003-2010), and augmented it with all remaining cases of stillbirth for a total of 658 cases...
October 2015: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Nosakhare Orobaton, Dele Abegunde, Kamil Shoretire, Jumare Abdulazeez, Bolaji Fapohunda, Goli Lamiri, Abubakar Maishanu, Akeem Ganiyu, Eric Ndifon, Ringpon Gwamzhi, Matthew Osborne-Smith
BACKGROUND: With an annual estimated 276,000 neonatal deaths, Nigeria has the second highest of any country in the world. Global progress in accelerating neonatal deaths is hinged to scaled-up interventions in Nigeria. We used routine data of chlorhexidine digluconate 7.1% gel utilized by 36,404 newborns delivered by 36,370 mothers, to study lessons associated with at-scale distribution in Sokoto State, North West Nigeria. METHODS AND FINDINGS: Under state government leadership, a community-based distribution system overseen by 244 ward development committees and over 3,440 community-based health volunteers and community drug keepers, was activated to deliver two locally stored medicines to women when labor commenced...
2015: PloS One
L M Ernst, C M Rand, R Bao, J Andrade, R L Linn, L Minturn, C Zhang, W Kang, D E Weese-Mayer
INTRODUCTION: Stillbirth remains a devastating health issue with 26,000 stillbirths occurring annually in the United States. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) umbilical cord samples are available for many stillbirths. Our aim was to validate the use of these samples in identifying genetic variations in stillbirth through microarray analysis. METHODS: This is a retrospective case-control study from a single institution of stillbirths ≥ 23 weeks gestational age and control liveborn infants...
August 2015: Placenta
Em-on Olanratmanee, Piya Wongyanin, Roongroje Thanawongnuwech, Padet Tummaruk
The objective of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus detection in aborted fetuses (n=32), mummified fetuses (n=30) and stillborn piglets (n=27) from 10 swine herds in Thailand using quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). Pooled organs and umbilical cord from each fetus/piglet were homogenized and subjected to RNA extraction and cDNA synthesis. The qPCR was carried out on the ORF7 of the PRRS viral genome using fluorogenic probes for amplified product detection...
September 2015: Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
G Dimitrov, B Frandeva, T Garnizov, V Zlatkov, A Dimitrov
INTRODUCTION: Stillbirths represent 50% of all perinatal mortality and remain significant and unanswered problem. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the causes of stillbirths in term and preterm fetuses and place of intrauterine growth retardation in the pathogenesis of antenatal death. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study was retrospective for the period 2008 to 2013, covers 217 cases of stillbirths in University Hospital "Maichin dom" Sofia. Gestational age was from 23 to 41 weeks...
2014: Akusherstvo i Ginekologii︠a︡
Soma Saha, Sharmistha Biswas, Deepraj Mitra, Anjan Adhikari, Chandranil Saha
AIMS: The aim was to study morphometry, site of umbilical cord insertion and histological changes in placentae of women with gestational diabetes mellitus and compare the results with those of normal pregnancies and observe the perinatal outcome. METHODS: It was an observational, correlational study of 130 placenta specimens collected from labour room and operation theatre of Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, Kolkata...
2014: Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology
Christine Shilling, Colin Walsh, Paul Downey, Eoghan Mooney
Umbilical artery thrombosis is a rare occurrence and is associated with poor neonatal outcomes. We present a series of 7 cases occurring over a 13-year period. The National Maternity Hospital is a tertiary referral center with approximately 10,000 births per annum. Cases were identified by a keyword search on the laboratory computer system. Seven cases were retrieved over a 13-year period (from an estimated 116,000 births): 5 cases from 7306 placentas and 2 cases from 1174 autopsies performed. Only cases with isolated umbilical artery thrombosis were included in the study...
March 2014: Pediatric and Developmental Pathology
A Balseiro, L J Royo, A Gómez Antona, J F García Marín
Between January and June 2013, nine stillborn bovine foetuses with congenital malformations from nine cattle herds located in Salamanca (central Spain) were detected. Necropsy was performed on two calves. Pathological lesions together with molecular genetics and serological results allowed a definitive diagnosis: first confirmation of Schmallenberg virus (SBV) infection in cattle in Spain. SBV was detected in different tissues and organic fluids in both animals including blood, suggesting a possible viraemia...
October 2015: Transboundary and Emerging Diseases
Hanna Stormdal Bring, Ingela A Hulthén Varli, Marius Kublickas, Nikos Papadogiannakis, Karin Pettersson
OBJECTIVE: To compare causes of stillbirth in preterm and term pregnancies. DESIGN: Cohort study. SETTING: All delivery wards in Stockholm, 1998-2009. POPULATION: Stillbirths from singleton pregnancies of gestational age ≥22(+0) (n = 1089) extracted from a web-based database including all stillbirths in the major Stockholm area since 1998. METHODS: The parents of the stillborns were all offered an extensive standardized investigation...
January 2014: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
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