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Tahereh Dara, Alireza Vatanara, Mohsen Nabi Meybodi, Molood Alsadat Vakilinezhad, Soroor Sadegh Malvajerd, Faezeh Vakhshiteh, Azam Shamsian, Mohammad Sharifzadeh, Hooman Kaghazian, Mohammad Hossein Mosaddegh
Solid lipid nanoparticle (SLN) is a promising approach for delivery of various drugs including proteins and peptides. However, the loading of hydrophilic drugs into the lipoid matrix of SLNs is challenging. The statistical design is a potential method facilitating the optimization of nanoparticles characteristics. In this study, the Box-Behnken design was conducted to optimize the preparation of Erythropoietin (EPO) loaded SLNs. Circular dichroism, size exclusion chromatography, SDS-PAGE, and ELISA tests were used to prove the compatibility of the process with the stability of EPO...
March 1, 2019: Colloids and Surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
Xuyun Liu, Ke Cao, Zhihui Feng, Weiqiang Lv, Jing Liu, Jing Gao, Hua Li, Weijin Zang, Jiankang Liu
Accumulating evidence has elucidated that hyperlipidemia is closely associated with an increasing prevalence of CVDs (cardiovascular diseases) because of endothelial dysfunction. In the present study, we investigated the effect and mechanism of PU (Punicalagin), a major ellagitannin in pomegranate, on endothelial dysfunction both in vivo and in vitro. In vivo, PU significantly ameliorated hyperlipidemia-induced accumulation of serum triglyceride and cholesterol as well as endothelial and mitochondrial dysfunction of thoracic aorta...
March 13, 2019: Free Radical Biology & Medicine
P Ramírez-Boix, L Giménez-Llort
The increase of prevalence of mental health problems in the elderly due to the aging of the population becomes an outstanding issue since in most individuals it happens in an already complex multimorbid scenario that may include frailty and age-related medical conditions. Depression, soon the major cause of global disease burden, can be found as an age-related comorbidity and frailty, or as part of neurodegenerative diseases and where females are more vulnerable to it. Thought the multifactorial aetiology and heterogeneous nature of depression render it difficult to be modelled in animals, active behaviours elicited in the Forced Swimming Test (FST) are used to screen antidepressant treatments...
March 13, 2019: Experimental Gerontology
Emmanuel Couacy-Hymann, Mathurin Y Koffi, Valère K Kouadio, Arsène Mossoum, Léonce Kouadio, Antonette Kouassi, Krou Assemian, Privat H Godji, Pauline Nana
Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is a major Transboundary animal disease (TADs) of sheep and goats in tropical regions caused by PPRV which can also infect cattle without any clinical signs but inducing seroconversion. However the epidemiological role of cattle in the maintenance and spread of the disease is not known. For the purposes of the present study, cattle were infected with a wild type candidate from each of the four lineages of PPRV and placed in separate boxes. Naive goats were then introduced into each specific box for the 30 days duration of the experiment...
March 1, 2019: Research in Veterinary Science
Ying Ma, Ning Xie, Dingxiong Xie, Litao Sun, Shuyan Li, Peiqiang Li, Yi Li, Jin Li, Zhilong Dong, Xiaodong Xie
OBJECTIVE: To identify the genetic causes of male infertility characterized by teratozoospermia. DESIGN: Genetic studies. SETTING: Medical university. PATIENT(S): Two infertile brothers with teratozoospermia in a consanguineous Chinese family, another 124 sporadic infertile male patients presenting with teratozoospermia, and 200 male controls with normal fertility. INVENTION(S): None. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Whole exome sequencing and genotype analysis to identify the potential pathogenic mutation, Sanger sequencing to validate the mutation in family members, in silico structural modeling to predict the functional consequences of mutation, and targeted next-generation sequencing to validate the mutation in sporadic cases...
March 13, 2019: Fertility and Sterility
M Govarthanan, R Mythili, S Kamala-Kannan, T Selvankumar, P Srinivasan, H Kim
In the present study, we investigated the role of calcite, i.e., microbiologically-induced precipitate by ureolytic Trichoderma sp. MG, in remediation of soils contaminated with arsenic (As) and lead (Pb). The fungus tolerates high concentrations of As (500 mg/L) and Pb (650 mg/L). The effects of three factors, i.e., urea concentration, CaCl2 concentration and pH, on urease production and bio-mineralization of As and Pb were investigated using Box-Behnken design. The maximum urease production (920 U/mL) and metal removal efficiency (68% and 59% for Pb and AS, respectively) were observed in the medium containing urea of 300 mM and CaCl2 of 75 mM at pH 9...
March 13, 2019: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Sara Abdelfatah, Edmond Fleischer, Anette Klinger, Vincent Kam Wai Wong, Thomas Efferth
PLK1 has an important role in the regulation of cell cycle and represents an important target for cancer treatment. This enzyme belongs to the Polo-like kinases family, which is characterized by a regulatory domain named Polo-box domain (PBD). Rather than regular kinase inhibitors, this domain provides high selectivity to PLK1. Here, we report on four novel PLK1 PBD inhibitors identified by cytotoxicity screening and fluorescence polarization assay of a chemical library of natural and semisynthetic compounds...
March 15, 2019: Investigational New Drugs
Risa Nomura, Kenichi Kashimada, Hitomi Suzuki, Liang Zhao, Atusmi Hosokawa-Tsuji, Hideo Yagita, Masatoshi Takagi, Yoshiakira Kanai, Josephine Bowles, Peter Koopman, Masami Kanai-Azuma, Tomohiro Morio
The nuclear receptor NR5A1 is equally expressed and required for development of the gonadal primordia of both sexes, but after sex determination, it is up-regulated in XY testes and down-regulated in XX ovaries. We have recently demonstrated that this down-regulation is mediated by Forkhead box L2 (FOXL2) and hypothesized that adequate suppression of Nr5a1 may be essential for normal ovarian development. Further, analysis of human patients with Disorders/Differences of Sex Development suggests that overexpression of NR5A1 can result in XX (ovo)testicular development...
March 15, 2019: Journal of Cell Science
Shunsuke Kimura, Nobuhide Kobayashi, Yutaka Nakamura, Takashi Kanaya, Daisuke Takahashi, Ryoji Fujiki, Mami Mutoh, Yuuki Obata, Toshihiko Iwanaga, Tomoo Nakagawa, Naoya Kato, Shintaro Sato, Tsuneyasu Kaisho, Hiroshi Ohno, Koji Hase
Microfold (M) cells residing in the follicle-associated epithelium (FAE) of the gut-associated lymphoid tissue are specialized for antigen uptake to initiate mucosal immune responses. The molecular machinery and biological significance of M cell differentiation, however, remain to be fully elucidated. Here, we demonstrate that Sox8, a member of the SRY-related HMG box transcription factor family, is specifically expressed by M cells in the intestinal epithelium. The expression of Sox8 requires activation of RANKL-RelB signaling...
March 15, 2019: Journal of Experimental Medicine
Jie Wang, Lanyu Shen, Hong Hong, Jie Li, Hongtai Wang, Xiuzhen Li
Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is the most common complication of diabetes mellitus. Atrasentan (Atr) has potential therapeutic values for DN. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) function as vital regulators in the pathophysiology of kidney diseases including DN. Our present study aimed to further explore whether Atr could alleviate kidney injury by regulating microRNA-21(miR-21)/forkhead box O1 (FOXO1) in DN mouse models and cell models. Blood glucose concentration and ACR ratio were determined by matching commercial kits. MiR-21 and FOXO1 mRNA level was measured by RT-qPCR assay...
March 12, 2019: European Journal of Pharmacology
Kok Ming Goh, M Maulidiani, R Rudiyanto, Yu Hua Wong, May Yen Ang, Wooi Meng Yew, Faridah Abas, Oi Ming Lai, Yonghua Wang, Chin Ping Tan
The technique of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy is widely used to generate spectral data for use in the detection of food contaminants. Monochloropropanediol (MCPD) is a refining process-induced contaminant that is found in palm-based fats and oils. In this study, a chemometric approach was used to evaluate the relationship between the FTIR spectra and the total MCPD content of a palm-based cooking oil. A total of 156 samples were used to develop partial least squares regression (PLSR), artificial neural network (nnet), average artificial neural network (avNNET), random forest (RF) and cubist models...
June 1, 2019: Talanta
Susan Högg, Manfred Holzgraefe, Insa Wingendorf, Jan Mehrholz, Christoph Herrmann, Mark Obermann
BACKGROUND: Stroke patients are often affected by arm paresis, have functional impairments and receive help from professional or informal caregivers. Progressive resistance training is a common intervention for functional impairments after paresis. Randomised controlled trials (RCT) showed benefits for functional recovery after resistance training. However, there is a lack of evidence for strength training in subacute stroke patients. The aim of this study is to investigate safety and effectiveness of arm strength training in subacute stroke patients...
March 15, 2019: Trials
Shirin Amirteimouri, Manan Ashini, Fariba Ramazanali, Reza Aflatoonian, Parvaneh Afsharian, Maryam Shahhoseini
BACKGROUND: A predominant difference between endometrial and normal cells is higher proliferation rate in the former cells which is benign. The genes of inhibitor of differentiation (ID) family play a major role in cell proliferation regulation which might be targeted by the nuclear transcription factor Y (NF-Y) for subsequent epigenetic modifications through the CCAAT box regulatory region. The present study was designed to investigate the epigenetic role of NF-Y on ID gene family in endometrial tissue of patients with endometriosis...
March 15, 2019: Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology: RB&E
Tonya E Edmond, Rachel J Voth Schrag, Annah K Bender
This study sought to open the black box of services at rape crisis centers (RCCs), particularly related to counseling, to better understand what is available to survivors in urban and rural settings. Findings from a survey of directors and counselors in Texas RCCs reveal a number of strengths: supporting services for survivors of sexual assault and insights that can help to further advance the implementation of evidence-based trauma treatments in this sector. Although many areas of congruence were found between urban and rural settings, differences were noted that have implications for implementation of evidence-based trauma treatments...
March 15, 2019: Violence Against Women
Yi Zou, Weiwei Zhang, Wendi Weng, Zhengyun Meng
Online multi-object tracking (MOT) has broad applications in time-critical video analysis scenarios such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADASs) and autonomous driving. In this paper, the proposed system aims at tracking multiple vehicles in the front view of an onboard monocular camera. The vehicle detection probes are customized to generate high precision detection, which plays a basic role in the following tracking-by-detection method. A novel Siamese network with a spatial pyramid pooling (SPP) layer is applied to calculate pairwise appearance similarity...
March 15, 2019: Sensors
Jiying Chen, Wenqing Tan, Dengchuan Wang, Lijian Zhao, Haijie Gao, Nana Zhang, Chenhong Wang
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to investigate whether single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the genes that encode forkhead box p3 (Foxp3) (rs3761549 C>T, rs2280883T>C, rs2232365 A>G and rs3761548 C>A) and transforming growth factor (TGF)-β1 (rs11466359 C>T, rs11466345 A>G and rs1800469 T>C) are associated with pre-eclampsia (PE) risk in Chinese women. MATERIALS AND METHODS: SNPs were identified by polymerase chain reaction and ligase detection reaction...
March 2019: Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers
Samuel J Tingle, Rodrigo S Figueiredo, John Ag Moir, Michael Goodfellow, David Talbot, Colin H Wilson
BACKGROUND: Kidney transplantation is the optimal treatment for end-stage kidney disease. Retrieval, transport and transplant of kidney grafts causes ischaemia reperfusion injury. The current accepted standard is static cold storage (SCS) whereby the kidney is stored on ice after removal from the donor and then removed from the ice box at the time of implantation. However, technology is now available to perfuse or "pump" the kidney during the transport phase or at the recipient centre...
March 15, 2019: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Ayinuer Reheman, Ze-Yu Gao, Xirali Tursun, Xiao-Ping Pu, Tao Wu, Fei He, Xin Zhao, Haji Akber Aisa
We used Box-Behnken design-based (BBD) response surface methodology (RSM) in this research to optimize the extraction process of Traditional medicine Majun Mupakhi Ela (MME) and evaluate its effect on hydrocortisone-induced kidney yang deficiency. Three independent parameters were applied to evaluate the maximum phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibition activity of MME extracts in vitro. The optimal processing conditions (extraction time 2 h, solid-liquid ratio 1:16, extraction once) gave a maximum PDE5 inhibition rate of 84...
March 15, 2019: Scientific Reports
ShiLi Wei, ZiChao Fan, ZhengBo Zhu, DongLin Ma
Automotive head-up display (HUD), a typical application in augmented reality (AR), has gained popularity in recent years. In this paper, we propose a novel design configuration of freeform off-axis three-mirror systems for automotive head-up display (HUD) application. In the configuration, the image source, the flat mirror, and the freeform mirror are allocated on the same horizontal level to guarantee a compact structure as well as to make the optical elements easy to be assembled. The whole design philosophy and procedure, including the analytic method to determine initial structure, structure constraints, and optimization strategy, are demonstrated in detail...
March 1, 2019: Applied Optics
John H Lehman, Kyle Rogers, Daniel Rahn, Paul Williams
We present a novel measurement scheme and instrumentation for quantifying laser power by means of photon momentum. The optical design is optimized such that the incoming laser beam is minimally perturbed and is available for other purposes along the incoming beam axis. Additionally, the geometry of the instrument gives access to the small but measurable transmittance between two passive mirrors that face the force sensor. The force sensor is based on a commercially available weighing instrument ("scale") that has a temporal response of approximately 5 s and a readability of approximately 1 μg (∼2   W )...
February 10, 2019: Applied Optics
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