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L Aubree Shay, Susanne Schmidt, Shayda I Dioun, Allison Grimes, Leanne Embry
PURPOSE: Our study aims to determine whether receipt of a written survivorship care plan (SCP) is associated with five self-reported health behaviors known to be correlated with positive long-term outcomes for cancer survivors: (1) attending a recent medical appointment, (2) exercise in the past month, (3) non-smoking status, (4) mammography in the past 2 years, and (5) up-to-date colorectal cancer screening. METHODS: In this secondary data analysis, we used data from the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) cancer survivorship module for 1855 off-treatment cancer survivors...
February 14, 2019: Journal of Cancer Survivorship: Research and Practice
Howard Rodenberg, Lynn Shay, Karen Sheffield, Yojanna Dange
The future of clinical documentation improvement (CDI) will require expanding the reach of CDI programs into new areas of expertise because the traditional realms of CDI work are increasingly becoming automated. CDI-based research and analytics can serve as a means for demonstrating continued value to an institution. We present four studies as examples of these efforts. We explored the use of claims data to determine whether a clinical condition meets the criteria for a secondary diagnosis and to evaluate whether a clinical problem should be elevated to the status of a comorbid or complicating condition...
2019: Perspectives in Health Information Management
Benjamin Wheatley, Kyle Nappo, Jesse Fisch, Laura Rego, Molly Shay, Christopher Cannova
Patient-specific implants have been linked to stiffness. The purpose of this study was to evaluate outcomes in patient-specific implants. We performed a retrospective review with a primary outcome of manipulation under anesthesia (MUA); secondary outcomes included Knee Society Scores (KSS), Knee Society Functional Scores (KSFS), range of motion (ROM), and Forgotten Joint Scores (FJS). Pre-operative measurements were similar in both groups. There was one MUA in the CPS and two in the OTS groups. There was no difference in postoperative scores...
January 2019: Journal of Orthopaedics
Yu Huang, Xianchuan Xie, Li Jun Zhou, Xiaowen Ji, Bin Gao, Gui Zhou Xu, Aimin Li
Herein we investigated the multi-phase distribution and estrogenic effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in suspended particulate matter (SPM), colloids, and soluble phases from the Shaying River to assess the composition of estrogenic compounds and associated estrogenic risk. The yeast two hybrid (YES) method, cross-flow ultrafiltration (CFUF), and LC-MS/MS were employed. Risk quotient (RQ) values ranged from 0.72 to 3.88, revealing that the Shaying River posed high estrogenic risk to aquatic organisms...
February 11, 2019: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
Jerry W Shay, Woodring E Wright
Many recent advances have emerged in the telomere and telomerase fields. This Timeline article highlights the key advances that have expanded our views on the mechanistic underpinnings of telomeres and telomerase and their roles in ageing and disease. Three decades ago, the classic view was that telomeres protected the natural ends of linear chromosomes and that telomerase was a specific telomere-terminal transferase necessary for the replication of chromosome ends in single-celled organisms. While this concept is still correct, many diverse fields associated with telomeres and telomerase have substantially matured...
February 13, 2019: Nature Reviews. Genetics
Zengliang Luo, Qiting Zuo, Quanxi Shao, Xiangyi Ding
The quantitative assessment of the impact of socioeconomic development on river water environment is important to the scientific management of river basins. However, current methods have high data requirements or are difficult to deal with the impact between systems (which is defined by a collection of indicators). This paper first uses canonical correlation analysis (CCA) to understand the relationship between socialeconomic system (defined by a set of indicators reflecting socioeconomic development) and river system (defined by a set of indicators reflecting river water environment), and then proposes a method to assess the impact of socioeconomic system on river system by integrating CCA and the degrees of influence of river system indicators...
April 10, 2019: Science of the Total Environment
Muhammad Amith, Anna Zhu, Rachel Cunningham, Rebecca Lin, Lara Savas, Laura Shay, Yong Chen, Yang Gong, Julie Boom, Kirk Roberts, Cui Tao
With the emerging use of speech technology in consumer goods, we experimented with the application of conversational agents for the communication of health information relating to HPV vaccine. Research have stated that one-to-one contact between providers and patients have a variety of positive influences on patients' perception towards vaccines, even leading to uptake, compared to paper-based methods. We implemented a Wizard of Oz experiment that counsels adults with children (n=18) on the HPV vaccine, using an iPad tablet and dialogue script developed by public health collaborators, and for early testing of a prospective conversational agent in this area...
2019: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Megan C Turner, Shay L Behrens, Wendy Webster, Kirk Huslage, Becky A Smith, Rebekah Wrenn, Regina Woody, Christopher R Mantyh
BACKGROUND: In 2017, our hospital was identified as a "High Outlier" for postoperative Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) in the American College of Surgeons NSQIP semi-annual report. The Department of Surgery initiated an CDI Task Force with representation from Surgery, Infectious Disease, Pharmacy, and Performance Services to analyze available data, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement strategies to reduce CDI. STUDY DESIGN: Strategies to reduce CDI were reviewed from the literature and multi-disciplinary strategies were initiated...
February 7, 2019: Journal of the American College of Surgeons
Thomas J Buell, Shay Bess, Ming Xu, Frank J Schwab, Virginie Lafage, Christopher P Ames, Christopher I Shaffrey, Justin S Smith
OBJECTIVEProximal junctional kyphosis (PJK) is, in part, due to altered segmental biomechanics at the junction of rigid instrumented spine and relatively hypermobile non-instrumented adjacent segments. Proper application of posteriorly anchored polyethylene tethers (i.e., optimal configuration and tension) may mitigate adjacent-segment stress and help prevent PJK. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of different tether configurations and tensioning (preloading) on junctional range-of-motion (ROM) and other biomechanical indices for PJK in long instrumented spine constructs...
February 8, 2019: Journal of Neurosurgery. Spine
Carl Stepnowsky, Kathleen F Sarmiento, Shay Bujanover, Kathleen F Villa, Vicky W Li, Natalia M Flores
STUDY OBJECTIVES: Few population-based studies have explored how excessive sleepiness (ES) contributes to burden of illness among patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). METHODS: This study utilized data from the annual, cross-sectional 2016 US National Health and Wellness Survey. Respondents self-reporting an OSA diagnosis were categorized as having ES (Epworth Sleepiness Scale [ESS] score ≥ 11) or not having ES (ESS score < 11). Comorbidities, health-related quality of life (HRQoL), and productivity were examined in three groups: OSA with ES (n = 731), OSA without ES (n = 1,452), and non-OSA controls (n = 86,961)...
February 4, 2019: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine: JCSM: Official Publication of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Diana Saadi, Keren Agay-Shay, Emanuel Tirosh, Izhak Schnell
Exposure to alien inter-group environments can differently effect ethnic groups' autonomous nervous system, measured by heart rate variability (HRV). Our aim was to evaluate the effect of crossing alien ethnic boundaries on heart rate variability in three selected types of environments. In a field experiment study, we test responses of 72 Muslim and Jewish women to exposure to alien ethnic environments. We measured their HRV in intra and inter-ethnic parks, town centers and residential neighborhoods in Arab and Jewish adjacent towns...
February 7, 2019: Scientific Reports
Samantha R Horn, Peter G Passias, Aaron Hockley, Renaud Lafage, Virginie Lafage, Hamid Hassanzadeh, Jason A Horowitz, Cole A Bortz, Frank A Segreto, Avery E Brown, Justin S Smith, Daniel M Sciubba, Gregory M Mundis, Michael P Kelley, Alan H Daniels, Douglas C Burton, Robert A Hart, Frank J Schwab, Shay Bess, Christopher I Shaffrey, Richard A Hostin, Christopher P Ames
Background: Cervical deformity (CD) surgery has become increasingly more common and complex, which has also led to reoperations for complications such as distal junctional kyphosis (DJK). Cost-utility analysis has yet to be used to analyze CD revision surgery in relation to the cost-utility of primary CD surgeries. The aim of this study was to determine the cost-utility of revision surgery for CD correction. Methods: Retrospective review of a multicenter prospective CD database...
December 2018: Journal of Spine Surgery (Hong Kong)
David A Shaye
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 31, 2019: JAMA Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery
Jung-Woo T Seo, Jian Zhu, Vinod K Sangwan, Ethan B Secor, Shay G Wallace, Mark C Hersam
Solution-processed two-dimensional materials offer a scalable route towards next-generation printed devices. In this report, we demonstrate fully inkjet-printed photodetectors using molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nanosheets as the active material and graphene as the electrodes. Percolating films of semiconducting MoS2 with high electrical conductivity are achieved with an ethyl cellulose-based ink formulation. Two classes of photodetectors are fabricated, including thermally annealed devices on glass with fast photoresponse of 150 µs and photonically annealed devices on flexible polyimide with high photoresponsivity exceeding 50 mA/W...
January 29, 2019: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
David Katz, Eli Ben-Chetrit, Shay-Shmuel Sherer, Daniel Cohen, Khitam Muhsen
OBJECTIVE: Limited up-to-date evidence exists on host-related characteristics of non-typhoidal Salmonella (NTS) bacteraemia in high-income countries. We examined correlates of non-typhoidal Salmonella (NTS) bacteraemia in Israel. METHODS: A case-control study was conducted using medical records of cases hospitalised with NTS bacteraemia (N=106; 57 children 49 adults) in Jerusalem during 1997-2016. Two control groups were included: randomly selected controls (N=101) patients who were hospitalised due to bacteraemia with other pathogens, and patients with salmonellosis (N=112) without bacteraemia...
January 23, 2019: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Shay M Daily, Michael J Mann, Alfgeir L Kristjansson, Megan L Smith, Keith J Zullig
BACKGROUND: Emergent evidence suggests a positive school climate may be a promising population-level intervention to promote academic achievement and student well-being. However, researchers have called for expanding the school climate evidence-base to better describe how the construct is associated with student outcomes. The purpose of this study was to determine the associations between 10 school climate domains and academic achievement among middle and high school students. METHODS: ANOVAs were used to analyze survey data from 6-12 grade students in a Mid-Atlantic US state (n = 2405, response rate: middle school = 82...
March 2019: Journal of School Health
Sunita Vohra, Liliane Zorzela, Kathi Kemper, Arine Vlieger, Shay Pintov
BACKGROUND: Pediatric use of complementary medicine (CM) is common and offers numerous research questions about diverse therapies and conditions. Although research priorities for pediatric CM have been identified, there was a need to update in light of the rapid evolution of the field. METHODS: Building on previous work, we conducted an international, consensus-based 4-step modified Delphi process to develop and refine a pediatric CM research agenda, including on-line questionnaires and an in-person meeting...
February 2019: Complementary Therapies in Medicine
Muna Alemi Yahya, Shilhav Meisel Sharon, Shay Hantisteanu, Mordechai Hallak, Haim Werner, Ilan Bruchim
INTRODUCTION: Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the principal cause of death from gynecologic cancer in developed countries. While surgery and chemotherapy can improve survival, the mortality and morbidity rates remain significantly high. The insulin-like growth factor (IGF) axis has been shown to play an important part in carcinogenesis of several human malignancies. Preclinical studies reported a significant anti-proliferative activity of IGF1 receptor (IGF1R) inhibitors in ovarian malignancies, however, clinical studies have shown variable response rates...
January 2019: Harefuah
Adeeb Derakhshan, Linda Lee, Prabhat Bhama, Eric Barbarite, David Shaye
OBJECTIVES: Facelifts are among the most common facial plastic procedures performed. Given the existence of a variety of surgical approaches and the proximity of key anatomical structures, the development of proper surgical skills and knowledge is necessary to ensure positive outcomes. Many surgical learners utilize YouTube videos as supplemental tools in their education. Our aim was to gauge the quality and quantity of available YouTube videos describing the surgical approach to rhytidectomy...
January 4, 2019: American Journal of Otolaryngology
Jonathan H Oren, Jared C Tishelman, Louis M Day, Joseph F Baker, Norah Foster, Subaraman Ramchandran, Cyrus Jalai, Gregory Poorman, Ryan Cassilly, Aaron Buckland, Peter G Passias, Shay Bess, Thomas J Errico, Themistocles S Protopsaltis
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective review from a single institution. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate intraoperative T1-pelvic angle (TPA), T4PA, and T9PA as predictors of postoperative global alignment after adult spinal deformity (ASD) surgery. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Malalignment following adult spinal surgery is associated with disability and correlates with health-related quality of life. Preoperative planning and intraoperative verification are crucial for optimal postoperative outcomes...
March 2019: Spine Deformity
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