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intelligent irrigation

S Meera, M Vandana Rani, Cijith Sreedhar, Delvin T Robin
Neti kriya is an integral part of shatkarmas/the six cleansing techniques that form the most important aspect of hatha yoga. Neti helps in preventing and managing upper respiratory tract diseases. An attempt is being made to collate and review articles that highlight the therapeutic effects of neti kriya. Databases like PubMed (January 1980-April 2016), Scopus and Ayush Portal were searched. We used keywords like jala neti, neti kriya, neti combined with terms such as yoga, sinusitis, rhinitis, common cold, vision, snoring, nasopharyngeal carcinoma and mental health for the search...
January 4, 2019: Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
Lars Mogren, Sofia Windstam, Sofia Boqvist, Ivar Vågsholm, Karin Söderqvist, Anna K Rosberg, Julia Lindén, Emina Mulaosmanovic, Maria Karlsson, Elisabeth Uhlig, Åsa Håkansson, Beatrix Alsanius
Consumers appreciate leafy green vegetables such as baby leaves for their convenience and wholesomeness and for adding a variety of tastes and colors to their plate. In Western cuisine, leafy green vegetables are usually eaten fresh and raw, with no step in the long chain from seed to consumption where potentially harmful microorganisms could be completely eliminated, e.g., through heating. A concerning trend in recent years is disease outbreaks caused by various leafy vegetable crops and one of the most important foodborne pathogens in this context is Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC)...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Zhenran Gao, Yan Zhu, Cheng Liu, Hongzhou Qian, Weixing Cao, Jun Ni
To meet the demand of intelligent irrigation for accurate moisture sensing in the soil vertical profile, a soil profile moisture sensor was designed based on the principle of high-frequency capacitance. The sensor consists of five groups of sensing probes, a data processor, and some accessory components. Low-resistivity copper rings were used as components of the sensing probes. Composable simulation of the sensor’s sensing probes was carried out using a high-frequency structure simulator. According to the effective radiation range of electric field intensity, width and spacing of copper ring were set to 30 mm and 40 mm, respectively...
May 21, 2018: Sensors
Jianrong Huang, Donghua Xie, Ruiping Xiong, Xiaolin Deng, Chengbing Huang, Difu Fan, Zuofeng Peng, Wen Qin, Min Zeng, Leming Song
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the usage of intelligently pressure-controlled flexible ureteroscopy (URS) in managing upper urinary tract calculi in patients with a solitary kidney. METHODS: Forty patients with a solitary kidney and upper urinary tract calculus were included in this study. All the patients underwent suctioning URS with intelligent control of renal pelvic pressure by connecting pressure-measuring suctioning ureteral access sheath to an irrigation and suctioning platform...
January 2018: Urology
Xueyan Zhang, Jianwu Zhang, Lin Li, Yuzhu Zhang, Guocai Yang
Chongqing mountain citrus orchard is one of the main origins of Chinese citrus. Its planting terrain is complex and soil parent material is diverse. Currently, the citrus fertilization, irrigation and other management processes still have great blindness. They usually use the same pattern and the same formula rather than considering the orchard terrain features, soil differences, species characteristics and the state of tree growth. With the help of the ZigBee technology, artificial intelligence and decision support technology, this paper has developed the research on the application technology of agricultural Internet of Things for real-time monitoring of citrus soil moisture and nutrients as well as the research on the integration of fertilization and irrigation decision support system...
February 23, 2017: Sensors
Xiaolin Deng, Leming Song, Donghua Xie, Difu Fan, Lunfeng Zhu, Lei Yao, Xiaolin Wang, Shaohua Liu, Yonghua Zhang, Xiaohui Liao, Shengfeng Liu, Zuofeng Peng, Min Hu, Xianxin Zhu, Jianrong Huang, Tairong Liu, Chuance Du, Shulin Guo, Zhongsheng Yang, Guanghua Peng, Zhangqun Ye
BACKGROUND: Flexible ureteroscopic lithotripsy (URS) is rapidly becoming a first-line therapy for patients with renal and ureteral calculi. Most current medical infusion devices can only monitor infusion flow and pressure, but not renal pelvic pressure (RPP). PATIENTS AND METHODS: We designed a patented intelligent system to facilitate flexible URS that included an irrigation and suctioning platform and a ureteral access sheath (UAS) with a pressure-sensitive tip, enabling regulation of the infusion flow precisely and control of the vacuum suctioning by computerized real-time recording and monitoring of RPP...
October 2016: Journal of Endourology
Xianxin Zhu, Leming Song, Donghua Xie, Zuofeng Peng, Shulin Guo, Xiaolin Deng, Shengfeng Liu, Difu Fan, Jianrong Huang, Tairong Liu, Chuance Du, Lunfeng Zhu, Zhongsheng Yang, Guanghua Peng, Min Hu, Lei Yao, Min Zeng, Jiuqing Zhong, Wen Qing, Zhangqun Ye
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the application of intelligent pressure control devices (medical irrigation and suctioning platform with pressure feedback function, and suctioning ureteral access sheath with pressure-measuring function) in flexible ureteroscopy for monitoring and control of renal pelvic pressure. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Nine pigs with a total of 18 kidneys were randomly divided into 3 groups according to varied renal perfusion flow rates: group A, 50 mL/min; group B, 100 mL/min; and group C, 150 mL/min...
May 2016: Urology
Zhongsheng Yang, Leming Song, Donghua Xie, Xiaolin Deng, Lunfeng Zhu, Difu Fan, Zuofeng Peng, Shulin Guo, Zhangqun Ye
INTRODUCTION: In order to better control renal pelvic pressure (RPP), reduce surgical complications and increase operative efficacy of minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy (MPCNL), we designed an MPCNL with intelligent monitoring and control of RPP and sought to explore its clinical efficacy and characteristics. SUBJECT AND METHODS: This study included 60 patients with renal staghorn calculi. A 5F ureteral catheter was connected to an invasive blood pressure monitor for monitoring and control of RPP...
2016: Urologia Internationalis
Shuai Cheng, Shu-qing Zhang
With the development of the society and economy, as well as the rapid increase of population, more and more water is needed by human, which intensified the shortage of water resources. The scarcity of water resources and growing competition of water in different water use sectors reduce water availability for irrigation, so it is significant to plan and manage irrigation water resources scientifically and reasonably for improving water use efficiency (WUE) and ensuring food security. Many investigations indicate that WUE can be increased by optimization of water use...
January 2015: Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao, the Journal of Applied Ecology
Joaquin J Casanova, Susan A O'Shaughnessy, Steven R Evett, Charles M Rush
Knowledge of crop abiotic and biotic stress is important for optimal irrigation management. While spectral reflectance and infrared thermometry provide a means to quantify crop stress remotely, these measurements can be cumbersome. Computer vision offers an inexpensive way to remotely detect crop stress independent of vegetation cover. This paper presents a technique using computer vision to detect disease stress in wheat. Digital images of differentially stressed wheat were segmented into soil and vegetation pixels using expectation maximization (EM)...
2014: Sensors
Jens Grundmann, Niels Schütze, Franz Lennartz
In this paper we present a new simulation-based integrated water management tool for sustainable water resources management in arid coastal environments. This tool delivers optimised groundwater withdrawal scenarios considering saltwater intrusion as a result of agricultural and municipal water abstraction. It also yields a substantially improved water use efficiency of irrigated agriculture. To allow for a robust and fast operation we unified process modelling with artificial intelligence tools and evolutionary optimisation techniques...
2013: Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
Xavier Hubert, Dominique Chambellan, Samuel Legoupil, Régine Trébossen, Jean-Robert Deverre, Nikos Paragios
Emission tomography has provided a new insight in brain mechanisms past years. Although reconstructions are nowadays mostly static, trend is going toward dynamic acquisitions and reconstructions. This opens a new range of investigations, for instance for drugs discovery. Indeed new drugs are studied through the dynamic ability of tissues to catch them. However, it is required to know radiotracer concentration of blood that irrigates tissues in order to draw conclusions on potentials of these drugs. This concentration is called 'input function' and this paper presents a new method for measuring it in a non-invasive way...
2008: Medical Image Computing and Computer-assisted Intervention: MICCAI ..
(no author information available yet)
The concept of an intelligent steerable surgical instrument system has been described by various authors. Since 1998, telesurgical minimally invasive procedures have been performed with the da Vinci system, mainly for cardiac bypass surgery. We present our initial experience using the device for robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. The intuitive surgical system consists of two main components: the surgeon's viewing and control console with 3D-imaging, and the surgical arm unit that positions and manoeuvres detachable surgical instruments...
November 2001: Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies: MITAT
T Shah
At less than 1000 km3/year, the world's annual use of groundwater is 1.5% of renewable water resource but contributes a lion's share of water-induced human welfare. Global groundwater use however has increased manifold in the past 50 years; and the human race has never had to manage groundwater use on such a large scale. Sustaining the massive welfare gains groundwater development has created without ruining the resource is a key water challenge facing the world today. In exploring this challenge, we have focused a good deal on conditions of resource occurrence but less so on resource use...
2005: Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
J T Kuo, W C Cheng, L Chen
Multipurpose operation is adopted by most reservoirs in Taiwan in order to maximize the benefits of power generation, water supply, irrigation and recreational purposes. A multiobjective approach can be used to obtain trade-off curves among these multipurpose targets. The weighting method, in which different weighting factors are used for different purposes, was used in this research work. In Taiwan, most major reservoirs are operated by rule curves. Genetic algorithms with characteristics of artificial intelligence were applied to obtain the optimal rule curves of the multireservoir system under multipurpose operation in Chou-Shui River Basin in central Taiwan...
2003: Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
V R Jacobs, J E Morrison, C Mundhenke, K Golombeck, W Jonat
OBJECTIVE: With increasing technology and computerized systems in the OR, the physician's responsibility is growing. For intraoperative evaluation of insufflation techniques, a data acquisition model for quality control study of potential insufflation problems is necessary. METHODS: A computer-based, online data acquisition model was designed with a Pentium notebook, PCMCIA data acquisition board PCI-460-P1 and a Visual Designer 3.0 measurement program (both Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc...
July 2000: JSLS: Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
A Melzer, M O Schurr, W Kunert, G Buess, U Voges, J U Meyer
The recent progress in endoscopic surgery, which is highlighted by the complexity of fundoplication, stomach surgery and colorectal surgery, has revealed major restrictions with difficult surgical manipulations. Mobilisation, dissection and suturing techniques are hampered mainly by the limited degrees of freedom of the conventional rigid instruments (translation along and rotation around the longitudinal axis and the limited play in the access channel). The frequent interchange of instruments such as coagulation forceps, scissors and suction-irrigation probe is time-consuming...
June 1993: Endoscopic Surgery and Allied Technologies
R O Wright, G D Jay, B M Becker, J G Linakis
A study was conducted to determine the accuracy of tympanic thermometers for measuring the temperature of warmed fluids in fluid bags and in tubing at the delivery site (ie, beside the intravenous [IV] catheter). One-liter 0.9% saline bags were warmed in a microwave oven. A thermocouple electronic temperature probe was then used to measure the reference temperature. The probe was inserted into each bag and bathed in the fluid. Temperature changes were recorded simultaneously over a 20-minute period using the probe and a First Temp Tympanic Thermometer (Intelligent Medical Systems, Inc, Carlsbad, CA)...
May 1995: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
D Wallwiener, B Stumpf, G Bastert, W Mueller
Whilst endoscopic surgical procedures are getting increasingly more complex, in the various surgical disciplines mono- and bifunctional instruments are only slowly being replaced by multifunctional ones. Therefore a complex, intelligent system was developed, the central part of which is a multifunctional instrument. All basic functions necessary for surgical laparoscopy are integrated and comprise: cutting electrodes (unipolar and bipolar) which can be advanced or retracted pneumatically; coagulation forceps with mechanical control; and irrigation and suction devices...
April 1995: Endoscopic Surgery and Allied Technologies
P Barss, S Ennis
Pigs are intelligent animals that can be formidable adversaries to humans because of their sharp tusks and their ability to attack swiftly. Domestic and feral pigs have an important role in the ecology of village life in Melanesia. A six-year review of all injuries that were caused by pigs that were referred from the villages in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea, to the Provincial Hospital was completed. Some of the injuries that were seen among the 20 patients who were studied included: three penetrating abdominal injuries with prolapse and strangulation of the intestine; a "sucking" chest wound; bilateral pneumothoraces; two infected open fractures of the radius and the ulna; a perforating injury of the knee with septic arthritis; a hand injury with laceration of multiple tendons; an arterial injury of the wrist; injury of a tibial nerve with foot drop; and a severe scrotal injury with exposure of the testicles...
December 5, 1988: Medical Journal of Australia
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