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Maurizio G Abrignani, Iris Parrini, Daniele Grosseto, Chiara Lestuzzi, Marinella Mistrangelo, Bruno Passaretti
Although commonly thought of as two separate disease entities, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, the leading causes of death, possess various possible interactions, including a number of similar risk factors (e.g. obesity, diabetes, chronic inflammation). Each cardiologist should provide counseling for a correct lifestyle (diet, physical exercise, avoiding smoking and alcohol abuse); doing so, not only cardiovascular diseases, but also cancer could be prevented. Besides, intervention on diet, physical activity and smoking has been shown to be effective even in patients with known cancers...
January 2019: Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia
Maurizio Giuseppe Abrignani, Monica Carletti, Paolo Bovi, Giovanni Conti, Francesco Giallauria
In high thromboembolic risk patients who experienced hemorrhagic stroke, the prevention of cardioembolic events and recurrence of intracranial bleeding should be guaranteed. The consultant cardiologist should carefully identify the most appropriate therapeutic approach for these patients. Among patients with previous hemorrhagic stroke, only few restart oral anticoagulant therapy (OAT) after cerebral bleeding; however, as reported by some registries, it is likely that resuming OAT exerts a favorable effect on the combined outcome of ischemic stroke/systemic embolism/all-cause death...
October 2018: Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia
Salvatore Petta, Vito Di Marco, Rosaria Maria Pipitone, Stefania Grimaudo, Carola Buscemi, Antonio Craxì, Silvio Buscemi
BACKGROUND & AIMS: The worldwide spread of obesity is leading to a dramatic increase in the prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and its complications. We aimed to evaluate both prevalence and factors associated with NAFLD in a general population in a Mediterranean area. METHODS: We considered 890 consecutive individuals included in the community-based ABCD (Alimentazione, Benessere Cardiovascolare e Diabete) study (ISRCTN15840340). Controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) and liver stiffness measurement (LSM) were measured with FibroScan...
November 2018: Liver International: Official Journal of the International Association for the Study of the Liver
Vincenzo De Leo, Valentina Cappelli, Giuseppe Morgante, Alessandra Di Sabatino
Vitamin D or calcitriol, which was first identified back in 1920, has a key role in bone metabolism and mineralization, and in calcium and magnesium homeostasis. A nuclear receptor (VDR) mediates vitamin D actions in a lot of organs like bowel, bone, kidney, breast, gonads, pancreas, brain, cardiovascular and immune systems. In all these tissues the 1,25(OH)2D play a fundamental role in reduction of chronic pathologies, in modulation of cellular growth, neuromuscular, immune and inflammation actions. Vitamin D is important in reproduction physiology and in development gynecological and obstetric disorders like polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, myomatosis, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia...
June 2018: Minerva Ginecologica
S Buscemi, D Corleo, S Vasto, C Buscemi, M F Massenti, D Nuzzo, G Lucisano, A M Barile, G Rosafio, V Maniaci, C Giordano
OBJECTIVE: Animal studies have shown that irisin is a myokine secreted following physical exercise, and that it induces the remodeling of white adipose tissue toward brown adipose tissue. Therefore, a protective role of irisin against obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic and cardiovascular conditions has been hypothesized. However, data in humans are contradictory and few data are available concerning the general population. DESIGN: We aimed to evaluate the association between serum irisin concentrations and habitual physical activity, as well as other metabolic and cardiovascular factors in a general population in a Mediterranean area...
March 2018: International Journal of Obesity: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity
Simona Giampaoli, Giovanni Viscogliosi, Diego Vannuzzo
Population ageing represents a "triumph" and a "challenge" for society. The increase in life expectancy corresponds to an increase of risk factors and age-associated non communicable diseases, with consequent rise in health care costs and the burden of healthcare sustainability. Aim of this analysis is to describe the prevalence of non communicable diseases, comorbidity and disability in non-institutionalized elderly population, aged 75-79 years, examined within the Osservatorio Epidemiologico Cardiovascolare/Health Examination Survey...
July 18, 2017: Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease, Archivio Monaldi Per le Malattie del Torace
Irene Nicastro, Valentina Barletta, Lorenzo Conte, Iacopo Fabiani, Alessandro Morgantini, Giovanna Lastrucci, Vitantonio Di Bello
Performing a good echocardiographic examination requires intensive training and highly qualified technical staff personnel, which, in many countries, is represented by the Cardiac Sonographer. Being an operator-dependent diagnostic method, a long debate has been held to help identifying the most appropriate curriculum for the training of this professional profile. Although guidelines for the education of the Cardiac Sonographers have been suggested by the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) several years ago and many scientific publications have given credibility, trust and enhance to this professional profile in Italy, this figure is not yet recognized by the National Health System...
January 2013: Journal of Cardiovascular Echography
Anna Di Lonardo, Chiara Donfrancesco, Luigi Palmieri, Diego Vanuzzo, Simona Giampaoli
INTRODUCTION: High blood pressure (BP) is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The urgency of the problem was underlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Action Plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, which recommends a 25% relative reduction in the prevalence of raised BP by 2020. A surveillance system represents a useful tool to monitor BP in the general population. Since 1980s, the National Institute of Health has conducted several surveys of the adult general population, measuring cardiovascular risk factors by standardized procedures and methods...
June 2017: High Blood Pressure & Cardiovascular Prevention: the Official Journal of the Italian Society of Hypertension
Antonella Bena, Monica Chiusolo, Manuela Orengia, Ennio Cadum, Elena Farina, Loredana Musmeci, Enrico Procopio, Giuseppe Salamina
Si intende qui descrivere il sistema di sorveglianza sugli effetti sulla salute (SpoTT) dell'inquinamento ambientale nelle aree circostanti l'inceneritore di Torino. SPoTT ha 3 linee di attività: 1. monitoraggio epidemiologico degli effetti a breve termine attraverso analisi temporali e misura della correlazione tra livelli giornalieri di emissioni dell'impianto e andamento degli eventi individuati dagli archivi dei dimessi (SDO), di pronto soccorso e di mortalità; sono coinvolti coloro che nel 2013-2018 risiedevano nell'area di ricaduta delle emissioni; 2...
September 2016: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Simona Giampaoli, Diego Vanuzzo
Within the Osservatorio Epidemiologico Cardiovascolare/Health Examination Survey 426 men and 376 women, ages 75-79 years, randomly selected from the general population were examined. Participation rate was 50%; within men 78% were hypertensives, 36% had high serum cholesterol, 28% were diabetics, 25% were obese; within women 81% were hypertensives, 55% had high cholesterol, 19% were diabetics, 37% were obese. Preventive actions at individual and community level are urgent, also at this age range.
June 22, 2016: Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease, Archivio Monaldi Per le Malattie del Torace
Riccardo Casadei, Giuseppe Angeli, Paola Casucci, Liliana Minelli, Rossana Pasquini
The aim of this study was to identify possible inequalities in the quality of health care services for the management of conditions such as cardiovascolar diseases, psychiatric disorders, appendectomy, and hysterectomy, offered to the immigrant population in the Umbria region (central Italy). Hospital discharge data covering the period 2009-2012 were analysed and crude and standardized hospitalization rates per 100,000 calculated. Immigrants were found to have an increased risk of undergoing procedures such as appendectomy and hysterectomy for benign disease, indicating a greater degree of nonappropriateness in this category of users...
January 2016: Igiene e Sanità Pubblica
Simona Giampaoli, Vittorio Krogh, Sara Grioni, Luigi Palmieri, Massimo Michele Gulizia, Jeremiah Stamler, Diego Vanuzzo
OBJECTIVES: to describe eating behaviours of the Italian adult population collected by the Osservatorio Epidemiologico Cardiovascolare/Health Examination Survey during 2008- 2012. DESIGN: cross-sectional survey conducted in all Italian regions; random samples of the general population, stratified by age and sex, in 23 municipalities, 220 persons every 1.5 million people. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS: 9,111 persons examined, aged 25-79 years; participation rate of 53%; data of 8,462 persons were used in this analysis...
September 2015: Epidemiologia e Prevenzione
Simona Giampaoli, Luigi Palmieri, Chiara Donfrancesco, Cinzia Lo Noce, Lorenza Pilotto, Diego Vanuzzo
BACKGROUND: Surveillance of and monitoring trends for cardiovascular diseases and risk factors are relevant when we consider that these diseases and conditions are largely preventable. The aim of this paper is to assess time trends of cardiovascular diseases, lifestyles, risk factors and high risk conditions in different socioeconomic levels. METHODS: Paired but independent population samples of men and women aged 35-74 years located in all 20 Italian regions were examined in 1998-2002 (n = 9612) and in 2008-2012 (n = 8141)...
September 2015: European Journal of Preventive Cardiology
Giovanna Laurendi, Chiara Donfrancesco, Luigi Palmieri, Diego Vanuzzo, Giselda Scalera, Simona Giampaoli
BACKGROUND: Some epidemiological studies have identified high values of pulmonary functions as an indicator of good health. At present little is known about the distribution of these characteristics in the general adult population. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to describe pulmonary function in the Italian general population and to evaluate its association with some lifestyle and cardiovascular risk conditions using data of the OEC/HES (Cardiovascular Epidemiology Observatory/Health Examination Survey) Project, a cross-sectional survey based on the examination of random samples of the general population...
2015: Respiration; International Review of Thoracic Diseases
Pietro A Modesti, Stefano Bianchi, Claudio Borghi, Matteo Cameli, Giovambattista Capasso, Antonio Ceriello, Marco Matteo Ciccone, Giuseppe Germanò, Maria Maiello, Maria Lorenza Muiesan, Salvatore Novo, Luigi Padeletti, Pasquale Palmiero, Sergio Pillon, Carlo Maria Rotella, Pier Sergio Saba, Pietro Scicchitano, Bruno Trimarco, Massimo Volpe, Roberto Pedrinelli, Matteo Di Biase
OBJECTIVES: To review information on cardiovascular health and migration, to stress the attention of researchers that much needs to be done in the collection of sound data in Italy and to allow policy makers identifying this issue as an important public health concern. BACKGROUND: In Italy, the rate of immigrants in the total number of residents increased from 2.5% in 1990 to 7.4% in 2010, and currently exceeds 10% in regions such as Lombardia, Emilia Romagna and Toscana...
September 2014: Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine
Roberto Fogari, Annalisa Zoppi, Amedeo Mugellini, Paola Preti, Maurizio Destro, Andrea Rinaldi, Giuseppe Derosa
BACKGROUND: The potential combinations of antihypertensive agents are many, and making rational choices depends on the characteristics of each drug and on their complementary mechanisms of action. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of adding hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) 12.5 mg to olmesartan 20 mg or telmisartan 80 mg on blood pressure (BP) in patients with moderate hypertension. METHODS: Consecutive outpatients at the Centro per l'Ipertensione e la Fisiopatologia Cardiovascolare, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy, of both sexes aged 39 to 75 years were considered eligible for enrollment if they had a sitting diastolic BP (DBP) ->99 mm Hg and <110 mm Hg at the end of an initial 2-week washout period...
February 2008: Current Therapeutic Research, Clinical and Experimental
Christian Pristipino, Gian Paolo Anzola, Luigi Ballerini, Antonio Bartorelli, Moreno Cecconi, Massimo Chessa, Andrea Donti, Achille Gaspardone, Giuseppe Neri, Eustaquio Onorato, Gualtiero Palareti, Serena Rakar, Gianluca Rigatelli, Gennaro Santoro, Danilo Toni, Gian Paolo Ussia, Roberto Violini, Giulio Guagliumi, Francesco Bedogni, Alberto Cremonesi
There is no generally accepted consensus on the management of patent foramen ovale (PFO) in the presence of cryptogenic cerebral ischemia, because of the lack of conclusive evidence. The aim of this position paper was to develop and promote a joint approach based on available data that may be shared by different specialists, while waiting for definite results from randomized controlled trials. A position statement was produced involving the major national scientific societies. The task force members were nominated by the presidents and/or executive boards of each society or working group, as appropriate, based on their previous work in relevant topic areas...
October 2013: Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia
Vincenzo Panichi, Ciro Tetta
Despite significant advances in hemodialysis (HD) and medical therapy, mortality rates in patients with chronic kidney disease stage 5 (CKD-5D) remain unacceptably high, with cardiovascular (CV) mortality risk in dialysis patients being several times higher than that of a general population. The CV mortality risk of a 25-to 34-year-old dialysis patient is approximately the same as the one of an otherwise healthy person aged over 85 in the general population. HD patients are not only exposed to the various traditional risk factors valid for the general population but in addition also to the non-traditional risk factors resulting either from uremia per se or from the dialysis treatment...
2011: Contributions to Nephrology
Paola D'Errigo, Fulvia Seccareccia, Stefano Rosato, Alice Maraschini, Gabriella Badoni, Carlo Alberto Perucci, Danilo Fusco, Mariangela D'Ovidio, Massimo Stafoggia, Anna Patrizia Barone
Observational outcome studies represent a valid approach to evaluating comparative treatment effectiveness in real populations. The main objective of outcome research is to underline what works and what does not work in the field of health assistance. In 2004 the Italian Ministry of Health launched the Project "Mattone Misura dell'Outcome" aimed at assessing the introduction of procedures and methods for the systematic evaluation of outcomes in the national health system. A new experience, the PROGRESSI program (PROGRamma ESiti per SIVeAS e LEA), started in 2008 with the aim to further develop the methodologies for outcome evaluation...
December 2011: Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia
Sara Mandorla, Paolo Trambaiolo, Margherita De Cristofaro, Mara Baldassi, Maria Penco
One of the main tasks of a scientific society is to define the theoretical bases and appropriate management strategies with the aim to maintain a high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic standard. As far as echocardiography is concerned, the task of the Italian Society of Cardiovascular Echography is to provide appropriate, complete, and useful echocardiographic tests for clinical application, as well as procedural, technological, organizational and economic indications to be adopted in clinical practice. In addition, there is an increasing need for regulating access to echocardiographic assessment according to clinical priority, because of the huge proportion of patients who should undergo a first or follow-up echocardiographic evaluation...
June 2010: Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia
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