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Ahmet Tokatlı, Fatmagül Tunç, Fatih Ucun
In this study, ab initio calculations (RI-MP2(full)/aug-cc-pVDZ) are performed to investigate the effect of an external electric field (EEF) on the nature, properties, and structures of C-X ··· π halogen bonds in CF3 Br complexes with π systems (benzene, ethene, and ethyne), for the first time. This EEF effect is analyzed by a myriad of methods, including molecular electrostatic potential (MEP), symmetry adapted perturbation theory (SAPT), natural bond orbital (NBO), quantum theory of atoms in molecules (QTAIM), and noncovalent interaction (NCI) methods...
February 8, 2019: Journal of Molecular Modeling
Taís Rieping, Guilherme Eustáquio Furtado, Rubens Vinícius Letieri, Matheus Uba Chupel, Juan C Colado, Eef Hogervorst, Edith Filaire, Ana Maria Miranda Botelho Teixeira, José Pedro Ferreira
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to test the effects of chair-based exercise programs on salivary stress hormones, physical fitness, and functional autonomy of institutionalized older women. METHOD: In total, 47 participants (80 ± 8.04 years old) were recruited and allocated into three groups: chair-based aerobic exercises (CAE, n = 19), chair-based elastic-band strength exercises (CSE, n = 15), and a control group (CG, n = 13). A 14-week exercise intervention was done for the CAE and CSE groups, two times per week, in no consecutive days...
February 5, 2019: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Guilherme Eustáquio Furtado, Rubens Letieri, Eef Hogervorst, Ana Botelho Teixeira, José Pedro Ferreira
The purpose of present study was to analyze the magnitude of the effect-size in the assessment of the cognitive status of populations over 60 years of age. The search strategy included PubMed, B-on, Ebsco, Ebsco Health, Scielo, Eric, Lilacs and Sportdiscus data bases. Only observational, cohort and cross-sectional studies were included in the meta-analysis. The central descriptors were elderly-frail, older adults, cognition and geriatric assessment and other additional terms. After applying the additional search criteria, 12 manuscripts were selected from an initial universe of 1,078 identified...
January 2019: Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Shamrulazhar Shamzir Kamal, Anders Daniel Andersen, Lukasz Krych, Charlotte Lauridsen, Per Torp Sangild, Thomas Thymann, Dennis Sandris Nielsen
OBJECTIVES: Preterm neonates have an immature gastrointestinal tract and show an altered bacterial colonization of the gut. However, it is not clear if such immature gut microbiota (GM) colonization is induced by specific delivery, diet, environment and/or host factors related to preterm birth. Using piglets as models for infants, we hypothesized that both shortened gestational age (GA) and start of enteral feeding affect GM composition after caesarean delivery and rearing in identical environments...
January 8, 2019: Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
H Hamarsland, S N Aas, A L Nordengen, K Holte, I Garthe, G Paulsen, M Cotter, E Børsheim, H B Benestad, T Raastad
OBJECTIVE: Elderly muscle seems less sensitive to the anabolic stimulus of a meal. Changes in blood concentrations of leucine are suggested as one important trigger of the anabolic response in muscle. The aim of this study was to investigate whether native whey protein, containing high amounts of leucine, may be a more potent stimulator of muscle protein synthesis (MPS) in elderly than regular whey protein (WPC-80) or milk. DESIGN: Randomized controlled partial crossover...
2019: Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging
Jinkui Ouyang, Ziling Mao, Hui Guo, Yunying Xie, Zehua Cui, Jian Sun, Huixiong Wu, Xiujun Wen, Jun Wang, Tijiang Shan
Four new depsidones, mollicellins O⁻R (compounds 1 ⁻ 4 ), along with three known compounds 5 ⁻ 7 , were isolated from cultures of the fungus Chaetomium sp. Eef-10, an endophyte isolated from Eucalyptus exserta . The structures of the new compounds were elucidated by analysis of the 1D and 2D NMR and HR-ESI-MS spectra. The known compounds were identified by comparison of their spectral data with published values. Compounds 1 ⁻ 7 were evaluated for antibacterial activities against Staphylococcus aureus (sensitive and resistant strains), Escherichia coli , Agrobacterium tumefaciens , Salmonella typhimurium , Pseudomonas lachrymans , Ralstonia solanacearum , Xanthomonas vesicatoria and cytotoxic activities against two human cancer cell lines (HepG2 and Hela)...
December 5, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Natasha L Mason, Eef L Theunissen, Nadia R P W Hutten, Desmond H Y Tse, Stefan W Toennes, Peter Stiers, Johannes G Ramaekers
Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug and is known to alter state of consciousness and impair neurocognitive function. However, the mechanisms underlying these effects have yet to be fully elucidated. Rodent studies suggest that Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) activates dopaminergic neurons in the limbic system, subsequently enhancing dopamine, which is implicated in the rewarding effects of cannabis. Additional evidence suggests that THC may act indirectly on dopamine firing by modulating GABA and glutamate release...
December 12, 2018: European Neuropsychopharmacology: the Journal of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology
Ming-Xia Zhang, Hong-Liang Xu
Generally, the hydroboration of benzonitrile produces B-N containing compounds. However, an unprecedented B-C bond may be formed in the presence of a suitable external electric field (EEF). In reactions of benzonitrile with borane, when the EEF is oriented parallel to the positive direction (N → C) of the N[triple bond, length as m-dash]C bond, the barriers to Markovnikov hydroboration are decreased gradually, meaning the pathway for generating B-C bonds becomes more favorable. Accordingly, hydroboration could be influenced and its selectivity could be controlled by changing the magnitude and direction of an applied EEF...
December 5, 2018: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Eef van der Worp, Lynette Johns, Melissa Barnett
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 1, 2018: Contact Lens & Anterior Eye: the Journal of the British Contact Lens Association
Rute J Macedo-de-Araújo, Ana Amorim-de-Sousa, António Queirós, Eef van der Worp, José M González-Méijome
PURPOSE: To compare three methods to measure center corneal clearance (CCC) during scleral lens wear: subjective (slit lamp), image processed (ImageJ) and with an optic biometer. The optic biometer technique was validated in comparison to an OCT in the first part of the study. METHODS: Twenty-two eyes (11 subjects) with healthy corneas were recruited. Three measures of OCT with scleral lens and ten measurements of axial length (AL) with IOLMaster with and without lens were performed...
November 27, 2018: Contact Lens & Anterior Eye: the Journal of the British Contact Lens Association
Jianjia Ma, Eef Hogervorst, Daniele Magistro, Vassilios Chouliaras, Massimiliano Zecca
Resistance bands are often used in resistance training programs for older adults. Despite their widespread use, there is a lack of objective assessment of the actual strength, speed and precision of the movements during these exercises. Therefore, this paper presents the development of a sensorised resistance-band and a preliminary trial of activities classification by using artificial intelligence. The results show that in the preliminary trial, the classification accuracy of 4 different activities reached over 96% using accelerometer data only...
July 2018: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Marieke De Bruyne, Levi Hoste, Delfien J Bogaert, Lien Van den Bossche, Simon J Tavernier, Eef Parthoens, Mélanie Migaud, Deborah Konopnicki, Jean Cyr Yombi, Bart N Lambrecht, Sabine van Daele, Ana Karina Alves de Medeiros, Lieve Brochez, Rudi Beyaert, Elfride De Baere, Anne Puel, Jean-Laurent Casanova, Jean-Christophe Goffard, Savvas N Savvides, Filomeen Haerynck, Jens Staal, Melissa Dullaers
Background: Inherited CARD9 deficiency constitutes a primary immunodeficiency predisposing uniquely to chronic and invasive fungal infections. Certain mutations are shown to negatively impact CARD9 protein expression and/or NF-κB activation, but the underlying biochemical mechanism remains to be fully understood. Objectives: To investigate a possible founder origin of a known CARD9 R70W mutation in five families of Turkish origin. To explore the biochemical mechanism of immunodeficiency by R70W CARD9. Methods: We performed haplotype analysis using microsatellite markers and SNPs...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Jiang-Ping Cun, Hong-Jie Fan, Wei Zhao, Gen-Fa Yi, Yong-Neng Jiang, Xuan-Cheng Xie
PURPOSE: We investigated the risk factors influencing MR changes associated with sacral injury from ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (USgHIFU) ablation for uterine fibroids. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed a total of 346 patients with symptomatic uterine fibroids who received USgHIFU ablation. All of the patients underwent contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (CE-MRI) before and after treatment. Injury to the sacrum was set as the dependent variable, while fibroid features and the treatment parameters were set as independent variables...
November 14, 2018: International Journal of Hyperthermia
Hong-Jie Fan, Jiang-Ping Cun, Wei Zhao, Jian-Qiang Huang, Gen-Fa Yi, Rui-Hong Yao, Bu-Lang Gao, Xing-Hai Li
OBJECTIVE: To investigate factors affecting effects of ultrasound guided high intensity focused ultrasound (USgHIFU) in the treatment of single uterine fibroids (UFs) with different magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features. METHODS: A total of 207 patients with single symptomatic UFs who were treated with HIFU were retrospectively analyzed. All UFs were grouped according to MRI features, and factors affecting HIFU ablation were set as independent variables. Non-perfusion volume ratio (NPVR) and energy efficiency factor (EEF) were set as dependent variables to establish multiple linear regression models with a stepwise method...
November 14, 2018: International Journal of Hyperthermia
Eef J Hendriks, Sander Idema, Shawn L Hervey-Jumper, Anne-Laure Bernat, Aeilko H Zwinderman, Frederik Barkhof, W Peter Vandertop, Emmanuel Mandonnet, Hugues Duffau, Mitchel S Berger, Philip C De Witt Hamer
BACKGROUND: Preoperative interpretation of resectability of diffuse nonenhancing glioma is primarily based on individual surgical expertise. OBJECTIVE: To compare the accuracy and precision between observed resections and preoperative estimates of neurosurgeons and a resection probability map (RPM). We hypothesize that the RPM estimates is as good as senior neurosurgeons. METHODS: A total of 234 consecutive patients were included from 2 centers, who had resective surgery with functional mapping between 2006 and 2012 for a supra-tentorial nonenhancing glioma...
November 10, 2018: Neurosurgery
Ross Thyer, Andrew D Ellington
One of the most remarkable, but typically unremarked, aspects of the translation apparatus is the pleiotropic pliability of tRNA. This humble cloverleaf/L-shaped molecule must implement the first genetic code, via base pairing and wobble interactions, but is also largely responsible for the specificity of the second genetic code, the pairings between amino acids, tRNA synthetases, and tRNAs. Despite the overarching similarities between tRNAs, they must nonetheless be specifically recognized by cognate tRNA synthetases and largely rejected by noncognate synthetases...
November 14, 2018: Biochemistry
Patrick C Dolder, Elizabeth B de Sousa Fernandes Perna, Natasha L Mason, Nadia R P W Hutten, Stefan W Toennes, Eef L Theunissen, Johannes G Ramaekers, Kim P C Kuypers
OBJECTIVES: 4-Fluoroamphetamine (4-FA) is a novel psychoactive substance with a pharmacological profile and reported subjective effects (e.g., empathy) intermediate between 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and amphetamine. Studies have shown that MDMA and amphetamine increase emotional empathy without affecting cognitive empathy; MDMA simultaneously leads to elevated levels of oxytocin, unrelated to its behavioral effects. The aim of the present study was to assess the reported enhancement of empathy by 4-FA, to assess its effects on oxytocin, and to test potential associations between both...
October 25, 2018: Human Psychopharmacology
Shi-Long Jiang, Yi-di Guan, Xi-Sha Chen, Peng Ge, Xin-Luan Wang, Yuan-Zhi Lao, Song-Shu Xiao, Yi Zhang, Jin-Ming Yang, Xiao-Jun Xu, Dong-Sheng Cao, Yan Cheng
Autophagy, a form of cellular self-digestion by lysosome, is associated with various disease processes including cancers, and modulating autophagy has shown promise in the treatment of various malignancies. A number of natural products display strong antitumor activity, yet their mechanisms of action remain unclear. To gain a better understanding of how traditional Chinese medicine agents exert antitumor effects, we screened 480 natural compounds for their effects on autophagy using a high content screening assay detecting GFP-LC3 puncta in HeLa cells...
October 12, 2018: Acta Pharmacologica Sinica
Dimitri Stylemans, Sylvia Verbanck, Stefanie Vincken, Walter Vincken, Elke De Wachter, Eef Vanderhelst
BACKGROUND: While cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease is generally considered to be an obstructive disorder, other pulmonary function patterns (PFP) may occur. Furthermore, little is known about possible associations between PFP and genotype or phenotypical characteristics. METHODS: Cross-sectional study including CF patients aged 16 years or more, identifying different PFP and exploring associations between PFP and genotype or phenotypical characteristics. RESULTS: Obstructive PFP was most prevalent in our population (n = 80), comprising obstructive lung disease (62...
October 12, 2018: Acta Clinica Belgica
K Veltman, C Harris, Y Ahmad, O Jolliet
Precise control of the glutathione/glutathione disulfide (GSH/GSSG) redox balance is vital for the developing embryo, but regulatory mechanisms are poorly understood. We developed a novel, mechanistic mass-balance model for GSH metabolism in the organogenesis stage (gestational day 10.0-11.13) rat conceptus predicting the dynamics of 8 unique metabolites in 3 conceptal compartments: the visceral yolk sac (VYS), the extra-embryonic fluid (EEF) and the embryo proper (EMB). Our results show that thiol concentrations in all compartments are well predicted by the model...
October 5, 2018: Reproductive Toxicology
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