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Maju Mathew Koola
Preclinical evidence shows that the minocycline and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) combination synergistically improved cognition. Meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with minocycline and NAC have shown some efficacy signal for positive, cognitive, and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Hence, the combination may be more effective than either medication alone. The objective of this article is to highlight the potential role of the minocycline-NAC combination for the treatment of schizophrenia. The antipsychotic-minocycline-NAC combination is promising and has the potential to concurrently treat positive, cognitive, and primary negative symptoms...
February 12, 2019: Asian Journal of Psychiatry
Christian O Dimkpa, Upendra Singh, Prem S Bindraban, Ishaq O Adisa, Wade H Elmer, Jorge L Gardea-Torresdey, Jason C White
Plant response to microelements exposure can be modulated based on particle size. However, studies are lacking on the roles of particle size and specific microelements in mixed exposure systems designed for plant nutrition, rather than toxicology. Here, an addition-omission strategy was used to address particle-size and element-specific effects in soybean exposed to a mixture of nano and bulk scale oxide particles of Zn (2 mg Zn/kg), Cu (1 mg Cu/kg) and B (1 mg B/kg) in soil. Compared to the control, mixtures of oxide particles of both sizes significantly (p < 0...
February 11, 2019: Science of the Total Environment
Cecilia L Bergeria, Sarah H Heil, Danielle R Davis, Joanna M Streck, Stacey C Sigmon, Janice Y Bunn, Jennifer W Tidey, Chris A Arger, Derek D Reed, Thomas Gallagher, John R Hughes, Diann E Gaalema, Maxine L Stitzer, Stephen T Higgins
BACKGROUND: Nicotine is the addictive component in cigarettes that maintain cigarette smoking that subsequently leads to morbidity and mortality. Methods for assessing the abuse liability of cigarettes are essential to inform new tobacco product standards. This secondary analysis evaluated the utility of one subjective effects measure, the modified Cigarette Evaluation Questionnaire (mCEQ), and one behavioral economic task, the Cigarette Purchase Task (CPT), for predicting acute relative reinforcing efficacy measured by concurrent choice Self-Administration (SA)...
February 13, 2019: Drug and Alcohol Dependence
José Martínez-Raga, María López-Cerveró
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic, complex and multifactorial neurodevelopmental disorder associated with high rates of concurrent psychiatric disorders, along with problems and complications on different areas of individual functioning. ADHD is not exclusively a childhood disorder, 40-60% persisting into adulthood with an estimated prevalence of 2.5-5%. Adolescence is a stage where great and continuous changes occur, associated with a lower adherence to treatment, a greater vulnerability to the emergence of academic problems, more risk-behaviors, the onset of substance use and higher rates of other comorbid disorders...
2019: Medicina
Melissa Martyn, Anaita Kanga-Parabia, Elly Lynch, Paul A James, Ivan Macciocca, Alison H Trainer, Jane Halliday, Louise Keogh, Janney Wale, Ingrid Winship, Michael Bogwitz, Giulia Valente, Maie Walsh, Lilian Downie, David Amor, Mathew Wallis, Fiona Cunningham, Matthew Burgess, Natasha J Brown, Anna Jarmolowicz, Sebastian Lunke, Ilias Goranitis, Clara L Gaff
Internationally, the practice of offering additional findings (AFs) when undertaking a clinically indicated genomic test differs. In the USA, the recommendation is to include analysis for AFs alongside diagnostic analysis, unless a patient opts-out, whereas European and Canadian guidelines recommend opt-in models. These guidelines all consider the offer of AFs as an activity concurrent with the offer of diagnostic testing. This paper describes a novel two-step model for managing AFs within the healthcare system in Victoria, Australia and presents the study protocol for its evaluation...
February 18, 2019: Journal of Genetic Counseling
Nathan Kuppermann, Peter S Dayan, Deborah A Levine, Melissa Vitale, Leah Tzimenatos, Michael G Tunik, Mary Saunders, Richard M Ruddy, Genie Roosevelt, Alexander J Rogers, Elizabeth C Powell, Lise E Nigrovic, Jared Muenzer, James G Linakis, Kathleen Grisanti, David M Jaffe, John D Hoyle, Richard Greenberg, Rajender Gattu, Andrea T Cruz, Ellen F Crain, Daniel M Cohen, Anne Brayer, Dominic Borgialli, Bema Bonsu, Lorin Browne, Stephen Blumberg, Jonathan E Bennett, Shireen M Atabaki, Jennifer Anders, Elizabeth R Alpern, Benjamin Miller, T Charles Casper, J Michael Dean, Octavio Ramilo, Prashant Mahajan
Importance: In young febrile infants, serious bacterial infections (SBIs), including urinary tract infections, bacteremia, and meningitis, may lead to dangerous complications. However, lumbar punctures and hospitalizations involve risks and costs. Clinical prediction rules using biomarkers beyond the white blood cell count (WBC) may accurately identify febrile infants at low risk for SBIs. Objective: To derive and validate a prediction rule to identify febrile infants 60 days and younger at low risk for SBIs...
February 18, 2019: JAMA Pediatrics
Miyoung Kim, Dae Young Zang, Boram Han, Jiwon Lee, Yousun Chung, Chan-Jeoung Park, Young Kyung Lee
Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) with basophilia or eosinophilia are very rare and portend poor prognoses. We present a rare patient who had MDS with excess blasts as well as peripheral basophilia and concurrent bone marrow (BM) basophilia/eosinophilia. She had a complex karyotype including 5q and 7q deletions; however, no oncogenic mutations were observed on next-generation sequencing of 54 genes known to be frequently mutated in acute myeloid leukemia/MDS. Peripheral basophilia resolved after decitabine treatment...
January 1, 2019: Clinical Laboratory
Lidan Hou, Jie Zhao, Shaobing Gao, Tong Ji, Tianyu Song, Yining Li, Jingjie Wang, Chenlu Geng, Min Long, Jiang Chen, Hui Lin, Xiujun Cai, Yong Cang
About 257 million people with chronic infection of hepatitis B virus (HBV) worldwide are at high risk of developing terminal liver diseases. Reactivation of virus replication has been frequently reported in those patient populations receiving imatinib (an Abl kinase inhibitor) or bortezomib (a proteasome inhibitor) to treat concurrent diseases, but the underlying mechanism for this reactivation is unknown. We report that the HBV polymerase protein is recruited by Cdt2 to the cullin-RING ligase 4 (CRL4) for ubiquitination and proteasome degradation and that this process is stimulated by the c-Abl nonreceptor tyrosine kinase...
February 2019: Science Advances
Vikram K Mahajan, Sanket Vashist, Pushpinder Singh Chauhan, Karan Inder Singh Mehta, Vikas Sharma, Anuj Sharma
Background: We studied clinico-epidemiological features of 945 patients with vitiligo with an objective to delineate epidemiological and clinical aspects of vitiligo from this part of the country. Materials and Methods: The medical records of patients with vitiligo attending outpatient clinic over a 5-year period from January 2013 to December 2017 were analyzed retrospectively for this descriptive, observational study. Results: There were 449 men and 496 women (m:f 1:1...
January 2019: Indian Dermatology Online Journal
Mayra L Estrella, Amber Pirzada, Ramon A Durazo-Arvizu, Jianwen Cai, Aida L Giachello, Rebeca Espinoza Gacinto, Anna Maria Siega-Riz, Martha L Daviglus
Background: Individuals with "metabolically healthy obesity" (MHO) phenotype (i.e., obesity and absence of cardiometabolic abnormalities: favorable levels of blood pressure, lipids, and glucose) experience lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared with those with "metabolically at-risk obesity" (MAO) phenotype (i.e., obesity with concurrent cardiometabolic abnormalities). Among Hispanic/Latino women and men with obesity, limited data exist on the correlates of and body composition measures associated with obesity phenotypes...
2019: Journal of Obesity
Arya Amini, Sana D Karam
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 18, 2019: Oncotarget
Rajat Vashistha, Prasoon Kumar, Arun Kumar Dangi, Naveen Sharma, Deepak Chhabra, Pratyoosh Shukla
Digitalization of health care practices is substantially manifesting itself as an effective tool to diagnose and rectify complex cardiovascular abnormalities. For cardiovascular abnormalities, precise non-invasive imaging interventions are being used to develop patient specific diagnosis and surgical planning. Concurrently, pre surgical 3D simulation and computational modeling are aiding in the effective surgery and understanding of valve biomechanics, respectively. Consequently, 3D printing of patient specific valves that can mimic the original one will become an effective outbreak for valvular problems...
2019: Journal of Biological Engineering
Berhanie Getnet, Atalay Alem
Background: There is a scarcity of adapted measures to study resilience and mental health of people in humanitarian settings in Africa. The aim of this study was to identify the factor structure and other psychometric properties of the Sense of Coherence (SoC-13) scale in Eritrean refugees living in Ethiopia. Methods: In a cross-sectional survey, 562 adults were selected randomly from Eritrean refugees living in Mai Aini camp, Ethiopia. The SoC-13, the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scale (CES-D), the Pre and Post-Migration Living Difficulties checklist, the Primary Care Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder screener (PC-PTSD), the Oslo Social Support Scale (OSS-3), the Coping Style scale and the Fast Alcohol Screening Test (FAST) were administered concurrently...
2019: Conflict and Health
Yuncong Liu, Li Wu, Ruizhan Tong, Feiyue Yang, Limei Yin, Mengqian Li, Liting You, Jianxin Xue, You Lu
Cervical cancer is one of the most common gynecological tumors, and the majority of early-stage cervical cancer patients achieve good recovery through surgical treatment and concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CCRT). However, for patients with recurrent, persistent, metastatic cervical cancer, effective treatment is rare, except for bevacizumab combined with chemotherapy. Programmed cell death-1/programmed cell death-ligand 1 (PD-1/PD-L1) inhibitors might be a novel choice to improve the clinical outcomes of these patients...
2019: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Grazia Lazzari, Alessandra Briatico Vangosa, Maria Assunta De Cillis, Giovanni Silvano
Wegener's granulomatosis (WG) is an autoimmune disorder characterized by necrotizing granulomas involving mainly the upper-lower respiratory and renal tracts, albeit a potentially life-threatening involvement of other body parts is not rare. Furthermore, there are several reports accounting for an increased risk of solid malignancies due to the autoimmune disease per se, or the immunosuppressive therapies. Among treatments, radiotherapy could be a therapeutic option as proven by its use in typical WG lesions such as solitary granulomas or subglottic stenosis, successfully treated with low radiation dose...
2019: OncoTargets and Therapy
Wael M Hananeh, Waleed M Al Momani, Mustafa M Ababneh, Sameeh M Abutarbush
Aim: Clinical, microbiological, molecular, and pathological assays were undertaken to characterize an outbreak of increasingly reported signs of unresponsive arthritis and pneumonia of Mycoplasma bovis infection in young calves in Jordan. Materials and Methods: Clinical history of the affected bovine herd was investigated for the presence of respiratory and/or joint problems. Two calves with such history were clinically examined and necropsied. Representative tissues were sent for microbiological, molecular, and pathological examinations for M...
December 2018: Veterinary World
D Paniagua, I Vergara, R Román, C Romero, M Benard-Valle, A Calderón, L Jiménez, M J Bernas, M H Witte, L V Boyer, A Alagón
CONTEXT: Historically, administration and dosing of antivenom (AV) have been guided primarily by physician judgment because of incomplete understanding of the envenomation process. As demonstrated previously, lymphatic absorption plays a major role in the availability and pharmacokinetics (PK) of coral snake venom injected subcutaneously, which suggests that absorption from subcutaneous tissue is the limiting step for venom bioavailability, supporting the notion that the bite site is an ongoing venom depot...
February 18, 2019: Clinical Toxicology
J F Fonseca, F N Zambrini, J D Guimarães, M R Silva, M E F Oliveira, P M Bartlewski, J M G Souza-Fabjan
The effects of estradiol esters, d-cloprostenol and oxytocin on induction of cervical dilation prior to non-surgical embryo recovery in Santa Inês ewes (Days 6-7 estrous cycle) were assessed in this study. In Trial 1, transcervical embryo flushing was performed in estrous-induced ewes administered 37.5 μg of d-cloprostenol i.m. 10 h before and 50 IU of oxytocin i.v. 20 min before uterine flushing with (EB-PGF-OT; n = 13) or without (PGF-OT; n = 11) 1 mg of estradiol benzoate i.m. administered concurrently with d-cloprostenol injection...
February 10, 2019: Animal Reproduction Science
Kyungmi Yang, Sang Won Jung, Hyemi Shin, Do Hoon Lim, Jung-Il Lee, Doo-Sik Kong, Ho Jun Seol, Sung Tae Kim, Do-Hyun Nam
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: To find genetic markers associated with response to radiotherapy (RT) in glioblastoma (GB) patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From Jan 2009 to Dec 2016, 161 patients with newly diagnosed IDH-wild type GB were treated with surgery and adjuvant concurrent chemoradiotherapy with the Stupp's regimen, and then genomic research proceeded with their surgical specimens. Among the 161 patients, 49 with clinically measurable disease on postoperative MRI were analyzed...
February 2019: Radiotherapy and Oncology: Journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
Yirui Zhai, Honglian Ma, Zhouguang Hui, Lujun Zhao, Dongming Li, Jun Liang, Xiaozhen Wang, Liming Xu, Bo Chen, Yu Tang, Runye Wu, Yujin Xu, Qingsong Pang, Ming Chen, Luhua Wang
PURPOSE: The prognosis of unresectable stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was poor even after concurrent chemoradiotherapy. There remains a great need to develop novel therapeutic agents in combination with CCRT to improve outcomes. This prospective study sought to evaluate the efficacy and toxicities of the addition of endostar, an anti-angiogenesis agent, to concurrent etoposide, cisplatin (EP) and radiotherapy for treatment of patients with NSCLC. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Patients with untreated pathologically confirmed inoperable stage III NSCLC were eligible...
February 2019: Radiotherapy and Oncology: Journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
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