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Eugene Kern, Oren Friedman
The dynamics of the doctor-patient relationship has been complicated as more patients seem to expect perfection in this age of selfies and Internet postings. The preoperative patient interview is critical to recognize both body language clues and subtle but apparent red flags to avoid rhinoplasty on potentially unhappy patients. This interview should include routine use of a body dysmorphic disorder screening questionnaire since legions of these patients are undiagnosed prior to surgery and few, if any, are ever satisfied with even an excellent surgical result...
March 15, 2019: Facial Plastic Surgery: FPS
Jean-Patrick Laporte, Florent Garrigues, Anaïs Huwart, Sandrine Jousse-Joulin, Thierry Marhadour, Dewi Guellec, Divi Cornec, Valérie Devauchelle-Pensec, Alain Saraux
OBJECTIVE: To assess the prevalence of myofascial inflammatory lesions visible by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and their changes after tocilizumab therapy in active polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR). METHODS: We conducted a post hoc analysis of data from the TENOR study of tocilizumab monotherapy in PMR. The 18 patients each received tocilizumab injections at weeks 0, 4, and 8. The shoulder and pelvic girdles were assessed at baseline then at weeks 2 and 12 using T1- and T2-STIR-weighted MRI...
March 15, 2019: Journal of Rheumatology
Bjørn Holst, Jacob Glenting, Kim Holmstrøm, Hans Israelsen, Astrid Vrang, Martin Antonsson, Siv Ahrné, Søren M Madsen
Some lactic acid bacteria, especially Lactobacillus , possess adhesive properties enabling colonization of the human gastrointestinal tract. Two probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum strains, WCSF1 and 299v, display highly different mannose-specific adhesion, with L. plantarum 299v being superior to L. plantarum WCFS1 based on a yeast agglutination assay. A straightforward correlation between the mannose-adhesion capacity and domain composition of the mannose-specific adhesin (Msa) in the two strains has not been demonstrated previously...
March 15, 2019: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Mohammad Mofidfar, Laura O'Farrell, Mark R Prausnitz
Lack of adherence to medication dosing schedules is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality with large associated financial costs. This is especially true for contraceptive hormones, which provide almost perfect prevention of pregnancy when used correctly, but have significant failure rates in typical use, due largely to poor adherence. To increase medication acceptability and adherence, we introduce pharmaceutical jewelry, in which a transdermal patch is incorporated into jewelry worn on skin. To demonstrate the approach, we incorporated transdermal patches containing the contraceptive hormone levonorgestrel (LNG) into an earring, a ring, a necklace, and a wrist watch...
March 12, 2019: Journal of Controlled Release: Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society
Piyush Baindara
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) has coevolved with a human host to evade and exploit the immune system in multiple ways. Mtb is an enormously successful human pathogen that can remain undetected in hosts for decades without causing clinical disease. While tuberculosis (TB) represents a perfect prototype of host-pathogen interaction, it remains a major challenge to develop new therapies to combat mycobacterial infections. Additionally, recent studies emphasize on comorbidity of TB with different non-communicable diseases (NCDs), highlighting the impact of demographic and lifestyle changes on the global burden of TB...
March 12, 2019: Microbial Pathogenesis
Jeewan S Titiyal, Manpreet Kaur, Neha Bharti, Deepali Singhal, Rohit Saxena, Namrata Sharma
PURPOSE: To evaluate stereopsis and visual quality after bilateral implantation of extended range of vision intraocular lenses (ERV IOLs). SETTING: R.P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi, India. DESIGN: Prospective interventional study. METHODS: Patients underwent phacoemulsification with bilateral implantation of ERV IOLs. The primary outcome measures were stereopsis (distance and near Randot) and visual quality (ray-tracing aberrometry)...
March 12, 2019: Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Dawei Fan, Chunzhu Bao, Xin Liu, Jinhui Feng, Dan Wu, Hongmin Ma, Huan Wang, Qin Wei, Bin Du
A novel visible light photoelectrochemical immunosensor based on BiOBr/Bi2 S3 heterostructures was fabricated to detect squamous cell carcinoma antigen (SCCA). Bi2 S3 nanoparticles formed on the BiOBr microflowers by the self-sacrificial synthesis method based on the facile reaction between BiOBr and S2- ions. The BiOBr/Bi2 S3 composites exhibited excellent visible light photoelectrochemical activity, when ascorbic acid (AA) was employed as a perfect electron donor. The photocurrent intensity of BiOBr/Bi2 S3 modified ITO electrode arrived at around 20 µA, which was approximately 30 times than that of pure BiOBr...
June 1, 2019: Talanta
Mohamad Fadhli Bin Mad' Atari, Kevin M Folta
OBJECTIVE: The treatment of plant tissue with Agrobacterium tumefaciens is often a critical first step to both stable and transient plant transformation. In both applications bacterial suspensions are oftentimes physically introduced into plant tissues using hand-driven pressure from a needleless syringe. While effective, this approach has several drawbacks that limit reproducibility. Pressure must be provided with the syringe perfectly perpendicular to the tissue surface. The researcher must also attempt to provide even and consistent pressure, both within and between experimental replicates...
March 15, 2019: BMC Research Notes
Zhida Liu, Jiaqi Guo, Boyang Tian, Yaoxing Bian, Ruo-Yang Zhang, Zhaona Wang
As a key element in optical systems, a broadband and omnidirectional polarization beam splitter has been long desired. Here, based on anisotropic metamaterials, a perfect polarizing beam splitter is theoretically designed for the extremely broad frequency and angle bands without energy loss. When an electromagnetic wave is incident on the beam splitter, the transverse magnetic-polarized component suffers total reflection, while the transverse electric-polarized component is completely transmitted within the incident angle range [-90°, 90°] for the white light...
March 4, 2019: Optics Express
Hao Zhang, Xue-Ke Song, Qing Ai, Haibo Wang, Guo-Jian Yang, Fu-Guo Deng
Adiabatic quantum control is a very important approach for quantum physics and quantum information processing (QIP). It holds the advantage with robustness to experimental imperfections but accumulates more decoherence due to the long evolution time. Here, we propose a universal protocol for fast and robust quantum control in multimode interactions of a quantum system by using shortcuts to adiabaticity. The results show this protocol can speed up the evolution of a multimode quantum system effectively, and it can also keep the robustness very good while adiabatic quantum control processes cannot...
March 4, 2019: Optics Express
C S Yu, B Q Guo, T Liu
We present two schemes to implement the self-contained refrigerator in the framework of the cavity quantum electrodynamics. The considered refrigerators are composed of three interacting microcavities (or two microcavities simultaneously interacting with one three-level atom) separately coupling to a thermal bath with a certain temperature. Despite the local master equation employed, the proposed analytic procedure shows the perfect thermodynamical consistency. It is also demonstrated that the heat is stably extracted from the lowest temperature bath with a fixed efficiency only determined by the intrinsic properties of the refrigerators, i...
March 4, 2019: Optics Express
George Perrakis, Odysseas Tsilipakos, George Kenanakis, Maria Kafesaki, Costas M Soukoulis, Eleftherios N Economou
Structuring metal surfaces on the nanoscale has been shown to alter their fundamental processes like reflection or absorption by supporting surface plasmon resonances. Here, we propose metal films with subwavelength rectangular nanostructuring that perfectly absorb the incident radiation in the optical regime. The structures are fabricated with low-cost nanoimprint lithography and thus constitute an appealing alternative to elaborate absorber designs with complex meta-atoms or multilayer structuring. We conduct a thorough numerical analysis to gain physical insight on how the key structural parameters affect the optical response and identify the designs leading to broad spectral and angular bandwidths, both of which are highly desirable in practical absorber applications...
March 4, 2019: Optics Express
Xiu Yang, Min Li, Yidong Hou, Jinglei Du, Fuhua Gao
Active chiral plasmonics have attracted a considerable amount of research interest for their power to switch the handedness of chiral metamaterials and the potential applications in highly integrated polarization sensitive devices, stereo display fields, and so on. In this work, we propose a kind of active chiral metamaterial absorber (ACMA) composed by planar anisotropic chiral metamaterials (PACMs) and a metal layer. Our in-depth theoretical analysis indicates that the circular conversion dichroism (CCD) from PACMs plays a crucial role to achieve the active chiroptical effect...
March 4, 2019: Optics Express
Chang Liu, Tiesheng Wu, Yumin Liu, Jing Li, Yu Wang, Zhongyuan Yu, Han Ye, Li Yu
Perfect absorbers play crucial roles in optical functional devices. Among various types of absorbers, moth-eye structures are known for their excellent absorbing efficiency. In this paper, we apply an electromagnetic multipole expansion method to treat an isolated all-dielectric moth-eye structure as a large particle and calculate various electric and magnetic multipole modes within the moth-eye structure. In periodical array, the multipole modes within each particle interact with each other. These constructive or destructive interactions cause shifts in the multipole resonant peaks...
February 18, 2019: Optics Express
Haifeng Zhang, Hao Zhang, Jing Yang, Jiaxuan Liu
In a recently published report, an ultra-broadband gradient-metasurface-based absorber (GMBA) with a single layer of metasurface is proposed by Guo et al [Opt. Express24(18), 20586 (2016)] to realize the ultra-broadband perfect absorption. Moreover, the bandwidth of absorption can be broadened by increasing a layer metasurface on the basis of single-layered GMBA. This comment demonstrates that the cross-polarization reflection is neglected by the authors, when they calculate the total absorption in the proposed GMBAs...
February 18, 2019: Optics Express
Guang Lu, Feng Wu, Minjia Zheng, Chaoxin Chen, Xiachen Zhou, Chao Diao, Fen Liu, Guiqiang Du, Chunhua Xue, Haitao Jiang, Hong Chen
We theoretically and experimentally investigate the wide-angle perfect absorptance in a photonic heterostructure composed of a metal film and a truncated photonic crystal (PC) with layered hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs) in the near ultraviolet and visible regions. The wide-angle perfect optical absorption depends on the dispersionless Tamm plasmon polarition (TPP) under TM polarization, which originates from reflection phase compensation condition between the metal and the truncated PC with HMMs. Our experimental results show nearly perfect absorptance over 0...
February 18, 2019: Optics Express
Yi Zhao, Qiuping Huang, Honglei Cai, Xiaoxia Lin, Hongchuan He, Tian Ma, Yalin Lu
In this paper, a mid-infrared perfect absorber based on the dual gratings-coupled graphene-dielectric multilayer structures (DGC-GDM) is proposed, in which GDM is sandwiched between two Au gratings. The DGC-GDM absorber shows advantages of dual-band and tunable absorption, insensitive to polarization, ultrathin thickness and wide angle range absorption. Two kinds of SPPs in the GDM layer can be excited by the upper and lower Au gratings, respectively, which confine the incident light into the GDM and thus contribute to the dual-band absorption...
February 18, 2019: Optics Express
Michael I Mishchenko, Janna M Dlugach, Andrew A Lacis, Larry D Travis, Brian Cairns
Stratospheric aerosols that are caused by a major volcanic eruption can serve as a valuable test of global climate models, as well as severely complicate tropospheric-aerosol monitoring from space. In either case, it is highly desirable to have accurate global information on the optical thickness, size, and composition of volcanic aerosols. We report sensitivity study results, which reveal the implications of making precise multi-angle photopolarimetric measurements in a 1.378-μm spectral channel residing within a strong water-vapor absorption band...
February 18, 2019: Optics Express
J C G de Sande, Rosario Martínez-Herrero, Gemma Piquero, Massimo Santarsiero, Franco Gori
Partially coherent pseudo-Schell model sources are introduced and analyzed. They present radial symmetry and coherence characteristics depending on the difference between the radial distances of two points from the source center. As a consequence, all points belonging to circles centered on the symmetry center of the source are perfectly correlated. We show that such sources radiate fields with peculiar behaviors in paraxial propagation. In particular, when compared to beams produced by Gaussian Schell-model sources with comparable coherence parameters, their irradiance can present sharper profiles and higher peak valuesmono and a better beam quality parameter...
February 18, 2019: Optics Express
Guodong Zhao, Jingyue Xuan, Xiaolin Liu, Fuchao Jia, Yuping Sun, Meiling Sun, Guangchao Yin, Bo Liu
A low-cost and high-performance gas sensor was fabricated by the in-situ growing of ZnO nanoclusters (NCs) arrays on the etched fluorine-doped tin dioxide (FTO) glass via a facile dip-coating and hydrothermal method. Etched FTO glass was used as a new-type gas-sensing electrode due to its advantages of being low cost and having excellent thermal and chemical stability. ZnO NCs are composed of multiple ZnO nanorods and can provide adequate lateral contacts to constitute the paths required for the gas-sensing tests simultaneously, which can provide many advantageous point junctions for the detection of low-concentration gases...
March 15, 2019: Nanomaterials
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