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Yang Xu, Seung Hyun Park, Kyung Noh Yoon, Sun Jung Park, Myung Chan Gye
Citrate esters are considered functional alternatives to phthalate plasticizers, but their toxicity remains poorly understood. The toxicity of citrate esters, including triethyl 2-acetylcitrate (ATEC) and trihexyl O-acetylcitrate (ATHC), were examined together with that of bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) using the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Test Guideline 407 (OECD TG407). Following 28-day oral administration, no significant differences in body weight or the weight of the brain, pituitary, heart, epididymis, seminal vesicles, or coagulating gland were found between the vehicle control and DEHP, ATEC or ATHC groups...
March 8, 2019: Environmental Research
Katarzyna Regulska, Miłosz Regulski, Bartosz Karolak, Marek Murias, Beata Stanisz
Research on the concept of biological overlap between cardiovascular and oncological diseases is gaining momentum. In fact, in both conditions, the malfunction of common regulatory mechanisms, such as the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), sympathetic nervous system (SNS), coagulation cascade, sodium-potassium ATP-ases, and mevalonate pathway, occurs. Thus, targeting these mechanisms with well-known cardiology drugs, including angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE-Is), angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), β-adrenergic receptor blockers, statins, cardiac glycosides (CGs), and low-molecular-weight heparins (LMWHs), could be a novel, promising adjuvant strategy in cancer management...
March 13, 2019: Drug Discovery Today
Francisco Madrid-Gambin, Melanie Föcking, Sophie Sabherwal, Meike Heurich, Jane A English, Aoife O'Gorman, Tommi Suvitaival, Linda Ahonen, Mary Cannon, Glyn Lewis, Ismo Mattila, Caitriona Scaife, Sean Madden, Tuulia Hyötyläinen, Matej Orešič, Stanley Zammit, Gerard Cagney, David R Cotter, Lorraine Brennan
BACKGROUND: The identification of early biomarkers of psychotic experiences (PEs) is of interest because early diagnosis and treatment of those at risk of future disorder is associated with improved outcomes. The current study investigated early lipidomic and coagulation pathway protein signatures of later PEs in subjects from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children cohort. METHODS: Plasma of 115 children (12 years of age) who were first identified as experiencing PEs at 18 years of age (48 cases and 67 controls) were assessed through integrated and targeted lipidomics and semitargeted proteomics approaches...
January 30, 2019: Biological Psychiatry
Isaac Monney, Richard Buamah, Emmanuel Amponsah Donkor, Rashid Etuaful, Hugo Kim Nota, Hilco Ijzer
This study assessed the contaminant removal potential of a low-cost alum synthesized from bauxite slime waste compared to industrial grade alum [Al2 (SO4 )3 .18H2 O] in treating car wash wastewater using standard jar tests. The synthesized alum was subsequently applied as a coagulant to test the short-term performance of a bench scale flocculation-flotation system for treating car wash wastewater. Coagulant dosages and mixing intensities were optimized for both coagulants and differences were analyzed with R using two-way ANOVA with Tukey's (HSD) post hoc testing...
March 16, 2019: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
B Harley, Z Abussuud, A Wickremesekera, G Shivapathasundram, N Rogers, H Buyck
It is common practice to perform pre-operative coagulation screening in elective neurosurgery patients, including international normalised ratio (INR) and activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT). We present a retrospective analysis of 1143 elective neurosurgical patients at Wellington Regional Hospital (WRH) in New Zealand between 2013 and 2017 on whom coagulation screening including INR and aPTT was performed prior to surgery. 21 patients (1.8%) had clinically significant derangements on coagulation profile defined as raised INR or prolonged aPTT...
March 12, 2019: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience: Official Journal of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia
Igor Zindovic, Johan Sjögren, Henrik Bjursten, Richard Ingemansson, Jonas Ingimarsson, Mårten Larsson, Peter J Svensson, Karin Strandberg, Per Wierup, Shahab Nozohoor
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the hemostatic system in patients undergoing surgery for acute type A aortic dissection (ATAAD) compared with those undergoing elective aortic procedures. DESIGN: This was a prospective, observational study. SETTING: The study was performed at a single university hospital. PARTICIPANTS: Twenty-five patients with ATAAD were compared with 20 control patients undergoing elective surgery of the ascending aorta or the aortic root...
February 11, 2019: Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Yonghong Fan, Yu Zhang, Qian Zhao, Yinhong Xie, Rifang Luo, Ping Yang, Yajun Weng
In-stent restenosis is worsened by thrombosis, acute inflammation, and uncontrollable smooth muscle cells (SMCs) proliferation at the early stage of implantation. Tailoring the stent surface can inhibit thrombosis, intimal hyperplasia, and accelerate re-endothelialization. In situ nitric oxide (NO) generation is considered as a promising method to improve anti-coagulation and anti-hyperplasia abilities. Copper based metal organic frameworks showed great potential as catalysts for NO generation, and copper ion (Cu2+ ) was demonstrated to promote endothelial cells (ECs) growth...
March 9, 2019: Biomaterials
Marisa A Brake, Lacramioara Ivanciu, Susan A Maroney, Nicolas D Martinez, Alan E Mast, Randal J Westrick
The mammalian blood coagulation system was designed to restrict blood loss due to injury as well as keep the blood fluid within the blood vessels of the organism. Blood coagulation activity in inbred mouse strains varies widely among strains, suggesting that many genomic variants affect hemostasis. Some of these molecules have been discovered and characterized; however, many are still unknown. Genetically modified mouse technologies are providing a plethora of new mouse models for investigating the regulation of blood coagulation...
March 15, 2019: Current Protocols in Mouse Biology
Yasushi Tsujino, Tamotsu Sakamoto, Koshi Kinoshita, Yosuke Nakatani, Yoshiaki Yamaguchi, Naoya Kataoka, Kunihiro Nishida, Koichiro Kinugawa
Coagulation factor Xa activates the protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR2) and causes tissue fibrosis; however, the effects of Xa inhibitor edoxaban on atrial fibrosis and atrial fibrillation (AF) have not been investigated. We examined the effect of edoxaban on the progression of atrial fibrosis in a canine congestive heart failure (CHF) model. Beagle dogs were assigned to sham, placebo, and edoxaban groups (n = 6/group). Dogs of the placebo or edoxaban groups received 19 days of medication with daily oral placebo or edoxaban, respectively, followed by 14 days of ventricular tachypacing...
March 14, 2019: Heart and Vessels
Satomi Hamada, Yuki Hasegawa, Ai Oono, Anna Suzuki, Naomi Takahashi, Takuro Nishimura, Takatoshi Koyama, Michio Hagihara, Shuji Tohda, Tetsushi Furukawa, Kenzo Hirao, Tetsuo Sasano
A correction to this article has been published and is linked from the HTML and PDF versions of this paper. The error has not been fixed in the paper.
March 15, 2019: Scientific Reports
Jessica Svärd, Therese H Røst, Camilla E N Sommervoll, Christine Haugen, Oddrun A Gudbrandsen, Anne E Mellgren, Eyvind Rødahl, Johan Fernø, Simon N Dankel, Jørn V Sagen, Gunnar Mellgren
Studies have implicated the extracellular matrix (ECM) of adipose tissue in insulin resistance. The proteoglycan decorin, a component of ECM, has been associated with glucose tolerance, but possible causal effects on metabolism remain to be explored. We here sought to determine metabolic consequences of loss of decorin in mice (DcnKO). DcnKO mice were fed a low-fat (LF) or high-fat (HF) diet for 10 weeks and body weight and food intake was recorded. An intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test was performed after eight weeks...
March 15, 2019: Scientific Reports
Kayan Tam, Victor J Torres
Staphylococcus aureus is a formidable pathogen capable of causing infections in different sites of the body in a variety of vertebrate animals, including humans and livestock. A major contribution to the success of S. aureus as a pathogen is the plethora of virulence factors that manipulate the host's innate and adaptive immune responses. Many of these immune modulating virulence factors are secreted toxins, cofactors for activating host zymogens, and exoenzymes. Secreted toxins such as pore-forming toxins and superantigens are highly inflammatory and can cause leukocyte cell death by cytolysis and clonal deletion, respectively...
March 2019: Microbiology Spectrum
Edoardo Picetti, Ronald V Maier, Sandra Rossi, Andrew W Kirkpatrick, Walter L Biffl, Philip F Stahel, Ernest E Moore, Yoram Kluger, Gian Luca Baiocchi, Luca Ansaloni, Vanni Agnoletti, Fausto Catena
Background: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a global health problem. Extracranial hemorrhagic lesions needing emergency surgery adversely affect the outcome of TBI. We conducted an international survey regarding the acute phase management practices in TBI polytrauma patients. Methods: A questionnaire was available on the World Society of Emergency Surgery website between December 2017 and February 2018. The main endpoints were the evaluation of (1) intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring during extracranial emergency surgery (EES), (2) hemodynamic management without ICP monitoring during EES, (3) coagulation management, and (4) utilization of simultaneous multisystem surgery (SMS)...
2019: World Journal of Emergency Surgery: WJES
Ziyang Liu, Merry Markham, Molly W Mandernach
A 46-year-old man presented with splenomegaly, abdominal adenopathy and profoundly elevated prothrombin time and partial thromboplastin time. He was diagnosed with marginal zone lymphoma (MZL) and small lymphocytic lymphoma, and the abnormal coagulation studies were secondary to the presence of a lupus anticoagulant. Optimal upfront therapy for MZL has not been established, and the incidence of antiphospholipid antibodies (APLA) in this patient population is rare. Following treatment with six cycles of bendamustine and rituximab with 2 years of rituximab maintenance, our patient remained in remission and his coagulation studies normalised...
March 14, 2019: BMJ Case Reports
Marta L McCrum, Brian Leroux, Tingzhi Fang, Eileen Bulger, Sam Arbabi, Charles E Wade, Erin Fox, John B Holcomb, Bryce Robinson
BACKGROUND: Women are underrepresented in trauma research, and aggregated results of clinical trials may mask effects that differ by sex. It is unclear whether women respond differently to severe hemorrhage compared with men. We sought to evaluate sex-based differences in outcomes after severe trauma with hemorrhage. METHODS: We performed a secondary analysis of the Pragmatic Randomized Optimal Platelet and Plasma Ratios trial. Trauma patients predicted to require massive transfusion were randomized to a 1:1:1 vs 1:1:2 plasma to platelet to red blood cell transfusion ratio...
March 11, 2019: Surgery
Daria N Kashirina, Andrew J Percy, Liudmila Kh Pastushkova, Christoph H Borchers, Kirill S Kireev, Vladimir A Ivanisenko, Alexey S Kononikhin, Eugene N Nikolaev, Irina M Larina
BACKGROUND: The conditions of space flight have a significant effect on the physiological processes in the human body, yet the molecular mechanisms driving physiological changes remain unknown. METHODS: Blood samples of 18 Russian cosmonauts who had conducted long-duration missions to the International Space Station were collected 30 days before launch and on the first and seventh days after landing. RESULTS: A panel of 125 proteins in the blood plasma was quantitated by a well-established and highly regarded targeted mass spectrometry approach...
March 13, 2019: BMC Medical Genomics
Mehdi Hage-Sleiman, Nicolas Derre, Charlotte Verdet, Gilles Pialoux, Olivier Gaudin, Patricia Senet, Muriel Fartoukh, Mathieu Boissan, Marc Garnier
BACKGROUND: During fulminant meningococcal septicaemia, meningococci are often observed in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) although the patients have frequently no meningeal symptoms. Meningococcal meningitis, by contrast, usually features clinical meningeal signs and biochemical markers of inflammation with elevated white blood cell count (pleiocytosis) in the CSF. Cases of typical symptomatic meningitis without these biochemical features are uncommon in adults. CASE PRESENTATION: A 21-year-old male presented with meningococcal purpura fulminans and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) associated with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome requiring hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit...
March 12, 2019: BMC Infectious Diseases
Yao-Lung Chang, An-Shine Chao, Shuenn-Dyh Chang, Wen-Fang Li, Po-Jen Cheng
BACKGROUND: Transient donor hydrops (TDH) is defined as donor hydrops developed within days after laser therapy for twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) followed by resolution later. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the incidence, neonatal outcomes and predisposing factors of post laser therapy TDH in severe TTTS. METHODS: A total of 142 patients with severe TTTS who received laser therapy were included into this study. The pre-operative characteristics and neonatal outcomes were compared between TTTS with and without post laser therapy TDH...
March 11, 2019: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
Percíllia Victória Santos de Oliveira, Sheila Garcia-Rosa, Ana Teresa Azevedo Sachetto, Ana Iochabel Soares Moretti, Victor Debbas, Tiphany Coralie De Bessa, Nathalia Tenguan Silva, Alexandre da Costa Pereira, Daniel Martins-de-Souza, Marcelo Larami Santoro, Francisco Rafael Martins Laurindo
Redox-related plasma proteins are candidate reporters of protein signatures associated with endothelial structure/function. Thiol-proteins from protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) family are unexplored in this context. Here, we investigate the occurrence and physiological significance of a circulating pool of PDI in healthy humans. We validated an assay for detecting PDI in plasma of healthy individuals. Our results indicate high inter-individual (median = 330 pg/mL) but low intra-individual variability over time and repeated measurements...
February 19, 2019: Redox Biology
Chan Myae Thein, Roger W Byard
Clinical and pathological case files of lethal snakebites were reviewed from the XXXX, Magway, Myanmar, over a five-year period (January 2013 December 2017). A total of 2069 postmortem examinations were performed which included 84 cases of lethal snake bite (4.1%). The annual numbers ranged from 10 out of a total of 268 autopsies in 2013 (3.7%), to 31 out of a total of 501 autopsies in 2016 (6.2%). There were 54 males (64%) and 30 females (36%) (M:F = 1.9:1; age range 5-75yrs, mean 33yrs). The most common time for lethal envenomation was August (16/84-19%), the middle of the monsoon season...
March 5, 2019: Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine
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