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Psoriasis comorbidities

Hao Nguyen Trong, Thang Nguyen Tat, Tu Tran Nguyen Anh, Nhi Pham Uyen, Thuong Nguyen Van, Khang Tran Hau, Marco Gandolfi, Francesca Satolli, Claudio Feliciani, Michael Tirant, Aleksandra Vojvodic, Torello Lotti
BACKGROUND: Psoriasis, the prevalence of which ranges from 2% to 3% of the general population, has been recently recognised as not only a chronic inflammatory skin disorder but also an immunometabolic systemic disease. Dyslipidemia is one of the most important comorbidities of psoriasis. Statins, frequently used as anti-hyperlipidemic agents, may be beneficial in the treatment of several autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis, due to their anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory characteristics...
January 30, 2019: Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences
Charles W Lynde, Jennifer Beecker, Jan Dutz, Cathy Flanagan, Lyn C Guenther, Wayne Gulliver, Kim Papp, Proton Rahman, Dalton Sholter, Gordon E Searles
BACKGROUND: The treat-to-target (T2T) strategy has become established in several medical specialties as a key guidance to optimal therapeutic decision making. T2T may be effective in the assessment of the biologic class of agents called interleukin (IL)-17 inhibitors, which are emerging as a safe and effective treatment option for autoimmune inflammatory conditions such as plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis (PsA), and ankylosing spondylitis (AS). OBJECTIVE: The objective of this article is to use a T2T approach for the evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of IL-17 inhibitors in the management of patients with plaque psoriasis, PsA, and AS...
February 11, 2019: Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery
Radomir Reszke, Rafal Bialynicki-Birula, Jacek C Szepietowski
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis, frequently presenting with chronic itch. This study investigated the prevalence and detailed clinical characteristics of chronic itch in 143 psoriatic patients, with regard to different age groups, comorbidities and pharmacotherapy. Chronic itch was reported by 72% of subjects. Patients aged 65 years and over presented higher 4-Item Itch Questionnaire (4IIQ) scores (8.6 ± 3.4 vs. 7.4 ± 2.5 points; p = 0.03) and rarely experienced itching at midday (p = 0...
February 8, 2019: Acta Dermato-venereologica
Stephen Chu-Sung Hu, Gwo-Shing Chen, Hung-Pin Tu
The epidemiology of depression in patients with psoriasis has not been well defined in the Asian population. This study evaluated the epidemiological features of, and risk factors for, depression among patients with psoriasis in Taiwan. A nationwide population-based cross-sectional study was undertaken using the National Health Insurance Research Database. This study included 17,086 patients with psoriasis and 1,607,242 patients from the general population. The prevalence of depression in patients with psoriasis was 11...
February 8, 2019: Acta Dermato-venereologica
Jesper Grønlund Holm, Simon Francis Thomsen
Psoriasis (PsO) is one of the most common chronic inflammatory skin diseases with a world prevalence of 2%-4%. The increasing knowledge of the mechanisms driving PsO has raised focus on existing links to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes (T2D). We reviewed the existing literature of the prevalence and risk of T2D in patients with PsO. The studies reviewed were mainly large retrospective cohort and case-control studies, showing an increased prevalence of T2D in PsO patients compared to controls, particularly in late onset (type 2) PsO...
2019: Psoriasis: Targets and Therapy
Abrahem Kazemi, Abigail Cline, Leah A Cardwell, Steven R Feldman
Psoriasis patients are known to have comorbid aortic vascular inflammation, which is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in this population. Many studies report statistically significant improvements in aortic vascular inflammation after use of tumor necrosis factor inhibitors or interleukin-12/23 antagonists. However, the clinical significance in reduction of adverse cardiovascular events in psoriatic patients owing to biologic therapy has not been examined. Regardless of clinically significant cardiovascular benefits, dermatologists should continue to treat psoriasis patients optimally to mitigate the unfavorable effect this disease has on quality of life...
September 15, 2018: Dermatology Online Journal
Steven R Feldman, Peter Hur, Yang Zhao, Haijun Tian, Zhongyuan Wei, Xinyue Wang, Vivian Herrera
Psoriasis is associated with a substantial burden of comorbidities; however, incidence rates (IRs) of these comorbidities following psoriasis diagnosis are not well characterized. Using administrative claims data from the Truven Health Analytics MarketScan Commercial and Medicare Supplemental Databases between January 1, 2002 and September 30, 2015, we compared the incidence of newly diagnosed comorbidities among patients with psoriasis versus demographically matched (birth year, gender, and geographic region) control patients without psoriasis in the United States...
October 15, 2018: Dermatology Online Journal
Aycha Arousse, Lobna Boussofara, Sana Mokni, Rima Gammoudi, Wafa Saidi, Amina Aounallah, Colandane Belajouza, Najet Ghariani, Mohamed Denguezli, Rafia Nouira
BACKGROUND: Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune condition that usually presents as patchy, nonscarring hair loss. Autoimmune disorders and atopy are reported as comorbid conditions. We aimed to investigate the demographics, clinical characteristics, and associations of AA in Tunisian patients. METHODS: Demographic data, pattern of alopecia, age of onset, and associations were evaluated in 204 patients from January 2012 to June 2016. RESULTS: Two hundred and four cases of AA were seen...
January 24, 2019: International Journal of Dermatology
Marilyn T Wan, Drew A Torigian, Abass Alavi, Judith Alvarez, Zelma C Chiesa Fuxench, Megan H Noe, Maryte Papadopoulos, Daniel B Shin, Junko Takeshita, Thomas J Werner, Nehal N Mehta, Joel M Gelfand
OBJECTIVE: Determine the prevalence of incidentalomas and rate of malignancy identified by FDG-PET/CT imaging in clinical trial patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis. METHODS: Cross-sectional secondary analysis of moderate-to-severe psoriasis patients who underwent FDG-PET/CT scans at the baseline visit, prior to randomization, for three phase 4 vascular inflammation in psoriasis clinical trials. Only patients without active infection, malignancy or uncontrolled comorbidities were eligible for the clinical trials...
January 14, 2019: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
Giulia Odorici, Alessia Paganelli, Francesca Peccerillo, Jole Serra, Johanna Chester, Shaniko Kaleci, Giovanni Pellacani, Andrea Conti
BACKGROUND: Psoriasis is a chronic, relapsing disease and most epidemiological studies include selected patients undergoing systemic therapies only. Epidemiological data suggest that psoriasis affects 2-3% of the general population, and that men and women are equally affected. The objective was to identify differences in gender for disease severity, patient characteristics and comorbidities in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis, independent of therapy. METHODS: A retrospective medical chart review of consecutive patients diagnosed with moderate-severe psoriasis at a single center between 2004 and 2017, with a complete set of medical records, was undertaken...
January 15, 2019: Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia e Venereologia: Organo Ufficiale, Società Italiana di Dermatologia e Sifilografia
Yevgeniy R Semenov, Esther Y Hsiang, Amy Huang, Christina M Herbosa, Xuan Hui, Shawn G Kwatra, Bernard Cohen, Milan J Anadkat
OBJECTIVE: Emerging data has linked inflammatory arthritis with hearing impairment (HI). The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between psoriasis with arthritis (PsA) and HI in the US population. Given the known association of HI and depression, a secondary aim is to investigate the effect of PsA on mental well-being. METHODS: Cross-sectional study using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for adults aged ≥ 20 years (n = 10,747)...
January 15, 2019: Journal of Rheumatology
A Badaoui, P Tounian, E Mahé
INTRODUCTION: Psoriasis is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular and/or metabolic comorbidity in adults, but discordant data have been reported in children. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the frequency of metabolic and cardiovascular comorbidity in children with psoriasis and to establish whether age at onset of psoriasis correlates with metabolic and cardiovascular comorbidity in adulthood. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We conducted a systematic review on MEDLINE, using PubMed and Ovid...
January 10, 2019: Archives de Pédiatrie: Organe Officiel de la Sociéte Française de Pédiatrie
Derek Sy Lim, Anthony Bewley, Hazel H Oon
INTRODUCTION: Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease with a global prevalence of approximately 2% and significant psychiatric comorbidity. There is a great deal of existing literature assessing different aspects of psychology in psoriasis. We aimed to conduct an in-depth review of current evidence linking psoriasis to personality traits and psychiatric comorbidities, as well as factors that put these patients at risk of psychopathology. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A search of the PubMed database identified 1632 articles...
December 2018: Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore
Toshiyuki Yamamoto
Palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP) is a chronic inflammatory disorder characterized by sterile pustules predominantly involving the palms and soles. The purpose of this review was to describe the characteristics of Japanese PPP patients as PPP is frequently observed within the Japanese population. Most Japanese dermatologists consider PPP a distinct entity, and co-existence of PPP and psoriasis is rare; however, outside Japan, PPP is often considered to be palmoplantar psoriasis, and an extra-palmoplantar lesion associated with PPP is considered to be psoriasis...
January 10, 2019: Clinical Drug Investigation
Maria José Tribó, Marta Turroja, Gemma Castaño-Vinyals, Antonio Bulbena, Elena Ros, Pablo García-Martínez, Francisco Tausk, Marc Sagristà, Ramon M Pujol, Marta Ferran, Fernando Gallardo
Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease associated with considerable physical and psychological comorbidities. Stress and emotional disturbances have been implicated in both triggering the onset and exacerbation of psoriasis. In order to determine the level of perceived stress and mood alterations in patients with psoriasis and their association with disease severity, 300 individuals completed diverse validated questionnaires assessing stress and psychological mood. Evaluation of perception of disease was also measured...
January 9, 2019: Acta Dermato-venereologica
Eric W Baum, Sergio Schwartzman
Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that is associated with several comorbidities and co-manifestations that reduce patient quality of life. Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a form of spondyloarthritis that is associated with psoriasis and typically involves peripheral disease, axial disease, enthesitis, dactylitis, and skin and nail lesions. Psoriatic arthritis is associated with a substantial psychosocial and functional burden and can lead to irreversible joint damage if left untreated. Early and accurate diagnosis of PsA is critical...
December 2018: Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery
Chunlei Zheng, Rong Xu
BACKGROUND: Systems approaches in studying disease relationship have wide applications in biomedical discovery, such as disease mechanism understanding and drug discovery. The FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) contains rich information about patient diseases, medications, drug adverse events and demographics of 17 million case reports. Here, we explored this data resource to mine disease comorbidity relationships using association rule mining algorithm and constructed a disease comorbidity network...
December 28, 2018: BMC Bioinformatics
Chang-Fu Kuo, I-Jun Chou, Frances Rees, Matthew J Grainge, Peter Lanyon, Graham Davenport, Christian D Mallen, Ting-Ting Chung, Jung-Sheng Chen, Weiya Zhang, Michael Doherty
Objective: To examine the burden of comorbidities prior to and after the diagnosis of SLE and its impact on mortality. Methods: We identified 1605 incident cases of SLE and 6284 matched controls from the UK primary care. The risks of comorbidities before (prevalence; odds ratios) and after SLE diagnosis (incidence; hazard ratios) and the impact of comorbidities at diagnosis on all-cause mortality were estimated. Results: At diagnosis, SLE was associated with adjusted odds ratios (95% CI) of 2...
December 19, 2018: Rheumatology
Steven Feldman, Bhaskar Srivastava, Jill Abell, Timothy Hoops, Steve Fakharzadeh, Soumya Chakravarty, Erik Muser, Danielle Dungee, Sean Quinn, Megan Leone-Perkins, Michael Kappelman
Background: Psoriasis (PsO) is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that may be associated with comorbidities, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), given common immunopathogenic mechanisms. Whether PsO patients are more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) signs and symptoms has not been well-characterized. Understanding their prevalence in PsO patients may inform strategies to evaluate for GI signs and symptoms, screen for those at risk for IBD, and guide choice of therapy. Objective: To assess the prevalence of GI signs and symptoms in patients with moderate-to-severe PsO...
December 1, 2018: Journal of Drugs in Dermatology: JDD
Masayuki Shiba, Takao Kato, Toshiaki Izumi, Shoichi Miyamoto, Eisaku Nakane, Tetsuya Haruna, Moriaki Inoko
BACKGROUND: Some epidemiological studies have demonstrated the association between psoriasis vulgaris and coronary artery disease (CAD). However, there is a lack of specific data regarding the association between psoriasis vulgaris and myocardial infarction (MI), the more severe and critical presentation of CAD, in the Japanese population. METHODS AND RESULTS: We retrospectively analyzed 113,065 patients of all ages at our hospital from January 1, 2011 to January 1, 2013...
December 21, 2018: Journal of Cardiology
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