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Matthew J Zdilla, Brianna K Ritz, Nicholas S Nestor
OBJECTIVEThe first attempt to cannulate the foramen ovale is oftentimes unsuccessful and requires subsequent reattempts, thereby increasing the risk of an adverse event and radiation exposure to the patient and surgeon. Failure in cannulation may be attributable to variation in soft-tissue-based landmarks used for needle guidance. Also, the incongruity between guiding marks on the face and bony landmarks visible on fluoroscopic images may also complicate cannulation. Therefore, the object of this study was to assess the location of the foramen ovale by way of bony landmarks, exclusive of soft-tissue guidance...
February 15, 2019: Journal of Neurosurgery
Nikolas Lessmann, Bram van Ginneken, Pim A de Jong, Ivana Išgum
Precise segmentation and anatomical identification of the vertebrae provides the basis for automatic analysis of the spine, such as detection of vertebral compression fractures or other abnormalities. Most dedicated spine CT and MR scans as well as scans of the chest, abdomen or neck cover only part of the spine. Segmentation and identification should therefore not rely on the visibility of certain vertebrae or a certain number of vertebrae. We propose an iterative instance segmentation approach that uses a fully convolutional neural network to segment and label vertebrae one after the other, independently of the number of visible vertebrae...
February 12, 2019: Medical Image Analysis
J O Tijani, O Ugochukwu, L A Fadipe, M T Bankole, A S Abdulkareem, W D Roos
In the present work, one-step green synthesis of WO3 based on the interaction of ammonium paratungstate and Spondias mombin leaves extract is reported. Different concentrations of iodine and phosphorus in the range of (2%, 5% and 10%) were firstly incorporated into the prepared WO3 nanoparticles to obtain Iodine doped and Phosphorus doped WO3 nanoparticles respectively. Subsequently, iodine and phosphorus co-doped WO3 nanocomposites was prepared using a wet impregnation method followed by calcination at high temperature...
February 13, 2019: Journal of Environmental Management
Zhanying Ma, Lingjuan Deng, Guang Fan, Yangqing He
Construction of heterojunctions with band-suitable different semiconductors has been demonstrated to be an efficient approach to enhance the separation of photoinduced electrons and holes. In this paper, highly efficient heterojuction photocatalysts consisted of porous-C3 N4 (p-C3 N4 ) and flowerlike-BiOBr (f-BiOBr) were successfully synthesized via a deposition-hydrothermal method. The SEM and HRTEM images indicated that BiOBr were successfully deposited on the surface of p-C3 N4 and the layered p-C3 N4 /f-BiOBr heterojunctions were formed between p-C3 N4 and f-BiOBr...
February 7, 2019: Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Devaraj Bharathi, R Ranjithkumar, B Chandarshekar, V Bhuvaneshwari
The surface coating of metal oxide nanoparticles using biopolymer chitosan has evolved to become an important area of polymer nanotechnology. Herein, we report the preparation of chitosan coated zinc oxide (CS-ZnO) nanocomposite for the first time by a green chemistry approach using bioflavonoid rutin. The formation of CS-ZnO nanocomposite was preliminarily confirmed by color change and UV-Visible spectroscopy. FE-SEM images revealed agglomeration of CS-ZnO nanocomposite having predominant rod shaped structure...
February 13, 2019: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Takayoshi Shimizu, Suthipas Pongmanee, K Daniel Riew
PURPOSE: To investigate the normative value of distance between the spinous processes (inter-spinous process distance, ISPD), correlations between patients' demographics and ISPD, and determine cutoff ISPD values that result in segmental lordosis in posterior cervical-thoracic arthrodesis with instrumentation. METHODS: We reviewed patients with visible lower cervical and cervicothoracic spinous processes (C5-T2) on dynamic X-rays. Radiographic measurements included segmental Cobb angles (S-Cobb) and ISPD, defined as the distance between midpoints of the spinous processes...
February 15, 2019: European Spine Journal
J J Schwartz, A J Boydston
Production of objects with varied mechanical properties is challenging for current manufacturing methods. Additive manufacturing could make these multimaterial objects possible, but methods able to achieve multimaterial control along all three axes of printing are limited. Here we report a multi-wavelength method of vat photopolymerization that provides chemoselective wavelength-control over material composition utilizing multimaterial actinic spatial control (MASC) during additive manufacturing. The multicomponent photoresins include acrylate- and epoxide-based monomers with corresponding radical and cationic initiators...
February 15, 2019: Nature Communications
Rui Meng, Guangbao Wu, Jiyu Zhou, Huiqiong Zhou, Honghua Fang, Maria A Loi, Yuan Zhang
Here we present a comprehensive study unveiling the impacts of heterovalent doping with Bi3+ on the structural, semi-conductive and photoluminescent properties in single crystal of lead halide perovskites (CH3NH3PbBr3). Time-resolved and power-dependent PL spectroscopy illustrates a progressively quenched PL of visible emission alongside the appearance of a new PL in the near infrared regime, likely due to energy transfers on the Bi sites. These optical characteristics point to the role of Bi3+ dopants as a non-radiative recombination center, which explains the observed transition from the bi-molecular recombination in pristine CH3NH3PbBr3 to a dominant trap-assisted monomolecular recombination with Bi3+ doping...
February 15, 2019: Chemistry: a European Journal
Kota Katayama, Sahil Gulati, Joseph T Ortega, Nathan S Alexander, Wenyu Sun, Marina M Shenouda, Krzysztof Palczewski, Beata Jastrzebska
The variable composition of the chromophore-binding pocket in visual receptors is essential for vision. The visual phototransduction starts with the cis-trans isomerization of the retinal chromophore upon absorption of photons. Despite sharing the common 11-cis-retinal chromophore, rod and cone photoreceptors possess distinct photochemical properties. Thus, a detailed molecular characterization of the chromophore-binding pocket of these receptors is critical to understanding the differences in the photochemistry of vision between rods and cones...
February 15, 2019: Journal of Biological Chemistry
Richard Zhu, Kathryn Dean, Neel Mehta, Ajay Gupta, Jesse Gruber, Amitabh Gulati
INTRODUCTION: Determining safer techniques for lumbar injections is an important goal in pain medicine. This study aims to characterize the location of the T10-L5 spinal arteries using CT angiogram scans to define a safer approach for sympathetic and splanchnic blocks that minimizes intra-arterial injection. METHODS: CT angiograms of 68 patients were included this study. The path of the spinal arteries from the aorta origin along the vertebral body to the neural foramina was traced on axial CT images...
February 15, 2019: Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
Yuya Fujisawa, Hina Kosakamoto, Takahiro Chihara, Masayuki Miura
Non-apoptotic caspase activation involves multiple cellular events. However, the link between visible non-apoptotic caspase activation and its function in living organisms has not yet been revealed. Here, we visualized sub-lethal activation of apoptotic signaling with the combination of a sensitive indicator for caspase 3 activation and in vivo live-imaging analysis of Drosophila During thorax closure in pupal development, caspase 3 activation was specifically observed at the leading edge cells, with no signs of apoptosis...
February 15, 2019: Development
Thwe Zin Ei, Yasushi Shimada, Ahmed Abdou, Alireza Sadr, Masahiro Yoshiyama, Yasunori Sumi, Junji Tagami
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to detect and investigate the association of enamel microcracks with demineralization at proximal contact areas of premolars, using 3D swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT). METHODS: Extracted maxillary and mandibular premolars (n=50 each), without any visible tooth cracks, were examined for demineralization of interproximal contact areas, using the International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS)...
February 12, 2019: Dental Materials: Official Publication of the Academy of Dental Materials
Dong Zheng, Yuming Gu, Xiang Li, Lizhu Zhang, Wei Zhao, Jing Ma
Realization of multi-stimuli responsiveness in one molecule remains a challenge due to the difficulty in understanding and control of comprehensive interplay between the external stimuli and the subtle conformation changes. The coexistence of dynamic bonding interactions, hydroxyl group and the azo chromophore in calcon causes the multi-stimuli responsiveness to external stimuli including temperature, pH-variation and light-irradiation. Density functional theory (DFT), time-dependent DFT (TDDFT), and various molecular dynamics (MD) simulations are employed to systematically investigate the azo-hydrazone tautomerism and E-Z isomerization...
February 15, 2019: Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Yung Hung, Sophie Hieke, Klaus G Grunert, Wim Verbeke
Despite the fact that front-of-pack nutrition labels such as health claims and symbols have received growing attention in consumer behavior research, comprehensive conclusions could not yet be drawn to develop concrete policy actions, owing to the complexity of the subject and a constantly changing market environment. In this study, evidence-based policy recommendations and communication guidelines have been derived from the findings of the EU FP7 project CLYMBOL ("Role of health-related CLaims and sYMBOLs in consumer behavior", Grant Agreement 311963), and have been evaluated and prioritized by European stakeholders using a three-round Delphi method...
February 14, 2019: Nutrients
Vito Rizzi, Pinalysa Cosma, Ramona Abbattista, Paola Fini, Angela Agostiano, Tommaso R I Cataldi, Ilario Losito
The reactivity of the sulfur-containing nucleoside 4-thio-(2'-deoxy)-thymidine (S4 -TdR) under Fenton conditions, i.e. in the presence of H2 O2 and catalytic amounts of Fe (II), was investigated by UV-Vis spectroscopy and ElectroSpray Ionization Single and Tandem Mass Spectrometry (ESI-MS and MS/MS). S4 -TdR hydroxylated on the S atom was found to be a key reaction intermediate, ultimately leading to (2'-deoxy)-thymidine (TdR) as the main reaction product. This finding was in accordance with the outcome of the reaction between S4 -TdR and H2 O2 , previously investigated in our laboratory...
February 15, 2019: Journal of Mass Spectrometry: JMS
Fuheng You, Mingyue Zhu, Lijun Ding, Yuhuan Xu, Kun Wang
Rational design and fabrication of Z-scheme visible-light-driven photoactive materials have drawn much attention owing to their great potential in handling environment and energy crisis. In this work, Z-scheme Bi2 S3 /nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots (NGQDs) with superior photoelectric conversion efficiency were designed and fabricated, which demonstrated enhanced photoactivity compared with Bi2 S3 owing to the improved separation efficiency of photogenerated electron and hole pairs. The emphasis was put on designing Z-scheme Bi2 S3 /NGQDs, and then the mechanism of Z-scheme charge transfer mode was verified by the electron spin resonance (ESR) technique...
February 5, 2019: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Paul Johan Høl, Nils R Gjerdet, Torbjörn Jonung
Intra-arterial stenosis due to atherosclerosis is often treated with endovascular balloon dilatation with a metal stent. Restenosis is common and is frequently treated with a new stent placed inside the existing one or the stents are placed with overlap to cover a larger area of the vessels. Observations of stent fractures, stent compression, accumulation of immunocompetent cells around stents have suggested the possibility of immunologic reactions to substances released from stents. An accelerated corrosion model was developed to study corrosion behaviour of commonly used surgical peripheral stents...
February 4, 2019: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
Melanie A McWade, Giju Thomas, John Q Nguyen, Melinda E Sanders, Carmen C Solórzano, Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
BACKGROUND: Misidentifying parathyroid glands (PGs) during thyroidectomies or parathyroidectomies, could significantly increase post-operative morbidity. Imaging systems based on near-infrared autofluorescence (NIRAF) detection can localize PGs with high accuracy. These devices however depict NIRAF images on remote display monitors, where images lack spatial context and comparability with actual surgical field-of-view (FOV). In this study, we designed an Overlay Tissue Imaging System (OTIS) that detects tissue NIRAF and back-projects the collected signal as a visible image directly onto the surgical FOV instead of a display monitor, and tested its ability for enhancing parathyroid visualization...
February 12, 2019: Journal of the American College of Surgeons
Ragaa A Hamouda, Mahmoud Abd El-Mongy, Kamel F Eid
Biosynthesis silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have received a lot of attention as a Cytotoxic and antimicrobial activity against pathogenic bacteria. This study was carried out to evaluate the potential ability of red marine algae Corallina elongata and Gelidium amansii to biosynthesis AgNPs capping with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) and to determine its antibacterial efficacy. Characterization of capping AgNPs were determined by Ultra violet-Visible spectroscopy, Transmission electron microscope (TEM), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), Zeta potential and sizer...
February 12, 2019: Microbial Pathogenesis
Alice C O'Farrell, Ian S Miller, Rhys Evans, Marina Alamanou, Maurice Cary, Girish Mallya Udupi, Adam Lafferty, Naser Monsefi, Mattia Cermona, Jochen Hm Prehn, Henk M Verheul, William M Gallagher, Mathias Gehrmann, Annette T Byrne
The tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) sunitinib is a multi-targeted agent approved across multiple cancer indications. Nevertheless, since approval, data has emerged to describe a worrisome side effect profile including hypertension, hand-foot syndrome, fatigue, diarrhoea, mucositis, proteinuria and (rarely) congestive heart failure. It has been hypothesised that the observed multi-parameter toxicity profile is related to 'on-target' kinase inhibition in 'off-target' tissues. Herein, to interrogate off-target effects in pre-clinical studies, a reverse phase protein array (RPPA) approach was employed...
February 15, 2019: Proteomics. Clinical Applications
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